Astral projection astral traveling how to have an obe out of body experience


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Astral projection astral traveling how to have an obe out of body experience

  1. 1. ASTRAL PROJECTIONThe human body is made up of seven sheaths or layers. They are: Thephysical body, emotional body, mental body, intellectual body, volitionalbody (decision making) subconscious body and the soul. Each sheathoccupies the same space, but vibrates at different levels. Astral projectionis within the spiritual or soul and is part of one of the seven sheaths and itis the act of consciously separating your spiritual self from your physicalself.Astral projection is different from an out of body experience, although it isa type of out of body experience. It is also similar with lucid dreaming,because you are conscious and in control. With astral projection you areprotected by what many people describe as a silver cord. It is a protectionmechanism in case there is any doubt of being able to come back. In mostother out of body experiences, there is no such protection. Some are ableto see this kind of tether while it is invisible to others and yet you are ableto move about anywhere you want to by what is referred to as astraltravel. Some believe that if you had flying dreams as a child, which is acommon dream among children, it was actually astral travel. The ability tohave those dreams in adult hood tends to disappear.While on an astral travel excursion, you probably won’t see much of adifference between there and earth, yet you will be able to fly above thetrees and see things in a very different perspective than on earth. Peopleexperience the astral plain in various ways, there is no wrong way, justexcept what it is you see and feel. Remember, the mind is powerful, morepowerful than we give it credit for. It is possible to expand your mind andreach the higher self that all of us possess with a little time, effort and abit of faith.Astral projection is primarily thought. You will discover there will be noneed to speak, unless you wish to. You will receive information fromthought or telepathically. You may meet strange people who will give youinsight. This sometimes happens in life. Perhaps when we hear somethingin our minds that we think is just a thought; it could be a communicationsfrom the astral plain.With a little practice, you will be able to astral project. Some have tried itand once they feel they are no longer on this earth, they become fearful,
  2. 2. which will land them back into their bodies as doubts our limitingthoughts. Your higher self will not allow you to astral project until you arecomfortable with it. With meditation techniques, learn to relax your bodyand mind and practice it frequently. When comfortable with the ability torelax, attempt to astral project by having an idea as to where you want togo, have a destination in mind. Most teachers of astral projection will startyou out in little steps by having you walk around (in astral terms) to viewyour backside while your physical body is sitting or lying down. Once youget the hang of it, you may want to fly to a particular state or take a triparound Jupiter, it is up to you.Conrad Raw is an expert in practical techniques for personal and spiritualdevelopment. He is the author of "Forbidden Secrets of Personal andEnergetic Development." He travels the world to learn and teach and isthe founder of , a website devoted tobringing you easy to learn techniques to increase your human evolution.Visit his website for a free newsletter filled with tons of great tips andadvice.