Motionize at the Mobile Monetization Summit 2013


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Motionize startup presentation at the Mobile Monetization Summit 2013

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  • As an app developer myself, I know how hard it is understanding your users.Today, asides for some really basic information, we’re pretty much in the dark about our users.We all know it so well. Getting people to download your app is actually the easy part. Its getting them to come back & keep coming back that’s the real challenge.And interrupting your user’s life today is more OBNOXIOUS than EFFECTIVE.So how do you keep your place on your users’ phones?
  • Its about understanding what you customers want & when. About being relevant at the right moment.Its about building a relationship with your users.And to do this you need to go beyond just location data. And leverage real insights about your users to deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time.
  • Introducing Motionize – We’re building the most advanced location analytics for you, So you can discover who your users are, And focus on doing what you do best & giving them what they need.
  • And we make it SO easy.With just 1 line of code, you get 24/7 Location Awareness, detection of driving, walking, parking, and other Motion-State detection, And let you learn their habits. Because understanding habits = effective engagement.
  • And its all done thanks to our proprietary algorithms that makes use of data from up to 9 sensors found in your typical smartphone todayfor example, the accelerometer, the gyro, the compass, the GPS, the Bluetooth, light sensor, etc. Each one of these sensors gives clues as to whether the user is driving, walking, parking, etc. Parallel Parking example In addition, it’s also a learning algorithm. This means that it actually learns each user’s habits & adapts accordinglyAnd most people, it turns out, are creatures of habit.
  • The result is the most useful location analytics out there.What could your app do if it knew where it was, where its user came from, where he/she works or spend their time?
  • Or if it knew how the user gets around the city.
  • And how about, if it knew with who it was dealing with – whether the user is a student, soccer-mom, or hi-techist?Imagine what your app could do.
  • The answer is that your app could finally engage effectively with its user.
  • And there is a growing number of apps who’re now moving forward to understand their user’s habits & increase engagement.Like Netbus who’ll notify you that your usual bus is running late before you start rushing to the bus stop in the rain, even if their app isn’t currently open on your phone.Or GoNow coupon app that send a location-based coupon with perfect timing – the moment you park your car in Tel Aviv & you’re about to enter the city, they send you a coupon for the coffee shop right in front of you.
  • We make money by charging on a Volume-based pricing model – this simply means that getting started is free & the price gradually grows as you grow. With most customers we now have standard pricing and we're happy to work with customers with a lot of data to find a fair price point.But there’s another exciting model on the way. A recent Forrester study - “Using geo-aware data to target campaigns led to higher click-through rates than any of the other methods”And we’re going to take this to the extreme.So thatApp-developers can also monetize their apps while enjoying all the benefits of Motionize & Ad-Networks enjoy increased revenues through serving premium ads with high CTR’s.
  • So seriously,what are you waiting for.Go to www.. & lets get started.
  • Motionize runs quietly in the background without significantly effecting the phone's battery life.
  • "This is a HUGE market and is growing, 1.6m combined apps, studies show that 27% are looking to implement Loc Based solutions”And is growing: up from 17% to 36% “Using geo-aware data to target campaigns led to higher click-through rates than any of the other methods”
  • - clients - just say something short like "this is a list of the first apps on trial"
  • They are big players, but this is not their main focus, so they wouldn’t be able to do it as good as we do. This actually could be a good exit strategy for us along the way
  • Now Imagine what your app could do if it knew: Where the user is right now : shop appsWhat he’s doing this very moment: parking app – the user now is looking for parkingWhat about if we know Where she’s going to be: coupon apsThere are real examples of apps that are using our platford
  • Motionize at the Mobile Monetization Summit 2013

    1. 1. The Problem App developers are in the dark about their users
    2. 2. The Solution
    3. 3. Location Analytics
    4. 4. The Solution LOCATION ANALYTICS PLATFORM Makes it easy to add location & motion-state awareness to any app Place Detection Motion State Detection Predict behavior
    5. 5. Technology Breakthrough The Secret Sauce
    6. 6. Location Analytics Learn where your users come from, where they work & where they spend their time
    7. 7. Motion-State Analytics Discover how they get around
    8. 8. User Profile Analytics Understand who they are
    9. 9. Engagement
    10. 10. Showcase Example App An app that automatically identifies parking spots that are about to become available Looking for Parking? Open Parko! Hey, are you leaving your parking spot?
    11. 11. Use Cases UNDERSTANDING HABITS = ENGAGEMENT Engaging the right users with the right message at the right time NetBus: Seems your usual bus is running late. Open NetBus to see where it is. Road Safety Authority: The person you tried to reach is currently busy driving.
    12. 12. Business Model Targeted Personalized Ads via Ad Network partners MOTIONIZE AD NETWORK APP DEVELOPER
    13. 13. Let’s get started! Tomer Neu-Ner CEO Itai David CTO Moran Barda COO Andrea Kruchik CMO
    14. 14. Questions?
    15. 15. Back-up slides
    16. 16. Technology Breakthrough Proprietary technology runs in the background 24/7 and minimizes the impact on battery consumption
    17. 17. Addressable Market Hundreds of thousands of apps could use our platform • 900k apps on iPhone, 900k apps on Android • 27% of companies plan to implement location-based marketing • 36% of mobile marketing campaigns in 2012 used geo-targeting, up from 17% in 2011. • 400+ Mobile Ad Networks “Using geo-aware data to target campaigns led to higher click-through rates than any of the other methods” *Sources: eMarketer Report – Feb 2013 & Canalysis Report – May 2013.
    18. 18. Our Clients Type Parking Navigation & Car Insurance Restaurants Cafes Retailers Coupon Gas Station Mobile Payments Media Events Mobile Advertisers Dating Fitness Notes & Organizers Fleet Management Smart Home Systems Notes & Organizers Public Alert Client PinkPark, ParkoPedia, BePark, EasyPark NetBus, Navmii, AutoBox The Food Book CoffeeCall Sears, SuperPharm Leumi Card; GoNow; OnMyWay Fulltank Pango Ynet; Mako ShowApp Appoxee; Smaato; Tapjoy HeyStack; Tinder Nike+; TrackMyRun Evernote; AnyDo Scania; Tremble SmartHome Evernote; AnyDo Weather/Disaster Status Comments MOU MOU MOU Proof of Concept Volume-Based Pricing E.g. PinkPark: $1,000/month, 10k users Revenue Share, 13.5m users, Data Volume-Based Pricing, 500 apps Revenue Share Volume-Based Pricing MOU Coupon & Loyalty Programs MOU MOU Proof of Concept MOU Early Stages Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Volume-Based Pricing Revenue Share, 700k users Israel’s largest mobile players Volume-Based Pricing Ad-network partners MOU
    19. 19. Competitors Our key differentiators are battery-efficiency, motion-state detection & behavior prediction 24/7 energy efficient Apple - Urban AirShip - Geoloqi Motionize + + Geo-Fencing + + + + Motionstate detection Learning Algorithm (Predictive) Analytics Cross-app Data Sharing - - - - - - - - - + + + + basic coming soon
    20. 20. Comparables Motionize’s SDK is a combination of Mobile Engagement, Analytics & Advertising SDK Type Number of Installs Urban Airship Mobile engagement 1 Billion Parse Mobile engagement 100 Million Appoxee Mobile engagement 250 Million Crittercism Analytics 500 Million Flurry Analytics 400 Million Bango Analytics 600 Million Distimo Analytics 3 Billion StartApp Advertising 800 Million Admob Advertising 8 Billion
    21. 21. The Need Imagine what your app could do if it knew: 1 Where the user is right now 2 3 What they’re doing this very moment Where they’re going to be