Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2011


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Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2011

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Israel at Cosmoprof Asia 2011

  1. 1. For the For theSENSES PAMPERING• Softness • Spa• Scent • Clinic• Splendor • Salon• Smoothness • HomeCOME TO BEAUTY BY ISRAEL
  2. 2. Look better, feel better, be better Natural, organic and conventional formulations For premium and mass markets Hot and sunny climate: skincare excellence Dead Sea ingredients with curative properties Local plants and herbs
  3. 3. Make your business look better too Industrial and boutique production Advanced research and laboratories Modern manufacturing methods Superior container and package designs Meet Ecocert and other international standards Private label production
  4. 4. Chains like Sephora & manningsfeature Israeli cosmetics and toiletries. Come see why.
  5. 5. B4UProducts: Advanced skin care and certified organic productsWhy visit B4UB4U Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of advanced anti-aging skin care and Ecocert certified organic cosmetics. Wesupply our house brands and create private labels for otherfirms, even in small quantities, direct from Israel or through oursubsidiary in
  6. 6. B4U
  7. 7. BeleafProducts: Meditteranean Herbal ProductsWhy visit BeleafBeLeaf is a unique company based on more than two decades of intenseresearch into what is referred to today as Mediterranean or Greco-ArabicMedicine. BeLeaf founders revive centuries of long lost or forgottonmedicinal texts written by great thinkers and physicians of previous erassuch as Avicenna, Hippocrates, and Maimonedes. All products are 100%natural and made from pure indiginous herbs and plants from theMediterranean region and Middle
  8. 8. Beleaf
  9. 9. Chic Cosmetic IndustriesProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care and spaproductsWhy visit Chic Cosmetic IndustriesChic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products (Dead Sea –Canaan skin and body care, SPA, Canaan Organics and Mogadorhair care, make-up & nail products). Chic provides private labelmanufacturing services, including research & development andquality
  10. 10. Chic Cosmetic Industries
  11. 11. CTSProducts: Rx and OTC medicationsWhy visit CTSCTS is a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company operating in themarket since 1921. CTS manufactures high quality OTC,prescription generic and branded pharmaceuticals, unique life-cycle products, dermo-cosmetic and toiletry lines. Special lines:feminine intimate products, children’s toothpaste and
  12. 12. CTS
  13. 13. Dan MorNatural & Chemical Products Ltd.Products: Specialty wet wipesWhy visit Dan MorDan Mor develops and produces impregnated wipes forcosmetic, personal health and medical use. We are a globalprivate label specialist, offering a wide range of products, qualitycontrol, advanced artwork technology, Ecocert and CE approvals,diversified packaging and production
  14. 14. Dan MorNatural & Chemical Products Ltd.
  15. 15. Gigi Cosmetic LaboratoriesProducts: Professional cosmeticsWhy visit Gigi Cosmetic LaboratoriesGigi Cosmetic Laboratories, established in 1957, is the largestprofessional cosmetics producer in Israel, providing more than400 products for beauticians, clinics, dermatologists, spas andconsumers. Now also offering Quadro-Pro, a non-invasivemedical aesthetic treatment that treats all four layers of
  16. 16. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories
  17. 17. Home SkinovationsProducts: Advanced skin care and certified organic productsWhy visit Home SkinovationsHome Skinovations Ltd. is a world leader in development andmarketing of medical aesthetic home-use devices, based on itsproprietary Home Pulsed Light technology.Home Skinovations products are marketed in the global consumermarket and the company is currently in the process of setting a newstandard for hair removal and skin rejuvenation home
  18. 18. Home Skinovations
  19. 19. MorazGalilee Medical HerbsProducts: Paramedical skin care treatments and cosmeticsWhy visit MorazMoraz paramedical skin care treatments and cosmetics are basedon Galilee and Jezreel Valley healing plant extracts, including theextraordinary polygonum aviculare, grown traditionally andorganically. High levels of herbal concentrate (65-100%) promisehigh efficacy. Many of our products have been clinically
  20. 20. MorazGalilee Medical Herbs
  21. 21. NatureScent -FaranProducts: Natural, organic, Ecocert certified, face & body careproductsWhy meet NatureScent – FaranInspired by the Ramon Crater, FARAN/NatureScent offerseffective natural products created to promote a better feelingand appearance for men, women and children. Treating bodiesfrom head to toe, Faran’s pure and natural products have beenformulated using only the best ingredients nature can,
  22. 22. NatureScent -Faran
  23. 23. Peer PharmProducts: Cosmetic, toiletry, Dead Sea and premium skin careproductsWhy visit Peer PharmMineralium laboratories developed the layers technology, which is basedon infusing minerals and active ingredients deep into the dermal layers,thus stimulating the skin cells to perform biochemical processes thatcontribute to skin rehabilitation and regeneration. Healthy skinrehabilitation and maintenance need to start from the basics, meaning,using the skin’s natural mechanisms to attain effective and long-termresults that restore normal and healthy skin
  24. 24. Peer Pharm
  25. 25. Pharma CosmeticsProducts: Dermaceutical and cosmeceutical skin care productsWhy visit Pharma CosmeticsPharma Cosmetics is an international cosmeceutical company.For the last 20 years, Pharma Cosmetics has developed andmanufactured breakthrough skin care cosmeceuticals. Thecompany’s advanced R&D labs focus on creating highly activeformulations, using unique ingredients. HL, Pharma Cosmetics’prestigious brand, is currently sold worldwide and
  26. 26. Pharma Cosmetics
  27. 27. Spa CosmeticsProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetic productsWhy visit Spa CosmeticsSpa Cosmetics offers 14 lines of its own labels as well as privatelabel manufacturing. Our factory, certified to produce organicproducts by Ecocert Greenlife France, is ISO 9001 & 22716(Cosmetics GMP) certified. Each item has been carefullyformulated and packaged to reflect the quality of our
  28. 28. Spa Cosmetics
  29. 29. You want the best for your customers.You want the best for you.Come visit the Israeli pavilionAt 2011.
  30. 30. Contact Information:Ms. Eti PrishBusiness Development ManagerCosmetics and ToiletriesThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2993Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: