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מכון היצוא - מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011

מכון היצוא - מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011



מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011

מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011



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    מכון היצוא - מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011 מכון היצוא - מצגת ענפים טכנולוגיים 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute presents:The Technology Industries Division The best direction for the perfect connection
    • The Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteWho we are A joint venture between the Israeli government and the private sector, founded in 1958 as non-profit organizationOur mission Promote trade, joint ventures and strategic alliances between overseas and Israeli companies. Advance the integration of Israeli companies into the global marketWhat we can do for You Business Matchmaking strategic portal and direct link to Israeli Business. Global Networking Government, the Diplomatic corps and Academia. Information Center rich source of information about Israeli Industry and a complete range of Israeli Technologies by sectors.
    • The Technology Industries DivisionOne place - a worldof opportunities 2009The divisions main mission:to find the most suitable businessopportunities in Israel for overseascompanies and businesses. Potential Introducing Business Partners Technology Information
    • Its all 4 you…The divisions four main departments: High-Tech Aerospace and HLS (Homeland Security) Cleantech, Water and Agro-tech International Projects & Target Countries
    • Why Israel?
    • Israel’s Technology achievements: Israel is ranked 1st in expenditure on R&D (% of GDP,2008). Israel is the 1rd in quality of scientific research and institutes. Israel is the 4/139 in utility patents per million population. Israel is ranked 11/139 in company spending on R&D. Israel is ranked 7/139 in capacity for innovation. Israel is ranked 10/139 in venture capital availability. Israel is ranked 17/139 in availability of scientists and engineers. Israel is ranked 14/139 in University – industry collaboration on R&D. Israel has the highest concentration of High-Tech Startups after the Silicon Valley. Israel is ranked 24/139 in the global competitiveness index. Israel has the highest number of companies in the world listed on NASDAQ (except US and Canada). Israel is Perfect test-bed.Source: CBS,Global Competitiveness Index 2010-11
    • Israels technology fields reviewTelecommunications New Media SoftwareIndustry Industry IndustryFilm & TV Electronics Life ScienceIndustry Industry IndustryHomeland Security Aerospace Agro TechnologyIndustry Industry IndustryWater Technology Cleantech AutomotiveIndustry Industry Industry
    • Israels Telecommunication IndustryLets talk business
    • Main Segments Telecommunication Infrastructure VAS Network Equipment and Systems Customer Care & Billing Wireless: 4G / LTE; Wi-Max Customer care & Self Customer Care Network Optimization Billing Converged Communications CRM & Customer Base Analysis Broadband, DSL Churn Prevention Wi-Fi / Mi-Fi Messaging Femtocell / Picocell VM: Voice Mail; Video Mail InBuilding Coverage Text & Multimedia Messaging Network Components IM/ E-Mail/ Chat IP Infrastructure & Service Platforms Content Satellite Communications Content Delivery Platforms Content Adaptation Mobile Internet Mobile TV/ IPTV Applications Gaming HS & DEVICES Location Based Services (LBS) Operating Systems Music Pre-Installed Applications Social Networks Clients Mobile Advertisement Devices & Components
    • Facts & Figures Telecommunication 590 No. of Companies$4.1B Exports TotalMain Markets: Europe, Asia, USA.
    • Success Stories Telecommunication Alvarion is the leading Wi-Max & Broadband wireless systems provider to service providers. Alvarion installed base includes around 300 deployments over 150 countries. Comverse (Founded in 1982), originally founded in Israel, is a global leading VAS vendor. Comverse was the pioneer in Voicemail, SMS and service delivery platforms, installed in more than 500 Service providers world-wide. Jajah - The leading provider of VoIP service connecting two mobile or fixed “traditional” lines, without downloading any software.
    • Who chose to choose us? Alcatel - Lucent Cisco Juniper Nokia Siemens Samsung Motorola Networks Intel
    • IsraelsNew Media Industry New, like you never knew!
    • Main Segments New Media Internet Digital & Cable TV, IPTV, Satellite, OTT Applications & Services E-Commerce & Marketing Online Advertising Entertainment & Video Content Creation, Delivery & Management Search Social Networks Broadcasting Gaming
    • Facts & Figures New Media 1030 No. of Companies $2B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: Europe, Asia, USA, Africa.
    • Success Stories New Media ICQ (Mirabilis) - the first internet instant messaging, launched in 1996 and acquired by AOL for $407M. ICQ has opened the way for today’s social networking arena. ND - pioneered DRM & Conditional Access Systems which is used on most of News Corporations digital satellite TV. NDS also supplies interactive TV applications, platforms, and development tools. Orca Interactive - is a leading innovative provider of IPTV middleware and applications that power next- generation interactive TV, revolutionizing the way people experience television content, based in Ra’anana, Israel, and wholly-owned by France Telecom SA.
    • Who chose to choose us? AOL’s Relegence Yedda ICQ eBay Google Harmonic PayPal Informatica Open TV Thomson Yahoo Ybrant (VideoCodes)
    • Israels Software IndustryAlways in the mode to upload
    • Main Segments Software Enterprise Software Storage & Data Center IT Management Storage Software CRM Data Center Management Tools System Area Networks IT Security Enterprise Perimeter Vertical Enterprise Assets Enterprise Networks Markets: Financial Governmental IT Services Retail Utilities Cloud Computing
    • Facts & Figures Software 1000 No. of Companies$4.2B Exports Total30% - startups14% - growth revenue > $10 millionMain Markets: USA, Europe, Asia.
    • Success Stories Software Check Point - first pioneered the industry with Firewall products , developed VPN technology. Today its wide range of software products covers all the aspects of IT security. Amdocs - founded in the 1970’s in the field of Yellow Pages communication, it was a telecommunication billing pioneer and is now a global leader in integrated telecommunication customer management software. Retalix - since 1982, it has provided integrated enterprise- wide software solutions for the retail food industry worldwide, including supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.
    • Who chose to choose us? IBM Hp Informatica BMC Oracle
    • IsraelsElectronics Industry Let us turn you on
    • Main Segments Electronics Industry Components Semiconductors design for: The consumer electronic industry The telecom industries Manufacturing for: The consumer electronic industry The telecom industries Equipment for Electronics Industry Equipment for semiconductors, PV , FPD - flat panel display, PCB Equipment for digital printing industries EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Services Electronic and electro-mechanical subcontracting
    • Facts & Figures Electronics Industry 250 No. of Companies$3.8B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: Asia, USA, Europe.
    • Success Stories Electronics Industry M-Systems - Invented and develops the flash data storage solutions for digital mobile devices and consumer electronics markets. HP Indigo Digital Press - The most advanced commercial and industrial digital printing presses, providing on demand customized printing solutions. Its main uses include general commercial printing, labeling, flexible packaging, folding carton and specialty printing. Orbotech - is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. It is a world leader in PCB and Flat Panels inspection with a dominate position in the world market.
    • Who chose to choose us? Intel Samsung Applied Material KLA Freescale HP TEXAS Instruments
    • Israels Life Science IndustryIntroducing science into our life
    • Main Segments Life ScienceMedical Devices & HealthCare IT Diagnostics Drug delivery Disposable & Implantable Imaging Monitoring Minimally and Non-Invasive Systems Dental Cardiovascular Derma & Aesthetics Health IT & Telemedicine
    • Facts & Figures Life ScienceMedical Devices & HealthCare IT 750 No. of Companies$1.37B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: USA, Europe, Asia.
    • Success Stories Life ScienceMedical Devices & HealthCare IT InSightec - developed the breakthrough MR-guided, focused ultrasound technology for non-invasive treatment of tumors using a combination of MRI and high- intensity focused ultrasound. dbMotion - provides clinicians an access to the real-time, integrated clinical information. The health integrative and intelligent solution enables Healthcare Organizations and HIEs meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets. Deep Breeze - Vibration Response Imaging developed by Deep Breeze provides physicians with a dynamic functional image of the lung. Thousands of patients have been recorded by the VRIxp™ worldwide during clinical investigations without any single adverse event.
    • Main Segments Life ScienceBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology Bioinformatics & Genomics Drug Research & Discovery Molecular Biology & Gene therapy Tissue Engineering & Cell therapy Diagnostics & Preventive kits Antibody, Immunotherapy & Vaccines Pharmaceuticals New Chemical Entity Drug Discovery & Delivery Natural Materials & Chemicals Generic Drugs Vaccines
    • Facts & Figures Life ScienceBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 350 No. of Companies$4.63B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: USA, Europe, Asia: India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China
    • Success Stories Life ScienceBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Gamida Cell - developed unique, breakthrough stem cell therapies used for treating patients with blood cancers, autoimmune illnesses and metabolic, and ischemic vascular diseases. Vaxil BioTherapeutics Ltd. develops novel, therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer and key intracellular pathogens via specific manipulation and augmentation of the patient cellular immune responses. Kamada - engaged in development, production and marketing of specialty life-saving therapeutics, using a unique protein purification technology. Its product line consists of more than 10 injectable pharmaceutical products indicated for use in critical care illnesses and chronic home treatments. Teva Pharmaceuticals, together with the Wiezmann Institute, developed Copaxone for Multiple Sclerosis treatment. This drug significantly improves the quality of life for MS sufferers. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, established in 1901 is today the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer and one of the 20 largest international pharmaceutical companies in the world!
    • Who chose to choose us? General Electric Pfizer Siemens Johnson & Philips Johnson
    • Israels Film & TV Industry Only if you are interested ininteresting movies
    • Main Segments Film & TV Industry Feature movies Feature movies Documentaries In recent years, several Israeli feature In recent years, several Israeli feature Israel has produced more than 200 films were selected to compete in films were selected to compete in documentaries leading international film festivals such leading international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, London, Moscow, Many have been screened at international as Cannes, Berlin, London, Moscow, Toronto and Venice festivals Toronto and Venice Many of these films were released Many earned global acclaim and won Many of these films were released commercially important prizes commercially Studio Services Animation Formats
    • Facts & Figures Film & TV Industry 90 No. of Companies$60M Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries
    • Success Stories Film & TV Industry The movie “Broken wings” received first place in the 2002 Tokyo film festival. "Beaufort" was nominated to the academy awards in 2007. "Waltz with Bashir" was nominated to the academy awards in 2008. "Lebanon“ wins Golden Lion in Venice 2009. Israel’s "Traffic Light“, a sitcom about the friendship and romantic relationships of three 30-something childhood friends, was rated the best comedy TV production at the International Emmy Awards 2010 in New York
    • Who chose to choose us? "ARTE" HBO France Channel 4 (uk) Sunndance Channel Der Shpigle BBC (USA) (Germany)
    • Israels Homeland Security Industry Solutionsborn of necessityMatured by reality
    • Main Segments Homeland Security Transportation Security Aviation IT Security Maritime Land Borders & Critical Infrastructure Counter Terror & Physical Protection Safe Cities Crisis Management (EMS) Security Services Mega Events
    • Homeland Security& AerospaceFacts & FiguresHomeland Security & Aerospace EMEA India 20% 30% 450 No. of Companies LA 7%$7.35B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets: USA, Asia Asia USA 10% 33%
    • When it comes to security,a comprehensive solution is the name of the game
    • Success Stories Homeland Security Camero- Xaver real-Time 3D Through-wall vision products allow you to observe multiple stationary and moving objects concealed by walls. G-Nius - Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) Ltd. - developed Israeli unmanned ground systems, (joint venture of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Elbit Systems Ltd) ODF Opronics Ltd. The company has developed the Smart VMD 360 - a unique VMD algorithm for omni- directional cameras that enables monitoring motion and events in the entire perimeter around the omni- directional camera
    • Who chose to choose us? 2010 World Cup The Beijing 2008 The RIO2007 Pan Athens Olympics South Africa Olympic Games American Games JFK Airport Singapore Hanover Heathrow JFK Int’l Airport Int’l Airport Int’l Airport Int’l Airport Commercial, Public & Private Buckingham Facilities Palace Eiffel Tower The Vatican Anti-terror Nuclear, Power & “Safe Cities” Training (Police & Detention Centers Petrochemical projects Special Forces) Plants
    • IsraelsAerospace Industry Get ready to take off
    • Main Segments AerospaceAirframes &Aerostructures Electronics, Avionics & OptronicsUnmanned & Upgrading, Conversion & Support of Aircraft &Autonomous Systems HelicoptersSpace Technology Airport Operations & ServiceTraining & Operational SupportAviation Security
    • Success Stories Aerospace IAI; Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a globally recognized leader in development and production of military and commercial aerospace and defense systems. One of top-3 world’s largest retrofit & upgrade houses Arrow; World’s 1st anti-ballistic missile The Ofek observation satellites The Amos communication satellites Elbit Systems; Manufacture and integrate advanced, high-performance defense electronic and electro- optic systems for customers throughout the world . HMS chosen as basis of U.S Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)
    • Who chose to choose us? Boeing GD EADS Lockheed Martin Embraer FinMechanica Siemens Bombardier Sagem Alcatel-Lucent Honeywell Mahindra Tata
    • Israels Agro Technology Industry Your businesscan always grow
    • Main Segments Agro TechnologyGreenhouses SeedsIrrigation Water MechanizationManagementDairy Farming Turnkey Projects, Consulting & Know-HowPoultry Farming Fertilizers and PesticidesAquaculture
    • Facts & Figures Agro TechnologyAgro Technology Row Asia USA 3% 5% 6% 190 No. of Companies$2.1B Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Market : Europe Europe 86%
    • Success Stories Agro Technology SAE Afikim -The S.A.E. Afikim milk meter AfiFree™ is the first to receive approval for use for sheep milking from the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) Maxximilk - Maxximilk produces highest quality in-vitro-ready-for-transfer-pedigree embryos. Maxximilk enables dairy farmers to bypass decades- long breeding programs and acquire new herds of champion milk-producing cows within only 32 months. • AutoAgronom -Integrated, stat of the art, system for irrigation and fertilization ( Fertigation).Saves up to 50% water and up to 70% fertilizers and increase crop yields
    • Who chose to choose us? General Electric Jain is a 50% John Deer bought Syngenta bought partner with Plastro Zeraim Gadera NaanDan Philips
    • Israels Water Technology IndustryDeep thinking, high solutions
    • Main Segments Water TechnologyWater ManagementWater ReuseDesalinationIrrigation
    • Facts & Figures Water TechnologyWater Technology Asia 10% 160 No. of Companies$1.8B Exports Total USA No. of Exporters 25%Main Markets : Europe, USA Europe 65%
    • Success Stories Water Technology BLUE provides innovative Water Quality Control systems for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications . Blue provided Swimming pool water in Beijing Olympic games. AMIAD providing outstanding filtration technology to industrial, municipal and irrigation users around the world. In Beijing Olympic village, Provided AMIAD water recycling system • IDE Ashkelon is a pioneer and world leader in water technologies. IDE desalination plant- the biggest water RO Desalination Plant in the World
    • Who chose to choose us? General Electric IBM Siemens Veolia SAP
    • Israels Cleantech IndustryThe best alternative
    • Main Segments CleantechSolid Waste Treatment Heating SystemsSolar Energy Generation Wind EnergySystems Hydro EnergyDehumidification & CoolingReducing Lighting Costs Biomass & BiofuelsEnergy Efficiency Geothermal EnergySmart Grid
    • Facts & Figures CleantechCleantech USA Asia 25% 10% 250 No. of Companies$650M Exports Total No. of ExportersMain Markets : Europe, USA Europe 65%
    • Success Stories Cleantech Ormat is a world leader in the geothermal power plant sector. More than 1000 geothermal power turbines worldwide Solel world player in the Thermo Solar field. 70,000 solar panels in Seville, Spain . recently purchased by Siemens.
    • Who chose to choose us? AES Abengoa EDF Sunpower Sunedison
    • IsraelsAutomotive Industry Making the right move
    • Main Segments AutomotiveSuppliers to OEM & Supplier Tier sAftermarket ManufacturersProduction Support & ServicesVehicle Assembly, Body building & TrailersInnovative Technologies, Driver Assistance& Security Systems
    • Facts & Figures AutomotiveAutomotive Asia 10% 150 No. of Companies USA$700M Exports Total 40% No. of Exporters EuropeMain Markets : Europe, USA 50%
    • Success Stories Automotive ARKAL Automotive innovative battery tray systems for 50% overall weight savings and 40% overall cost saving. RAVAL ACS a world class developer and producer of valves and venting systems for the automotive industry • MAG-EH developed a new spare time carrier assembly. The company is the global market leader in this niche market MobilEye a pioneer in the development of vision-based advanced driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    • Who chose to choose us? Toyota GM Ford Motor Company Renault PSA Johnson Controls MAM VW AUDI Freightliner Delphi Valeo Bosch ZF Getrag International Truck & Vistcon Engine Corp.
    • Youre in a good company…
    • Foreign Companies Invested in Israel:From the USA AOL Time Warner Epix Microsoft Perrigo IBM Intel Lucent GE Healthcare Cisco Systems Stryker Hewlett Packard 3Com Johnson & Sun Microsystems Motorola Johnson Kodak Dentsply
    • Foreign Companies Invested in Israel:From the Europe British Telecom SAP Philips Medical Alcatel Siemens Cable & Wireless Deutsche Telekom Telecom Italia Generali Nestle L’Oreal Danone Unilever Vilmorin Veolia Ferring MERCK Serono
    • Foreign Companies Invested in Israel:From Asia Sony Toyo Ink Fuji Honda Sumitomo Trading Nomura Samsung Daewoo LG Group Electronics Hyundai Acer Computers Macronix Hutchison Winbond Scigen Telecomm Sun Jain Irrigation Pharmaceutical
    • And finally last wordsare saved for…
    • Warren, Craig,Augusto & Bill.
    • (Augusto Lopez-Carlos, Chief Economist, World Economic Forum, December 2006)“Israel does spectacularly well on those indicators that capture technologyinnovation, education, human capital and these accounts for the very rapid movement of the Israeli Economy.”
    • CRAIG BART: former Intel CEO ( visiting Israel ):“… Globally speaking, Israel is in 3rd place in terms of IP and is a very good place for opening businesses. The level of education in Israel has helped us expand. Israel’s ability to supply very good scientists has helped us. and the government’s positive attitude has helped us attract investments.”
    • Bill Gates, the Microsoft CEO - on his first trek to Israel (2005):“Considering the density of Israeli start-ups and local successes, Israel is like a bit of Silicon Valley. It’s no exaggeration to say that the kind of innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business…”
    • Asked how come he chose Israel As his first investment outside America, Warren Buffets response was: "Some Americans came looking for oil, so they didnt stop in Israel.We came looking for brains, so we did stop in Israel."
    • Thank youfor stopping by.now lets begin…