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Internet UK Jihobist B

  1. 1. Search Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In Al Wala Wal Bara Subscribe All Uploads Favorites AbdulMumeet1970s Channel Nasheed: Ya Ikhwati (O My Brothers) 0 Unsaved Playlist XxSwordfi... - 4,141 views Options Nasheed Mutafailoon Remix mombasa321 - 18,725 views MP George Galloway Explains who does RiseAgain... - 443 views Orange Monte Carlo Unboxing and First Hemorrdro... - 26,097 views proof that Shia are not Muslim ajmalkhan17 - 41,140 viewsInfo Favorite Share Flag ShiA & the ancient hateayuhal muslimoon- No music arabic nasheed.flv Like moonsalam - 256 viewsFrom: abdisalam199 | Aug 4, 2010 | 1,823 views ayuhal muslimoon- No music arabic abdisalam199 - 1,823 viewsView comments, related videos, and more ‫ﺣﺎن اﻟوداع ﻟﻠﻣﻧﺷد اﺑو ﻋﻠﻲ‬ cameleonmen - 33,785 views AbdulMumeet1970 Recent Activity Subscribe Add as Friend | There hasnt been any recent activity. Block User | Send Message Subscriptions (4)ProfileName: Abu NusrahChannel Views: 6,672Total Upload Views: 0 aim786 AlQuranWa... revolutio... TheAlmjholAge: 41Joined: Mar 25, 2010 Friends (387)Latest Activity: Mar 25, 2010Subscribers: 51ISLAM BEGAN AS SOMETHING STRANGE AND ITWOULD REVERT BACK TO BEING STRANGE AS JihadPrin... SafAllah3 SlaveOfAl... Xhalo237X ArabJinn Izharudeen 3dwade3IT BEGAN.SO GIVE GLAD TIDINGS TO THESTRANGERS.Hometown: LondonSchools: City University abucrawler BeMyBro IsIamic DialaSamida Thebrothe... MrCoolAbu alemaaraInterests: Islam and Politics see allMovies: Al Nibrass, Al RisalaMusic: Al Quran, Islamic Nasheeds Channel Comments (244)Books:The Holy Quran, Imam Nawawis fortyAhadith, AbdulMumeet1970 (1 month ago)Milestones by Sayid Qutub, Imam Maliks Al-Muwatta and anything on the Hanafi Fiqh another filthy paki shia bastard below who fancies himself as a keyboard commando talking shit on YT but in reality he would be crushed like a paper bag in any combat situation converted by
  2. 2. underworld786 (1 month ago) yo son of wahabi slafai terrorist bitch....cock sucker of wahab najdi mother fucker british agent...wahabi-salafi are agent of MI6 -CIA-MOSSAD and enemy of islam...kill all wahabi and salafi and there will be no terrorism...fuck ur filthy wahabi mums cunt..who gave birth 2 a wahabi bastards like you/. ray1351 (1 month ago) btw thanks for deleting my comments - although i wont return you that same favor - id rather see what other people have to say about it - also dont you have anything better to do than insult someone half your age with stupid racial slurs? ray1351 (1 month ago) ugh i dont want to join the british army - i live in canada and in medicine AbdulMumeet1970 (2 months ago) to the rabit talafi crypto Jew below....if you are going to leave comments on my page then i suggest you show some backbone and enable the comments feature on your page.Secondly Sayed Qutub made tawbaa and retracted many of his marxist views and the others were known to be added to his name by the Egyptian mukhabarat while he was incarcerated.Btw your najaz munafiq Abu Khadeeja in one of his lectures advises the Muslims of Iraq to obey the Shiate Rafidha leader Nouri al Maliki i guess "insulting the Sahaba" didnt bother him too much when he made this faswa oops i mean fatwa LearnToReadTheKuran (2 months ago) Praising the likes of qutb ? The very khabeeth that slanders the Shahba. You need to think hard about what you say or believe in. Do you know what is a takfiri heezbee ? Go look in the mirror. Woe To You That Creates Against Allaah ! abumuwahidalbritani (3 months ago) aslamualylum, remove diray of a badman from faviourites, it makes a mockery out of islam JihadPrincessChannel (3 months ago) salam,thanx for the add:) IslamicMujihadeen (6 months ago) Salaam jazakallah for the invite mayAllah swt reward you. Shariah4Pakistan (8 months ago) Assalam Alikum wrt MashaALAH Nice chanel keep it up Brother Thanks 4 Invit ur brother in islam Abu Akasha FurasaniAdd Comment 1 2 3 4 5 NextSubscribers (51)mujahidfi... Sandzak95 safa0shah AfgQandahar kkwi5305 BosnaSara... 3dwade3Mujjahida... desirt9 ansaarwaleed abdurrauf02 MohammedE... Discoveri... r729161 see all converted by