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מצגת ערים חכמות
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מצגת ערים חכמות


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מצגת ערים חכמות

מצגת ערים חכמות

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 2. IEICI Dear friends, On behalf of The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute I would like to encourage you to review this catalog of leading Israeli products and technologies suitable for smart cities. Israel’s strength in developing advanced solutions in homeland security, information and communications technologies, water technologies, clean tech and many others, enables superior control, operation and management of cities and municipalities all over the world. I am confident that in this catalog you will find Israeli products, technologies and solutions that will help you turn your citys infrastructures and systems to smarter ones. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Israel and witness first-hand the innovative solutions and achievements of Israeli companies, which are eager to develop collaborations and long-term business relationships with you. Sincerely, Lior Konitzki Deputy Director General, Head of Technology Industries DivisionPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 3. IEICI The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Helping Israeli Companies Reach Out to the World Helping the World Reach Us The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies, from conventional trade through joint ventures and on to strategic alliances. • Superior business information network • Detailed knowledge about your industry • Comprehensive information about Israeli companies • Introductions to senior officials in government ministries, financial institutions and research organizationsPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 4. IEICI Israeli companies offer you • Competitive advantage • Strong value proposition for Smart Cities • Financial stability • Reliable, proven products • Solid customer base & references • International experience & presencePDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 5. Why Israel? IEICI Israel’s technology yardsticks • 1st in expenditure on R&D (% of GDP). • 1st in quality of scientific research and scientific institutes. • Ranked 4/139 in patents per million population. • Ranked 7/139 in capacity for innovation. • Ranked 10/139 in venture capital availability. • Ranked 14/139 in university-industry R&D collaboration. • The highest concentration of high-tech startups after Silicon Valley. • The highest number of companies listed on NASDAQ after the U.S., Canada and China.PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 6. e-GOV Smarter Regulatory Systems Shared ServicesPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 7. e-GOV IOSight provides infrastructure facility management solutions that help organizations operate and manage their facilities better and to e-Gov regulatory compliance levels. iGreen collects and analyzes data from • Smarter Regulatory Systems disparate data sources, including SCADA/HMI, sensors, meters, Energy Management • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency spreadsheets and manual inputs. The system models the facilitys data • Network Monitoring & sources, filters out unnecessary data and presents only the relevant Stability information in rich visualization reports employing easy-to-understand • Automated Meter graphs, diagrams and tables. The reports can be easily configured and Management customized in seconds without advanced development skills. Many Water Management • Water Purity Monitoring analysis tools are built into the system. • Water Use Optimization • Wastewater Treatment Optimization Environmental Management • City-wide MeasurementsPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 8. e-GOV trendit provides population analytics software that helps decision makers resolve issues of management and planning of transportation e-Gov systems, urban and regional development, and public services delivery. Public Safety trendits RealTime is a superior tool that provides decision makers with Telecommunication the dynamic, up-to-date information they need, including population size Transportation in high spatial resolution; population size in high temporal resolution; thematic population attributes: place of residence, place of employment, socioeconomic attributes, visit frequency, places visited, etc; and typology of space according to: temporal use, population volume, population attributes and visit frequency. www.trendit.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 9. e-GOV WonderNet offers innovative solutions for capturing traditional handwritten signatures along with other means of modern e-signing and e-Gov applying them to e-forms and e-documents, an imperative for • Smarter Regulatory Systems municipalities in an era of smart cities and safe cities. With WonderNets Healthcare solutions city officials and residents alike can electronically sign and • Health Systems IT digitally seal any document format or electronic record. Biometric Education handwritten signature or other mean of biometric authentication can be • School Modernization applied where authentication or validation is required. WonderNet Other solutions can be deployed in service bureaus, self-service kiosks and • Paperless City Administration remotely-provided mobile services. and Citizen Services www.penflow.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 10. EDUCATION School ModernizationPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 11. EDUCATION Composica’s web-based authoring tool is the industry’s most powerful e- learning authoring platform, enabling dispersed content developers of Education any skill level to collaborate in real time to create exceptionally engaging • School Modernization interactive e-learning. Its flagship product, Composica 5.0, is a social Government e-learning authoring system that provides a powerful programming-free • Shared Services WYSIWYG environment to create complete e-learning 2.0 content to Other empower employees at organizations. Benefits include lower • Web-based Training Tool development costs, removal of development bottlenecks, improved time- to-market of modules and updates, smooth scalability and out-of-the- box integration with any SCORM supported LMS system. www.composica.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 12. EDUCATION Streamitup develops and distributes fully-automatic, cloud-based software solutions for the dynamic creation and management of multimedia knowledge bases, with powerful review and research tools Education for end-users. Our solutions are used by educational institutions, • School Modernization healthcare providers, governments, security forces and enterprises. Government Capabilities include lecture capture (including dynamic following of • Shared Services lecturer, focus on relevant content and automatic synchronization Other between video-camera and lecturers computer content), online lessons, • Expanded live videoconference with specific-class conference capabilities, video- Neighborhood/Vicinity based research, administrator toolbox and more. Can be used as VOD or and Rural Education full live, in either synchronous or asynchronous distribution. • Further education • Municipal staff training • Municipal transparency created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 13. EDUCATION Top Group Solution Source makes smart cities smarter with software solutions that simplify and improve the educational process in schools and colleges. Configured for easy use by administrators, teachers, students and parents alike, the system is secure, dynamic, flexible, self- Education implemented and supports several languages. Key features include: • School Modernization student grades and reports management, course management, assignment submission, discipline history, class reports, content management, and discussion forum, all via several communication methods. Top Group Solution Source was founded in Nazareth in 2006 and has enrolled thousands of users. www.itopgroup.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 14. ENERGY Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency New Energy Sources Network Monitoring & Stability Intelligent Building Management Automated Meter ManagementPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 15. ENERGY AGM provides communication & control solutions for SCADA/DCS systems. With 30 years of experience and a diverse client roster, we offer solutions for water/wastewater, power, energy, environment and Energy Management • Network Monitoring & irrigation systems. AGM’s original product, R-Win, responds to client Stability needs for communication redundancy and distributed control systems • Automated Meter resilience. This compact, rugged device manages data communication Management over RF and cellular, linking remote sites to the control center and the Transportation Internet, implementing bridge-relay-S&F capabilities, and creating lateral • Traffic Information communication via wireless MESH networking. Management • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads Water Management • Water Use Optimization Environmental Management • City-wide Measurements created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 16. ENERGY Al Hadeshe Green Energy designs and develops innovative stand-alone solar power systems for use in remote applications. These include small scale (light domestic use, charging station) through medium and large Energy scale (village electrification, military bases, and telecom towers). Our • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency solar generator is a compact, mobile, off-grid system producing high • New Energy Sources power, mounted on one self-contained platform and transportable using a hook-lift truck. It is ideal for emergency response applications. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 17. ENERGY BEEMTech offers proprietary advanced building energy efficiency management solutions. Our flagship LightBEEMTM system provides a precise, anytime/anywhere, facility-wide lighting control and energy Energy & Utilities management system that cuts lighting energy costs by up to 75 percent • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency and ensures a fast, 2-year ROI. LightBEEM elements are based on the • Intelligent Building company’s ASIC (the IDC2000), a complete system-on-chip designed for Management power management applications including lighting and lighting control. BEEMTech’s energy efficiency control and monitoring systems are built around IDC2000, which can also be used in other applications. www.beemtech.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 18. ENERGY Bright LED provides innovative, patented, high-efficiency modular LED Light Engines and Luminaires for the fast growing outdoor and high- power LED lighting market. Our products offer superior performance, Energy cost-effectiveness and extremely energy efficient, long-lasting LED • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency lamps. Our highly efficient and modularly designed light engines are sought by multiple lighting solutions vendors, and offer simple and cost- effective integration of high-end LED lighting systems. Bright LED solutions break barriers for the adoption of LED lighting solutions, significantly contributing to global energy savings and a better environment. www.bright-led.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 19. ENERGY Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions since 1962, is the market-leader in Israel, which leads the world in per capita installations. Globally, the company has developed a solid install base, Energy increasing supply and demand annually. Chromagens systems, available • New Energy Sources in more than 35 countries worldwide, bring innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions and commercial projects. Our commitment to deliver top-of-the-line solar water-heating solutions accords with our belief in the need to promote environmental awareness. www.chromagen.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 20. ENERGY Citala’s proprietary technology enables the creation of optical shutters for energy saving, architecture, transportation, high-end appliances and ophthalmological, surgical and athletic equipment. In an “off” state, they Energy diffuse light, appearing nearly completely dark. In an “on” state, they’re • Intelligent Building transparent. Citala leverages its roll-to-roll manufacturing process, Management enabling cost-effective, high-volume production of customized Other products. Citala’s manufacturing facility is located in Sunnyvale, • Smart Windows California.. www.citala.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 21. ENERGY CES offers energy management using a smart electrical distribution panel enabling commercial and residential customers achieve energy efficiency goals and reduce electricity bills while helping power suppliers reduce Energy peak loads. The secure, open-interface platform is an advanced load- • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency center that optimizes energy utilization by monitoring price and availability. Patented smart switches, on-board CPU and an accurate meter lets the CES Smart Distribution Panel automatically and directly monitor and control circuits. Easily deployable smart grid features include demand-side management; renewable-source integration with net-metering; time-of-use billing; electrical vehicle charging management; and remote metering and sub-metering. www.c-e-systems.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 22. ENERGY Control Applications develops, produces, markets and installs its proprietary computerized control systems for commercial and industrial applications all over the world. These systems include highly accurate Energy energy powermeters, power quality analyzers and smart grid meter • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency solutions. Elnet powermeters and SuperBrain controllers, in conjunction • Intelligent Building with our web-based software, grant users advanced technology to save Management and measure energy consumption as well as monitor quality. Our superior, user-friendly metering and control systems are used by industry, utility companies, office blocks, hotels, hospitals, universities, shopping centers and more. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 23. ENERGY DuCool provides unique green technology for industrial and commercial climate control, reducing costs by up to 80 percent. DuCool offers the ultimate ecological HVAC solution, powered by renewable energy sources Energy & Utilities such as solar thermal or waste heat. DuCool also offers innovative water • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency technologies, including proprietary atmospheric water capture and • New Energy Sources purifications systems. Our technology has been independently proven to • Intelligent Building consistently produce excellent water quality. Pioneering the harnessing Management of liquid desiccant technology for HVAC applications more than 20 years ago, DuCool has become a global leader in humidity and climate control. www.ducool.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 24. ENERGY Eltam designs and manufactures advanced systems for lighting, including energy efficient ballasts and comprehensive solutions for indoor, outdoor and agricultural lighting. Eltam offers a package of electronic Energy ballasts, integrated with last-mile communication protocols, cellular • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency controllers (RTU) and state-of-the-art web-based software. We are a one-stop-shop for intelligent street lighting systems: Our ON-SiTE® web-based software allows monitoring and control of individual streetlights or a group of streetlights. www.eltam-eh.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 25. ENERGY Green Power Management designs products, develops technologies, and provides solutions to the energy efficiency market. Our products manage energy consumption and reduce electricity peak demand. Award- Energy & Utilities winning GreenOS™ is a web-based system that reduces air conditioning • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency system electricity costs. GreenRC™ is a universal air conditioner remote • New Energy Sources control unit with low cost / long range communication capabilities. The unit enables electrical demand shifting by changing the set-point remotely from the utility. Other units based on the same technology enable electrical demand shifting by controlling electrical loads (Off/On). www.gpmworld.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 26. ENERGY HelioFocus provides efficient solar thermal solutions for cooling, heating and power applications. The system includes a high-concentration parabolic dish that tracks the sun in two axes to maximize delivered Energy power. At the dish focal point, a proprietary volumetric receiver utilizes • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency air as a heat transfer fluid, converting the solar radiation to high • New Energy Sources temperature air for downstream delivery. An 8-10 dish array can provide more than 0.5MW of electricity and cooling/heating capacity sufficient for a 20,000 sq m shopping center. www.heliofocus.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 27. ENERGY Leviathan Energy Wind Lotus makes small vertical axis wind turbines called Wind Tulips, distinguished by their aerodynamic innovations and their beauty. They are quiet, start at low speeds and are perfect for rooftops and uses near people. The company seeks customers and sales Energy representatives in different territories. • New Energy Sources • Intelligent Building Management www.leviathanenergy.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 28. ENERGY Menolinx Systems offers energy efficiency, intelligent street lighting and smart grid solutions to municipalities worldwide. Our powerful LampID Energy platform is a field-proven control, communication and management • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency system for indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Installed on each of the • Network Monitoring & Stability city’s lamp poles, LampID nodes function as a smart mesh communication • Intelligent Building Management point: a robust platform for many of the smart citys needs including • Automated Meter Management water supply and distribution; sewage and water treatment; traffic and parking management; power distribution; surveillance systems and more. www.menolinx.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 29. ENERGY Metrolight provides proven energy-efficient eHID and LED solutions for high-power lighting. Metrolight’s smart universal electronic ballasts and managed lighting solutions significantly reduce energy consumption and Energy carbon emission by up to 70% in an array of retail, industrial, commercial • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency and municipal applications. Our solutions offer first-class light with zero color variation, flicker and noise free; effective lamp life is doubled and even tripled. Pioneering lighting energy solutions since 1996, Metrolight operates worldwide with over 750,000 systems deployed and over 8 billion hours of operation. www.metrolight.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 30. ENERGY Mobix offers advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) with optimal, affordable two-way communication for smart cities. Realizing that PLC and RF-based solutions were flawed, we combined PLC and RF into a Energy parallel two-way hybrid mesh network that’s easy on strained budgets. • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency • Network Monitoring & Our n-DNet™ Network is a patented technology that fuses a mesh RF Stability network and a parallel mesh PLC network into a virtual unified network. • Intelligent Building Messages travel simultaneously over both networks, guaranteeing 100 Management percent message delivery at a cost of deploying only one network. • Automated Meter Management Telecommunication • Fixed and Mobile Operators Water Management • Water Use Optimization www.mobix.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 31. ENERGY MSL promotes energy conservation and cost reduction via advanced technological innovations for the lighting and road safety industries. Among MSL’s offerings are solar-powered outdoor lighting, LED road Energy markers and traffic signs, LED indoor lighting, and high-end architectural • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency outdoor LED lighting. As a member of United Light Group, Inc., MSL plays a • New Energy Sources vital role as development and manufacturing center for many of the Transportation group’s products and benefits from wide international exposure and • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads exclusive access to a wide variety of technologies, experience and know- • Automotive Advancements how in the lighting and road safety industry. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 32. ENERGY MTR’s SmartNet platform is an end-to-end grid management and control solution for water, gas and electric utilities and for enterprises. Overlaying a utility grid with MTR 2-way communications networked Energy infrastructure facilitates monitoring, data acquisition and control of • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency widely and even globally distributed assets. SmartNet increases revenues • Network Monitoring & and enhances consumer relations while maximizing ROI. MTR offers the Stability most advanced and fully integrated water, gas and electric, AMI • Automated Meter management and control systems in the industry. MTR welcomes Management enquiries from utilities, VARs, system integrators and meter Water manufacturers. • Water Use Optimization • Wastewater Treatment Optimization www.mtrcom.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 33. ENERGY For more than 22 years Nidan has been helping companies save on electricity expenditures through the Nidan Technique, a rigorous kWh dieting methodology implemented by MIKA, the Nidan Smart Grid. The Energy system monitors usage, generating a continuous resource utility balance • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency that includes such factors as weather, commodity price fluctuation, • Intelligent Building human activity, etc. Warnings are automatically generated for ineffective, Management uneconomical and inefficient use, use disproportionate to historical Water behavior (self-benchmarking), and use disproportionate to similar • Water Purity Monitoring enterprises. Customers often reduce energy bills by 33 percent. Environmental Management • CO2 Management created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 34. ENERGY Nisco Telematics Systems is the only AMI system based on Wi-Fi communication which is a standard protocol. Our solutions include back office database management and analysis applications over the Internet, Energy and interfaces with other IT systems (billing, asset management, CRM, • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency etc.). Nisko, a leading Israeli industrial and high-tech group, had 2010 • Intelligent Building revenues of more than $400 million and has more than 1,000 employees. Management We are active in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and are business partners with e-Gov Siemens, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Infineon, Xilinx, TDK, and others. • Smarter Regulatory Systems Transportation • Automotive Advancements Water • Water Use Optimization www.niskotelematics.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 35. ENERGY Nortex offers Spot™, two-way AMR/AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology for electricity, gas and water consumption Energy management, for utilities, commercial, industrial and submetering • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency infrastructure. Spot™ includes automated reading and online data • Intelligent Building management, with efficiency and savings of usage, theft loss, DSM Management (Demand Side Management) and power quality supply. Spot™ is based on • Automated Meter an intelligent mesh powerline and GSM/GPRS networks platform that is Management agnostic to meter type. The solution includes a web central operation Water MDM (Meter Data Management), interfacing with CRM and billing • Water Use Optimization platforms. Nortex is ISO 9001 certified and Spot™ holds CE approval. www.nortex-tech.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 36. ENERGY Panoramic Power offers an innovative energy management system that helps organizations to improve energy efficiency. Our solution is a fully- Energy installed, fully-integrated service that enables customers to acquire • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency complete visibility of their operation’s power flow. The solution is suitable • Intelligent Building for healthcare, data center, and education applications, and meets the Management needs of any organization wishing to intelligently manage energy • Automated Meter consumption. Our low cost, wireless, self-powered sensors monitor Management energy consumption at the individual circuit level. An integrated data Water management service offers a broad set of applications, including failure • Water Use Optimization prediction and preventive maintenance, load optimization and sub- metering. www.panpwr.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 37. ENERGY Peak-Dynamics offers its PeakWater software system to water utilities, enabling them to achieve 10-20 percent energy cost savings by Energy optimally scheduling their pump systems. PeakWater performs well with • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency standard TOU electricity prices, but also seeks optimal electricity contracts. PeakWater enables water utilities to save on energy costs by taking performance and cost-oriented operational decisions. PeakWater examines electricity contracts and pricing; water network structure; hourly water demand (historical); hydraulic system variables; and number of pump activations (to minimize wear). www.peak-dynamics.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 38. ENERGY Smart grid systems for electricity, water and gas, which enable real-time bi- directional communications, have the potential to provide utilities and Energy consumers with enhanced visibility and control capabilities for managing • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency resources in smart cities. Powercom has developed an end-to-end • Intelligent Building solution, incorporating smart meters, communication systems featuring the Management industry’s highest reliability, a central software platform for managing, Water analyzing and reporting on information, as well low cost in-home displays. • Water Use Optimization Smart City solutions have the potential to: identify energy/water loss with automatic alerts (SMS/Email), manage demand; and integrate new technologies (EV, PV). created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 39. ENERGY PowerSines provides advanced controllers for reducing electricity consumption by 10-35 percent in commercial facilities, public lighting Energy and industrial plants. LEC is PowerSines’ cost-efficient lighting energy • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency controller for street and road lighting. Simple to install and seamlessly Transportation integrating with a remote EMS, LEC reduces electricity consumption by up • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads to 38 percent while lowering maintenance costs, and offers advanced features such as astronomical clock, time-based scenarios and bypass protections. With over 25,000 PowerSines systems installed worldwide, our customers are successfully contributing to the environment and saving energy. www.powersines.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 40. ENERGY Pythagoras Solar provides solar window products that enable the architecture, engineering and construction sectors to design buildings Energy with renewable energy generation, increased energy efficiency and • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency optimized daylighting, thereby increasing real estate value. Pythagoras • New Energy Sources Solar delivers the industrys first transparent, high-density PVGU, • Intelligent Building combining the modularity and insulating benefits of the insulating glass Management unit (IGU) with the industrys highest-density power generation. Pythagoras Solar is advancing the deployment of distributed generation, making net zero buildings a wider reality. Founded in 2007, Pythagoras is privately-held with operations in the U.S., Israel and China. www.pythagoras-solar.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 41. ENERGY SeaNergy Electric offers a unique system that generates electricity from ocean waves and any low-head water flow. Our system works in any Energy wave of one meter and more, and generates electricity from weirs of two • New Energy Sources meters and above with minimum flow of 100 cubic meters/second. Cooling water, drainage, brine, small rivers and wastewater are among many possible applications of our technology. Our minimal-maintenance, rapid-ROI systems range from 50 kW to 10 mW and more, and can also be deployed for desalination and water purification. Mobile units for electricity, desalination and hybrid of both are available. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 42. ENERGY Amitec Ltd. offers advanced monitoring and control systems for industrial, security and renewable energy applications. ASC Shield™ is Energy our incidents management solution for routine operations and • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency emergencies, designed for commercial organizations and local • New Energy Sources governments and deployed in water, wastewater and energy e-Gov applications. SolGuard™ is our software for monitoring, security and • Smarter Regulatory Systems safety of multiple solar sites, deployed in tens of sites in Israel, Europe and Water North America. Our products include a rules-based expert system and • Water Use Optimization troubleshooting features that enable electrical engineers, security managers and other personnel to add knowledge and scenarios. www.amitec-g.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 43. ENERGY SolarOr offers innovative solar modules for solar curtain wall applications that deliver significantly higher conversion rates and Energy efficiency levels than others on the market today. SolarOrs BIPV product • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency seamlessly integrates with building facades and skylights while • New Energy Sources improving aesthetics. Our multifunctional optical technology generates • Intelligent Building electricity while protecting against weather and noise, and enabling Management radiation management. Our optical concentration design provides high transparency and efficiency, and highly efficient visible light transmission. SolarORs hybrid modules radically alter the cost models for solar energy while creating a strong value proposition for the construction and PV industries. www.solaror.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 44. ENERGY SolarPower Israel offers PV energy solutions for telecommunication and security system applications that are distant from grid lines or where Energy conventional power alternatives are too costly. Our systems are • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency meticulously designed by highly skilled and experienced professionals – • New Energy Sources who have designed more solar systems in Israel than any others – using materials that meet the highest possible standards for efficiency and reliability over extended periods. Our installation and integration teams ensure that our systems operate consistently and reliably for many years. We operate across Israel and around the globe. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 45. ENERGY Zenith Solar offers its proprietary, modular and scaleable high concentration photovoltaic system for electricity generation, hot water Energy supply and water distillation/desalination. The system provides high • New Energy Sources electrical output concurrently with heat at temperatures ranging from those associated with domestic hot water to those suited to process heat. It meets the needs of vertical cogeneration applications. Developers of gated communities can provide high quality, centrally-produced electricity and hot water to every residence, with surplus electricity fed into the regional grid. Dry-zone communities can use Zenith Solar systems to economically and efficiently provide drinking water from salty or brackish sources. www.zenithsolar.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 46. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT City-wide Measurements Micro-Weather Forecasting CO2 ManagementPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 47. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Acttico, through its RadGreen brand, provides advanced, cost-effective solutions for non-ionized radiation detection. RadGreen monitors radio Environmental Management signals (RF) transmissions at cellular antennas and electro-magnetic • City-wide Measurements radiation (ELF) at high voltage grid wires and transformers. RadGreen enhances individuals personal safety by providing a safe and protected environment at home, in the workplace and other locations. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 48. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AirBase delivers up-to-date and location-relevant air pollution data gathered from dense sensor networks. The AirBase multi-sensors Environmental Management module, designed for simple installation and mass distribution, can be • City-wide Measurements deployed anywhere from a single home configuration (indoor or outdoor) up to territory-wide coverage. Integrating advanced nanotechnology sensors heads with power, computing and Wi-Fi/GSM communication capabilities, it detects urban air pollution caused mainly by fossil fuel combustion – NO2, total VOC, TSP and O3, plus relative humidity, temperature and noise. AirBase’s services include device manufacture, data aggregation and information generation. www.myairbase.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 49. HEALTHCARE Health Systems IT Medical DevicesPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 50. HEALTHCARE Aerotel Medical Systems is a world-leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality, user-friendly solutions for the homecare, telemedicine and Healthcare telecare markets. Our solutions, deployed in more than 50 countries, play • Health Systems IT an important role in the smarthome environment. They can be integrated in any connected home, providing peace of mind, enhanced health and safety to individuals and to caregivers. We were awarded the 2010 Price Performance Value Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, and Connected World Magazine’s 2011 Gold Value Chain Award in the home health category. www.aerotel.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 51. HEALTHCARE Kencap designs and manufactures disposable and reusable medical instruments, made of the highest grade plastic and stainless steel in Healthcare accordance with GMP standards. They are CE marked and FDA registered. • Health Systems IT Dedicated to the needs of the medical industry, our products are of our own design and protected by international patents. Our design is a combined effort of our in-house medical and engineering expertise with our professional affiliates in medicine and engineering., created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 52. HEALTHCARE SleepRate by HypnoCore automatically records and uploads the user’s heart rate information to the cloud. Using our patented technology, Healthcare SleepRate analyzes the heart rate signal and, with internet and mobile • Health Systems IT applications, provides information and tools that allow users to manage and improve their sleep and overall well-being. This service uses conventional, widely-available heart rate monitor devices, such as Polar, Garmin, and Suunto, to collect the heart rate signal during sleep. HypnoCore was founded in 2006 on the basis of over 15 years of academic and medical sleep diagnostics research and algorithm development, resulting in several granted patents and FDA/CE certified medical solutions. SleepRate was launched in 2011 to provide sleep diagnostics and improvement solutions to the consumer market. www.sleeprate.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 53. INTEGRATORSPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 54. INTEGRATORS EMG advises on, designs and manages integrated systems for security, safety, building management control, communication, audio and video, Other C3 centers, physical protection, and emergency and disaster response • Consultancy, Design and planning. Our services are rendered by highly qualified professionals, Manage Integrated System with international experience in deploying large, complex systems. EMG Projects evaluates and deploys the most up-to-date security technologies for governments, municipalities, prison services, universities, hospitals, water and electricity facilities, public transportation providers and petrochemical plants. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 55. INTEGRATORS GIV Solutions provides advanced technologies, management solutions and know-how to urban utilities, facilities and infrastructure life-cycle Energy Management management, maintenance & operations departments. The offering • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency includes integration of all work and management processes on a highly • Intelligent Building Management advanced IT platform. The platform permits continuous improvement in • Automated Meter Management Transportation sustainability management, including all aspects relevant to the global • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads asset sustainability index. GIV-RMS™ (road management system) and • Traffic Information Management GIV-BMS™ (bridge management system) deliver expert solutions for Water Management road and structure maintenance, and for management and operations. • Water Purity Monitoring Environmental Management • City-wide Measurements • CO2 Management www.giv-solutions.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 56. INTEGRATORS ISDS offers security consultation and integration services for safe city, HLS, maritime and aviation, infrastructure, mega-event security projects. Public Safety Solutions include the development of security command models, setup, Energy and function frameworks to meet planning, implementation, and Transportation operational readiness requirements. They embrace crucial aspects of the Water security concept: personnel, technology, procedures, training and simulations. ISDS also develops emergency and recovery programs, crime prevention solutions, plan coordination and concept of operation. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 57. INTEGRATORS Lotan HLS & Defense and Enav Planning Group & Assoc. jointly seek global-scale infrastructure security projects. Our complementary Public Safety capabilities in HLS turnkey project management and architecture, engineering and security design make us an ideal resource for governments and local authorities. The partnership offers unprecedented hands-on experience in leadership, design and implementation in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. Our key personnel are among the most reputed industry leaders, cumulatively bringing over a hundred years experience from projects around the world. www.lotansecurity.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 58. INTEGRATORS Mer Group offers integrated turnkey systems for such applications as smart and safe city integrated systems for intelligent video surveillance; e-Gov first response management; physical security information management Public Safety Energy (PSIM); emergency medical systems (EMS); stadium, key facility and event Telecommunication security systems; radio interoperability; crisis information management; Transportation Water digital signage; intelligent traffic systems (ITS); dedicated and Software & Systems multipurpose communication networks; fiber-optic and wireless Healthcare infrastructure for security, health, education and transportation; municipal services information management; municipal Wi-Fi; and mobile applications for state and municipal forces. Mer Group (TASE:CMER) has 40 subsidiaries worldwide. www.mer-group.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 59. INTEGRATORS Netcom Malam Team implements large multidisciplinary development and turnkey solutions in several strategic areas. Projects and products e-Gov include: Steady River, the IDFs secure strategic infrastructure network; Public Safety Telecommunication A3 Project, a national highway safety and traffic enforcement system; an Transportation automated border control and customs system that flexibly manages and Healthcare automates the life cycle of border control and customs operations; MATBAT, the IDF national center for tactical training; and The Master System, our integrated HLS C4i solution. Netcom Malam Team International is a member of the Malam Team Group, Israel’s largest IT group. www.netcom-intl.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 60. INTEGRATORS The Sdema Group is a homeland security partnership specializing in security concept design master planning and project management. Our Public Safety threat-based security surveys and protection plans integrate people, procedures and technology, helping to create secure environments globally for governments and business to thrive. Our safe-city methodology follows the approach used by the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security in its national campaign City Without Violence and was most recently employed for the City of Caesarea. Sdema’s leadership has earned us the privilege of protecting heads of state, critical infrastructure, cities, aviation, and more. www.sdemagroup.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 61. PUBLIC SAFETY Surveillance System Emergency Management Integration Customs/Border Management Smart Security Alignments Law EnforcementPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 62. PUBLIC SAFETY A.P. Defence specializes in theft and embezzlement prevention in business organizations. To prevent internal and external crime, we combine the most sophisticated methods & security systems with human Public Safety procedures to produce a custom security suite that protects against the • Smart Security Alignments organization’s threats. Our team members served in senior positions in Israel’s security branches. Customers include governmental and private organizations, industrial companies, logistics centers and more. www.apdefence.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 63. PUBLIC SAFETY ABIR Global Security Services offers custom security services to organizations and individuals through integrated teams with rich Public Safety security backgrounds. Our strengths: detection and prevention of • Surveillance System embezzlement, theft and fraud; investigations, including polygraph and Other reliability tests; detection and prevention of industrial espionage. We also • Security Consulting integrate and install HLS systems, including CCTV, PA, alarm and access Department control systems, and preparing clients for logistics chain security and C- • Installation of HLS Systems – TPAT tests, and wiretap detection. CCTV, Public Address System, Alarm System, Access Control • Designed Security systems - Technology, Physical and Human. www.abir-inv.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 64. Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution detecting perimeter PUBLIC SAFETY intrusion at a secure site Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) provides open architecture video analytics software that is deployed in security, safety and business Public Safety intelligence applications worldwide. Solutions extend from real-time • Surveillance System video analysis and alerts to forensic search and post-event analysis, and are fully integrated with leading third-party edge devices and video management systems. Based on Agent Vi’s patented Image Processing over IP (IPoIP™) architecture, the video analytics solutions support up to 200 cameras on a single server. www.agentvi.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 65. PUBLIC SAFETY Aurislinks SpiderTM gunshot localization system accurately and immediately identifies the directions and locations of single or multiple Public Safety gunshots fired from one or more weapons. The Aurislink gunshot • Surveillance System signature algorithm accurately provides true gunshot detection, meeting the growing needs of the homeland security market for better intrusion detection methods. www.aurislink.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 66. PUBLIC SAFETY BriefCam® offers Video Synopsis®, an award-winning technology that summarizes hours of events into a “brief,” indexed back to the original Public Safety video, which takes just minutes to watch. It enables review of all footage • Surveillance System recorded for safety and security. BriefCam products interface with a wide • Customs/Border range of DVR/NVRs, advanced IP cameras and complement existing Management surveillance solutions. VS Forensics provides standalone Video Synopsis Energy for post-event investigation, while VS Enterprise provides live and on- • Intelligent Building demand Video Synopsis. BriefCam is used by law enforcement, Management government agencies, educational facilities, municipalities and retail Education chains and is installed in safe city projects worldwide. • School Modernization www.briefcam.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 67. PUBLIC SAFETY Control See is a leading provider of alarm notification and remote control software for industrial automation, building management, water & Public Safety wastewater and municipal control systems (street lights, water supply, • Emergency Management wastewater and more). Control Sees product, U.C.ME-OPC, can connect Integration to any existing control system (SCADA, DCS, OPC) and be used to notify Energy Management appropriate personnel in seconds about alarms in the system. Field • Network Monitoring & engineers can respond in real time using their cellphones. Stability www.controlsee.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 68. PUBLIC SAFETY Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC) offers comprehensive security solutions to governments and the private sector. Elbit Systems SafeCity is a complete Public Safety technological solution providing highly advanced crisis management • Surveillance System tools for dealing with crime and responding to natural disasters in urban • Emergency Management areas. In addition to SafeCity, ELSEC provides security solutions for land Integration borders, coastlines, airports, seaports, oil & gas refineries / pipelines, and • Customs/Border industrial and critical infrastructure such as power plants and railways. Management Energy Management • Network Monitoring & Stability created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 69. PUBLIC SAFETY Training is key to being prepared for worst case scenarios that may include terrorism, accidents, natural disasters, hazardous materials Public Safety dispersion and attacks on strategic infrastructure or large scale public • Emergency Management events. Our HLS solutions realistically simulate, in both virtual arenas and Integration live training environments, complex emergency scenarios where multiple Other security and rescue teams must seamlessly coordinate operations. • Crisis Management Simulation Developed for first responders’ organizations, decision-makers and emergency room command personnel, our systems enhance readiness and increase inter-organization collaboration and intra-organization information sharing and data exchange. www.elbitsystems.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 70. PUBLIC SAFETY EL-GO TEAM offers security and access control systems, and anti-terror protection, for secured compounds. Based on more than 20 years of Public Safety practical experience, we offer a range of advanced products designed to • Customs/Border prevent the intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personnel into secured Management compounds. These include anti-crash bollards, buried barriers, arm • Smart Security Alignments barriers, spike systems, computerized control systems, traffic lights, drive • Law Enforcement units and turnstiles. Other • Perimeter Physical Security • Access control www.elgoteam.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 71. PUBLIC SAFETY Emza manufactures complete surveillance systems encapsulated in a hand-sized device. The WiseEye® is the worlds first visual sensor: a Public Safety miniature device that is a complete surveillance system. Simple to install • Surveillance System and operate, and with cutting edge performance, the WiseEye makes Energy video security effective, affordable and available everywhere. For safe • Intelligent Building cities, the WiseEye can be used in countless applications: identifying Management traffic violations and accidents in real time, protecting schools and parks, preventing intrusion into dangerous areas such as rooftops, eliminating vandalism and abuse of public property and many more. www.emza-vs.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 72. PUBLIC SAFETY eVigilo designs and develops the industry’s only fully-integrated mass alert platform that can reach millions of people in just seconds, Public Safety substantially improving personal safety and saving lives. Supporting • Emergency Management communication across multiple alert channels, the eVigilo line of Integration products is comprehensive yet offers flexible solutions. eVigilo provides Other the most effective and efficient turnkey solution for interactive mass alert • Smart Information and systems, used by governments, homeland security agencies, Notification systems municipalities and industrial organizations. www.evigilo.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 73. PUBLIC SAFETY Eyecontrol offers advanced, cost-efficient 3G mobile DVR systems, with clear video-over-cellular transmission and watermarked recorded Public Safety evidence, that support live video streaming from the vehicle and its • Surveillance System surroundings. Additional communication features are GPS, Wi-Fi and a Intelligent Transportation panic button function. The unit is controlled by DVR S/W applications that Systems allow remote operation and GIS solution for fleet management. Designed • Traffic Information for use in smart city implementations, public bus video surveillance, and Management HLS first responders, including police, fire and ambulance. Customers include some of the largest system integrators. Standards: CE, FCC. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 74. PUBLIC SAFETY Hi-Tech Solutions offers proprietary OCR and image processing solutions for security and transportation applications. Our vehicle Public Safety recognition systems (VRS) detect and read license plates and other • Surveillance System variables such as car make/model, jurisdiction and even handicap • Customs/Border symbols for parking, access control, traffic surveillance, law enforcement Management and security applications. Our SeeContainer (CCR) systems track and Intelligent Transportation read and transmit shipping container identification. SeeGate recognizes Systems trucks and containers, SeeCrane recognizes containers from a crane, and • Road Usage Charging SeeTrain is used for rail-side container recognition. HTS has customers in • Traffic Information more than 40 countries. Management www.htsol.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 75. PUBLIC SAFETY IDentytech Solutions provides best-in-class, field-proven, intuitive identity management products and solutions to corporate, government, Public Safety financial industry, healthcare, education, transportation and SMB users. • Surveillance System Our IDT™ line of solutions incorporates precision fingerprint, facial, iris • Customs/Border and palm-vein sensing technology into ergonomic computer peripherals Management that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience. The Energy Management modular IDT platform offers interoperability and ease of use, integrating • Intelligent Building the industry’s best performing command & control software with Management integrated cameras, sensors and algorithms. www.identytech.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 76. PUBLIC SAFETY INNOCON develops and provides UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs weighing a mere 6 kg to 800 kg MALE UAVs, all equipped with the Other company’s proprietary command and control systems. INNOCON’s • Law Enforcement technological advantages enable it to offer cost-effective, flexible and technologically advanced UAV systems. INNOCON UAVs are deployed in the battlefield, the HLS arena and in varied civil missions. www.innoconltd.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 77. PUBLIC SAFETY Lymtech RF Technologies offers its proprietary high-end radio frequency (RF) jammers & selective jammers (black list/white list), integration and Public Safety custom solutions. Customers: police, government, military and private • Smart Security Alignments users. Our jammers, designed to block radio frequencies in specific areas, deliver the highest quality comprehensive technological solutions to today’s security challenges. Applications: Bomb jammers (including IEDs), government and VIP protection, convoy jammers, military protection, police, anti-terror & special forces and prison solutions, board rooms, cellphone jammers, and more. We coordinate specifications with customers to tailor the best solution created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 78. PUBLIC SAFETY Magal S3 provides security, safety and site management solutions and products, including Fortis 4G, its proprietary PSIM / command & control Public Safety software. Fortis 4G aggregates data from multiple sub-systems, • Customs/Border including live video, emergency services information, traffic control, etc., Management to enhance situational awareness and site management. Displays are Energy organized through an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) optimized for • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency semi-trained operators for routine operations and crisis management. Using Fortis 4G, Magal S3 has applied its PSIM concept in numerous cities around the world, enhancing residents’ security and safety. www.magal-s3.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 79. PUBLIC SAFETY Mantissa develops low-cost miniature radar sensors for perimeter security and safe city applications. The sensors work as standalone Public Safety security devices, complementing security cameras or integrated within a • Surveillance System large security system. Mantissa’s sensors operate in all illumination and • Customs/Border weather conditions, exploiting a patented rain elimination algorithm. Management They can classify a detected object as vehicle, human or animal, eliminating many common false alarms. When the sensor detects a threat it transfers range, velocity and angle information that can trigger an associated camera. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 80. PUBLIC SAFETY Mayotex-Philcar specializes in vehicle armoring, modification and installations. We develop, design and deliver turnkey vehicle projects for Public Safety HLS, military, para-military, VIP and commercial use. Our customers benefit • Customs/Border from our patented technologies and advanced solutions, and a tailor- Management made approach implemented per customer requirements. Our human • Smart Security Alignments engineering capabilities, and more than 20 years of experience and • Law Enforcement acquired know-how, enable detailed design production. Our team Transportation combines former military experts from elite IDF units, and key personnel • Automotive Advancements from the defense industry worldwide. Mayotex-Philcar is a subsidiary of Defense Industries International, Inc. www.mayotex-philcar.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 81. PUBLIC SAFETY MLM, a division of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., delivers comprehensive crisis and emergency management solutions at national, state and city Public Safety levels. MLM’s experience in providing security in the most demanding environments derives from the collective knowledge of people tasked with • Surveillance System securing a nation and its people against all military and non-military threats. • Emergency Management Our expertise extends to: Integration • Mega events such as Olympic games and high-level government • Customs/Border conferences Management • Safe city and smart city: national, state or city level command and control • Smart Security Alignments solutions (applications / integration) • Law Enforcement • Transport security: railways, subways and highways • Critical infrastructure: water, power and nuclear facilities • Natural and man-made national-level crisis intervention created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 82. PUBLIC SAFETY Mul-T-Lock® develops, manufactures and markets high-security products for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential Other applications. We hold hundreds of patents for our electromechanical • Opening Door Solutions locking systems, access control systems, mechanical cylinders, locks and padlocks. Our electronic door solutions feature wire-free electromechanical high security, radio frequency identification (RFID) and multi-credential options. Mul-T-Lock distributes in nearly 100 countries and supports over 100 million end users through 25,000 authorized service centers. Mul-T-Lock is a selling unit of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, with annual turnover of more than €4.5 billion and more than 42,000 employees. www.mul-t-lock.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 83. PUBLIC SAFETY Ness TSG (Technologies & Systems Group) serves as the systems house of Ness Technologies Inc. With more than 40 years of experience, we have a Public Safety proven track record in the design, development and supply of state-of- • Surveillance System • Emergency Management the-art and best-of-class systems for leading defense, HLS and telecom Integration customers worldwide. We count defense ministries, governmental • Customs/Border Management Energy organizations, public and private sector clients among our global • Network Monitoring & Stability customer base. Specializing in the development and integration of • Intelligent Building Management advanced turnkey solutions, we are a leading global provider of Transportation • Traffic Information Management command-and-control, intelligence and telecommunications solutions. Environmental Management • City-wide Measurements Software & Systems • Various Software & Systems Healthcare • Health Systems IT created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 84. PUBLIC SAFETY The NICE security offering addresses the needs of governments and enterprises with intent-based solutions for fighting crime and terror, by Public Safety anticipating, managing and mitigating safety, security and operational • Surveillance System risks. It enables the capture, analysis and correlation of data from • Emergency Management multiple sensors and systems, providing a framework for fusing data Integration silos into a single, holistic operational view. NICE security solutions • Customs/Border empower organizations to act in real time to prevent, manage and Management investigate incidents. NICE security solutions are deployed worldwide in • Law Enforcement transportation systems, critical infrastructure, city centers, law e-Gov enforcement agencies, intelligence organizations and enterprise • Smarter Regulatory Systems campuses. Software & Systems • Various Software & Systems created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 85. PUBLIC SAFETY The NowForce mobile command and control solution transforms standard mobile phones into a mobile operations network for emergency Public Safety services, government agencies and private organizations. NowForce • Emergency Management seamlessly integrates with safe city technologies to respond to Integration emergencies as they unfold – enabling close tracking of event, optimal Healthcare dispatch of resources and information sharing exactly when needed. The • Health Systems IT NowForce SOS personal safety application, easily installed on GPS- Education enabled mobile phones, equips users to signal distress by pressing a • School Modernization single key on their mobile phone, relaying exact location and distress data to the command center for automatic dispatch to responders. www.nowforce.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 86. PUBLIC SAFETY SerVision manufactures professional DVRs that are ideal for safe city applications. Our DVRs easily monitor city parks, parking lots and traffic Public Safety junctions, as well as moving platforms such as municipal vehicles and • Surveillance System police patrol cars. Through proprietary compression, SerVision products • Customs/Border provide the world’s best narrow-band streaming over 2.5/3G cellular Management networks, thereby removing virtually any physical limitation on where Transportation cameras may be deployed. SerVision’s SVControlCenter offers a highly- • Traffic Information professional, centralized video management platform for city-wide Management monitoring, but video can also be streamed to smartphones, laptops and Other tablets to give authorities immediate, on-the-go monitoring capabilities. • Solutions for Moving Platforms and Remote Sites www.servision.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 87. PUBLIC SAFETY TAR Ideal Concepts is a major global defense-contractor that works closely with hundreds of defense industry suppliers and represents many Public Safety of the most respected companies in the global defense and security • Customs/Border industry. TAR operates as a one-stop-shop, answering client needs Management through complete packages up to turnkey level. We provide equipment Energy and training for safe city, HLS, and perimeter security applications, • Intelligent Building including weapons, ballistic/NBC protection gear and detection devices, Management and canine deployment. TAR has been a registered supplier to Israeli security agencies since 1990, and counts national governments among its customers. www.tarideal.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 88. PUBLIC SAFETY Top I Vision develops and manufactures tactical high-performance surveillance systems for customers throughout the world. In an age of Public Safety rapid and dynamic events where intelligence is vital, Top I Vision provides • Surveillance System the ability to detect, gather, process, analyze and effectively react in real • Emergency Management time. Business arenas include unmanned air vehicle (UAV) systems; Integration tactical aerostat systems (TAS); electro-optic stabilized systems and • Customs/Border products; and C4I systems. We combine excellence and cost Management effectiveness with outstanding service and customer support to deliver • Law Enforcement high-quality turnkey solutions that improve our customers’ technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets. www.topivision.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 89. PUBLIC SAFETY Verint® is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions for government institutions, municipalities, airports, seaports and other Public Safety public sector organizations. Our communication and cyber intelligence, • Surveillance System • Emergency Management public safety, video intelligence and situation management solutions Integration enable organizations to capture, distill, analyze and quickly respond to • Customs/Border Management large amounts of information from a variety of systems and sources. Our • Law Enforcement solutions help enhance the safety of people and assets, help neutralize Energy terror and crime, and assist in detecting and thwarting cyber-attacks. • Intelligent Building Management Telecommunication • Broadband Expansion Transportation • Traffic Information Management Software & Systems • Various Software & Systems www.verint.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 90. PUBLIC SAFETY Founded in 1999, Vigilant Technology designs and manufactures intelligent IP surveillance solutions for mid-to-large-scale deployments Public Safety in mission-critical, multi-site application environments. These solutions • Surveillance System range from sophisticated video management systems, including • Emergency Management monitoring, recording, analysis, reporting and investigation suites, to Integration high-end digital video recorders (DVR & NVR). The company specializes • Customs/Border in CCTV surveillance services for the urban market, city centers, public Management spaces and public safety agencies, corporate campuses, shopping malls. The system can accommodate tens, hundreds and even thousands of cameras per site operating over enterprise LAN, wireless or carrier networks. www.vglnt.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 91. PUBLIC SAFETY X-Test™ helps make cities safer through technology, education and training. Our inert explosive simulants are ideal for teaching, on-going Public Safety training and performance auditing. They precisely replicate actual • Smart Security Alignments explosives in color, texture, odor (canine compatible), density and X-ray Other and CT signature. Our XD Systems software enables easy management • Explosive Simulants and rapid implementation of critical training for screeners and operations management. We offer complete training programs for security environments and comprehensive consulting services. X-Test™ is a member of the Tamar Group, an Israeli group with more than 20 years of explosives and security experience. www.x-test.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 92. SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS Various Software & SystemsPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 93. SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS CallingID protects against phishing, fraud, identity-theft and web attacks. CallingID technology identifies site ownership and ratings before sites Other are actually accessed from browsers, email clients and instant messages, • Provide City Toolbar to its and provides real-time alerts when personal or confidential data is about Citizens at no Cost for City to be illegitimately exposed. Our MySafeFacebook tool protects users’ Facebook privacy, letting users share what they want only with whom they want. CallingID gives software vendors, such as CA and Puresight, and ISPs such as Comcast, a competitive edge with an easy to integrate no-cost solution that derives revenue from users. www.callingid.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 94. SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS C-B4 offers a patented pattern-based predictive-analytics technology that automatically models and analyzes location and behavioral patterns Public Safety in any scene of interest. It can detect anomalies in sensors and HLS data • Surveillance System without any a priori assumption. Analyzing massive amounts of data, the • Emergency Management software identifies hidden patterns involving key performance indicators Integration • Customs/Border (KPIs), such as locations, traffic, human behavior and environmental Management dynamic conditions, enabling companies to make smarter decisions. No Energy on-going analyst support is required. C-B4 is ideal for HLS applications • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency including cellular, cyber and visual monitoring systems. • Network Monitoring & Stability • Intelligent Building Management • Automated Meter ManagementPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 95. SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS Discretix’ embedded security solutions are deployed in a wide range of devices and equipment, enabling services and applications while Software & Systems protecting the device and its contents. Discretix’ products include • Various Software & Systems embedded security co-processors and a broad range of security Energy applications. The solutions are tightly integrated into the device, • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency enhancing security without compromising the user experience. Discretix, • Intelligent Building a privately-owned company, serves the needs of some of the world’s Management best-known semiconductor and device manufacturers and has been Transportation consistently ranked among the leaders of the embedded security market. • Automotive Advancements www.discretix.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 96. TELECOM Broadband Expansion Fixed and Mobile Operators Media BroadcastersPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 97. TELECOM Alvarion’s wireless broadband solutions offer connectivity that helps transform cities from heavyweight consumers of communications into Telecommunication 21st century providers of broadband services to municipal offices and • Broadb and Expansion residents. Smart cities can deliver voice, video and data to offices • Fixed and Mobile Operators throughout the municipality, responding to residents’ needs while • Media Broadcasters eliminating leased lines. The same network carrying voice calls between Other offices can also provide video to police, backhaul data from traffic • City Wide Broadband sensors to intelligent traffic systems, high-speed Internet access to Infrastructure schools, and other uses. www.alvarion.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 98. TELECOM FibroLAN focuses on carrier access solutions, including mobile backhauling. FibroLAN’s flagship for access applications is the Falcon, a Telecommunication highly capable network access and termination unit that delivers high • Broadband Expansion functionality (management, OAM, protection, QoS, etc.), performance and affordable price levels. We also provide fully integrated Ethernet access systems with advanced and comprehensive last-mile OAM with our MetroStar system and MA protocol. Our technology includes 2.5Gbps/4Gbps and 10GE transmission, extremely fast link protected devices, TDM integration and affordable WDM. www.fibrolan.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 99. TELECOM Gilat Satcom is a communication solution provider offering satellite and fiber -based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With Public Safety successful deployments in over 50 countries worldwide, Gilat Satcom • Customs/Border delivers high-quality, cost-effective and efficient communication Management solutions. Undertaking major telecommunications developments for Education government entities, NGOs and multi-national organizations, Gilat • School Modernization Satcom manages large-scale projects. Our experienced teams of technical experts and customer support personnel ensure business continuity and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Gilat Satcom is part of the Eurocom Group, the largest communication group in Israel. www.gilat.netPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 100. TELECOM Miltel Communications offers advanced water management, automatic meter reading, district heating management and other smart city Energy solutions. Our proprietary Data Acquisition and Transport (DAT) • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency • Intelligent Building Management technology utilizes a wireless network architecture that continuously • Automated Meter Management collects data from a wide variety of sensors for transmission to control Water Management center software. Digital and analog interfaces are supported with • Water Use Optimization Environmental Management multiple channels of data accessible per endpoint. This general purpose • City-wide Measurements infrastructure permits multiple end-to-end solutions over the same Other network. With more than 1,500 installations globally Miltel has a proven, • Public Housing Energy robust solution for utility, municipal, agricultural and many other Management • Fire Hydrant Monitoring and applications. Control • Pressure and Leak Monitoring • Sewage System Monitoring www.miltelcom.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 101. TELECOM RADWINs wireless solutions deliver voice, video and data with up to 200 Mbps capacity at distances of up to 120 Km/75 miles for digital city Public Safety projects around the globe. They enhance capacity and connectivity and • Surveillance System provide video surveillance transmission capabilities for countless • Customs/Border Management applications. These point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions in Transportation the sub-6 GHz range are simple to install and maintain and operate • Traffic Information flawlessly in all environments, including severe weather, non line-of-sight Management and interference. They are used by Tier-1 carriers, service providers, large enterprises and government bodies. RADWINs solutions are deployed in over 140 countries. www.radwin.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 102. TELECOM Runcom Technologies offr sp r opr i e ar yb r oadbandwi rel e sa cces ss ol u on e t s s for safe city, public safety, smart grid, HLS, military and emergency recovery Telecommunication • Broadband Expansion applica o . O u r e nd- to ends ol u on , ba s edon ou r pi on i ng DM ns - s er OF A Public Safety technology that became the basis of 4G wireless networks (WiMAX and LTE), • Surveillance System include mesh, mobile video surveillance, UAV communica o a ndmo r e, al l ns • Customs/Border Management with advanced features like spread spectrum, encryp o an -jami n g d n, m an • Smart Security Alignments enhanced uplink capacity. Runcom Technologies was founded in 1997. • Law Enforcement Energy • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency • Intelligent Building Management Transportation • Traffic Information Management Software & Systems • Various Software & Systems www.runcom.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 103. TELECOM Telco Systems provides a diverse product family of robust Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-based demarcation and aggregation solutions Telecommunication enabling service providers to create an intelligent, end-to-end, service- • Broadband Expansion assured Ethernet/MPLS network. These solutions enable carriers to • Fixed and Mobile Operators differentiate their services, address new revenue-generating Other opportunities, transform the user experience and lower their overall • Mobile backhaul operating expense. A powerful service management system eases • Business Ethernet Services for network planning and activation to reduce OPEX and offer cost effective Service Providers TCO. Telco Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced • Smart Grid Aggregation Communications (LSE: BVC). www.telco.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 104. TELECOM Valens Semiconductor provides semiconductor products for the distribution of HDHD multimedia content over longer distances and with Healthcare higher reliability at lowest infrastructure cost. Our breakthrough • Health Systems IT technology HDBaseT™ is the most advanced, cost-effective and easy-to- Education use solution for HD content distribution. The cornerstone of HDBaseT • School Modernization technology is 5Play, an unrivaled feature-set that converges Automotive uncompressed HD video, audio, Ethernet, power and controls through a • Automotive Advancements single 100m LAN cable. With HDBaseT technology, homes, corporate, Energy airports and other public places can install a robust HD ecosystem easily, • Intelligent Building effectively and at very low cost. Management http://valens-semi.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 105. TELECOM WaveIP is the leader of advanced point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless systems in the sub-7 spectrum. WaveIPs WipAir Telecommunication series is a carrier-grade wireless solution that sets a benchmark of • Broadband Expansion unrivaled performance, reliability, capacity, latency and RF robustness Public Safety making it the ultimate choice for future-proof wireless systems. • Surveillance System Established in 2000, WaveIP is an ISO 9001 approved company, committed to develop and manufacture green, state-of-the-art products of the highest quality. www.waveip.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 106. TRANSPORTATION Infrastructure Bridges/Roads Integrated Fare Management Road Usage Charging Traffic Information Management Automotive AdvancementsPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 107. TRANSPORTATION B. Rimon Agencies develops and manufactures mobile security systems including specialty vehicles, generators and APUs, advanced lighting, Automotive security detectors and multi-mission trailers. HLS customers worldwide • Automotive Advancements use our command vehicles and mobile communication trucks. Turnkey projects include in-house engineering, and cover the installation and maintenance of specialty vehicles for covert operations, VIP escort, cellular COWs, SWAT trucks, UAV ground stations and logistics trailers. We are an official supplier to the Israeli military and to police, HLS organizations and government agencies worldwide. www.rimon1.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 108. TRANSPORTATION Cellint provides the best road-traffic information solution worldwide by tracking anonymous mobile phones in vehicles through interface at the Transportation cellular network. Unlike GPS-based solutions, which provide only • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads sporadic detection with long delays, TrafficSense tracks all phones on the • Traffic Information roads, thus detecting 98 percent of congestion within a few minutes only, Management providing data quality equivalent to road-sensors for a much lower cost. Text, voice and map reports for each incident are generated automatically, and are used for road management, traffic-light tuning, incident alerts, emergency response and road planning. www.cellint.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 109. TRANSPORTATION Decell is a leading provider of premium real-time, historical, and predictive traffic information and services to government agencies, city Transportation councils, mobile operators, vehicle fleets, navigation providers, media • Integrated Fare Management channels and automobile clubs. Decells sophisticated technology • Traffic Information performs smart analysis and integration of anonymous cellular and GPS Management location data, generating Swift-i traffic®, Decells wide-coverage • Automotive Advancements accurate road traffic information. Decells global activities include national coverage of Austria, Poland, Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where Swift-i traffic® and advanced traffic services are implemented, including traffic planning, monitoring and analysis, traffic maps, and real-time traffic alerts. www.decell.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 110. TRANSPORTATION iOnRoad uses the smartphones camera, GPS and sensors to detect the lane and vehicles in front of you, alerting you when in danger using Transportation audio-visual warning pop-ups. iOnRoad improves driving by showing a • Traffic Information real-time augmented reality feedback of your driving, encouraging not Management only safer driving habits, but also “green driving” by reducing fuel • Automotive Advancements consumption. iOnRoad has won several prizes: Best Android Augmented Reality App for 2011; CES 2012 Design and Engineering Showcase Award; Gizmodo App of the Month; and Killer Startups No 2 All-Time Startup. www.ionroad.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 111. TRANSPORTATION Parx provides parking payment and management solutions to municipalities and parking operators across the world. Parx’s EasyPark Transportation system is deployed in markets around the globe, delivering benefits to • Integrated Fare Management municipalities, franchisees and parking operators, enforcement Other authorities and drivers. Cost savings and revenue growth have been • Parking Management and demonstrated wherever Parx solutions have been implemented. The Easy Enforcement Park product line offers a comprehensive solution for on-street and off- street parking program management, including fee collection, enforcement and driver information systems. Parx is a subsidiary of On Track Innovations, Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTIV). www.parxglobal.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 112. TRANSPORTATION Roseman Engineering designs and manufactures computerized refueling systems and fleet management solutions. The company is a world leader Transportation in AVI technology and forecourt management, serving public and private • Integrated Fare Management fuel retail stations and vehicle fleets. Thousands of stations and • Road Usage Charging hundreds of thousands of vehicles use Roseman products. The • Automotive Advancements interdiscplinary professionals in Roseman’s R&D division adhere to strict Energy international standards (ISO 9000, CE, ETL), assuring our sophisticated • Automated Meter yet simple products long-lasting reliability. Management Roseman Engineering, established in 1978, also offers complementary applications, automatic refueling solutions, and back office and fleet management solutions. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 113. TRANSPORTATION transSpot is a leading provider of digital advertising solutions, transit passenger information systems, and content solutions. Our digital Transportation advertising solutions for mobile and stationary display systems reflect an • Traffic Information innovative approach to digital advertising in both indoor and outdoor Management digital signage. transSpot’s AdStops™ advertising platform and its • Automotive Advancements content display technologies maximize advertising revenues from indoor and outdoor digital display systems. Our real-time passenger information system is integrated with location- and time-based commercials and infotainment content. www.transspot.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 114. WATER MANAGEMENT Water Purity Monitoring Water Use Optimization Wastewater Treatment OptimizationPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 115. WATER MANAGEMENT A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories plans, develops and implements advanced solutions for system protection from transient pressures, trapped air in Water Management pipelines and unmeasured non-revenue water. These solutions are • Water Use Optimization accomplished via in-depth analysis of existing systems for implementing proper air valve sizing and location. We are recognized for our advanced, durable and high-quality valves and accessories for fluid piping systems, and for our dedicated technical support services www.arivalves.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 116. WATER MANAGEMENT Aqwise provides biofilm-based biological processes that increase the capacity and efficiency of BOD and nutrient removal in water and Water Management wastewater treatment plants. Our AGAR® technology is used worldwide • Wastewater Treatment for rapid, scalable and economical upgrade of existing plants as well as Optimization for new plants. Solutions range from solids separation and sludge dewatering systems to comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units and package plants. Our solutions have been implemented in dozens of municipal and industrial plants worldwide. www.aqwise.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 117. WATER MANAGEMENT BERMAD provides customized solutions for the control of water and air in pipelines. These include water supply applications for buildings, Water Management municipalities, and industrial facilities; system solutions for agricultural • Water use optimization and landscape irrigation; and automatic deluge valves for oil refinery, petro-chemical plant and public building fire protection systems. BERMAD’s global leadership is demonstrated through its operations in more than 80 countries. www.bermad.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 118. WATER MANAGEMENT Blue I patented technologies enhance water security through real-time water supply monitoring via Blue I water quality analyzers and controllers Water for industrial process, municipal and potable water. The Blue I low energy • Water Purity Monitoring analyzer for water distribution networks provides continuous • Water Use Optimization monitoring of free chlorine, pH, temperature, and conductivity in remote areas without power connection, leading to reduced TCO. Blue I also offers water network modeling for consumer problem identification and verification, improved operations and maintenance scheduling, identification of poor infrastructure problems and network leakage identification. www.blueitechnologies.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 119. WATER MANAGEMENT Founded in 1946, Dorot is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of control solutions for water supply systems, using superior Water quality automatic control valves, air valves and other control and • Water Use Optimization monitoring equipment. Dorot is a pioneer in developing hydraulic control • Wastewater Treatment valves and its series 300 valves became a leading product in waterworks Optimization control systems worldwide. Dorot valves are specially designed to Energy comply with all the demands of waterworks systems, including pressure • Automated Meter management, water level control, water-hammer prevention and Management attenuation, flow-control and more. www.dorot.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 120. WATER MANAGEMENT Galcon manufactures computerized water controllers and systems ideal for municipal and landscape applications. Our waterworks solutions Water enable water utilities, municipalities and institutions to benefit from more • Water Use Optimization effective water network control and management, lower leakage, increased productivity and better information. Galcon-Dynamic Pressure Management is an intelligent and dynamic water pressure management solution that helps significantly reduce water and revenue loss from water leakage. For turf and landscape irrigation control we offer an extensive array of specialized AC & DC controllers, including wireless irrigation controllers and smart web-based controllers. www.galconc.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 121. WATER MANAGEMENT HydroSCADA has been the chosen HMI/SCADA solution for national water management in Israel since 1994. HydroSCADA provides real-time Water visibility and control over nationwide water facilities and water • Water Purity Monitoring infrastructure by enabling unique capabilities for water management • Water Use Optimization that dramatically reduce water waste and energy consumption. It offers • Wastewater Treatment unprecedented ease of use, maintenance and low cost of ownership. Optimization Through Israel’s national water company, HydroSCADA controls over 3,000 water facilities and monitors over a million I/Os, while maintaining high efficiency and visibility. Automation and control market leader Contel Group was established in 1964. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 122. WATER MANAGEMENT Mapal Green Energy offers innovative, proven technology that can reduce by up to 70 percent operation and maintenance costs of Water wastewater treatment facilities equipped with conventional fixed or • Water Purity Monitoring floated mechanical surface aerators. Mapal’s CNM is a floating fine • Water Use Optimization bubble diffuser system for efficient aeration in wastewater treatment • Wastewater Treatment lagoons and biological reactors. Ideal for new plants and for replacing Optimization existing mechanical surface aerators, CNM installs without downtime. Mapal also offers full process design and support, including feasibility studies, design supply and construction, commissioning and startup, and O&M contract financing. www.mapal-ge.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 123. WATER MANAGEMENT Metzerplas offers PE pipe for water supply, electrical & communication lines and wastewater conduction. Advanced manufacturing of pipe for Water underground electrical and communication lines enables cable insertion • Water Use Optimization via compressed air or pulling rope inserted during production. A silicone Energy inner layer provides a very low friction coefficient to facilitate cable • Intelligent Building insertion. Metzerplas PE pipe meets Israel Standard 1531 and is supplied Management in a large range of diameters of up to 355 mm. and nominal pressures of up to 16 bars. http://metzerplas.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 124. WATER MANAGEMENT Miya, an Arison group company, is a global provider of urban water efficiency solutions, with an emphasis on non-revenue water (NRW) Water management. Miya helps utilities increase water supply, revenues, and • Water Use Optimization profits through comprehensive economic and sustainable water • Wastewater Treatment efficiency projects. Miya’s solution includes water system audit and Optimization analysis, comprehensive project planning, management, implementation, maintenance, and training. The global group of Miya companies includes leading water efficiency technology and engineering consulting companies. Miya’s extensive experience includes projects in the Philippines; Brazil; Canada; South Africa and the Bahamas. www.miya-water.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 125. WATER MANAGEMENT Mottech offers advanced remote-control water management solutions for turf & landscape, water distribution, municipal water control and Water agricultural irrigation. Mottech is a worldwide master-distributor of • Water Purity Monitoring Motorola, which has more than 35 years of experience in developing, • Water Use Optimization • Wastewater Treatment manufacturing, and installing computerized water and irrigation control Optimization systems worldwide. The Mottech Motorola solution provides e-Gov comprehensive, automated and remote water system management tools: • Smarter Regulatory Systems efficient system monitoring; real-time response to fluctuations in water Energy facility performance; and constant and reliable flow control. Our network • Automated Meter Management Intelligent Transportation Systems of subsidiaries, local offices and regional distributors supports our sales • Traffic Information Management and service commitment to customers worldwide. • Automotive Advancements Environmental Management • City-wide Measurements www.mottech.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 126. WATER MANAGEMENT Odis Filtering was founded in 1987 to bring solutions to industry and municipalities for their growing water problems. Odis activity is worldwide, Water with numerous successful large-scale projects. Due to increasing water • Water Purity Monitoring shortages, water reuse and recycling has become imperative. Grey water • Water Use Optimization (water from laundry, dishwashing and bathing) comprises about 45 percent • Wastewater Treatment of typical household wastewater flow. Odis proposes its environmently- Optimization friendly, non-polluting technologies for the recycling of these waters. Special care was taken to secure their ease of operation and low life-cycle- cost. www.odisfiltering.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 127. WATER MANAGEMENT OOVAL Valves offers hydraulic control valves for irrigation, fire protection, mining and waterworks. The company has over three decades Water expertise in management, development and technical support for water • Water Use Optimization control systems. OOVAL products are easy to use and maintain, with an optimal cost-benefit ratio, and provide benefits in both basic on/off operations and sophisticated functions such as pressure and level control, and quick and accurate regulation, all in a wide flow range together with the use of electric solenoids and thoroughly tested control accessories. OOVALs satisfied customers extend across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia. www.ooval.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 128. WATER MANAGEMENT Palgey-Maim offers general and detailed planning of water and wastewater systems, and operation of water and wastewater systems Water and installations. We have particular expertise with effluent reclamation, • Water Purity Monitoring and sewage and sludge solutions. Palgey-Maim is part of the Tahal Group, • Water Use Optimization which has provided water solutions in Israel for more than five decades. • Wastewater Treatment Palgey-Maim holds ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and 18000 certification for all Optimization areas of its operations. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 129. WATER MANAGEMENT Reali Technologies’ state-of-the-art technologies for real-time remote control and monitoring are ideal for water and energy systems. Our web- Water based RealiteQ SCADA platform provides connectivity, control and data • Water Use Optimization management services to municipalities, utilities, associations and OEMs • Wastewater Treatment throughout the world. RealiteQ solves real-time data, continuous Optimization historian, alarm handling, visualization and remote operation issues. e-Gov RealiteQ supports analytic, optimization and other 3rd party applications. • Smarter Regulatory Systems RealiteQs software and hardware components can easily be embedded Energy in controllers, analyzers and other automation systems. RealiteQ is highly • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency secured, eliminating private network expense, while operating on any • Network Monitoring & public network. Stability www.realiteq.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 130. WATER MANAGEMENT Solid Applied Technologies (SolidAT) develops and manufactures ultrasonic level meters and remote level monitoring solutions that are Water ideal for measuring sewer level in municipalities. SolidAT’s GaugerGSM – • Wastewater Treatment an innovative ultrasonic level sensor integrated with a cellular modem for Optimization remote monitoring (M2M) applications – measures level and flow within e-Gov underground sewers, enabling quantification of flow from industrial • Smarter Regulatory Systems plants, easing maintenance and planning, and providing early alerts for Environmental Management flooding conditions and obstructions. Our solution, deployed in cities • City-wide Measurements throughout Israel and abroad, is self-powered and requires no data cables or road digging. www.solidat.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 131. WATER MANAGEMENT Stream Control offers an innovative solution for municipal non-revenue water loss. Our patented Aqua-Guard smart pressure-reduction Water controller actively controls pressure-reducing valves in water supply • Water Use Optimization systems – at the point where a neighborhood piping network is connected to the main water transmission system – by adjusting the pressure applied to the network relative to actual demand. It installs easily on any existing hardware, is robust and reliable even in flooded chambers, is customizable by the user, and interfaces with SCADA and other management tools through standard communication ports. Leakage is reduced by up to 40 percent. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 132. WATER MANAGEMENT TAHAL Group International is a multinational engineering company that Water has accumulated 60 years of experience since its founding to address • Water Purity Monitoring Israels acute lack of water. We offer comprehensive solutions for water • Water Use Optimization resource and infrastructure development, water treatment and supply, • Wastewater Treatment Optimization wastewater treatment and reuse, desalination and hydropower. TAHAL Other utilizes advanced proprietary GIS platforms and executes hydrological & • Rural And Urban Development hydrogeological surveys; urban development plans; and design of water • GIS Tools • Turnkey and BOT Projects supply, wastewater treatment and drainage systems. Fully owned by • Engineering Services, Feasibility Kardan NV, TAHAL Group ranks among the top companies of its kind in the Studies, Master Plans, Planning, Design, Construction Supervision world. And Project Management • Natural Gas Conveyance and Storage www.tahal.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 133. WATER MANAGEMENT Whitewater is a global leader in water quality management, supply and security. Our Quality and Security Division is dedicated to helping Water municipalities, water utilities, industrial water processing plants and high • Water Purity Monitoring risk facilities manage the full lifecycle of any situation, from routine tasks • Water Use Optimization to minor events and major crises. By offering real-time detection, unified knowledge management and simplified decision-making, Whitewater dramatically improves your ability to protect water assets. Our intelligently designed solutions include the revolutionary WaterWall™ comprehensive event management system, the BlueBox™ intelligent event detection system and the CheckLight™ online real-time toxicity analyzer., created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 134. WATER MANAGEMENT Woosh develops, installs and maintains a network of drinking water vending machines (DWVM) in urban public spaces. Woosh provides Water water that is cleaner and healthier than tap water and cheaper than • Water Use Optimization bottled water. Woosh not only makes water available "on the go" for the consumer, but also addresses many environmental concerns by providing a viable alternative to plastic bottles. Wooshs DWVMs will be located in public spaces such as tourist attractions, universities, parks, shopping malls and public transportation, as well as in corporate sites. www.wooshwater.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 135. MOREPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 136. MORE Alma is a leading-edge city planning and development company. Chaired by Arnold Goldman, founder and chairman emeritus of BrightSource Energy, Alma is building an international professional team to develop city scale solutions and technologies for compact walkable and bike-able “zero petroleum” city models. Solutions include: vertical and horizontal electric/magnetic transportation systems for packages and people; super-strength, lightweight, cost effective high-rise building materials; and light distribution engineering techniques and other solutions for city scale developments. www.almaeco.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 137. MORE Dagan Agricultural Automation undertakes turnkey agricultural automation projects, based on our expertise in the design, manufacture, Other integration and support of technical/technological systems and • Agricultural Products Inside products that assure effective and profitable results. Our solutions cover Cities greenhouses, nurseries, net houses and open field systems, dairy and poultry operations, fish farms and aquaculture. We provide computerized climate control systems, electrical and power supply consoles, water treatment, irrigation systems and feeding/compost processing systems. Dagan meets Israeli, American and European standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 138. MORE GAMA Operations provides advanced telecommunications systems, especially for voice processing and IVR. Our solutions include inbound Other and outbound products, IVR systems and modules, and voicemail • Message Distribution System solutions for all sizes of organizations. They are used across Israel by • Emergency Mobilization government offices, IDF, hospitals, municipalities, banks, and others. Our System reputation for outstanding reliability prompted many organizations to trust us with their most sensitive processes, including the IDF’s choice of GAMA’s outbound solution for reserve duty call-up services. Leading Israeli telecommunications providers such as Bezeq International and Netvision offer our systems to their customers. www.gamaoperations.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 139. MORE Icaros Geosystems is a technology developer and a provider of aerial mapping, geospatial solutions, and GIS services. The company specializes Other in the design, development, and production of photogrammetric systems • Aerial Mapping, Geospatial and solutions for aerial mapping companies, surveying companies, and Solutions, and GIS Services government agencies. Icaros Geosystems heads the R&D efforts of Icaros Inc. and handles production of mapping projects and all services. Icaros owns several lines of aerial acquisition systems under the brand name IDMTM (Icaros Digital Mapper), and a full photogrammetric ground station, the IPSTM. Icaros’ software suite enables automatic workflow of the data to create a seamless, color balanced orthophoto. The company was established in the U.S. in 2004 and maintains offices in Herzlia, Israel. www.icaros.usPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 140. MORE ICQ, the instant messaging pioneer, now offers the ultimate social messaging tool. First available in 1996, ICQ applications are now an Other inseparable part of the lives of millions of users worldwide, who use them • Free Messaging and daily from desktops and mobile devices. ICQ offers simple solutions for Communication free communication, with quick phone number login, address book contact synchronization, file sharing capabilities, location services, the ability to chat with Facebook and Google Talk friends and the option to stay online on your mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. www.icq.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 141. MORE KiloLambda’s proprietary Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF) technology enables control of the amount of light passing through imaging sensors, Energy lenses and windows. It automatically varies its transparency per the • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency amount of incident light without the active participation of the user or • Intelligent Building electronic circuitry. When incident light is below a predefined level the Management DSF is highly transparent, so light just passes through. The darkening Automotive effect is selective and is limited only to the intense light areas. The • Automotive Advancements process is reversible: the filter returns to its transparent state as light intensity decreases to normal levels. www.kilolambda.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 142. MORE Michlol Mobile Management (MMM) is a computerized mobile system for Government service call management that combines on-line help-desk system and • Smarter Regulatory Systems software solutions via mobile devices using smart SMS technology. MMM • Shared Services • Infrastructure Bridges/Roads allows a city’s residents (or an organization’s employees) to report, Public Safety request and receive service via personal mobile device. Users can utilize • Surveillance System • Emergency Management mobile device capabilities, including GPS and camera functions to send Integration location photos. Our clients include Microsoft, IBM, Pfizer, Texas Energy • Smart Grid/Energy Efficiency Instruments, CA, Samsung and a host of Israeli technology companies. • Network Monitoring & Stability MMM is affiliated with Microsoft BizSpark, IBM PartnerWorld and Apple • Intelligent Building Management • Automated Meter Management Developer. Telecommunication • Fixed and Mobile Operators Transportation • Traffic Information Management Environmental Management • City-wide Measurements created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 143. MORE Orlite offers fiberglass-reinforced polyester climate-protection enclosures for electrical, communications and similar systems. Polyester Energy enclosures are superior to metal enclosures due to their high resistance Telecommunication to weather events; non-conduction of electricity; light weight with high Water mechanical rigidity; and long life. Our premium BLOOMGUARDTM enclosures feature a patent-pending protective coating layer technology against glass fiber blooming. Orlite is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and complies with all major enclosures standards for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies; durability against glass blooming; fire retardation; and degrees of protection. www.orlite.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 144. MORE RADiFlow, a RAD group company, utilizes the group’s 30 years of experience in ICT solutions to deliver unique secure communication Other solutions for critical infrastructure applications such as electricity, water • Secure Communication for and traffic control. RADiFlow provides compact, ruggedized access Critical Infrastructure switches for these systems’ communication networks, including an integrated service-aware security tool-set to verify that all critical automation traffic in the network is valid. The security tool-set includes access-control, role-based firewall, encryption, user authentication and more. The switches provide integrated Ethernet, xDSL, cellular and TDM interfaces and support IP- and serial-based devices. www.radiflow.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 145. MORE Teldor Cables & Systems designs and manufactures wire and cable for telecommunications, electronics and industry. With more than 40 years Public experience, Teldor is a leader in the design and production of high data- Energy rate copper and optical and telephone copper cables. Our range includes Telecommunication Software & Systems computer, LAN and data transmission cables; fiber-optic and hybrid Healthcare cables; BUS and industrial Ethernet cables; instrumentation, thermocouple and process-control cables; high-frequency coaxial cables; military, tactical and shipboard cables; microphone and audio- frequency cables; and electronic and control cables. Teldor is ISO 9001 2008 certified and is 100 percent RoHS compliant. www.teldor.comPDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • 146. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non-profit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between overseas and Israeli companies. Charged with promoting Israels business © June 2012 The Israel Export community in foreign markets, it provides comprehensive, professional & International Cooperation Institute trade information, advice, contacts and promotional activities to Israeli Production: companies, and complementary services to business people, commercial Media & Production Division Editing: Paul Ogden groups, and business delegations from abroad. We invite your questions, Design: Jackie Tiwari - Hotam comments and requests for further information. This publication is for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the presented information is correct, the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute assumes no responsibility for damages, financial or otherwise, caused by Contact: Mr. Ronen Gruber, Business Development Manager, International Projects the information herein. Tel: +972 3 514 2938, Mobile: +972 54 457 8620, Email:, Web: created with pdfFactory trial version