Zap Guitar - Israel Mobile Summit 2012 Finalist Presentation


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Startup presentation as presented in Israel Mobile Summit 2012

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  • <Play sweet child>Thankyou!
  • So this - is Zap Guitar.It's a virtual guitar that anyone can play. In fact, you can play any song in the world, without knowing a single chord.Now YOU can be the guy or girl with the guitar around the fire, or play together with friends.
  • So, how does it work?Zap Guitar helps you find lyrics and chord pages on the web, and feeds them into the guitar.The chords are the positions that you hold with your left hand on the neck of the guitar – - this is the difficult part of playing. Zap Guitar does this for you.All you have to do is tap on the ZAP button to progress through the chords of the song.Then with your right hand, strum freely on the strings, playing the song your own style.
  • OK, hand-raising time!How many of you ever wanted to play a musical instrument?  Ever tried or wanted to play?And how many actually play?    Thanks for your hands. (Ok, our statistic is better)It turns out that 85% of Americans whish they knew hot to play an instrument, but less than 10% actually do -    the main reason being not following through with the time and effort it takes to learn.This is the problem that Zap Guitar solves!Zap guitar lets you play any song, right away, regardless of prior experience.
  • Let’s look at some of the mainchallenges that every app developer in this field faces:First off, where do we get the lyrics and chords for so many songs?Well, this is the easy part – you can get them off the internet – Zap Guitar can work with any website that serves this content.The bigger problem is - how do we get rights to display this content legally? This is one of the biggest entry barriers for players in this field.Last but not least - how to make sure we rise above the noise and get discovered?
  • We’ve solved all the issues by partnering with Ultimate Guitar -    -  the world's #1 chords and tabs site. If you ever Google for song chords, Ultimate Guitar is usually the first result for any song.We’ve recently signed an agreement to release the app, co-branded with them. The app will use the 100's of 1,000's of songs in the Ultimate Guitar database, and will enjoy the brand equity and marketing power of a huge player that tops the musician apps best-sellers chart.In addition, we’re in contact with some of the biggest players in the music industry for creating artist-branded apps.
  • So, here’s how we plan to monetize:We're starting off with a paid app launching in August.Following that, we're gonna offer premium content for in-app-purchase.This includes:    Enhanced songs,   additional guitars and effects, and other instruments.The in-app-purchase model is much more sustainable, because we get recurring revenue from existing customers.In addition: we plan to monetize off the community of users.We‘re also considering several business models for branded apps of artists and guitar brands.
  • These are some of the directions we have going forward:Additionalinstruments, including piano, bass and drums.Users will be able to play together in synch, and fobands.Building song repositories for different localities and languagesBuilding an embedded social network where people can see what their friends played, share video recordings, and play together. Eventually, we aim to attract a large community of guitar novices and guitarist wannabes.
  • This is the time to introduce the teamWe’re a party of three.Our core competency is DSP and audio software development.But above all we’re good friends and enjoy what we do. We've been playing around with new musical interfaces for several years.Now we're dedicated to bringing the joy of playing music to everyone.
  • The competitors slide is here just in case we’re asked.
  • Zap Guitar - Israel Mobile Summit 2012 Finalist Presentation

    1. 1. “Imagine a world where anyone can play guitar…”Introducing: By instruMagic
    2. 2. Turns you into an instant guitar playerPlay any songNo skill required
    3. 3. Sweet! how does it work? Zap guitar Finds chord pages Zap Plays left hand role Guita r you You Tap Zap button to follow chord sequence Strum freely on stings
    4. 4. Target market "85 percent of Americans who dont currently play an instrument wish they had learned to play one " (2009 Gallup Poll)
    5. 5. Challanges 1. Content 2. Licensing 3. App Discovery
    6. 6. We are here Partnership with (Alexa 1,000) Negotiations with major labels and app publishers Launch - August ’12
    7. 7. m 12 n Phase one App sales Phase two Recurring in-app purchase Premium songs Guitars and effects Zap bands – piano, bass, drums Phase three Monetizing on community Partnerships and branded apps (artists, guitar brands)
    8. 8. The future Zap Bands (guitar, piano, bass, drums...) i18n Social network – Community
    9. 9. The instruMagic band Ishay Tubi DSP engineer, sound-effects plug-in development for Waves Audio. Ishay is our tech & algorithm monster Zeev Jelinek musician, sound engineer, graphic design, Web developer, video-production… Zeev does it all and then some Eyal Eldar Comes from cognitive research, UX design, web analytics and business administration. Connecting the dots