Book [Beyond Barbed Wire] & Web [] Launch at Columbus Centre March 2012


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PP Presentation shown at the book and web launch at Columbus Centre.
BOOK: Beyond Barbed Wire

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  • These themes, developed from the initial research and interviews They will evolve and be expanded upon during the course of gathering the personal memories and through consultations with our advisory groups As noted at the beginning of this session, hope to have your feedback on the project themes developed to date Play three short (2 mins max) interview clips
  • Book [Beyond Barbed Wire] & Web [] Launch at Columbus Centre March 2012

    1. 1. Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens:Memories of World War IIBook and Website LaunchColumbus Centre, March 31, 2012
    2. 2. Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens: Memories of WWIInew website, www.ItalianCanadianWW2.caLeft: Splash pageRight: Homepage
    3. 3. Beyond Barbed Wire: Essays on theInternment of Italian CanadiansEdited by Licia Canton, et.alThe Association of Italian CanadianWriters (AICW), in partnership withGuernica Editions and AccentiMagazine, and co-publisher ColumbusCentre of Toronto.
    4. 4. Also available…A second volume by AICW, inpartnership with Guernica Ed. AndAccenti Magazine:Behind Barbed Wire: Creative Workson the Internment of Italian CanadiansEdited by Licia Canton et. al.Fictional stories, poems, and otherworks inspired by the internment.
    5. 5. View of internment camp in the winter, 1942.
    6. 6. View of internment camp in the summer, 1940.
    7. 7. Guard tower overlooking Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1939.
    8. 8. Internees at Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1941.
    9. 9. Italian Canadian internees at Camp Fredericton (also known as Camp Ripples), NB, 1943.
    10. 10. Left: Internee Ruggero Bacci of Toronto.Right: Internee Osvaldo Giacomelli of Hamilton.
    11. 11. Left: Internee Eliseo Orlando of Toronto.Right: Internee Carmine De Marco of North Bay.
    12. 12. Brothers from Montreal, Giuseppe Di Pietro (left) and AntoninoDi Pietro (right), both interned.
    13. 13. Brothers from Timmins, Leopoldo Mascioli (left) and AntonioMascioli (right), both interned.
    14. 14. Left: Internee Rev. Libero Sauro of Toronto.Right: Internee Dr. Luigi Pancaro of Sudbury.
    15. 15. Left: Internee Massimo Iacopo Magi of Toronto.Right: Internee Nicola Zaza of Toronto.
    16. 16. Top Left: Internee Leonardo Frenza of Montreal.Top Right: Frenza with daughter, Ninetta Ricci.Bottom: Screen cap of Ricci’s interview with the project.
    17. 17. Left: Internee Felice Martiniello of Sydney.Right: Screen cap of son’s, Frank Martinello’s, interview with the project.
    18. 18. Left: Enemy alien Toni Ciccarelli of Toronto.Right: Screen cap of Ciccarelli’s interview with the project.
    19. 19. Screen caps: 86 interviews nationwide, featuring personaltestimonies from enemy aliens and their families, and othersaffected by the internment.
    20. 20. A selection of items from the Italian Canadian Enemy Aliens(ICEA) Digital Archives, Columbus Centre Collection
    21. 21. Image Credits:In order of appearance:Barbed Wire barricades at an internment campPetawawa, ON | ca. 1940 | Photograph from the March of Timefilm Canada at War | Wide World Photos | Columbus CentreCollectionItalian Canadians as Enemy Aliens: Memories of WWII, splash andhome pages. © 2012.Cover of Beyond Barbed Wire: Essays on the Internment of ItalianCanadians, co-publication with Association of Italian CanadianWriters (AICW), in partnership with Guernica Editions and AccentiMagazine.Cover of Behind Barbed Wire: Creative Works on the Internment ofItalian Canadians. Second volume by Association of ItalianCanadian Writers (AICW), in partnership with Guernica Editionsand Accenti Magazine.
    22. 22. View of internment camp in the winter, 1942 by internee OscarBendl │Oil on paper │ Gifted to internee Carmine De Marco │Courtesy of Judy Jessen, granddaughter of Carmine De Marco |Columbus Centre CollectionView of internment camp in the summer, 1940 by internee OscarBendl | Oil on paper │Private Collection of the Prasifka Family |Columbus Centre CollectionGuard tower overlooking Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1939. GlenbowArchives NA-5474-4Internees at Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1941. Glenbow ArchivesNA-5124-22Italian Canadian internees at Camp Fredericton, NB │1943│Courtesy of the Giacomelli Family │ Columbus Centre CollectionRuggero Bacci, Toronto internee │ Courtesy of the Bacci FamilyColumbus Centre Collection
    23. 23. Osvaldo Giacomelli, Hamilton internee │ Courtesy of the GiacomelliFamily │Columbus Centre CollectionEliseo Orlando, Toronto internee | Courtesy of the Cozzi-OrlandoFamily │Columbus Centre CollectionCarmine De Marco, North Bay internee | Courtesy of Anthony DeMarco │Columbus Centre CollectionGiuseppe Di Pietro, Montreal internee | Courtesy of the Biscottii-DiPietro Family Columbus Centre CollectionAntonino Di Pietro, Montreal internee | Courtesy of the Biscottii-DiPietro Family Columbus Centre CollectionLeopoldo Mascioli, Timmins internee | Courtesy of Joan McKinnonand Sandra O’Grady │Columbus Centre CollectionAntonio Mascioli, Timmins internee | Courtesy of Joan McKinnon andSandra O’Grady │Columbus Centre Collection
    24. 24. Reverend Libero Sauro, Toronto internee | Courtesy of the SauroFamily │ Columbus Centre CollectionDoctor Luigi Pancaro, Sudbury internee | Courtesy of MaggiePallotta │Columbus Centre CollectionMassimo Iacopo Magi, Toronto internee | Courtesy of the MagiFamily │Columbus Centre CollectionNicola Zaza, Toronto internee |Courtesy of Dolores Di Rocco │Columbus Centre CollectionLeonardo Frenza, Montreal internee; Leonardo Frenza withdaughter, Ninetta Ricci, Cartier St., Montreal, a month afterLeonardo’s release from Camp Petawawa April 1942;Interview with Ninetta Ricci │ All courtesy of the family ofLeonardo Frenza │ Columbus Centre CollectionFelice Martiniello, Sydney internee; Interview with Frank Martinello| Courtesy of Frank Martinello │ Columbus Centre Collection
    25. 25. Antoinette (Toni) Ciccarelli. C. 1940; Interview with Antoinette (Toni)Ciccarelli; Courtesy of Antoinette (Toni) Ciccarelli | ColumbusCentre CollectionScreen caps: Interviews with Aldo Bacci; Linda Rosati and NoreenAlberico; Geno Scattolon; Galileo Ricci; Gerard and Victor DiBattista; Eugene Guagnelli; Chester Capponi; Assunta Dotto; andMildred Steer │ With permission from the individuals │ColumbusCentre CollectionSelection of items: Domenico Gaggi, Registration Certificate andCertificate of Naturalization; Arrest photo of Windsor ItalianCanadians; Luisa Guagnelli; John Edward De Toro │ Withpermission from Linda Rosati and Noreen Alberico; Windsor Star;Eugene Guagnelli, and John Edward De Toro | Columbus CentreCollection
    26. 26. Acknowledgements:Project Team:Project ManagementLucy Di Pietro, Hons BA, MMStProject DirectorProject StaffLouanne Aspillaga, Hons BA, MAProject CoordinatorKrystle Copeland, Hons BA, MAProject AssistantMelina De Guglielmo, Hons BA, BEdPT ResearcherStefanie Petrilli, Hons BFA, MAExhibit/Collections CoordinatorTravis Tomchuk, Hons BA, MA, PhDLead Researcher/Senior Writer
    27. 27. For the Columbus Centre:Board of Governors 2009-2012Karen Manarin, Chair (current)Nick Sgro, Chair (2010-2011; 2009-2010)Nick AmetranoTony BarbosaJohn BozzoFilomena FrisinaEster BucciMarianne CoriglianoArmando CristinzianoLiana FlabianoTony GencoAnna IafrateLenny LombardiMario LongoStephen PasqualeSusanna Ranalli-De SantisTeresa SantoroJason Sordi
    28. 28. ManagementUgo Di Federico, AdministratorPal Di Iulio, CEO/Executive DirectorProject DevelopmentVirginia AriemmaAccounting & Financial ReportingOlimbi Idrizllari, Accounting ClerkMario Reyes, Accounting ManagerYongmei Xu, Accounting Supervisor/Payroll &HumanResourcesPaul Pass, Accounting ManagerMarketing & PromotionsStefanie Polsinelli, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
    29. 29. For research and interview work:Local Research/InterviewsVittorina CecchettoSarah CozziRay CulosAdriana DaviesGrant KarcichFrancesca L’OrfanoNadia MiorCristina PietropaoloJoyce PillarellaJohn PotestioChristine SansaloneNick SehlLocal VideographersDavid BatesVittorina CecchettoJulian ColilliSpencer JohnstonMaverick FilmsAdriana RinaldiAnna Wilkinson
    30. 30. TranscriptionsElissa D’SouzaFrancesca L’OrfanoNadia MiorLisa KadeyMelinda RichterEmily RondelVideo ConsultantZak RogersFor writing, translation and editing work:Translation & EditingLicia Canton, EditorVittorina Cecchetto, Italian TranslatorGiulia De Gasperi, Italian TranslatorJuliana Gaubert, French TranslatorEmanuele Oriano, Italian Translator
    31. 31. For design and development work:Evaluation & User TestingChristine LockettExhibit DesignSheila DaltonWebsite Design & ProgrammingKevin Robb, MiromoRachelle Au, SavouryScott Cameron, SavouryDiane Lee, SavouryGraphic Design & IllustrationBrian Boyd, Villa Charities Inc - GraphicsJemma KimGiancarlo Piccin, Villa Charities Inc - GraphicsTara Winterhalt THANK YOU ALL!