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Ubertesters at Mobile Monetization 2013 startups contest
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Ubertesters at Mobile Monetization 2013 startups contest


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Ubertesters The Power to Control your App CREATED FOR: Mobile Monetization Summit December 2013, Israel By Ran Rachlin CEO & Co-founder
  • 2. Ubertesters, is developing a Mobile app testing platform with a crowd-based service offering to streamline testing process and resolve all testing needs for mobile developers.
  • 3. Tom the App Developer Tom is positive that once the app will be launched it will make him lots of money and dreams of an early retirement….
  • 4. Flawed App Testing negatively impacts bottom line Un-tested apps have bugs and crashes I have a problem! Developers have no proper tools/budget to test apps Customers have zero tolerance for bugs and crashes The app usage & downloads go down App is irrelevant / revenue loss
  • 5. Mobile Testing process challenges Pain #1 Pain #2 Tools Resources Seamless testing cycle management To cover diversity of the mobile world The Testing process should be managed: - Inconvenient build distribution - Cumbersome bug reporting - Lack of monitoring & Management The Apps should be tested in: - Different Devices Models - More OS and Browsers - Wireless Carriers Globally - Varity of Locations/languages
  • 6. Our Solution Tools Resources Comprehensive testing management platform Regulated crowd-based global team of Ubertesters
  • 7. Our platform Convenient Over-The-Air build distribution Build distribution Multi OS support (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) Simple, on-the-go, In-app bug reporting Integrates with 3rd party bugtrackingsystem Bug Reporting Management Control Platform to manage the beta testing phase of mobile apps Comprehensive builds, issues & team, monitoring & Management
  • 8. Our Global Crowd of Ubertesters Multilevel automated adoptive filtering crowd management Crowd testers Top Testers / Crowd PMs Internal PMs Community manager Leader Automated control tools
  • 9. Business Model Tools The Platform Resources Crowdsourcing Freemium business model. The basic model is totally free and there is a premium paid version for enhanced features on recurring revenue basis (monthly rate). Crowdsourcing community of global testers based on virtual merchant revenue model (sales of testing services based on the experience level and ratings of the tester).
  • 10. What are they saying about us? Viewing the defects in real time, including the edited screenshots, and session tracking, helped me fix the bug instantly. (Mike Teitelman, CEO & Co-founder, Wishop ) It saved me at least 50% of my testers’ time because all bugs where reported while on-the-go. (Moshe Shukron, CEO CashView) This is mind blowing. It’s the first time I have seen a tool that can help me get a true beta user feedback. I was able to give the executive a tool to report bugs from the device instead of waking me up in the middle of the night. (Stas Shikhman ) (T.L, project manager, Telecom cell provider)
  • 11. Awards & Recognitions
  • 12. The Team CEO General Engineers (GE Rep Israel), CEO Mul-T-Lock USA & Exec. VP Mul-T-Lock Ltd., CEO Silicom USA (member of RAD group). MBA MSU University, NJ USA Ran Rachlin Co-Founder, CEO Board & Advisors Alexey Chalimov GetTaxi, Loyalize, Maximum Edu., Wharton MBA Extended Team Alex Vinichenko R&D Lead GetTaxi, CloudEngines, Maximum, InTaxi, Development team: 5 x Developers 1 x QA Support team: 1 x Designer 1x Marketing 1 x SEO 1 x PM Michael Magkov P&G, Kaplan, BCG, Maximum Edu. Wharton MBA
  • 13. In Summary Ensuring high quality, well-tested mobile app • Comprehensive app testing platform • Allows development companies to manage both internal and external QA • Full transparency • Bug-reporting-system - bridging the gap between sending the new revision and the current bug-tracking-system • Affordable pricing structure • Multilevel automated adoptive filtering crowd management to ensure quality of work • One-stop-shop for the testing cycle – resources and tools – based on superb technological edge.
  • 14. For further information, please contact: Ran Rachlin, Co-Founder & CEO Tel (Israel): +972-52-3867420 Tel (USA): 201-203-7903
  • 15. Competition Tools The Platform Build Disti.     Bug submit     Crash report     Test case supp.     Screenshot edit     Build mgmt.     Tester activity     3rd party BTS     External testers     Freemium Free Paid only Free Price
  • 16. Resources Competition Crowdsourcing Freelance Price Outsourcing Low - Medium Low Medium-high High Platform supp.    Mobile focus      Diversity     Quality control     Process length Short-Medium short Long Long Scalability     Transparency    
  • 17. Target Customers Independent Developers Small / Medium Web Development Communities Mobile outsourcing development companies Enterprise Customers
  • 18. Some data Gartner Says Worldwide PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Combined Shipments to Reach 2.4 Billion Units in 2013 Worldwide Devices Shipments by Segment (Thousands of Units) Device Type PC (Desk-Based and Notebook) Ultramobile Tablet Mobile Phone Total Source: Gartner (April 2013) 2012 2013 2014 2017 341,263 315,229 302,315 271,612 9,822 23,592 38,687 96,350 116,113 197,202 265,731 467,951 1,746,176 1,875,774 1,949,722 2,128,871 2,213,373 2,411,796 2,556,455 2,964,783
  • 19. Value Proposition Comprehensive testing process management tool for developers, testers and project managers. Multi platform support (iOS, Android, WinPhone) Cover the complete testing process Test cases support User friendly In-app bug/issue reporting to allow clear & fast bug presentation that can be reproduced accurately (while on-the-go) Extensive QA management reporting system Integration with 3rd party bug-reporting-system Other benefits Simple, elegant, easy to use, over-the-air web and mobile platform Team management tool for the QA team lead and R&D manager Ability to edit (crop & draw) screen shots on device and send direct messages User web based GUI with fast access using social network platforms Ability to link additional logins to user account
  • 20. Our crowd program competitive advantage Focus on mobile Speed and ease of use Transparency and efficiency Proprietary SDK and Testing App Fully Automatic Web UI Multilevel Filtering • Easy screenshots and bug submission from the testing app itself. • Automatically finds app complexity and adjust pricing • Application crash interception and tracing. • No need for personal interaction through setup, payment and launch • Collects and submits system statistics, app use and testing progress automatically. • Semi-automatic testing team forming FAST and EFFECTIVE Automatic score on submission (word count, quality of language, screenshot available, text structure, tester rating, bug severity) - tester can see the score and edit/resubmit • Peer review - all testers review other testers submissions and rank (duplicate, quality of explanation, language, true severity, etc) • Mobile EASE OF USE • PM review - same as tester review plus verifies and rates peer review HIGHEST QUALITY
  • 21. What are they saying about us? Being able to export all bug information to Jira truly optimized my testing cycle, allowing me great bug reporting tool and control the process, and the Jira support made it transparent. (Michael Lazich, CEO, Omega Teaching) The ability to monitor the exact time that the tester spent on testing my app, and the real time results, provided me the comfort of using external testers without any stress. (Igor Pinegin, Project Manager, Easterpeak)