Fancy Food 2013 Taste Israel


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Fancy Food 2013 Taste Israel

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Fancy Food 2013 Taste Israel

  1. 1. Weinviteyouonaculinaryjourney:AtripwhereallyoursenseswillenjoyaworldofaromasaworldofcolorsandaworldofflavorsbroughttoyouallthewayfromIsrael.WELCOME
  2. 2. AnexceptionalvarietyofproductswithuniquecharacteristicsTASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  3. 3.  Exclusive and innovative products Melting pot effect – unique combinations Wide variety of gluten and lactose free products Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, gourmet, etc. Suitable for premium and ethnic demands Range of industrial production and artisanal products Perfect for private label products Flexible in tailoring flavors and packaging for regional consumers:TASTE THE ADVANTAGES
  4. 4. Let’staste eachIsraeliproductonebyoneandNOW!
  5. 5. Beth ElProducts: 100% fruit-based jams and saucesBeth El’s select jams and preserves, branded under AuntBerta’s, are produced from 100% fresh choice fruit. Orchardfreshness and top quality are preserved with Beth El’simmediate pick-to-prep
  6. 6. Cohen-OrProducts: Frozen pastry productsCohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredientsfashioned from original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan,Arabic, and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastryvarieties not found
  7. 7. Couscous MaisonProducts: Couscous and couscous productsCouscous Maison Ltd., a leading Israeli manufacturer of pre-cooked couscous and instant mini pasta, meets all foodmanufacturing regulations using state-of-the-art technology.These additive-free instant products have high nutritional valueand require no cooking – just the addition of boiling
  8. 8. Elsa’s StoryProducts: Premium cookies and baked goodsElsa’s Story cookie brand is considered one of the market’sbest by a former Harrods and Selfridges buyer. Withprofessional product development and unique commercialquantity cookie and cake-baking skills, Elsa’s Story preservesall the authentic elements of home-made baked
  9. 9. Kad Bnei DaromProducts: Antipasti and vegetable spreadsKad Bnei Darom manufactures a broad range of antipasti andpickled products, including grilled eggplant purée andmulticolored toasted pepper strips in extra virgin olive oil, and avariety of gourmet vegetable spreads, such as basil pesto andsun-dried
  10. 10. Neptune Food ProductsProducts: Spices, seasoning mixtures, rice mixes, saucesNeptune Food Products manufactures, markets and exports a widevariety of spices, seasoning mixtures, sauces and snacks. Mainsectors served: gourmet and specialty, food industry (HoReCa) andprivate
  11. 11. NeviotProducts: Natural mineral waterNeviot+ combines all the benefits of natural mineral water withtaste and refreshment. This delicious, subtly flavored, naturalNeviot mineral water is naturally sweetened and low calorie,with no food coloring or preservatives – for all the goodnessand enjoyment that Neviot has to
  12. 12. OliaProducts: Highest quality olive oil and olive productsOlia olive products are made and branded by olive variety, fromthroughout Israel: Nabali, Souri, Barnea and Askal. They areproduced by people from a range of cultures and religions –Arabs, Jews, Druze, and Circassians – whose traditions andnative terroir inspire Olia’s
  13. 13. Rushdi Food IndustriesProducts: Tahini and halvaOwned by the Bashir family, Rushdi Food Industries is one of thelargest manufactures of tahini and halva worldwide. It has preservedethnic Arab cuisine traditions for generations, and has embraced thegoal of bringing Israelis closer to the culture of Arab food
  14. 14. Prince TahinaProducts: Tahini – sesame seed pastePrince Tahina is a leading manufacturer of raw tahini for the Israeland overseas hummus industry, and works in conjunction withleading companies
  15. 15. Shelley AnneProducts: Whole grain crackersShelley Anne is the brand name for a wide range of traditionalsavoury snacks and nutritious healthy crackers. Using just naturalingredients, these crackers are made only from seeds, whole grainsand water. They come in a range of seductive
  16. 16. Ms. Michal NeemanManager, Food & BeverageThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2859Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: