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תערוכת  - מכון היצוא Cosmoprof Asia 2010
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תערוכת - מכון היצוא Cosmoprof Asia 2010


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business

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  • 1. For the For theSENSES PAMPERING• Softness • Spa• Scent • Clinic• Splendor • Salon• Smoothness • HomeCOME TO BEAUTY BY ISRAEL
  • 2. Look better, feel better, be betterNatural, organic and conventional formulationsFor premium and mass marketsHot and sunny climate: skincare excellenceDead Sea ingredients with curative propertiesLocal plants and herbs
  • 3. Make your business look better tooIndustrial and boutique productionAdvanced research and laboratoriesModern manufacturing methodsSuperior container and package designsMeet Ecocert and other international standardsPrivate label production
  • 4. Chains like Target, Sephora and T.J.Maxx feature Israeli cosmetics and toiletries. Come see why.
  • 5. The Participating Companies:-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics 1E-K1A Kamedis 1E-K1BB.4.U Ltd 1E-K2D La-tweez 1E-K2CCanaan – Chic cosmetic 1E-K1G Moraz 1E-K1CCTS 1E-K1A Naturescent 1E-K3ADan mor – Dr. Wipe 1E-K1E Peer Pharm 1E-K2EEin Gedi Cosmetics 1E-K2D Pharma Cosmetics Ltd 3E-B2AEn Gedi 1E-K3D Pure and Beautiful 1E-K3GGigi 3E-E5F Sea of Life 1E-L1AIntercosma 1E-K2F Spa Cosmetics 1E-K2A
  • 6. -417 Dead SeaCosmetics Research LtdProducts: Dead Sea skin care and cosmetic productsWhy visit -417 Dead Sea Cosmetics ResearchLtd.-417 offers a wide range of paraben free and mineral oil freenatural beauty products: anti-aging, perfumes, food supplements,spa, and hotel amenities. All combining ancient knowledge withhigh technology, and enriched with Dead Sea minerals, antioxidantvitamins and plant
  • 7. -417 Dead SeaCosmetics Research Ltd
  • 8. B4UProducts: Advanced skin care and certified organicproductsWhy visit B4U.B4U Ltd. is a well established manufacturer of advanced anti-aging skin care and Ecocert certified organic cosmetics. Wesupply our house brands and create private labels for otherfirms, even in small quantities, direct from Israel or through oursubsidiary in
  • 9. B4U
  • 10. Chic Cosmetic IndustriesProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care andspa productsWhy visit Chic Cosmetic Industries.Chic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products (Dead Sea –Canaan skin and body care, SPA, Canaan Organics and Mogadorhair care, make-up & nail products). Chic provides private labelmanufacturing services, including research & development andquality
  • 11. Chic Cosmetic Industries
  • 12. CTSProducts: Rx and OTC medicationsWhy visit CTS.CTS is a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company operating in themarket since 1921. CTS manufactures high quality OTC,prescription generic and branded pharmaceuticals, unique life-cycle products, dermo-cosmetic and toiletry lines. Special lines:feminine intimate products, children’s toothpaste and
  • 13. CTS
  • 14. En GediProducts: Dead Sea productsWhy visit En Gedi.The family of more than 30 En Gedi Dead Sea products, newlyreformulated to be paraben and formaldehyde free, is offered inattractive new packaging, with full marketing support, for facecare, body and spa, bath and hair
  • 15. En Gedi
  • 16. Gigi Cosmetic LaboratoriesProducts: Professional cosmeticsWhy visit Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories.Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories, established in 1957, is the largestprofessional cosmetics producer in Israel, providing more than400 products for beauticians, clinics, dermatologists, spas andconsumers. Now also offering Quadro-Pro, a non-invasivemedical aesthetic treatment that treats all four layers of the
  • 17. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories
  • 18. IntercosmaProducts: Private label cosmetics & toiletries based onDead Sea mineralsWhy visit Intercosma.Established in 1949, Intercosma is a leader in Israel’s beautycareindustry and a growing presence internationally, providing privatelabel services for cosmetics, toiletries and Dead Sea products.Intercosma operates its own R&D department with a reputation forinnovative product
  • 19. Intercosma
  • 20. KamedisProducts: Natural cosmeceuticals and skin care productsWhy visit Kamedis.Kamedis combines thousands of years of clinical experiencethrough traditional Chinese medicine with advanced, innovativeWestern methods of extraction and manufacturing. Blending thebest of each discipline, Kamedis has created a unique family ofproducts that effectively treats common skin
  • 21. Kamedis
  • 22. La-TweezProducts: Beauty tweezers and kitsWhy visit La-Tweez.La-Tweez stainless steel professional illuminating tweezers, sold inover 40 countries, feature a slip-proof grip and triangular cutoutswith an agility groove for improved flexibility and accuracy. Theultra bright LED light, CRYSTALLIZED™ with Swarovski Elements,provides superior
  • 23. La-Tweez
  • 24. MorazGalilee Medical HerbsProducts: Paramedical skin care treatments and cosmeticsWhy visit Moraz.Moraz paramedical skin care treatments and cosmetics are basedon Galilee and Jezreel Valley healing plant extracts, including theextraordinary polygonum aviculare, grown traditionally andorganically. High levels of herbal concentrate (65-100%) promisehigh efficacy. Many of our products have been clinically
  • 25. MorazGalilee Medical Herbs
  • 26. NatureScent -FaranProducts: Natural, organic, Ecocert certified, face & bodycare productsWhy visit NatureScent – Faran.NatureScent offers effective natural products created to promote abetter feeling and appearance for men, women and children.Treating bodies from head to toe, Faran’s pure and naturalproducts have been formulated using only the best ingredientsnature can
  • 27. NatureScent -Faran
  • 28. Peer PharmProducts: Cosmetic, toiletry, Dead Sea and premium skincare productsWhy visit Peer Pharm.Peer Pharm is an Israeli manufacturer specializing in mass andpremium market facial care, body care and hair care productsbased on fruit extracts, essential oils and an
  • 29. Peer Pharm
  • 30. Pharma CosmeticsProducts: Dermaceutical and cosmeceutical skin careproductsWhy visit Pharma Cosmetics.Pharma Cosmetics Ltd. formulates and manufacturesdermaceutical skin care formulations blending scientificallyproven ingredients and botanical extracts for result-orientedtreatment products. Its portfolio includes Holyland professionalcosmeceuticals, organic certified products as well as customizedprivate label
  • 31. Pharma Cosmetics
  • 32. Pure and BeautifulProducts: Dead Sea health & beauty and natural & organiccosmetic productsWhy visit Pure and Beautiful.The Pure and Beautiful line includes more than 150 high qualitycosmetics and skin, hair and body care products made from DeadSea minerals and natural and organic ingredients, including oliveoil and myrtle, honey and propolis, orchids, shea
  • 33. Pure and Beautiful
  • 34. Sea of LifeProducts: Dead Sea natural productsWhy visit Sea of Life.Sea of Life combines magnesium, potassium, calcium andbromium salts plus trace elements, including zinc, vanadium,strontium and boron, with pure and organic extracts of vegetables,herbs, flowers and plants to create the most natural and advancedformulas
  • 35. Sea of Life
  • 36. Spa CosmeticsProducts: Dead Sea and organic cosmetic productsWhy visit Spa Cosmetics.Spa Cosmetics offers 14 lines of its own labels as well as privatelabel manufacturing. Our factory, certified to produce organicproducts by Ecocert Greenlife France, is ISO 9001 & 22716(Cosmetics GMP) certified. Each item has been carefullyformulated and packaged to reflect the quality of our
  • 37. Spa Cosmetics
  • 38. You want the best for your customers.You want the best for you.Come visit the Israeli pavilionat Cosmoprof Asia 2010.
  • 39. Join us for Happy Hour Sponsored byfeaturing Israeli winesNovember 10-11, 1600-1730Hall 1E Stand K1F
  • 40. Contact Information:Ms. Eti PrishProject ManagerCosmetics and ToiletriesThe Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteTel: +972-3-514-2993Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: