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  1. 1. Have you ever thought how many gift-recipientsreturn their useless, unattractive or thoughtless Christmas presents once the festive season is over? This happens because people who pick these gifts are less concerned about interests, hobbies and needs of family and friends they’re buying for than they should be. Instead they need to take a different approachtowards Christmas shopping: they need to look for gifts that will make people’s faces light up with delight.Devis
  2. 2. Christmas Hampers for gourmets Nobody is easier to please at theholidays than wine lovers and chocolate fans A bottle of fine red or white winewill always make a Devis great present on Christmas To add a finishing touchto your gift, you can opt for a set of crystal wine glasses If you’d like tosurprise a wine lover with something out of the ordinary or make a grandstatement, Christmas Hampers are the right thing to go for There areready-made hampers filled to overflowing with good quality wine, luxurychocolate, coffee and tea to satisfy all tastes
  3. 3. You can add a personal touch to the present and fill a hamper with delicioushand-picked goods, as there’s nobody else who knows that person betterthan you do Rich ground Italian coffee, English breakfast tea, cocoa dustedBelgian truffles, a full-sized English fruit cake and a bottle of classic red Frenchwine will be especially appreciated by gourmets and wine lovers Make a bedof shredded tissue to place all the goods on, wrap your Christmas Hampers incellophane, seal with an organza ribbon and finish with a personalised gift tagYou’re done! Beauty kits for image-forward people It’s alsoquite easy to pick the perfect gift for body-conscious men and women Most ofthem would love to receive a basket filled with body care solutions forChristmas and any other occasion
  4. 4. Like Christmas Hampers, beauty kits are very popular gifts A hair towel thatabsorbs moisture well and dries fast is a great item to pick for your gift basketAdd an aromatherapy face mask with lavender, peppermint and orangeessential oils, a fragranced body polish for gentle exfoliation and a citrus bodywash gel for an energising showering experience A few scented bath candleswill come in handy, too Opt for a good quality handbag-friendly bronzingpowder with a retractable brush to help add a finishing touch to the look
  5. 5. A compact toiletry bag to store all those beauty products safely is also a goodpresent for image-forward people You can wrap the basket in the same wayas you did those Christmas Hampers for gourmets and personalise it with a gifttag Are you often confused about the vast array of Christmas gifts on themarket? Does it take you lots of time to shop for presents? To make it anenjoyable experience and save time, think of hobbies, interests and needs ofpeople you’re purchasing for This is one of the easiest ways of choosingthe right Christmas present even for the pickiest person
  6. 6. For further information regarding and other products we offer, please visitour website at http://www cocooncollection co uk
  7. 7. Devis