Taste israel At anuga 2013


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Taste israel At anuga 2013

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Taste israel At anuga 2013

  1. 1. We invite you on a culinary journey:A trip where all sensesenjoy a world of aromas,a world of colors,and a world of flavors…brought to you all the way from Israel.WELCOME
  2. 2. a unique variety of products witha unique variety of advantages…TASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  3. 3.  Exclusive innovative products Melting pot effect – unique combinations Innovative gluten & lactose free products Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc. Suitable for premium and ethnic markets Range of industrial production and artisanal products Perfect for "private label" products Flexible in tailoring flavor and packaging for local consumers:TASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  4. 4. Let’s taste each Israeli productone by oneandNOW!
  5. 5. 2BFRESHProducts: Fresh micro leaves - gourmet vegetable confetti2BFRESH introduces micro leaves, healthy greens used by topchefs serving the consumer market around the world. Withintense flavour, these young leaves come ready to serve andhave a long shelf life.www.2bfresh.com
  6. 6. Beth ElProducts: 100%-fruit-based jams and saucesBeth El’s select jams and preserves, branded under AuntBerta’s, are produced from 100% fresh choice fruit. Orchard-freshness and top quality are preserved with Beth El’simmediate pick-to-prep process.www.be-food.com
  7. 7. Cohen-OrProducts: Frozen pastry productsCohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredientsfashioned from original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan,Arabic, and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastryvarieties not found anywhere else—pastries that promote thehealthful food trend.www.cohen-or.co.il
  8. 8. Eliad Olive OilProducts: Olive oilEliad produces the finest extra virgin olive oils from its own hi-techplantations in northern Israel. The state-of-the-art mill and factoryallow strict quality controls to preserve the unique characteristics ofthe exquisite, aromatic and full-bodied olive oil from the Holy Land.Website under construction
  9. 9. Einat Food IndustriesProducts: Baked GoodsEinat Food Industries produces a wide variety of baked goods such assalad sprinkles and coating mixtures (bread crumbs, batters,tempura, shake & bake). Einat is now presenting a new productconcept – Rounders. Suitable for soups, salads or as a snack, theytaste great and remain crispy for a long time.www.einatfood.com
  10. 10. Elsa’s StoryProducts: Premium cookies and baked goodsElsa’s Story cookie brand is considered one of the market’sbest by a former Harrods and Selfridges buyer. Withprofessional product development and unique commercialquantity cookie and cake-baking skills, Elsa’s Story preservesall the authentic elements of home-made baked goods.www.elsastory.com
  11. 11. Maimon’sProducts: Bakery productsMaimon’s presents a one-stop-shop for all bakery products, creatinga new category on the shelf: Cake mixes, flour, fillings, jellies, syrups,custards, cake decorations and more.www.maimons.co.il
  12. 12. ManamimProducts: Wafers, wafer rolls, wafer bars and cubesManamim, a family run enterprise, produces superior qualitywafers, with long shelf life and a special home-made taste,using best ingredients possible. All of these factors explain thecompany’s success in the Israeli, American, Australian, andMiddle Eastern markets.www.manamim.co.il
  13. 13. Matzot AvivProducts: quality matzot, flat breads, cookies and biscuitsMatzot Aviv, together with its affiliated companies, is a leadingmanufacturer of matzot (unleavened bread), matzah products,cookies and Passover cookies.www.matzotaviv.co.il/en
  14. 14. Neptune Food ProductsProducts: Spices, seasoning mixtures, rice mixes, saucesNeptune Food Products manufactures, markets and exports a widevariety of spices, seasoning mixtures, sauces and snacks. Mainsectors served are: Gourmet and specialty, food industry (HoReCa)and private label.www.neptunefoods.co.il
  15. 15. Oriental TeaProducts: Health & diet functional teasWith 17 years of proven success, Oriental Tea offers a variety of teasand other products designed to heal, prevent, relieve and improvequality of life in a healthy, natural way without any side effects.www.orientalsecrets.co.il
  16. 16. Pereg GourmetProducts: Spices and natural foodsPereg Gourmet Natural Foods, one of Israels leading spicemanufacturers and marketers of specialty and natural foods,offers the consumer a cornucopia of spice options from thetraditional to the exotic.www.pereg-gourmet.com
  17. 17. Prince TahinaProducts: Tahini – sesame seed pastePrince Tahina is a leading manufacturer of raw tahini for the Israeliand overseas hummus industry, and works in conjunction withleading companies worldwide.www.princetahina.com
  18. 18. PrinivProducts: 100%-fruit-based juiced and nectarsPriniv is a leading manufacturer of natural juices, nectar andsoft drinks. Priniv uses only real fruits to produce its juices andnectars.www.priniv.com
  19. 19. Rushdi Food IndustriesProducts: Tahini and halvaOwned by the Bashir family, Rushdi Food Industries is one ofthe largest manufactures of tahini and halva worldwide. It haspreserved ethnic Arab cuisine traditions for generations, andhas embraced the goal of bringing Israelis closer to the cultureof Arab food and hospitality.www.rushdi.com
  20. 20. Shelley AnneProducts: Whole grain crackersShelley Annes innovative and healthy Whole Grain Crackersare made from only whole grains and seeds. 100% natural,high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat, no added sugar, nopreservatives, no additives and an excellent source of manybeneficial nutrients.Our range also includes traditional and popular Savory Snacks:Bread Rings and Bagel Sticks - oven baked with only a fewingredients using a traditional recpiewww.shelleyannes.com
  21. 21. Sindyanna of GalileeProducts: Olive oilSindyanna of Galilee is a unique women-led company thatstrives to promote Arab-Jewish cooperation and to createeconomic opportunities for Arab women. By working under fairtrade practices using locally sourced materials, Sindyannaproduces award-winning organic and regular olive oil and awide range of traditional products, exported aroundthe world from our facilities near Nazareth.www.sindyanna.com
  22. 22. Tempo Beverages Ltd.Products: Malt beverages (beer, shandy and non-alcoholic)Tempo is Israel’s largest brewery, leading the market with anapproximate 55% market share in beer and malt beverages. In 2005,Heineken acquired a 40% stake in Tempo. Tempo is also the PepsiCobeverages franchisee in Israel. Tempo’s unique and original maltbeverages, beers and soft drinks are exported to over a dozencountries around the globe.www.tempo.co.il
  23. 23. Wissotzky TeaProducts: All types of teaFounded in 1849, Wissotzky Tea is the largest tea company inIsrael, producing highest quality tea products as well asbeautiful tea gift items. At Anuga, Wissotzky will launch newcollection of Premium silky pyramid tea bags based onnana/mint and new collection of Gift itemswww.wtea.com
  24. 24. Ms. Michal NeemanBusiness Development ManagerFood & BeveragesThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2859Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: michal@export.gov.ilWebsite: www.export.gov.il