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Israel Agrotechnology

Israel Agrotechnology

Israel Agrotechnology
“Growth it’s all in your hands”



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    Israel Agrotechnology Israel Agrotechnology Presentation Transcript

      • Israel Agrotechnology
      • “ Growth it’s all in your hands”
    • Mediterranean Sea Egypt Jordan Lebanon Syria Dead Sea Jordan Valley N 470 km. 9 hrs. 135 km. 90 min. 22,000 Km² Negev Mountain Range Jerusalem Tel Aviv Israel
    • Annual Average (mm) North: 720 Mountain: 550 South: 30 Rainfall 1,000 800 700 500-600 200-400 100-200 <100
    • Surface: 22,000 Km 2 Length: 470 Km Width: 20-135 Km Geography
    • Agricultural Characteristics
      • Scarce natural resources, particularly water and arable land
      • Over half the country’s area is desert
      • Agriculture Sector = researchers, extensionists, farmers and agriculture-related industries working closely to develop new methods in all branches.
      • Intensive system of production yields modern agriculture
    • R & D Grower Industry Close Cooperation in the Agriculture Sector Extension Service
    • Israeli Agrotech Exports
      • Greenhouses
      • Dairy Farming
      • Poultry Farming
      • Aquaculture
      • Water Management Irrigation
      • Seeds
      • Mechanization
      • Fertilizers and Pesticides
      • Turnkey Projects, Consulting and Know-How
    • Greenhouses
      • Natural restrictions of soil, water and climate led to Israeli-developed greenhouse technologies for high added value crops .
      • Greenhouse systems, including specialized plastic films, and heating, ventilation and structure systems , enable Israeli farmers to achieve superior results:
        • Grow more than 3,000,000 roses per hectare per season, and an
        • Average of 300 tons of tomatoes per hectare per season, four times the yields of open fields
    • Dairy Farming
      • Israeli-developed advanced technologies that have revolutionized the industry.
      3. Israel’s dairy exports include frozen semen, embryos for transplant, heifers, advanced milking and computerized feeding systems, consulting, and joint international project development. 2. Average milk production has increased two and a half times since the 1950s – from 3,900 liters annually to an average of nearly 11,000 liters per dairy cow.
      • Breeding - Breeds developed in Israel highly disease-resistant, adaptable to extremes of climate and heat, and characterized by rapid growth rate, high egg production and low-fat meat.
      • Equipment - automatic egg collector, poultry drinking systems and durable plastic slat flooring that contribute to hygienic conditions in the henhouse.
      • Control Systems - Sophisticated control systems maintain desired levels of humidity, heat, lighting, feed, ventilation and cooling 24 hours a day.
      Poultry Farming Israeli-developed innovations improve production and make poultry farmers’ work more efficient
      • Fish farming is carried out in the open sea in floating cages , and in man-made reservoirs and ponds .
      • Due to the lack of fresh water, fish farmers use closed water systems for intensive farming . Some projects also use reservoir water for irrigation .
      • Wide range of ornamental fish and marine plants are bred , including coldwater fish, tropical fish and water lilies. Exported overseas, especially to Europe.
      Aquaculture Israel employs an intensive form of aquaculture:
    • Water and Irrigation
      • World’s most advanced user of agricultural irrigation – half of all agricultural land under irrigation.
      • Pioneer in developing innovative technologies and accessories : drip irrigation, automatic valves and controllers, media and automatic filtration, low discharge sprayers and mini- sprinklers, compensated drippers and sprinklers.
      • Computer-controlled drip irrigation = huge water savings and enables fertigation.
      • Global Reputation – more than 80% of production exported.
    • Seeds
      • Worldwide demand for Israeli seeds and seedlings:
      • Disease resistant seed varieties developed
      • – durable in storage and suited to a variety
      • of climatic conditions.
      • 40% of European tomato greenhouses
      • use seeds of Israeli-developed and
      • produced tomato hybrid with long shelf life.
      • Other Israeli successes :
        • Seedless Watermelon
        • Resistant Squash
        • High-Yield Cucumbers
        • Saucer-Shaped Yellow Zucchini
        • Hybrid Cotton variety with longer and stronger fibers and high-yield crop requiring less water, naturally colored cotton and more.
    • Mechanization
      • Israel manufactures and exports a
      • variety of specialized agricultural
      • equipment, including:
      • Mobile Celery Packing House
      • Machinery for Digging Silage and mixing the feed uniformly
      • Poultry Equipment – drinkers, automatic egg collectors, climate control systems and scales for weighing
      • Air-Blast Sprayer for use in citrus growing and vineyards which provides an efficient cover of the tree.
      • Flower Bulb Transplanters .
      • Machinery for Packing Houses .
    • Fertilizers
      • Direct raw material exports
      • Local processing and compounding to enhance utility,
      • effectiveness and environmental safety.
      • Remarkable developments include:
        • Application of fertilizers through drip irrigation buried in the ground to ensure that less mobile components, such as phosphorous, will reach the roots directly.
        • Controlled-Release Fertilizers – coated in polymers to ensure slow, prolonged release and delivery via diffusion. Slow release fertilizers allow better exploitation of the fertilizer and less groundwater pollution.
      Israel’s southern region, particularly Dead Sea area, rich in mines providing potassium, phosphorus and magnesium for the agricultural sector:
    • Plant Protection
      • Biological materials non-pathogenic to both plants and humans for treating diseases in plants. Effective in treating diseases caused by pests, fungus and viruses in wide range of crops.
      • Methods for disinfecting the soil, using formaline as a substitute for methyl bromide.
      • Defoliant for cotton and herbicides for early and specific treatment of weeds .
      Israeli companies manufacture and export pesticides and herbicides for the control of insects, fungi and weeds:
    • Turnkey Projects, Consulting and Know-How
      • Multiple skills, talents and experiences are
      • enlisted to provide integrated solutions that
      • embrace:
        • Soil
        • Water Additives
        • Plants
        • Livestock Varieties, Equipment and Structures
      Increasingly, Israeli agrotechnology companies join forces and supply turnkey projects for both crop and livestock development programs:
        • The Results: Improved Yields at Lower Cost
        • A win-win situation in a resource-stressed world
      • Thanks
      • Yitzhak Kiriati Agrotechnology Director
      • [email_address]