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Pettinger israel ignite_slideshow

  1. 1. Eugene Martin 12 years old Johnny Gosch 14 years oldSunday, March 17, 2013Hook/ attention grabber: Tell the story of Eugene Martin, abducted in 1982, and Johnny Gocsh, abducted in 1984, both from Des Moines, Iowa. (awaiting approval of images fromIowaColdCases)
  2. 2. Lyric Cook 8 years old Elizabeth Collins 10 years oldSunday, March 17, 2013Fast forward to July 13, 2012 in Evansdale, Iowa near Waterloo, where cousins Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook were abducted.
  3. 3. Since the Missing Child Act of 1982 Child Abduction Has Risen by 44%, March 17, 2013The Big Idea: Our children are no safer now then they may have been in the 80ʼs, and the decline in our tactics and our education on such matters as child abduction and child abductionprevention is not sufficient as a whole.
  4. 4. 1.5% of child abductions Are by total strangers, March 17, 2013Whatʼs in it for your audience? Explain why your topic is important or worth discussing. All of us here have children, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, or little brothers andsisters, or even friends with children, so child abuse and abduction is no light matter, especially when statistics show that only about 1.5 % of abductions are by total strangers. Now do I haveyour attention?
  5. 5., March 17, 2013Why should your audience listen to you? Explain your ethos (credibility). My audience should listen to me because my daughter was abducted from me by her own mother. Also, I wasa young boy in Des Moines when Martin and Gocsh went missing, and I live 30 minutes away from where Collins and Cook went missing. My daughter lives only 15 minutes away. This is myonly connection to this topic. I am no expert, but I am a concerned parent. I am concerned for the safety of my children as well as yours.
  6. 6. Education H EY ! Communication L IS TE N UP, March 17, 2013 PreventionCall To Adventure: We can start to re-educate ourselves as adults, as parents and teachers, and we need to re-educate our children with proactive measures in place to help themunderstand warning signs and prevention.
  7. 7. Three Ways This Will Enrich Your Lives, March 17, 2013Preview the 3 main points that will support your big idea. If we re-educate ourselves and children on issues such as abduction and prevention all of our lives would be enriched in these 3 ways…
  8. 8. 1. Security In Knowledge, March 17, 2013Supporting Point 1. We can live with a greater sense of security in knowledge. (explain)
  9. 9. “Not all strangers are dangerous” “Not all known adults are safe”, March 17, 2013The National Crime Prevention Council states, “Almost all parents teach their children not to talk to strangers, the reality is that not all strangers are dangerous and not all known adultsare safe”. (show logo)
  10. 10. 2. Redirect And Integrate, March 17, 2013Supporting Point 2. We can redirect and integrate the time, money, and concepts focused primarily on “stranger danger” programs.(explain)
  11. 11. Did Our “Stranger Danger” Campaign of the 80s Blind Us To Other, More Immediate Dangers?, March 17, 2013Tell a personal story of growing up in Des Moines during the abduction epidemic of the 80ʼs, and of how parents and school programs began their campaign promoting children being scaredto death of anyone they didnʼt know, and how that tactic may avert a closer look at those we trust.
  12. 12. 3. Save Families Pain, Save Lifes, March 17, 2013Supporting Point 3. We can save children and families immeasurable amount of pain. We can save lives.(explain)
  13. 13. Articles Studies Books, March 17, 2013There are many fantastic websites, articles, studies and books on this issue, with information to help re-educate adults and children against child abuse and abduction.
  14. 14. “Innovative, Non-fearful Safety Programs For Parents & Kids” www.safelyeverafter .comSunday, March 17, 2013One such website promotes, “Innovative, Non-Fearful Safety Programs for Parents & kids”. This is (show logo)
  15. 15. F.B.I Says Majority of Child Abductors Have a Relationship With the childSunday, March 17, 2013 An informational read would be an article by FBI Intelligence Analyst Ashli Douglas, entitled Crimes Against Children Spotlight, where she reports, “The FBI assesses with high confidencethat the majority of child abductors involved in FBI child abduction cases, CARD team deployments, and AMBER Alerts have a relationship with the child victim”. (show quote and give credit)
  16. 16. Nobody Ever Convicted of These four Abductions Who Took Them, March 17, 2013In the cases of Eugene Martin and Johnny Gocsh, no bodies were ever recovered. In the cases of Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook, the bodies were recovered, found by hunters 5 monthslater, 25 miles away. Despite questioning of suspect and even confessions, no one had been tried or convicted for either case.
  17. 17. Take the Time Visit Websites Research Exercises, March 17, 2013 Call To Action: I urge you to visit some of these websites, read some credible literature on the topic, do some prevention exercises with the children you care about, understand that trustisnʼt enough to keep our children safe.
  18. 18. Security In Knowledge Redirect and Integrate Save LivesSunday, March 17, 2013Summarize: 1. Security in Knowledge, 2. Redirect and Integrate, 3. Save Lives
  19. 19. Children Are No Safer Today Than They Were 30 Years Ago, March 17, 2013 Restate Big Idea: The children of America are in far more danger now than they ever were from abduction and abuse, and itʼs our responsibility as adults to come up with more sufficientpreventions.
  20. 20. Enrich Your Lives, March 17, 2013 Clincher/New Bliss: A 15 minute talk every day or a 30 minute talk every week, and time spent doing preventative lessons, a proactive agenda and even background checks and selfdefense training, will enrich the lives of you and your precious ones, giving me, and hopefully all of you, peace of mind.