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Israel at MIPTV 2014

Israel at MIPTV 2014

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  • 1. MIPTV 2014 Focus on Israel visibility in Cannes DESIGN&INNOVATION
  • 2. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation Advertising Full advertising page in the Preview Magazine about the focus sent to some 6,000 people before the show · Registration Hall branding · Many panels in the Hall itself · Large Welcome branded sticker on the floor of the entrance entrance · Branded foot prints inside the Hall · Branded T shirts of all the hostesses (some 20 hostesses with branded T Shirts during all the week) · Branding of the screens of all the e tickets machines giving badges (of the Miptv badges machines also at the Mipdoc in the Martinez ) · Large advertising panel on the floor 3 – the conferences floor · 5 branded conferences with many Israeli speakers · Mipdoc · Mipformat · Mip TV · Screening by Virginia · Scripted format · New Media
  • 3. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation Theses conference created a large interest, most of the time the amphitheaters where full, even from 8:30 am on Tuesday! Conferences In addition of branded conferences, the MIP decided to add some other Israeli related conferences: exclusive Masters Mind Key Note of avi Nir, Israeli speakers at few other conferences like in the New Media panel inside the Mipformat. Even if in addition to the “package” and not branded “Israeli Focus” it enlarged the Israeli Buzz. · Full advertising pages inside the Daily News 2 distributed at more than 10,000 samples · Articles about the focus itself in the Preview and daily news 1,2,3. Also, there was a raise of the articles about Israel companies inside these magazines. · Full magazine about the focus itself distributed together with the Daily News 2, at more than 10,000 samples. The magazine received particularly good critiques about its content quality. Also the magazine was full of sponsors advertising (full pages, half pages, quarter of pages).
  • 4. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation · 6 very larges branded flags in key locations in front of the Palais des Festivals. · At few opportunities, conference introduction speeches by the Mip director, Laurine Garaude. · Branded Roll Ups at many locations · In the VIP protocole · At the entrances of the branded conferences: Mipdoc, Mipformat, Miptv (screening, scripted, new media) · In addition to the packaged visibilities, Israeli companies added “privately” more advertising than usual and it created an even more critical mass and a great effect: Israel content is here and strong. The Israeli Party at the exclusive Carlton hotel · This was THE glamour spoken event of the Market! All the Cannes’ Croisette spoke about it before and after. Monday and Tuesday hundreds and hundreds of peoples tried to get an invitation to a party that looks to be the place to be on Tuesday night. · The budget was build for 400 attendees. In fact, more than 1,200 people came to the party in total (we expected this figure with Yoram and Geraldine and prepared ourselves according to that), with alcohol and cocktails served quite until the end 21:30 – 1:30!
  • 5. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation It was described by attendees and Mip management as one of the best party ever at the Mip. People came and stayed for hours. The Balkan Beat Box lighted the fire. · Many people were waiting in the queue in front of the Carlton. The party enhanced the Buzz about Israel – no speech, just cool high quality Fun offered by the Israeli TV industry, it reinforced a cool, dynamic and modern image. · A branded Roll Up received the attendees + a large sponsors banners inside the luxurious Hall + many screens with sponsors content logos in the backgrounds.
  • 6. Branding
  • 7. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation Logo versions
  • 8. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation Typography
  • 9. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation High impact photography
  • 10. Advertising
  • 11. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬ c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬ c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬ c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬
  • 12. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation Wed 8 THE ISRAELI PARTY - by invitation only. Carlton 21:00 Balkan Beat Box - live show Ram Matza - Live VJ MIPDOC Co- Productions Marketplace: Success stories from Israel Mipformats How to do business with Israel Miptv Focus on Israel Fresh TV from Israel, presented by Virginia 9:00-9:30 Mouseler, CEO, The WIT when Drama meets formats 9:40-10:20 Israeli Innovation Seminar: From start up to TV 10:30-11:10 THE ISRAELI PARTY Saturday 5th MIPDOC Martinez Hotel, Conf. Room 17:10-17:40 Co-Production Marketplace Success Stories from Israel Tuesday 8th MIPTV Palais des Festivals, Audi A 9:00-9:30 Fresh TV from Israel Presented by Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The WIT 9:40-10:20 How to create successful format / dramas? 10:30-11:10 Innovation Seminar From Start-Up to TV Tuesday 8th THE ISRAELI PARTY Carlton - By invitation only 21:30 Balkan Beat Box - Live Show Amir Peri - DJ Set Ram Matza - Live VJ Sunday 6th MIPFORMATS Palais des Festivals, Grand Audi 17:10-17:50 Maximize Your Business with Israel c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬
  • 13. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation
  • 14. www.roandco.coRo&Co Design&Innovation c o m m u n i c a t i o n s ,‫קטנים‬ ‫באלמנטים‬ ,‫ס"מ‬ 1-‫מ‬ ‫קטן‬ ‫המשולש‬ ‫בהם‬ :‫זו‬ ‫בגירסה‬ ‫לשתמש‬ ‫יש‬ Wishes to welcome you at
  • 15. Thank you www.roandco.co For additional work and full bios visit our website: DESIGN&INNOVATION