Sightseeing tour about sobral


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Sightseeing tour about sobral

  1. 1. Sobral – “The North Princess” Ceará - BrasilCome Visit Us! The Authors: Vitória de Sousa/ Leidiane Gomes/ Jean Vitor/ Cleiton Martins/ Daliliane Oliveira/ Antônia de Paiva/ Gisllane Santos
  2. 2. It was built between 1877 and 1880 on the initiative of private Sobralense Union Cultural Society, It is the second oldest theater in Ceará. It was built following the European trend that has been adopted in several theaters in Brazil and has become an important historical reference . Mansion built by Francisco Jorge De Sousa, around 1856. Nowadays, the House is the Department of Culture and Tourism of Sobral, and Culture House which offers up galleries, a cinema, video, studio and living space.
  3. 3. Currently, the space is the Music School Joseph Wilson, who was one of the great experts in the history of the city. The Musical Instrumentals courses are offered to students from public schools of Sobral. The square in this model refers to what happened before, the right side was dedicated for the black and poor people and the left side belonged to the white and rich ones. Nowadays is a space for everyone enjoy.
  4. 4. It was built by the brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary of Black men Sobral in 1767. Nowadays is located downtown. It was founded On July 29, 1909, recreational Sobralense club. Thereafter was named Palace Club. In 2000 was inaugurated the PSFL, which offers Language, Information Technology and Science courses for students from Publich Schools.
  5. 5. It is located in Sobral downtown, It has this name due to its curvature in the center. It is a meeting place for all people. Do you want to know all the news about the city? Go there! It was built in the mid-1700s, in 1777 it was demolished due to poor condition.Later, when Sobral now stands at Vila, the Visitor Manuel Antonio da Rocha autorizes the building of a new church. Its front is one of the nicest of Ceará.
  6. 6. The Captain Mor House is a significant building for the city, it is one of the oldest houses in the city that belonged to Captain Jose Mor Xerez Furna Uchoa, probably built in 1772. Nowadays it is a permanent museum. It´s a beautiful building with three floors, It offers collection of 60,000 volumes. Inside the building you have an amazing view of Acarau River.
  7. 7. The space is unique, with closing glass and surprised by orthogonal shapes and lines in conflict with keeping with the esthetic movement. It was built in 1953, as a way to remember the visit the image of Our Lady of Fatima. It´s located on Doctor Guarany Avenue.
  8. 8. It was built in memory of 80 years of proof of Relativity Theory, It was inaugurated in 1999. It is totally conditioned; It has a modern observatory, branched to World Association of Astronomy. It is exposed the telescope and the original photos used to prove the Einstein´s Theory. It is considered the social history of Sobral . It was founded on March 29th, 1951 and opened on March 10th 1971. The building where the museum is installed was built by Major John Pedro da Cunha Bandeira Melo. It’s considered the 5th of Brazil in sacred art.
  9. 9. The Verde Rio Hotel offers practical accommodation just 850 meters from Sobral downtown, and offers 24 hour reception and luggage storage. The Vitoria Hotel is located 2 km from the Sobral Airport, and offers free Wi-Fi in public areas, 24-hour reception service and a cooked breakfast daily Visconde Hotel offers accommodation with air conditioning and Wi-fi. It is located on Lúcia Sabóia Avenue.