Gefco multimodal partner tsok 29 2 2012


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GEFCO presentation for business cocktail of Italian Slovak Chamber of Commerce.

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Gefco multimodal partner tsok 29 2 2012

  1. 1. Multimodal partner 1 February 2012
  2. 2. Summary1. GEFCO strategy and Know-how2. GEFCO concept3. GEFCO solution for PCA Trnava4. GEFCO multimodal corridors
  3. 3. GEFCO Multimodal Strategy With the strength of expertise in rail transportation for finished vehicles, GEFCO has extended its multimodal activity to freight, offering an alternative solutions to its customers. GEFCO is a logistics integrator. Its added value is managing the service from end to end (pre- and post-delivery, managing returns, hiring containers and swap bodies) and securing transport plans. With its international network, GEFCO guarantees local contact and back- up solutions by road. GEFCO acts as a combined operator, as with the recent innovative Vesoul (Eastern France) / Kaluga ( Russia) daily blocktrain organised for PSA, or as a forwarding agent for railway solutions.
  4. 4. GEFCO Know-how and high return of experience in rail management• GEFCO operates 25% of the flows through an alternative solution to road transportation; the European average is 17% .• GEFCO operates 200 active rail flows for finished vehicles in Europe.• GEFCO has a dedicated department for rail business (purchase, fleet management, engineering, maintenance...)• GEFCO owns 4.200 wagons and swap bodies, trailers or intermodal containers).
  5. 5. Means of transportACTS – Abroll Container Transport SystemRolaContainersSwap bodiesHub
  6. 6. MODALOHR – example of terminal and solutionThe company is adjusting the waggons as well as using special hubs which are provided in two different solutions – full and halved version. The advantage of this solution is that does not require big investitions into infrastructure and the full train is possible to unload in 30minutes. As the transport units are used standard trailers whose fleet in Europe exceeds 1 milion units. Economic comparaison – for 4 new multimodal hubs is Slovak state going to invest 240mil Eur, necessary investition for a Modalohr hub is lower. Infrastructure of terminals in Slovakia would be able to handle the whole range of multimodal transport units mentioned before.
  7. 7. ISO ContainersFor comparisontruck dimensions 13.48m x2.48m x2.7m internal
  8. 8. Effective surface- container vs. swap body
  9. 9. Effective surface- container vs. swap body 2
  10. 10. Využitie plochy - kontajner vs. výmenná nadstavba 3
  11. 11. 2. GEFCO concept
  12. 12. Integration of railway in the supply chain• The multimodal solution depends on the volume :• For small volumes GEFCO looks for synergies with its current customers and business. In this case GEFCO uses different partners and networks (forwarding agent for railway solutions).• For significant volumes, GEFCO operates on some identified corridors, building block trains and buying directly from railway undertakings (combined operator).
  13. 13. 3. GEFCO solution for PCA Trnava
  14. 14. Actual situation at PCA TrnavaInbound:• Daily production = 900 cars• 250 trucks per day• 140 flows (Milkruns)• CO2 emission cca 13000 t / YOutbound:• 1 or 2 trains per day incl. weekends for outbound• 65 trucks daily for outbound
  15. 15.  CPSA / Engineering – member of plateau transport teamLoading control “Schedule” Punctuality C0² Arrival SMS Departure SMS OK SMS OK SMS SMS SMS SMS SMS INES OK SMS SMS SMS NOK SMS
  16. 16. Solution for PCA Trnava - outbound• 1 GEFCO dedicated block train in round trip• Daily train from Mulhouse to Trnava + first and last millage• 1000 km one way• 38 trailers per train• transit time 29 hours (Day A / Day C)• reduction of 80% of CO2 emission caused by road transport (13 000t /year)
  17. 17. 4. GEFCO multimodal Corridors
  18. 18. GEFCO containers corridorsGEFCO focuses on 5 strategic corridors• Containers 20’, 40’, 45’HC, MEGA swap bodies• Regular departures, dedicated products• Competitive prices and regularity• CO2 friendly and sustainable Corridors France <> Russia France <> Spain Baltic <> Central Asia France <> Slovakia 14/04/11 18
  19. 19. GEFCO - Corridor France - RussiaSnapshot of the situation GEFCO operates daily train from FR to RU Current project is to open to othercustomers this train or put new solution inplaceGEFCO Solution Strong partnership with Russian railway company Transcontainer 1 GEFCO dedicated block train in round trip Departure France (Vesoul) Arrival Russia (Kaluga) Daily frequency Client Benefits 5 days transit time  Security of Goods (back up by road) 3 000 km one way  Transit time Transshipment in Malaczewisze / Brest 44 containers 40’HC  Customs clearances
  20. 20. The Kaluga Train Mission : Transportation from Vesoul in France to Russia SKD (Semi Knocked Down) parts to be assembled in Kaluga Steps: :1 Transport of 144 cars per day 308 & C4 from Sochaux and Mulhouse and 60 from Zeebrugge to Vesoul for disassembling Poland, Bielorussia France Russia Bielorussian border to Russia 2 3 4 5 Vesoul Malaczewisze / Brest Station of Vorotinsk To factory in Kaluga European gauge 1,435m Russian gauge 1,520m Transshipment Containers on the rail on Russian waggons 6 Transport of finished cars from Kaluga to the GEFCO car compound Bykovo (Moscow).
  21. 21. GEFCO - Corridor France - SpainSnapshot of the situation GEFCO operates this dedicated block trainsince 2008. Next step is to put in place an additionaltrain from north of France to Madrid andone from East of France to Vigo.GEFCO Solution 1 GEFCO dedicated block train in round trip Departure France (Paris La Chapelle) Arrival Spain (Madrid) Daily frequency : departure 20:30 Client Benefits 28 hours transit time  Security of Goods (back up by road) 1 000 km one way  High frequency Train length 720 in France and 540 in Spain  Door to door solution incl. pre and post carriage 44 swap bodies MEGA
  22. 22. GEFCO - Corridor Riga – Central AsiaSnapshot of the situation Project has been implemented (EurasianBridge) Started in 2010GEFCO Solution GEFCO and partners will operate non dedicated trains to Central Asia via Baltic Departure Riga (connexion to the container port) Arrival Central Asia (mainly Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) Regular frequency (minimum weekly) Client Benefits 4 500 km one way  Security of Goods (back up by road) Block train and single containers Last trip container possible  GEFCO new branch in Kazakhstan (Sept. 2010)-> Opportunity : 60 containers empty from Europe via Riga to Kazakhstan  Connection to the port of RIGA
  23. 23. GEFCO - Corridor France – Slovakia - RussiaSnapshot of the situation Project in preparationStarting date planned for 2011GEFCO Solution 1 GEFCO dedicated block train in round trip Departure France (Ottmarsheim or Mulhouse) Arrival Slovakia (Sládkovičovo) minimum 3 departures per week 30 hours transit time Client Benefits 1 000 km one way 18 wagons 90’  Security of Goods (back up by road) 36 containers 45’HC  Frequency The train is the first step of a longer  Door to door solution : Pre and Post carriage corridor to Eastern Europe ( via Dobra )
  24. 24. Planned terminals in Slovak Republic
  25. 25. Other planned corridors of Gefco Slovakia