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Grad storytelling101
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Grad storytelling101


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Published in: Education

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  • You are going to help a group of digital natives tell their stewardship stories/form their stewardship identities in the digital world. Where are you with this project? What are you excited about, what concerns do you have? (go around the room)Storytelling is a huge subject – there are an infinite number of ways to tell a story! My goal for today is to narrow the possibilities, provide some concrete options/formats, and create a structure for ongoing support. Sound good?
  • What are stories? Words, images and sounds shared as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and to instill moral values.What are the critical elements of a story? Character, plot, and narrative point of view.How have formats developed over time? Formats developed from oral (including music and gesture), to incorporating visual, written, filmic, and now interactive elements. Over time, formats have had the potential to reach progressively larger audiences.What does telling a story do for the teller? Why do you tell stories? To express/define yourself, to persuade others, to build community, to reflect.
  • Finding the experience; telling the story; creating the piece; publishing the work; geotagging to place.
  • Use music, images, words, pacing to bring the story to life.One form: I was this person, then this happened, and because of that I am now this person. And let me tell you why it makes all the difference.Finding the experience; telling the story; creating the piece; publishing the work
  • Transcript

    • 1. Stewardship Stories
      Storytelling Workshop
      November 8, 2010
    • 2. Digital Identities
    • 3. Storytelling 101
      What are stories?
      Why do we tell stories?
      What are the critical elements of a story?
      What storytelling formats have emerged through human history?
      Why do I tell stories?
    • 4. Connect the personal to the universal
    • 5. Some advice from PBS
    • 6. Storytelling Steps
      Tell a friend your stewardship story
      Use details to distill the meaning of your story into images, and tell it to the group
      Write your story down
      Storyboard your story
      Assemble your team
      Gather your story materials
      Add sound and pacing to create meaning
      Share your story in various stages for peer support and constructive criticism
      Share your story with the wider audience to entertain, educate, preserve culture, and/or instill values.
    • 7. Keep it real and personal
    • 8. My Neighborhood
    • 9. Storytelling Resources
      The Center for Digital Storytelling, 855-4385