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Nhs2013 presentation

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Nhs 2013 presentation

  2. 2. Why Israel? Innovative Unique designs Eco- friendly products Cutting-edge technologies Worldwide leaders in the plastic industry Optimized flexibility to customer specification Best value for top-quality products Reliable and experienced partner Free Trade Agreement with Europe and the US Complete package of services at your doorstep Connection with international DIY chains
  3. 3. ASSA DesignASSA DESIGN manufactures modular shelving units for the home andoffice. Our products are used for home décor and storage.New units can be added to support expanding needs.Our eco-friendly shelves are easy to install, feature an array of designs andare adaptable to create combinations that suit consumers.ASSA DESIGN has remarkable manufacturing capabilities in Israel, Chinaand the US. Mrs. Iris Saar, United States Marketing Office +1 551 655 8985 iris@assa-design.com www.assa-design.com Mr. Adi Frost, Director of Marketing, Israel – Headquarters +972 4 6405160 CH 7845
  4. 4. Elgo Irrigation Ltd.Established in 1906, Elgo (formerly LEGO) is a global leader in thehome watering market.As a world innovator, Elgo brings state-of-the-art solutions to the homegarden, under the Elgo brand or private labels.Elgo integrates advanced water saving technologies to enable precisehome irrigation, using global standards.Elgo provides its customers with unique logistic solutions for efficientand optimal delivery. Mr. Dan Keren, Product Manager +972 54 466 3920 +972 4 911 1442 dkeren@elgo.co.il www.elgo.co.il CH 7845
  5. 5. EZ Pack Water Ltd.EZPack Water is a private Israeli company that develops, manufactures andmarkets unique proprietary solutions for portable water storage, preservationand mobility.Our products are targeted to serve the home and outdoor markets for camping,fishing, boating, RVs and emergency preparedness.All of EZPack’s products are based on cutting-edge technology and areapproved by the Israeli Water Authorities. Mr. Alex Harel, CEO +972 54 430 4668 +972 3 942 4662 alex@ezpackwater.com www.ezpackwater.com CH 7845
  6. 6. Galcon USA, Ltd.Galcon is a recognized world leader, manufacturing computerized irrigationcontrollers and systems for residential, commercial and municipal landscapes.Galcon achieved worldwide recognition for product reliability and durability in theharshest weather conditions, and is widely recognized as the top provider ofbattery operated controllers - continuously leading the pack in development andinnovation.Established in 1983, Galcon is headquartered and owned by Kibbutz Kfar Blumin Northern Israel.Galcon sells its products in over 50 countries around the world. Mr. Roy Levinson, Director +1 415 760 4987 +1 415 455 9444 royl@galconc.com www.galconusa.com NH 10674
  7. 7. Gator ClampsGATOR CLAMPS is a leading manufacturer of its own developed clamps made forprofessional woodworkers, DIYers, and hobbyists. Gator Clamps has generatedexcitement on the clamping scene. Our new products and merchandising ideashave prompted higher standards, increased quality, and broadened relevance andexposure. We are committed to manufacturing original products derived from ourown research, design and development. Our products are stronger and easier towork with.We supply GATOR CLAMPS™ and private labels to major retailers anddistributors. Mr. Shai Shechter, Marketing Manager +972 50 646 3799 +972 4 987 2589 shai@gatorclamps.biz www.gatorclamps.biz CH 7845
  8. 8. Graspego Ltd.Graspego designs products that aim to solve familiar technical grip problems byproviding professional and DIY consumers with a variety of innovative and effectivepossibilities for gripping every possible object. This new patented line of productsprovides a high level of stability, improves the ergonomics of technical tasksconventionally used during handiwork, maintenance, and renovations, including:gluing, painting, sawing, drilling, soldering, carving, and more. Our products enableefficiency, improved safety, and are simple to use, making them worthwhile forconsumers. Mr. Abe Grolman, CEO +972 54 462 5000 +972 3 509 0399 abg@graspego.com www.graspego.com CH 7845
  9. 9. Greenbo LLCGreenbo was founded in 2008, bringing new design and creativity by manufacturinghigh-end prestigious design and quality products to the home and garden domain.Greenbo products are based on simplicity, innovation and efficiency, while keepingsafety as a prime prerequisite.Greenbo products highly durable and sustainable, are made of high-qualitymaterials and provide high-quality design.We at Greenbo care about the environment and our earth’s resources. We usehigh-quality and recycled materials to ensure long lasting products. Mr. Liron Golan, VP Global Sales and Marketing +972 52 428 6758 +972 77 344 5941 liron@greenbo.co www.greenbo.co NH 10676
  10. 10. Huliot Storage Solutions Ltd.Huliot A.C.S Ltd specializes in manufacturing contemporary and highly durablestorage solutions for DIY, medical, technical and industrial applications.All products are designed to maximize the efficiency and utility of storage solutionsthrough modularity in assembly and use.Huliot means interlinking elements. We design each product as an interchangeablecomponent in a flexible system. Each element is available in multiple sizes and allelements are designed to complement and inter-assemble with each other. Mr. Yuval Kaddar, CEO +972 52 428 9289 +972 3 688 9980 yuvalk@huliot.com www.huliot-storage.com/en/ CH 7845
  11. 11. Kapro Industries Ltd.For 30 years, Kapro has been making the finest quality spirit levels, laser levels,layout and marking tools. We’ve built a reputation as the industrys foremostinnovator, and are renowned for quality products, outstanding service, andcutting-edge designs.Kapro Industries is headquartered in Kadarim, Israel. Our U.S. subsidiary, KaproTools Inc., is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Kapro owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities in Israel, the United States, and China. Its manufacturing facilitiesare certified compliant with ISO standards. Mrs Annabelle Evenhaime , VP Sales & Marketing +972 52 429 4802 +972 4 698 6253 annabelle@kapro.com www.kapro.com CH 7845
  12. 12. OfertexOfertex transforms textile waste and virgin materials into exciting and functionalproducts.We know that each fabric is greater than the sum of its threads. That’s why everyday we work hard to transform textile and textile waste into an exciting innovation.From cleaning cloths, to beach and outdoor mats, to modern furniture, such asstools, cushions, rugs and carpets and even pet and litter mats. Our goal is todeliver customized, exciting, high-quality products. Mrs. Shani Strenger, Head Office Sales Department +972 52 667 2204 +972 3 936 6567 shani@ofertex.com www.ofertex.com CH 7845
  13. 13. SINK-SKIN Ltd.SINK-SKIN Ltd. develops and manufactures creative and decorative productsoffering solutions to small, daily irritations.SINK-SKIN’s products aim to revolutionize consumption habits, targeting theprivate, institutional, business and consumer markets.Sink Skin, The Disposable Strainer, is a worldwide protected patent that offers aunique solution to the kitchen sink and bathroom drains.Don’t fight the sticky waste of regular strainers, just use SINK-SKIN and disposewhen full.SINK-SKIN comes in a range of colors and designs, brightening the kitchen sinkand bathroom with creativity and style.Please see our Products video Mr. Nir Eylon, CEO +972 54 4557485 nir@sink-skin.com www.sink-skin.com CH 7845
  14. 14. Sterokem Ltd.SteroKem Ltd., is a leading Israeli manufacturer of unique cleaning andmaintenance products. Sterokem specializes in private label and the brandedmanufacturing of cleaning liquids and powders in diversified formulations andpackaging options, including unique and convenient single-dose pouches ofconcentrated cleaning and maintenance cleaners.SteroKem also manufactures specialty products for paint and wood care includingwood/deck and T.S.P cleaners, and cleaning products for travel and the outdoors.Our customers include both local and major multinational detergent companies. Mr. Avi Borenstein, Business Development Manager +972 50 210 6273 +972 4 846 8597 avi@sterokem.com www.sterokem.com CH 7845
  15. 15. Inspired by innovation • Partnering for successIsrael Export InstituteThe Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by memberfirms, private sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances businessrelationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses andorganizations.The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is committed tobringing together home and family products’ buyers with Israeli companiesthat suit their needs, ensuring that consumers throughout the worldbenefit from the innovation, quality and market adaptability of Israel’shome and family products industry. Ms. Caroline Nave, Manager, Home and Family Products +972 3 514 2982 +972 54 457 8127 nave@export.gov.il www.export.gov.il CH 7845