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Erasmus at startup camp bratislava

  1. 1. Erasmus for Young Enterpreneurs pAn important opportunity for international startups 21.may.2011 StartupCamp Bratislava p p
  2. 2. General objective• help EU entrepreneurs improvetheir experiences, learning andnetworking• spending periods of time inenterprises run by experiencedentrepreneurs in other EU MemberStates• to enhance theentrepreneurship,internationalisation andcompetitiveness of newand established microand small enterprises.
  3. 3. Keywords• Startupinternational and competitive • Know how transfer Know-how between entrepreneurs in the early stages and successful and experienced entrepreneurs• Networkingof competitive E f i i European SME SMEs “innovation is not made alone”
  4. 4. Building relationship between two enterpreneurs New Entrepreneur p Host Entrepreneurs p
  5. 5. Opportunities for HE • Work with a serious, committed and motivated NE without any cost; • Access new skills and innovative knowledge provided by the NE; • Gain knowledge about the NE’s domestic markets - includingHost business contacts – andEntrepreneurs opportunities to internationalise the business; • Become part of a dynamic pan- pan European business network of successful entrepreneurs
  6. 6. Opportunities for NE• Gain relevant start-up and SMEmanagement knowledge in various areas;• Improve entrepreneurial experiencethrough work on practical, concreteprojects; New• Gain knowledge about foreign markets Entrepreneurand facilitate accessibility to them;• Gain insights into a different cultural andorganisational setting/workplace and i i l i / k l dunderstand how a company operates inanother EU country;
  7. 7. Results of successful storiesGain new Get an anchor point Know newprofessional in europe for future marketsknowledgek l d businesses b i Get more mentalLearn how to Possibilities to bring and culturework in a new on collaboration after flessibilitylanguage Erasmus
  8. 8. How to partecipate?
  9. 9. Requisites for HE • more than 3 years of activity • run an enterprise in one of the 27 t i i f th EU Member States • applying the EU definition of an SMEHost Entrepreneurs • the business can be in any sector.category Head count Turnover or Balance sheet totalmedium-sized di i d < 250 ≤ € 50 million illi ≤ € 43 million illismall < 50 ≤ € 10 million ≤ € 10 millionmicro < 10 ≤ € 2 million ≤ € 2 million
  10. 10. Requisites for NE• have been running an own businessfor less than 3 years at the time ofapplication• or have a project to run a business• no age limits New Entrepreneur• have a residence for more than 6months in an EU Member State• having a substantiated business plan
  11. 11. How to
  12. 12. After online application:• Profile valuationItalian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce values information filled d iI li Sl k Ch b fC l i f i fill d duringthe application, with a particular attention to: CV Business Plan• Motivational interview
  13. 13. Curriculum Vitae • Europass format(english) • Personal information • Work experiences p • Education and training • Language skills • Informatic skills
  14. 14. Business Plan • company typology • description of products or services to be offered • market analysis (including the target market and sales plan) • competitors analysis tit l i • logistic aspects • production plan • management team and consultant • risks analysis • financial plan (including estimated expenses and income of the following 2 years and a break even analysis) y
  15. 15. Matching with a suitable business partner1. direct search in the online catalogue using the available search criteria (sector, country, languages and duration of the exchange);2.2 pre existing pre-existing matches (i e HE and NE have already agreed on the (i.e. relationship before registering);3. specific searches by directly contacting IOs in the desired target country;
  16. 16. Before starting a relationship1. Write the activity plan within the other entrepreneur2. NE has to sign with the Intermediary Organization an agreement to get the financial assistance3. European Commission has to approve the relationship4. During the developing of the relationship the Intermediary Organizations (IO) give support to entrepreneurs of their own country5. Once the relationship has finished, entrepreneurs has to fill a final report
  17. 17. Duration of the stay abroad • From 1 to 6 months • Staying abroad period can be divided in “slots” of minimum 1 week • The relationship has to be completed in 12 months.
  18. 18. CreditsInternational entrepreneurs network and start-up:www.italo.skwww.startupweekend.orgBusiness CV:www.europass.cedefop.europa.euImages:Flickr | Danka Flickr | br1dotcom Flickr | exe prize Flickr | neliw attig Flickr | kicki
  19. 19. Your questions
  20. 20. Contacts Taliansko – Slovenská obchodná komora Camera di Commercio Italo – Slovacca Michalská 7 811 01 Bratislava 7, Guglielmo Apolloni skype | blapojr T +421 2 59103704 M +421 944307710 www.erasmus Look for EYE on: