Israeli Green Solutions Israels leading technology companies
Company Name           Category                     Website                                            Brief Description  ...
Crytec        HVAC   Crytec has developed an advanced refrigeration technology based on novel...
Haama       Isolation             Haama is an international company specializing in development and  ...
Eltam Ein Hashofet     Lighting           www.eltam-            Eltam is the largest and leading manufacturer of ballasts ...
PowerSines           Lighting      PowerSines is a global provider of energy-efficiency ...
Rolan           Low Cost Building         ROLAN is the leading Israeli company in industrial const...
enable scalable information infrastructures-custom-designed to meet the                                                   ...
analysis.Systel Development &    Management & Systel has developed a unique, innovative appr...
products are based on a unique technology patented worldwide. AnyWay’s                                                    ...
(fossil fuel, bio fuel), thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply,                                              ...
(for buildings), Plastic mats for Agricultural Appliances.     Millennium          Solar Energy   http://www.millenniumsol...
Harvesting and PV Monitoring solution, allowing maximum energy production                                                 ...
builders, distributors and anyone who is building or renovating, Canisol has                                              ...
proof shower heads and a variety of electronic components.  Alubin      Windows            SHL-ALUB...
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טכנולוגית ירוקות


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טכנולוגית ירוקות

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טכנולוגית ירוקות

  1. 1. Israeli Green Solutions Israels leading technology companies
  2. 2. Company Name Category Website Brief Description MST Concentrated MST is a leading Solar Energy Company that develops highly efficient Solar Photovoltaics (CPV) Energy Systems to generate electricity. The Company addresses the needs of the Global Clean Energy Market by introducing advanced technology to convert solar energy into electricity at an affordable price. Zenith solar CPV ZenithSolar has developed a modular and easily scalable high concentration photovoltaic system (HCPV). The core technology is based on a unique, proprietary optical design to extract the maximum energy with minimal real estate. The system provides high electrical output concurrently with heat at temperatures ranging from those associated with domestic hot water to those suited to process heat - and can address vertical cogeneration applications.Agam Energy Systems Heating, Ventilating Agam Energy develops world changing energy products in two lines for and Air Conditioning am/ engines and for AC products. Engine line includes a car engine which System (HVAC) consumes a fifth of the fuel and emits a tenth of the pollution, and a small to mid-power plants with an efficiency of 60 percent. AC line includes a green AC with no Freon and COP of 6-8, fresh air unit to re-use heat and cold and dehumidifying and heating machine for greenhouses and covered pools. ACTC HVAC ATCT was engaged in the development, production and marketing of proprietary advanced electrical heating elements based on Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ceramic thermistors. ATCTs goal was to manufacture and market a complete product line of advanced heating elements for various market applications, based on the core technology developed by the company. Ball Tech Energy HVAC Ball-Tech Energy specializes in the field of Cooling Towers water treatment, shell and tubes Condensers for Air Conditioning and Industrial process Heat exchangers Automatic Tubes Cleaning Systems. Cellaris HVAC Cellaris is developing innovative, ultralight ceramic foams with better insulating properties and lower densities than current cellular ceramic foams. Unlike ceramic fibers, these foams are non-hazardous, and with thermal stability retained above 1700C, and can be used for high temperature applications. Presently the company concentrates its marketing efforts on the high temperature insulation and kiln furniture markets. CQM HVAC CQM manufactures and markets cost-effective fouling mitigation and cleaning products. The company develops environmentally-friendly solutions that keep heat exchanger and cooling towers clean and continuously efficient. 1
  3. 3. Crytec HVAC Crytec has developed an advanced refrigeration technology based on novel physical principles and engineering solutions. The Wiped Surface Crystallizer is a machine that freezes the liquid into crystals. The output of the machine is a mixture of liquid, very small (5 micron) crystals and fine gas bubbles named Bubble Slurry. The principle of machine operation - creation of the Cooling Volumetric Crystallization process - differentiates it from similar machines, makes it much more efficient and economically viable. The company offers compact and environmentally friendly devices for a wide spectrum of applications. Ducool HVAC DuCool Systems provides innovative, efficient air treatment solutions to industrial and commercial customers across the globe. For more than twenty years, Advantix Systems has helped customers raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption. One of the pioneers in harnessing liquid desiccant technology for air treatment applications, Advantix Systems is a leader in humidity and climate control technologies.Phoebus Energy HVAC http://www.phoebus- Phoebus Energy develops a unique system, based on adaptive software with a base of specific engineering hardware that brings the world an innovative heating system. Customers will be able to produce needed energy up to 50% more cheaply than with traditional heating systems. Phoebus Energy is also bringing to market a sound environmental solution to reduce pollution significantly in urban areas. Smart Energy HVAC Smart Energy specializes in the implementation of techno-economic solutions as well as utilizing unique technologies for energy savings in existing and new cooling and air-conditioning systems with capacity of over 10 tons. The companys business perception is based upon the implementation of actual technological assets, which provide actual profit to the customer, unlike non- tangible expenditures intended for publicity and public relations. Smart Energy attains savings and economical efficiency improvement in conjunction with reaching greater production of the resources existing in the organization. Bitum Isolation Bitum is Israels leading sealing and insulating products manufacturer. Bitum develops, produces and markets its advanced market leading sealing and insulating products for the last 60 years. Bitum launched a range of innovative and environment friendly products for the construction sector, which set a new standard of performance, efficient usage and costs effectiveness. These cutting edge products served as the basis for penetrating international markets, which already reached considerable exports to about 16 countries world wide. 2
  4. 4. Haama Isolation Haama is an international company specializing in development and manufacture of textile and insulation products. The company’s advanced product line markets to a large number of countries throughout the world and serves the leading international brand names and manufacturers.Haogenplast Isolation Haogenplast develops and manufactures the worlds most advanced, high- quality PVC sheeting, films and laminates. The Companys products serve for the lamination of construction elements such as window profiles and doors, roofing applications, awnings and canopies, swimming pools and tableware design products. Pazkar Isolation Pazkar is Israel`s largest manufacturer of waterproofing products. Product lines range from bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, through Poyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, to thermal and acoustic insulation. As a result, Pazkar provides high quality, comprehensive proofing and insulation solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries. Polyon Isolation Polyon Barkai Industries develops, manufactures and markets engineered polyethylene and polypropylene films and lids for the food and packaging industries, and special construction insulation applications. Termokir Isolation Termokir is producing and marketing thermal insulation plasters to the local market. Upon its founding, the company acquired German knowledge concerning thermal plaster and in the nineties it became the leading company in its field. In the following years the company developed and expanded its product line up to 40 products, specializing in plasters, adhesives, grouts and sealing products. Vidoflex Isolation Vidoflex® products excel in thermal insulation as a result of a combination of ucts.asp high quality products, supported by a dedicated technical service staff. As a result of this achievement, the company boasts a large number of international customers who rely on vidoflex and vidofil for their thermal insulation requirements. Catom Lighting http://www.catom- Catom Energy offers a comprehensive control and management solution for enterprise lighting. By using the Catom Energy solution, organizations can save more than a third of their light energy consumption and create a greener environment. DST Lighting http://www.dst- DST is Delivering the most efficient solutions, products and services in the Solar Power Industry. DST develops and manufactures state-of-the-art products, and undertakes complex projects utilizing its own products as well as complimentary solutions developed by other leading companies in the Solar Power field. 3
  5. 5. Eltam Ein Hashofet Lighting www.eltam- Eltam is the largest and leading manufacturer of ballasts in Israel and the Middle East. The company is involved in design, production and supply of ballasts and other magnetic and electronic accessories for the lighting industry. In addition to the above, the company has established itself as an approved supplier of cold forming parts and subassemblies to the automotive industries. Forma glow Lighting FormaGlow is proud to introduce its innovative new technology for producing chemiluminescent light sources. FormaGlows technology enables a thin and flexible surface of any size, shape or color to illuminate. Gaash lighting Ltd Lighting Gaash Lighting manufactures and develops high-quality lighting for use in the commercial and industrial sectors. Gaash Lighting products, from the simplest to the most complex, are always reliable, easy to install and maintain. Gaash Lighting products are predominantly designed and manufactured in-house in our extensive, state-of-the-art facilities including an on-site photmetric laboratory. Lightech Lighting Lightech invent, design, manufacture and deliver power-supplies for LED, Low-voltage Halogen and additional markets. Lightech drivers, transformers and ballasts are the most reliable, efficient and cost effective in the market. Menolinx Systems Lighting Menolinx Systems specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of remote lighting control and monitoring systems. Menolinx eco- friendly, solutions ensure smooth and reliable performance of lighting devices together with substantial energy savings and low maintenance costs. The technology combines smart RF, Cellular and line communication, a cost effective and reliable hardware, a user friendly GUI and strong control capabilities. Metro light Lighting Metrolight is the leading manufacturer of SmartHID™ electronic ballasts that emplates/Default.asp power High Intensity Discharge (HID) energy efficient lighting systems. Metrolight patented technology saves retailers, logistics operators, warehouses, manufacturers and municipal governments up to 65% on their energy bills while delivering spectacular light lasting up to two times longer than competitors. The control ready system offers connectivity with both analog and digital control devices and control and communication systems, extending the systems energy saving capabilities.Moon Solar Light (MSL) Lighting Moon Solar Light (MSL) is a manufacturer of solar road markers and solar products. MSL offers a variety of solar powered lighting solutions for various purposes such as safety, decoration and lighting. All the solar based products operate autonomously using the solar energy absorbed from day light. 4
  6. 6. PowerSines Lighting PowerSines is a global provider of energy-efficiency solutions for energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. PowerSines solutions utilize patented voltage regulation and control technologies in order to deliver the RightVoltage technology to the market. This technology allows electrical savings and CO2 reduction in outdoor and indoor commercial lighting, and industrial motor applications. Solarian Lighting Solarian Specialize in Designing and Manufacturing Solar & Wind lighting =about&lang=1 systems for various uses: Solar Street Lights for Public, Commercial and Residential areas, Marine, Security lighting, In-house, Backyards & Outdoor area, Rural area lighting, Dock lighting, Park Lighting and more. There is no need for Trenching and/or Underground wiring, No Ground, Nature and Animal disruption, Zero (0) Pollution, totally Recycle Green product thats makes Solarians Solar & Wind Lights an economically and clean solution. Solarians Polaris "All-In-One-Box Solar Lighting System" is high quality, low maintenance and competitive price product. Polaris can be installed on a 4-8 meter pole depending on your needs. Polaris Light covers 8x18 meters, has a long lasting working life time, easy shipment and installment.Vintec Knowledge Lighting Vintec Knowledge is specializing in saving energy in the area of industrial and commercial lighting, particularly high usage facilities. VINTEC is committed to a market-oriented philosophy that seeks to assist customers eliminate unnecessary wastage, reduce energy consumption and save costs Arussi Low Cost Building With over 35 years of industrialized construction experience, Arussi Construction is a leader in the prefab construction industry, constructing fixed and portable buildings ranging in size from guardhouses and offices to schools and hospital wings. Operating under ISO 9002 standards, Arussi’s construction is safe and environmentally friendly. Our team of experienced professionals takes projects from design to completion quickly and efficiently, while always paying close attention to detail. Diuk Low Cost Building Diuk Energy is a leading manufacturer of cold-formed metal products, specializing in steel profiles for the construction and building industries. The companys production lines consist of fully automated roll-forming machines with presses and punching machines. Diuk Arches, a subsidiary company of Diuk Energy, is one of the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of pre-engineered, easy to assemble steel structures for a variety of uses. Mivne Darom Low Cost Building Mivne Darom Insulated Panels Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. in Beer Sheva is a /len/ Israels largest manufacturer and distributor of insulated panels. The plant was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Polybid Expanded Polystyrene Products in Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev. 5
  7. 7. Rolan Low Cost Building ROLAN is the leading Israeli company in industrial construction, which is also known as prefabricated or light construction. Prefabricated construction that uses industrialized methods enables erection of mobile buildings at the companys factories by employing advanced technologies that save you money and time.AGM Communication & Management & AGM focuses on Distributed Control Networking for DCS & SCADA Monitoring applications in environmental telemonitoring, water, irrigation, sewage, Control industry, infrastructure, energy, and more. AGMs product-line is based on an open software platform for improved management of data communications in distributed areas, and in complex and heterogeneous hardware/software/protocol/communications media environments. Arcoline Management & Arcoline is developing a dual purpose, manual / automatic three-phase Monitoring 24KV/2500A Fault Current Limiting circuit breaker (FCL-CB) commissioned by the Israel Electric Company. The system upper limits are 35KV/3000A for fault current up to 50KA. The limiting time is less than 1m Sec. The FCL-CB will automatically self test the grid 0.3 sec after the first disconnection to determine a final open or closed position according to the grid short circuit status. This system affords protection of power systems and protects expensive, strategic equipment and electrical networks. Ardantech Management & Ardan Control Tech LTD, is a leading provider of advanced integrated Monitoring automation and control solutions, operating in versatile markets: Industrial, Energy management, Petrochemical facilities, Security & Defense, RFID, Audio-Video, Multi Media, Building management systems and Low Voltage Systems. Computerized Management & Computerized Electricity Systems (CES) is a provider of sophisticated Monitoring technological solutions and an outsourcing laboratory. The companys system Electricity Systems is a next-generation electricity board. It is an intelligent electric power (CES) management system which better protects durables and other consumers use of electricity, and offers customers and the electricity providers numerous capabilities, above and beyond those provided by the old electricity board. The system serves both single-phase and multi-phase infrastructures, in new installations as well as in retrofits. Comverge Control Management & Comverge Israel was built on the base of a startup established in 1994, called Monitoring PowerCom Control Systems. Comverge bought it in 1999 and turned it into its Systems R&D center in Israel. Comverge Inc. is an autonomous, majority owned subsidiary of Data Systems and Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSSI). Comverges End-to-End Energy Intelligence software suite, PowerCAMP, combined with their field-proven hardware development and manufacturing expertise, 6
  8. 8. enable scalable information infrastructures-custom-designed to meet the needs of todays innovative energy suppliers. Elspec Engineering Management & Elspec develops, produces and markets comprehensive electrical power Monitoring quality solutions and sophisticated electrical network analysis technologies. Implemented applications are spanning the industrial, commercial and utility sectors. ExTA - Exclusive Management & ExTA was developing several unique energy solution packages for the global Monitoring ml energy production market, providing an efficient and cost-effective Thermodynamic alternative to existing vaporization methods. ExTA was applicable in the Applications treatment and preparation of fuels for consumption, safety improvements, improvement of process control systems, prevention of environmental pollution, increased reliability of the fuel supply and control of efficiency and burning. Green Power Management & Green Power Technologies (GPT) developed a complete product line based on Monitoring its concepts. The implementation of its products in the power factor stage Technologies (GPT) provided a solution for a single-phase power range of 35w to 3.5kW. The GPT method of integrating the power switch, diode and control circuitry enables a quick "Plug & Play" implementation of a low-cost, stable, robots PF stage.Greenlet Technologies Management & Greenlet is a Smart Grid company focused on Scalable Energy Control Monitoring m/ solutions for electric companies (utilities) and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Greenlet’s system helps electric utilities manage power consumption during peak days, and it lets residential and commercial customers get money for power reduction during peaks. Modcon Systems Management & http://www.modcon- Modcon Group is a leading supplier of analytical, process control, laboratory Monitoring and industrial turn-key systems. Among their products are Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Systems, Waste Water Treatment Systems and instrumentation such as sensors and Endress+Hauser measurement devices to determine pressures, temperatures, flows and levels.NiDan Control Systems Management & NiDan Control systems specializes in improving efficiency of energy Monitoring consumption based on installed equipment. The company develops a unique system to control electrical loads and to trace energy expenses. PetroMetriX Management & PetroMetriX develops, manufactures and markets a new generation of Monitoring process analyzers based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Satec Management & SATEC is recognized as a leading developer and manufacturer of Digital Power Monitoring meters and Power Quality Analysis equipment. The company develops, designs and manufactures digital power meters and analyzers for data acquisition and control, as well as advanced software packages for power 7
  9. 9. analysis.Systel Development & Management & Systel has developed a unique, innovative approach to the design and Monitoring application of Single Chip, preprogrammed, Integrated Digital Controllers Industries (IDCs) with reprogramming facilities. Reprogramming them is immediate, simple and intuitive with the Systel "point-and-click" PC graphic interface. With the Systel IDC, the months of traditional programming time are compressed into very few hours and development of the unique OEM end- product is completed in record time.Yitran Communications Management & Yitran Communications is a leading provider of power line modem Monitoring technology. A fabless communications semiconductor company, Yitran designs, develops, and markets Powerline Communication mixed-signal integrated circuits for the Smart Grid market, AMR/AMM (Automatimc Meter Reading/ Management, Energy Management in the home and office, Communication to Solar Panel, Smart Home and other Command and Control applications, all over existing electrical infrastructure. Palram Materials Palram is one of the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturers of polycarbonate, PVC and other thermoplastic sheets for a variety of industries including construction, graphics and display, architecture, and for the do-it- yourself market (DIY). Plazit Materials Plazit 2001 is one of the leaders in Israels thriving plastics industry. Plazit product line consists of extruded plastic sheets from a wide range of materials, including PMMA, GPPS, HIPS, SAN and Polycarbonate. All these can be manufactured in a large variety of colors and sizes. Polygal Materials Polygal Plastics Industries Ltd. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Polycarbonate and Polypropylene structured sheets and advanced glazing systems, valued for outstanding light transmission and reflective qualities, strength, durability, energy-saving, easy to install and overall high quality. Romold Materials Romold develops and manufactures polyethylene products using the Rotational molding technology. The company core business is to provide solutions in three areas: Infrastructure products, Environmental products and custom products. Brand Industries Power Plants http://www.brand- Brand Industries Ltd. is involved in the design, production and establishment of large-scale steel projects in Israel and abroad, which include the energy, chemical, infrastructures, and construction industries. AnyWay Solution Roads http://www.anywaysolutions. AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a global leader in providing soil com/ stabilization products to the infrastructure and development sectors. AnyWay 8
  10. 10. products are based on a unique technology patented worldwide. AnyWay’s Natural Soil Stabilizer (ANSS) is recognized as an extremely cost effective method of converting poor quality soil into a strong impermeable layer. It permits construction of pavements, embankments and reinforced earth structures in areas where they were not previously economically viable. In addition to roads, AnyWay has developed a new line of products designed to be mixed with soil to meet a variety of needs in the building process. This new line of products includes Soil Block, for the manufacturing of compressed earth blocks, Soil Mortar for block laying, Soil Plaster for walls, and Soil Bond tile adhesive. GreenWAY Roads http://www.greenway- Greenway is an engineering consulting company that specializes in supplying turnkey solutions, which includes: engineering, managing and supervising of infrastructure and construction projects, while using environmentally friendly enzyme technology. The source of the enzyme material is from plants. Its dilution with water while mixed with soil creates stable ground. A few hours after the mixing, deploying and tightening, aCBR suitable for vehicles passage is ready. As mentioned above, the material is environmentally- friendly. PRS Roads PRS – Professional Reinforcement Solutions– is the world’s leading provider of Neoweb soil stabilization and reinforcement solutions for infrastructure and transportation. The Neoloy generation of Neoweb is the strongest ground and basal reinforcement solution for any structural pavement. With performance and design life aligned to the needs of today’s transportation infrastructure Neoloy is driving the transition of Neoweb to large-scale highways, railways and port projects. These properties extend Neoweb’s design life well beyond conventional geocell technology and provide a clear value proposition compared to any other geocells, geogrids or other reinforcement geosynthetics.Amcor Solar Energies Solar Energy Amcor Solar Energies is a leading producer of solar and electrical heating systems for the Israeli and international markets. The company develops and manufcatures solar water heating systems, electric water storage tanks, solar collectors, solar storage tanks. AORA Solar Energy AORA has developed an advanced solar-hybrid power generation unit (IP protected) based upon its long lasting relationship with the Weizmann Institute of Science. The system offers a unique modular solution to green power generation, comprising small Base Units (100kWe each) that can be strung together, building up into a large power plant, tailored to the customers needs. When the available sunlight is not sufficient (during cloud cover or at night), the system can operate on any alternative fuel source 9
  11. 11. (fossil fuel, bio fuel), thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply, 24hr/day.Arava Power Company Solar Energy The Arava Power Company (APC) is developing solar energy. APC is well- positioned to take advantage of the recently enacted and upcoming regulations and feed-in tariffs to build solar energy plants on a large-scale commercial basis. APC is a full-service solar solutions company that is the ideal partner for land owners. Chromagen Solar Solar Energy Chromagen, a global leader in the field of thermal solar energy systems, develops and markets a wide range of Solar systems which includes Solar Energy Systems collectors and storage tanks for domestic as well as central systems for commercial applications. Ener-t Global Solar Energy Ener-t is a thermal solar technology provider and project promoter/developer of multi-megawatt solar thermal power plants. The team of Ener-t comprises the leaders that developed the original parabolic trough technology of the Luz system and led the manufacturing and construction of the solar fields for the nine 354MW SEGS plants in California. Ham Miad Solar Energy The Ham Mi’ad Company has been developing, manufacturing and installing e/he/pages/homePage.asp solar water heating systems, thermo tanks and solar collectors for over 30 years. Ham Mi’ad produces a wide range of solar and electrical thermo tanks for solar heating systems with thermostat in capacities ranging from 30-200 liters, coated with epoxy and enamel to insure protection from corrosion for many years. HelioFocus Solar Energy HelioFocus is developing and commercializing modular highly-efficient solar solutions. HelioFocus system is the only dispatchable solar thermal system with efficiency of more than 20%. It comprises a large parabolic mirror that concentrates sunlight onto a proprietary receiver that enables working temperatures of more than 1,000°C. The receiver converts the light into heat. The hot air drives a turbo generator. Interdan Solar Energy Interdan specializes in photo-voltaic energy, optimizing digital controls, remote communication command and control systems, energy-efficient lighting devices and systems, simulation, design and control software for illumination and signage products. The company provides as well mobile power solutions including inverters, chargers and control. Magen Eco Energy Solar Energy Magen Eco Energy, spearheads the Magen International Group, is an international group specializing in the development, production and marketing of sophisticated Plastic Heat Transfer Systems. Among their products are Plastic Solar Collectors for low and medium temperatures, Plastic Industrial Heat Exchangers, Plastic Environmental acclimatization Mats 10
  12. 12. (for buildings), Plastic mats for Agricultural Appliances. Millennium Solar Energy http://www.millenniumsolar.c Millennium Electric T.O.U. Ltd manufacturer and a world leader in the field of om/ PV and PVT solar technologies. The company has installed about 26MW worldwide and has a capacity of 300 megawatt for manufacturing PV Mono/Poly crystalline panels of high efficiency. Millennium is an Israeli based company with vast experience in the solar energy industry with representatives in the U.S.A., Africa and Europe. MSL Solar Energy Moon Solar Light (MSL) is a manufacturer of solar road markers and solar products. MSL offers a variety of solar powered lighting solutions for various purposes such as safety, decoration and lighting. All the solar based products operate autonomously using the solar energy absorbed from day light. Pythagoras Solar Solar Energy http://www.pythagoras- Pythagoras Solar provides innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaics products which combine energy efficiency, solar power generation, and transparency to enable aesthetically-pleasing, self-powered buildings. Rand Solar Energy Rand is highly renowned in the solar industry. Its technological innovations, outstanding quality and competitive prices have placed it at the forefront of its field. The company regularly allocates substantial funds for research and development, in order to increase the efficiency and durability of its systems. Shikun Binui Solar Energy http://shikun- Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy is the energy division of the Shikun & Binui group, and is involved in a variety of activities within the energy sector, and especially in electricity generation based on renewable energy sources. Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy operates power generation plants in Israel and abroad, including photovoltaic solar power plants that generate clean electricity using solar energy. It also initiates, develops, plans and erects power plants for electricity generation based on solar energy (both thermal solar and photovoltaic) and on conventional energy (natural gas) in Israel and abroad. Solar power Solar Energy SolarPower Israel is a system integration company which provides renewable ndex-e.html energy solutions.. SolarPower provides environmental added-valued products for green related projects. SolarPower vision is to bring electricity to those sectors, which are still out of power, and to do that with clean and safe energy. SolarPower is a major source for renewable energy components and products, integrated energy systems, consultancy and projects design. SolarPower also invest on developing products in-house.SolarEdge Technologies Solar Energy SolarEdge provides the world’s first end-to-end Distributed Solar Power 11
  13. 13. Harvesting and PV Monitoring solution, allowing maximum energy production for faster return on investment. The SolarEdge PowerBoxesTM are DC-DC power optimizers that perform MPPT per individual panel while monitoring performance of each panel and communicating across existing power lines. Moreover, PowerBoxes always maintain a fixed DC string voltage, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge solar inverter, which is tailor made to work with power optimizers. Solecta Solar Energy Solecta developed an innovative active solar panel technology that allows a sustained two-fold reduction of cost of solar energy. This is achieved through a ten-fold reduction of consumption of silicon, the most expensive and scarce component in the production of solar panels. Combining the reliability and the ease of use of market-proven conventional solar panels with dramatically reduced production costs, Solecta targets energy generation at residential and business premises, at a cost equal to or lower than electrical utility retail prices. Solecta Solar Energy Solecta developed an innovative active solar panel technology that allows a sustained two-fold reduction of cost of solar energy. This is achieved through a ten-fold reduction of consumption of silicon, the most expensive and scarce component in the production of solar panels. Combining the reliability and the ease of use of market-proven conventional solar panels with dramatically reduced production costs, Solecta targets energy generation at residential and business premises, at a cost equal to or lower than electrical utility retail prices.Sunday nature power Solar Energy Sunday is the leading”Solar as a Service” provider in Israel, offering development, operation and integration Solar Energy solutions. Sunday solutions are based upon state of the art Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology and equipment with the industry highest efficiency and reliability standards. Tigo Energy Solar Energy Tigo Energy provides a solution to maximize the power output of today’s photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution provides more energy, active management, and enhanced safety for utility, commercial, and residential solar arrays. Tigo Energy’s proprietary impedance-matching technology provides the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution in the industry. Dekora Under Floor Heating Decora Group, specialists in innovative and eco-friendly home acclimatization systems. Canisol Underfloor Heating Canisol, the under floor heating experts, deliver the optimal heating solution - smart heat distribution from the floor up! Canisol’s energy-saving, cost effective electric heating systems provide safe environment-friendly heat. For 12
  14. 14. builders, distributors and anyone who is building or renovating, Canisol has exactly what you are looking for with extra- thin heating products that easily fit under all types of flooring. Ideal Heat Underfloor Heating IdealHeat provides advanced indoor & outdoor heating solutions for / residential & office spaces. Its leading-edge under-floor heating systems provides comfortable natural warmth while enable total freedom in architectural and interior design. Atmor Water Efficiency Atmor Industries Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Electric Instant Water Heaters in the world. In the last 30 years Atmor has sold over 2 Million heaters all over the world, under its brand and "Private Label", on an O.E.M basis. EPC Water Efficiency http://www.epc- EPC focuses on development, production and sales of a range of onsite wastewater treatment plants based on a full biological process. The 0 companys products incorporate proprietary techniques for air-positive biological reduction. All company products deliver comprehensive treatment of wastewater and sewage. The products are odor free, cost efficient, easy to install and to maintain, require considerably less periodical sludge removal, modular, require neither chemicals nor any additives. Hamat Water Efficiency Israels largest manufacturer and exporter of brass faucets, develops and lt.asp?lang=en produces quality faucets, utilizing advanced technologies and unique designs, under professional supervision, and in accordance with strict Israeli and international standards. Madgal Water Efficiency Madgal develops and produces a variety of faucets that are made from bout.asp innovative materials and designs. The company is developing smart faucets, made of polymers and automatically close on the basis of a preset program, thereby saving water. Madgal is currently developing a patent-pending smart faucet which regulates the water temperature before they come out the tap, therefore saves significant amount of water. Magic tec Water Efficiency http://www.magic- Magic Technologies specializes in manufacturing and marketing of water saving products for shower, faucets and waterless urinals since 1997. Plasson Water Efficiency Plasson provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. Plassons products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyence systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.Y. Stern Engineering Water Efficiency Y. Stern develops and manufactures electronic faucets and flushing devices operated by infra-red sensors or piezo switches. The companys products include electronic wall-mounted faucets, electronic deck-mounted faucets, electronic flushing valves for urinals and toilets, electronic showers, vandal 13
  15. 15. proof shower heads and a variety of electronic components. Alubin Windows SHL-ALUBIN is the largest aluminium profile manufacturer in Israel. The enterprise, which produces about a thousand tons of profiles per month, enjoys the benefits of size and power of two experienced and sophisticated merged factories. The whole process of production and finishing takes place from start to finish under one roof.Terre Armee Others Terre Armee Ltd. is a civil engineering and construction company licensed by the Israel government to carry out building bridge and highway projects of unlimited scope, including infrastructure development and marine construction. Terre Armee has successfully introduced "reinforced earth" technology into Israel. The company is expert in all applications of reinforced earth and carries them out on a design and build basis. Terre Armee also specializes in protective construction and is the inventor and developer of the reinforced explosive store and shelter. Ytong Others Ytong is a leading company in the local and international building materials market. For over 80 years it has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced construction technologies throughout the world. Ytong blocks and technologies comply with the most stringent international health and environmental standards aimed at ensuring products of the finest quality, protecting the green environment and constantly improving our quality of life. 14