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leverage your dignity: the ultimate of life
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leverage your dignity: the ultimate of life


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  • 1. 2012 Iswi Haniffah Cahyaningtyas XII-S2 / 10 R-SMA-BI SMAN 2 Lumajang The Ultimate of Life
  • 2. 1 The Ultimate of Life Coopersmith (Gilmore, 1974) said that: "Dignity is a personal judgment of worthiness that is a personal attitude that is expressed in the individual holds toward himself." This opinion explains that dignity is an individual assessment to honor him, which is expressed through attitude towards him. Meanwhile, Buss (1973) provide an understanding of self as an individual assessment against itself, that are implicit and not verbalized. Referring to the second opinion, then dignity can be defined as an individual assessment of the honor, through his attitude towards himself that are implicit and couldn’t verbalized. For example, a child with a high dignity couldn’t be possible assess his/her self just as someone, but also a good one. Over condescending may cause by a bad achievement, depression or crime. The seriousness of this problem will depend not only on the condescending of the person, but also the other condition. When condescending stands together with hardness at the transition phase or family’s problem, will make the problem of the person may increase. From Islamic side, indeed, essentially God created human as a most valuable and precious creature on earth among other creatures. But not least, the human himself undermine the respect and dignity, by doing immoral deeds and not commendable, which is not in accordance with religious norms. Therefore, the glory contained in this human should always be kept out of the things that can cause damage, either in the form of attitudes and actions performed by oneself, as well as those made by others against his personality. The destination of our life is have a merciful life in the worl life and afterlife. To reach it, we need a lot of things to do, one of them is increase our dignity higher. If we realize how important this thing in our life, we wouldn’t waste our time in useless thing.
  • 3. 2 Dignity can be said so important to the world life and the afterlife, as someone who is able to increase the price of himself and channeled in a positive way, then he will seek the maximum in order to always do something much better than others in terms of seeking blessings of the Creator and interact with the community where he/she was, of course with a pure competition, there should be no dispute. There’s no two people are exactly the same, even twins. Each person is unique in their own way. All of us have some special properties that no one else has. The important thing is we need to know this uniqueness and learn to love ourselves. This will help build a positive view of ourselves and worked like a miracle for our dignity. From many sources, as daily life experiences, books, articles, etc. We can conclude that there were many ways to leverage our dignity, and the first way is try to appreciate yourself, though people underestimate you. If we can’t appreciate ourself in front of people, they will always think that we are easy smitten with their words. But if we always try to appreciate the good things we have in ourselves, we will create an atmosphere that has the impression: “This is me, and I will never care about your bad sight to me, because I'm sure I was a good person." Try to do something useful for your life. Keep quiet and don’t do anything just like the audience won’t make someone growing up. Get to know the strengths and grateful we have. There are so many people who continue to complain about how bad their physical, or how boring themselves, and so on. But they do not see their strengths and advantages. Look around and realize that nobody’s perfect. After you have sucessfully optimize your advantages, then began to correct the lack step by step. But don’t be too focus on improving the lack, until you forget to sharpen and enhance the advantages you have.
  • 4. 3 On the other hand, do not resist when others offer praise about us. Accept it and think forward to getting better. Be careful when these words come to our heart, “No, it's just a dream, can not possibly be real." Gradually, these words would undermine the dignity we’ve already been built. Furthermore, Buss (1973) proposed two types of self-assessment (self- judgment), namely: temporary and enduring. Temporary self-assessment refers to specific behaviors and situations. Example: "Today I played bad football". It is limited by space and time. While enduring assessmet more self-centered and related to covering the results of the basic life experiences, such as: affection from others and the achievements to reach. Make a decision in this life needs confidence. Learn to make the decision means that we learn to train our confidence. People who didn’t have confidence, may not be brave to make a decision in their life. They always asking to other and ask what they should do, what’s the best for them. Ask a question before make a decision is allowed, but it’s much better if you make the decision yourself without any intervention from others. Increase our confidence to makes us always think possitive also help us to leverage our dignity, so that we’ll never do anything as work load, but as responsibilities which make us enjoy to do it. Increase our confidence to always make us think positive, so we will never do the job as a burden but as a responsibility that will make us more relaxed finish the job. Dream high, because no dream is too high to reach, but how hard we try to reach that dream. So don’t be affraid to dream higher and higher in this life, because if you believe it, you’ll reach it. And our little action which show our capability to increase the dignity higher and higher will chain big reaction to the others to do the same thing as
  • 5. 4 the destination of their lives. Self-esteem individuals have a strong influence on the behavior of the display. Mc Dougall (1926) suggested dignity is a major regulator of the behavior of an individual or a leader for all the encouragement. It depends on the dignity’s personal power, action and integrity. Dream high is not only about dreaming, but it is about doing something precisely to make it real. We can do the things we think are important, even if we are not able to do it because we are ashamed or afraid. We have to force ourself to do the process. Believe yourself that you can do it well. One thing to remember is the more we forced to carry out a process which bother our comfort zone, we are increase the possibility to expand our comfort zone. Avoid to associate ourselves with the failure or mistake we did. Cultivate in ourselves to not giving up to the circumstances, however circumstances is the only who had to adjust to what we’ve been built. If we can adjust the circumstances suit fancy, no matter how it is, it will be on our side. Have a true concept of dignity, that dignity comes from within, not from outside ourselves. It is not about the material we have or we get, or our success life achieved because of the material, because the success of such apparent only fosters dignity and will not last forever. For students, parents and teachers have a great responsibility to meet the needs of students’ dignity, through the provision of genuine affection that the child can grow and develop in a natural and healthy, that it contains a stable sense of dignity and steady. Here, it appears the importance of the parents and teachers’ role as facilitators.