Israels LeadingPublic Administration     Companies
Company Name                                            Website                                       Brief Description   ...
solutions in the areas of: Water /Waste-Water, Energy, Oil & Gas,                                                         ...
Advanced laboratory services, Mobile laboratory, Financial solutions using                                                ...
Whitewater Security           Cleantech: Water       Whitewater Security provides comprehe...
reflected in our product line, helps our customers improve their business                                                 ...
efficiency, and enhance customer service. Micronets OEM products are                                                      ...
the Shelf solution for the municipal operational market. Actropy generates                                                ...
Control Applications       IT & Enterprise              Control Applications (CA) develops produces...
organizations in Eastern Europe and Israel, helping government agencies                                                   ...
Software: Security                              management (PSIM) solutions. Offering a groundbreaking approach to        ...
Telemedicine                                       SHL provides telemedicine services and devices to subscribers utilizing...
Ofek Aerial Photography       Miscellaneous            Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest co...
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טכנולוגיות לשלטון המקומי


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טכנולוגיות לשלטון המקומי

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טכנולוגיות לשלטון המקומי

  1. 1. Israels LeadingPublic Administration Companies
  2. 2. Company Name Website Brief Description Category Better Place Cleantech: Energy Better Place delivers the network and services that make an electric car affordable to buy, easy to use, and amazing to own. Electric car drivers will have access to a network of charge spots, battery switch stations and systems that optimize the driving experience and minimize environmental impact and cost. Innowattech Cleantech: Energy Innowattech has developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways and runways from passing vehicles, trains and pedestrian traffic and converts it into green electricity. The system, based on a new breed of piezoelectric generators, harvests energy that ordinarily goes to waste and can be installed without changing the habitat. Menolinx Systems Cleantech: Energy Menolinx Systems specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of remote lighting control and monitoring systems. Menolinx Systems eco-friendly, solutions ensure smooth and reliable performance of lighting devices together with substantial energy savings and low maintenance costs. The technology combines smart RF, Cellular and line communication, a cost effective and reliable hardware, a user friendly GUI and strong control capabilities. Phoebus Energy Cleantech: Energy Phoebus Energy develops and markets an innovative hybrid water heating system which saves 40-70% of annual fuel consumption and drastically reduces carbon emissions. The adaptive software provides a visual and accurate calculation of actual cost savings at the site, while consumers enjoy hot water no matter what the weather, time of day, or number of users. Flexible business models are available to drive a quick return on investment. Vintec Knowledge Cleantech: Energy Vintec Knowledge Ltd. Is an Israeli based private company with a worldwide track record for supplying innovative, proven technology. Vintec Knowledge specializes in the following technologies: Light & Power Energy Saving, C.R.M software package and applications, Predictive and diagnostic systems for electrical rotating machines. Vintec Knowledge participates in product development. Vintec and its European distributors and business partners have developed local markets in Europe, South Africa and North America.AGM Communication & Control Cleantech: Environment AGM is communication & control solutions provider for SCADA/DCS Systems. With 30 years experience and a diverse list of clients, AGM offer 1
  3. 3. solutions in the areas of: Water /Waste-Water, Energy, Oil & Gas, Industry, Environment & Irrigation. Based in Israel, world innovator in water management technologies, AGM are leaders in Distributed Control Networking. EQ (Earth Quake) Cleantech: Environment EQ develops and markets the EarthQuake Alert product that provides advance warning that an Earthquake is on its way before the shaking is felt.Aqwise Wise Water Cleantech: Water Aqwise - Wise Water Technologies Ltd. is a world leader in the Technologies Technologies development and implementation of innovative wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. Aqwises family of solutions increases BOD and nutrient removal capacity in wastewater treatment plants, offering enhanced utilization of existing reactors and unique efficiencies in the implementation of new ones. From process design through project supervision and all the way to full turn-key and financing solutions, Aqwise provides wastewater treatment professionals with a variety of solutions for every need. Arad Group Cleantech: Water Arad specializes in innovative water measurement technologies, Technologies developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading water metering and management systems. Arad has built up a worldwide reputation for quality and precision in measuring, reading, collecting and managing data from water metering to billing systems. CheckLight Cleantech: Water CheckLight supplies its customers with innovative methods, testing kits Technologies and continuous biomonitors for early warning of drinking water contamination. CheckLight’s solutions are used as critical components of contamination warning systems in order to detect, as early as possible, a wide range of contaminating sources in drinking water, as well as the potential for bacterial re-growth. GES Cleantech: Water GES, an international front runner in the Cleantech field has exclusive Technologies experience, expertise, and human capital invested in the water business. Throughout the past two decades, GES has validated its value in hundreds of projects both in Israel and worldwide. GES provides solutions that take into account technology and the environment, as well as regulatory and financial constraints. You can choose an overall solution or specific services to suit your needs, including: Detailed process planning, In-house design and production of essential equipment, Skilled start-up and commissioning teams, Experienced operation and maintenance teams, 2
  4. 4. Advanced laboratory services, Mobile laboratory, Financial solutions using Turn-Key/BOT/Water Outsourcing methods. IPNP Cleantech: Water IPnP provides tools for financial and operational management of water Technologies infrastructure, irrigation systems, sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants. The system developed by IPnP collects the data from the controllers at the different sites and sends it in a secure mode, via a communication adapter, through the internet to a center server. The communication adapter accesses the internet via GPRS cellular network or any other physical network (DSL, LAN etc.). The central server collects the data, analyzes, saves, and processes the information, and then sends alerts regarding exceptional events.KP Electronic System Cleantech: Water KP Electronic System is a privately-owned, hi-tech electronic manufacturer Technologies of wireless products. Specializing in the design, development, and production of long-range wireless data communication products and systems for the Security and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) industries, KP supplies complete turn-key radio data communication systems. Including: Transmitters, Transceivers, Central Station Radio, eceiver/Interface Units, Dedicated Management Software and Smart Store and Forward Repeaters. KPs products are extensively proven in the field providing custom- designed solutions for a wide range of customer requirements for radio data communications. KP provides solutions for security and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks: from local networks to urban networks covering a wide geographic area with many thousands of monitored sites. Miltel Cleantech: Water Miltel was one of the first companies to develop a full wireless fixed Technologies network that can be deployed in gas, water and electric utilities. While most solutions are based on extending a drive-by solution to operate with a fixed base station, Miltel developed SpeedRead, a system that was designed from day one as an effective fixed network. Miltel’s unique technology allows the system to be deployed in almost any country, regardless of the local radio communication requirements. The system is designed in a way that allows for easy modification of the radio frequency and output power in order to fit the local regulations. This feature allows multinational utility companies to deploy one common solution in the various countries in which they operate. Another key feature of the SpeedRead technology is its ability to link up to ten meters to one radio device. 3
  5. 5. Whitewater Security Cleantech: Water Whitewater Security provides comprehensive, turnkey water security Technologies solutions in several applications, such as: sensitive facilities, national & municipality authorities and more. The companys solutions based on advanced technological systems and proven methods for Prevention, Protection, Detection, Crisis Management and Recovery of accidental and intentional contamination events, natural disasters and terror attacks in water supplies.Cellint Traffic Solutions ICT: Mobile Applications Cellints TrafficSense is a traffic information system that continuously monitors traffic speeds, travel times and incidents in real time. It is the only cellular based traffic data collection system world wide which was tested and validated by Departments of Transportation at controlled pilot environments, both in rural and urban areas. TrafficSense provides interfaces to navigation systems, cellular phones and government agencies. Decell Technologies ICT: Mobile Applications Decell’s patented technology is based on the fact that cellular networks use their systems to constantly probe network events, enabling the acquisition of a large sample of locations of mobile users. This data is the raw input for Decells system. There are a number of public entities such as transport departments, local municipalities, and emergency services that have a real need for real-time traffic information. Being constantly updated in order to react fast to changing road conditions is as important as having tools to manage the road network. Pango ICT: Mobile Applications The Pango (Park & Go) system is the most technologically advanced system of its kind in the world, allowing you to pay for your parking time in blue and white parking zones using your cellular telephone, without the need for parking cards or parking meters. It is simple, economical and user-friendly. The service involves no subscription fee or commitment. With Pango, you pay only for your actual parking time, making it more efficient and economical than any other means of payment currently available to the parking consumer. Pango is available nationwide, so you can park in blue and white zones in any city in Israel with regulated paid parking, at the rates and times that are relevant to each local municipality. Telmap ICT: Mobile Applications Since it was founded in 2000, Telmap has focused on developing the most ault.aspx complete and advanced mobile search, mapping and navigation technology. CallTech ICT: Telecom CallTechs extensive experience and high expertise in developing, Applications operating and maintenance of CTI and contact center applications 4
  6. 6. reflected in our product line, helps our customers improve their business productivity, allowing them a rapid response to the ever changing competitive market circumstances. CallTechs main product line today consists of contact center solutions for the small, medium business and interactive voice response, value added services for telephony service operators. CallTech also supplies additional IVR applications for organizations in a variety of different industries and sizes.RAD Data Communications ICT: Telecom RAD Data Communications is an award-winning manufacturer of cost- Applications tions-Solutions-for- effective access and backhaul solutions for mobile and fixed line carriers, Government-and- service providers, enterprises, government agencies, transportation Defense/2697/ systems, and public utilities. Government- Provide enhanced communications services to enable governmental agencies to be more responsive to their constituencies and to better collaborate between agencies. Defense & Public Safety- Implement leading-edge communications technologies to enable seamless integration among defense systems for maximum security and readiness. Etcom RFID ICT: Wireless ETCOM RFIDs expertise is in RFID and Wireless Communications Applications technologies and implementations. As such, ETCOM RFID is focusing on the development of RFID Application Products, meaning generic RFID applications that can be easily multiplied, adapted and customized to a large variety of customers needs. ETCOM RFID identifies, defines, develops, designs, integrates and implements solutions for the control and management of transportable assets along the supply chain.Kavit Electronics Industries ICT: Wireless Kavit Electronics Industries provides superior information security Applications products to local public safety Organizations. Kavit develops and manufactures radio encryption modules, telephony and cellular encryption systems, file encryption systems, and cellphones jammers. Lolatech ICT: Wireless Lolatech makes enforcement management solutions which drive the Applications success of municipalities and parking operators to manage their parking operations. Municipalities that deploy these solutions may increase ticket issuance, revenue generation and streamline operations. Lolatech holds products for parking enforcement, municipal enforcement and Cellular parking. Micronet ICT: Wireless For over two decades Micronet has been developing, manufacturing and Applications marketing mobile data terminals and mobile workforce management solutions, designed to facilitate workforce productivity, enable corporate 5
  7. 7. efficiency, and enhance customer service. Micronets OEM products are implemented internationally, through channel partners, and recognized for their ingenuity, competitive pricing and service excellence.Remmon Remote Monitoring ICT: Wireless Remmon Remote Monitoring takes advantage of the advances in the Applications cellular data communication field to replace traditional landline or RF based systems with cost-effective, intelligent, remote monitoring and control of hardware devices over the cellular backbone. Starcom Systems ICT: Wireless Starcom designs, develops and manufactures wireless telematics products Applications for vehicles and personal use. The products operate with our unique innovative software for the purpose of providing a vast variety of comprehensive solutions and services for administrative and business applications, as well as safety and security services for the individual user Tri-Logical Technologies ICT: Wireless Tri-logicals core business is to develop and supply hardware and software Applications solutions for the management of mobile agents and assets, both for civilian and for government organizations. Tri-logical’s activity in Europe focuses on two major market sectors; Public Transportation Systems and Emergency Management Systems. Alvarion ICT: Wireless Alvarion is the largest WiMAX pure-player, fully committed to the growing Infrastructure WiMAX market. With a distinguished customer base and 240+ commercial WiMAX deployments worldwide, Alvarion has the proven ability to deploy end-to- end, turnkey WiMAX projects. Alvarion offers solutions for the full range of frequency bands enabling a variety of business cases. Through its OPEN(TM) WiMAX strategy and superior IP and OFDMA expertise, Alvarion is shaping the new wireless broadband experience. As a wireless broadband pioneer, Alvarion has been delivering innovations for 15 years, promoting industry standards and playing a key role in the IEEE and HiperMAN standard committees. Telematics Wireless ICT: Wireless Telematics Wireless is a global leader in the delivery of robust, reliable and Infrastructure advanced RF wireless systems and networks for the fast-growing M2M industry. Applications include the locating of people and assets, Automatic Meter Reading, Electronic Toll Collection and asset management, tracking and monitoring for logistic systems. Actropy IT & Enterprise Actropy has developed CTOS, a revolutionary Proactive Command & Software: Enterprise Control suite of solutions for municipalities and local governments. By Applications clearing the operational fog and assisting its clients to change their daily operations from reactive to proactive, Actropy enables its clients to provide more and better services to their constituency while significantly reducing operational costs. Actropy presents the only SaaS, Commercial of 6
  8. 8. the Shelf solution for the municipal operational market. Actropy generates record breaking Return of Investment for its clients, with an unmatched Total Cost of Ownership.E-Drive Technology (E-DT) IT & Enterprise E-Drive Technology provides its customers with smart automotive system Software: Enterprise solutions and applications. Applications E-Drives fleet management control and data logging systems can increase profits and deliver direct savings of up to 30% on vehicle expenditures. MCMS Technology IT & Enterprise MCMS Technology is develops information management systems and Software: Enterprise provides technical and professional support to its clients. MCMS Applications Technologys products are unique in their ability to uniformly process data from many external sources. The data is then stored within a single database. Orpak Systems IT & Enterprise Orpak develops, manufactures and markets end-to-end solutions for the Software: Enterprise automation of fuel stations and fleet management. Orpak is a market Applications leader in automated refueling systems that incorporate fuel payment based on vehicle identification. Using advanced technologies to meet customer requirements, Orpak’s solutions integrate forecourt automation and management, convenience-store management systems, commercial and retail sales solutions, and fuel delivery systems. The company’s solutions are designed to benefit customers through enabling fuel savings, preventing fuel fraud, maximizing loyalty programs and providing other advanced services that increase profitability. SANRAD IT & Enterprise SANRAD is a leading iSCSI SAN provider, delivering intelligence at the Software: Enterprise network layer, empowering organizations to effectively access, share and Infrastructure manage storage across standard Ethernet environments. SANRAD delivers a new dimension in the continuity and simple management of vital business information by coupling standard IP connectivity with critical network-based storage services. SANRAD creates open IP-based SANs that enable continuous data protection, virtualization, local and long distance replication and effective resource provisioning. Ariel-Wimasor IT & Enterprise Ariel-Wimasor established in 1971, is Israel’s leader in the field of Software: Miscellaneous ng/about.php intelligent traffic control and parking management systems. Ariel-Wimasor Software is a registered contractor and an authorized supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and holds ISO 9002 certification. Ariel-Wimasor focuses on several areas of expertise: Traffic & Control management Systems, Parking control, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Electronic signs. 7
  9. 9. Control Applications IT & Enterprise Control Applications (CA) develops produces, markets, exports and installs Software: Miscellaneous Electrical metering systems; Electrical networks monitoring systems, Software Electrical energy metering, Power factor correction systems and Building Management Systems (BMS) for commercial and industrial applications. CA’s measurements and control systems consist of both hardware and software products that are user-friendly as well as being technically superior. The products that stand at the center or CA’s activities are intended to measure, monitor and control electrical networks as well as electromechanical systems. The products are intended for use in industry, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, universities, shopping centers and more. Degem Systems IT & Enterprise Degem Systems is a pioneer and world leader, developer, producer and Software: Miscellaneous supplier of training and educational systems. Degem’s state-of-the-art Software technologies, methodologies and unique computer-based approach rank the Company in the forefront of its field. Degem Systems offers the most complete line available, ranging from systems and turnkey projects for the general education market to advanced professional training systems for technical schools, universities and industry.EMESCO - Emergency & IT & Enterprise EMESCO focuses on preparing its clients worldwide for present and future Security Solutions Software: Miscellaneous dangers. Its proven, fieldtested methodology encompasses the full cycle of Software Preparedness, Response and Recovery. EMESCO specializes in integrating scalable, sustainable solutions. GreenRoad IT & Enterprise GreenRoad, a global pioneer in improving driving behavior, empowers Software: Miscellaneous drivers and fleets to reduce crashes, improve fuel economy and reduce Software overall vehicle operating costs. The GreenRoad service focuses on prevention and is driver-friendly while still ensuring accountability for driver behavior. It acts as a personalized driving coach providing immediate feedback to help measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel- efficient driving behavior. Commercial customers include industry leading fleets in trucking, public transit, telecommunications, service delivery and public safety. Publicly announced customers include Ryder Logistics, LeFleur Transportation, Ericsson and the UK Ministry of Defence. The company also serves consumers primarily through its partners in the insurance industry Ness Technologies IT & Enterprise Ness Technologies is a global IT services provider that shares your goals. Software: Miscellaneous Industries/Pages/Public- Whether you need software product engineering, enterprise application Software Sector.aspx integration, software distribution, outsourcing, or turnkey application development, youll get what you want -- and what your business needs to get ahead. Ness has a proven track record working with public sector 8
  10. 10. organizations in Eastern Europe and Israel, helping government agencies utilize technology to deliver services to the public more effectively and efficiently.Netwise Applications IT & Enterprise www.netwise- Netwise Applications (Netwise) headquartered in Israel is a leader in Software: Miscellaneous eGovernment solutions, with a proven track record of successful strategic Software eGovernment implementations worldwide, since 1996. Netwise uniqueness lies in its ability to deliver a working, practical end-to-end solution in a timely and cost-efficient way. Netwise’ expansive services include the complete project lifecycle, from initiation through construction, implementation and service assurance.Discretix Technologies IT & Enterprise Discretix is dedicated to delivering innovative security solutions to the Software: Security complex and ever-changing embedded markets. This specialized expertise has allowed the company to provide chipset and device vendors with complete security platforms that are easily integrated, field proven and future-proof. Discretix delivers leading-edge embedded security solutions to the mobile, disk, storage, automotive, networking, multifunction printers, imaging and industrial markets. Discretix’ solutions make security transparent to the end-user, while protecting sensitive information and applications from malicious attacks, viruses, fraud, and theft. Discretix solutions include both hardware and software technologies, that are deployed in system-on- chips, platforms and devices. Ex-Sight IT & Enterprise Ex-Sight.Com is a software manufacturer of Video Analytics Software. We Software: Security provide worldwide OEM Development Services, High-End Biometric Engineering, Image processing applications and Software development Platforms. Ex-Sight.Com specialize in Accurate Recognition Systems & Video Analytics. Ex-Sight.Com technology allows high-end facial recognition detection based on the latest technology in the market. Ex- Sight.Com provide worldwide OEM Development Services, High-End Biometric Engineering, Interactive systems and Image processing applications for both Security and Retail. Ex-Sight.Com are protecting Corporate Security and Personal Identity using smart Biometric Authentication Algorithms with the latest technology. Rontal Applications IT & Enterprise Rontal Applications is a leading provider of physical security information 9
  11. 11. Software: Security management (PSIM) solutions. Offering a groundbreaking approach to incident management, Rontal delivers the industrys most advanced and comprehensive solutions for real-time management of safety and security events. Ensuring operational continuity, securing and protecting governmental sites such as embassies, federal agencies, military facilities and borders, have become major challenges. Threat types have been evolving in recent years and range from terror, safety events, and security incidents up to natural disasters. Security managers are constantly seeking new technologies that will provide them with relevant information assisting them in thwarting these threats.ForeScout Technologies IT & Enterprise ForeScouts clientless network access control (NAC) solutions enable Software: Security customers to gain complete control over network security without disrupting end-user productivity. ForeScouts flagship product, CounterACT, combines NAC and signature-less intrusion prevention in a single network appliance that interrogates and controls access of every device and seamlessly integrates with any existing IT infrastructure. ForeScouts NAC is completely transparent and enables enterprises to tailor enforcement to match the level of policy violations, eliminating disruptions during device interrogation. C-True Imaging IT & Enterprise C-True provides a high speed Biometrics face recognition terminal Software: Security applicable to biometric based access control applications. The company is engaged in providing innovative Facial Biometrics real time imaging solutions applicable to access control, automotive safety, perimeter control, banknote counterfeited prevention, and more. C-True has developed innovative face recognition based vertical solutions in software and hardware. C-True’s solutions combines dedicated hardware, mathematical algorithms, and proprietary software components that offer a compact, accurate, user friendly, and cost effective product that is modular to various market needs. LifeWatch Life Sciences: LifeWatch is the nation’s leading ambulatory health monitoring services Telemedicine company. We offer a comprehensive platform of innovative patient technologies and services that help physicians detect and analyze symptoms before they become major health problems. LifeWatch Corp. enables physicians to establish stronger connections with at-risk patients and provide better guidance to patients. LifeWatch Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeWatch AG, a leading healthcare technology and solutions provider listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (LIFE). SHL Telemedicine Life Sciences: SHL Telemedicine develops and markets personal telemedicine solutions. 10
  12. 12. Telemedicine SHL provides telemedicine services and devices to subscribers utilizing telephonic and Internet communication technology. The company’s telemedicine solutions offer centralized remote diagnostic and monitoring services to end-users using computer systems, high-tech devices, and medical data protocols. It also provides medical call center services to its subscribers.Mer Systems Miscellaneous Mer Systems is a global provider of turn-key security and communication Technologies: Defense solutions for civil and military infrastructures and public events. As part Mer Group, a large global system integrator, Mer Systems provides turn- key solutions that involve multidisciplinary capabilities. Its integrative approach combines security and communication expertise with innovative engineering and project management. EasyPark Miscellaneous EasyPark ™ is an in-vehicle Electronic Parking System, designed to provide Technologies: Hardware a comprehensive solution for street and lot parking. This turnkey system offers tangible advantages for the driver, the parking inspector and the local municipality. It is currently being deployed on a nationwide basis in Israel. In addition, pilot projects in various other countries are currently being carried out. The core of the system is the patented EasyPark ™ card, a durable, read/write battery-free, contactless, multi-application smart card. OTIs contactless smart card technology forms the read/write process between the EasyPark ™ card and the reader. Communication between the EasyPark ™ card and the parking attendants reader is encrypted to ensure the highest level of protection against fraud.NICE Systems Miscellaneous NICE is a provider of Insight from Interactions(TM), offering Technologies: Hardware sector comprehensive performance management and interaction analytics solutions for the enterprise and public safety and security markets. Advanced interaction analytics are performed on unstructured multimedia content – from telephony, web, radio and video communications. NICE brings the power of Insight from Interactions to IP contact centers, branches, and command and control centers. Serving the public sector has never been more difficult. Government agencies face a multitude of challenges. They must spend the public’s money wisely while fulfilling citizens’ expectations of service. New legislative mandates and changing demographics are also driving a technological transformation of public sector call centers. Investment in new technology, once seen as a luxury, is increasingly viewed as a way to optimize operational efficiency and provide constituents the level of service they expect. 11
  13. 13. Ofek Aerial Photography Miscellaneous Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest company in Israel, and one of the Technologies: Hardware leading companies in Europe, in the field of aerial and satellite mapping and geographical applications. The company was founded in 1987 and since then maintains a strategy of investing in extensive technological infrastructure to ensure its customers around the world enjoy a variety of the most advanced and best quality products in the fields of mapping and geography. The company owns four aerial photography airplanes with state-of-the-art mapping cameras that enable to acquire a range of photograph types, both vertical and oblique. DuCool Systems Miscellaneous DuCool Systems provides innovative, efficient air treatment solutions to Technologies: Industrial industrial and commercial customers across the globe. For more than Technologies twenty years, Advantix Systems has helped customers raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption. One of the pioneers in harnessing liquid desiccant technology for air treatment applications, Advantix Systems is a leader in humidity and climate control technologies. Orad Group Miscellaneous Orad supplies its customers with advanced solutions that meet their every Technologies: Industrial p?pid=2&menu=131&open=6& need for in-building infrastructure, maintenance, and communications. It Technologies item_id=0&div=4 fills every requirement for safety, security and control systems. It delivers advanced solutions that solve any traffic and parking problems. Orad Group is made up of Orad Control Systems, Lehavot Services, RS Industries, and Orad Communications. Orad is committed to maintaining its leading position in every sphere of its activity: Security Systems, Fire Protection, Traffic and Parking Management, and Communications. When it comes to traffic management, Orad offers an array of leading integrated solutions. Based on the market’s most technologically advanced products, our traffic control offering is highlighted by Orad’s Smart City solution, a comprehensive traffic supervision system for municipalities. Ariel Group Various http://www.ariel- The Ariel Group is a privately-owned group of companies, active in the fields of traffic systems, power distribution, electronics, optical character recognition and wireless network communications. Over the years, the Group has developed core engineering, manufacturing, contracting and service capabilities, together with a dynamic R&D base. These combined resources enable the Group to market leading edge technologies as complete products developed and manufactured wholly within the Group. 12