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  • 1. Dani Martin:
  • 2. Daniel Martin:
    Daniel Martin Garcia (born, 19 February of 1977) is a Singer and a Spanish actor. Former songwriter, leader and vocalist of the El Canto del Loco group because two years ago he decided to form a group in solitaire.
  • 3. Dani Martin:
    He borned in Alcobendas (Madrid) the 19 February of 1977. Since he was young, he liked to imitate his favorites artist in living room of his house with his neighbor Aintzane Rebollo García, that it toke him to dream with form his own group in a future day. At the 14 years, debuted in TVE, presents the musical program Ponte las pilas, conscious that the High School didn’t attract, he started to develop his studies in the dramatic Art in the Cristina Rota’s prestigious school, who facilitated to him; his first works like a theatre and comical actor. More late, Dani would decide to study in another emblematic school in a formation of actors, that it’s regards, the William Layton School.
  • 4. Dani Martin:
    From his formation like an actor, Dani Martín have developed many works like a movie actor, among which is included his starring paper in Sirenas of Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Sin Vergüenza of Joaquin Oristrell, Sinfin of Carlos Villaverde y Manuel Sanabria, o Yo soy la Juani of Bigas Luna. Also be added his participation like a theatric actor in the plays Historias en Blues y Cachorros, television series like Cuenta atras, Siete Vidas or Hospital Central, Los Hombres de Paco or his a little intervention in the film Los abrazos rotos, directed by Pedro Almodovar.
  • 5. Dani Martin:
    In September of 2009, El Canto del Loco decided separated a time to focus in their solitaries careers.
    The 25 august of 2010, Dani Martin published his first simple in solitary 16 AÑITOS and the 26 October of 2010 released to the market his first CD in solitary, pequeño. In one of his song appeared his deceased sister two years ago.
    He has been nominated 26 October of 2010 for 40 Principales prices like the better solist artist and like better video clip of the song 16 AÑITOS. And he has won the price like better solist artist.
    • Sirenas (1994) - Carlos
    • Perdón, perdón (1998) - Amigo de Jimmy
    • Sobreviviré (1999)
    • Sin vergüenza (2001) - Felipe
    • I LoveYouBaby (2001)
    • Escuela de Rock (2003) - (Voz)
    • Sinfín (2005) - Como Iván
    • Torrente 3: El protector (2005) Como yonki.
    • Yo soy la Juani (2006) - Jonah
    • El Canto del Loco: la película (2009) - Como él Mismo
    • After (2009)
    • Los abrazos rotos (2009) - Como Mario
    • Ponte las pilas (1991-1992)
    • El 92 cava con todo (1991) - Botones
    • ¡Ay, Señor, Señor! (1 episodio, 1995)
    • Al salir de clase (2 episodios, 1998) - Componente de La banda del bate
    • El comisario (1 episodio, 1999)
    • Policías, en el corazón de la calle (1 episodio, 2000) - Sergio
    • Hospital Central (1 episodio, 2000) - Toni
    • Raquel busca su sitio (15 episodios, 2000)
    • 7 vidas (1 episodio, 2004) - Luis
    • Latrelevisión (1 episodio, 2005) - Apóstol
    • Cuenta atrás (2007 - 2008) - Pablo Corso
    • Los hombres de Paco (2009) – Jota
    Pequeño (2010)
    1. 16 añitos
    2. Mira la vida
    3. Mi lamento
    4. Eres
    5. La verdad
    6. Los valientes de la pandilla
    7. La línea
    8. El puzzle
    9. Tres encantos
    10. Pequeño
    11. Lo que nace se apaga
    12. El cielo de los perros
    Pequeño tesoro (2010)
    1. 16 añitos
    2. Mira la vida
    3. Mi lamento
    4. Eres
    5. Los valientes de la pandilla
    6. El puzzle
    7. Tres encantos
    8. Lo que nace se apaga
  • 10. PRICES: 40 prinipales
  • 11. PRICES: Album of theyeartve.