Grand Mufti calls for dialogue about the internet


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Grand Mufti calls for dialogue about the internet

  1. 1. Register Sign in Subscribe T EX T SIZE: News Business Sport Lifestyle Arts & Culture Opinion Enter search terms New s UAE new s Connect: Radio: Feed: UAE NEWS EDITORS PICKS Price row sparks threat to pull Coke, Pepsi from UAE shelves Emirati sailors stranded off Oman after boat swept away Low visibility crashes kill 2 Sandstorm clear-up begins Student groups offer lessons for life Children are paying the Sailors warned after boat fires price of a fractured Too often, Sheikh Ali said, internet users trusted the information they w ere given w ithout Yemen checking the facts and the authenticity of sources. Faced with soaring food prices and DELORES JOHNSON / THE NATIONAL MOST V IEW ED MOST COMMENT ED rampant unemployment, families take their children out of school and put them to work as street Grand Mufti calls for dialogue about the 1. Abu Dhabi schools face hurdles hiring Emirati teachers hawkers. Read Article 2. Grand Mufti calls for dialogue about the internet internet Bushra al Hashemi and Rym Ghazal 3. Man used Dubizzle to lure rape victim, Save this article court hears Feb 20, 2012 4. US sailor dies during Dubai port visit 5. US w orries grow over Israeli strike on Iranopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API New hot app: Facebook Albums To PDF
  2. 2. The Grand Mufti said he believed that services such as Twitter risked creating POLL "anarchy" by "promoting a break of values and links, like that of language, state, Cross-bank credit checks will be family, and religion". established by the end of the year. Is this a good thing? "We see them putting under religion none, and they are proud of it. Under the excuse of creativity, there is chaos and loss of values and community sense." Yes - such a move protects banks and customers But blocking access and censoring any form of social media was not a solution, he Yes - people should not be able to said. borrow with impunity "If you close one form of communication, people will find a way around it," said No - I dont think my personal Sheikh Ali, who has a Twitter account and uses the internet to communicate with information should be shared between followers. banks "One of the problems we have today is that we are still using an outdated method of Dont know dialogue, both among ourselves, the Muslims, and with others," he said. "It is in the form of you accept my opinion or its the sword." Vote Show Results On his visit to Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Ali gave a lecture to students at Zayed University and met Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The two discussed the role of Islamic scholars in guiding Muslims in their daily lives, as well as correcting misconceptions about Islam and spreading the faiths message of tolerance and mercy. Sheikh Ali, 60, has been the Grand Mufti of Egypt since 2003 and is one of the worlds most recognised Muslim scholars, largely considered a moderate in his stances and an outspoken advocate for gender equality rights. "There is nothing in Islam preventing a woman from becoming a head of a state or president," he said. "It is more of a cultural issue that still prevents women from reaching powerful positions." His better known fatwas included one forbidding the practice of female circumcision, which he described as "a deplorable inherited custom". He also reiterated his position that there is nothing "in the Quran or Sunna" to stop women from driving. During last years Egyptian revolt, Sheikh Ali welcomed protesters to his office at the Dar Al Ifta institute in Cairo, engaging them in debate about their problems and BLOGS demands. Days for your diary Make It Home Referring to the continuing conflict in Syria, he called the situation "complicated", and said: "Each side is accusing the other of killing them. I tell all the sides, the ruling Middle-Easts first drive- and the ruled over, that killing is haram, it is forbidden and needs to stop." thru bank opens in Dubai Discussing politics and Islams role in it, he said: "Politics has two parts. One part Your Money involves taking care of a nation and its people. The other involves competing as Madonna in Hogan shadesopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API New hot app: Facebook Albums To PDF
  3. 3. parties for power. Islam in politics should involve only the first part." Madonna in Hogan shades and ridiculous outfit Using the Muslim Brotherhood as an example, he said: "I told them you need to have Scene & Heard a political branch if you want to compete for political power. You cant compete as a religious group. So they formed a political branch called Hizb Al-Hurriya wa al-Adala Best food blogs for Arabic [Freedom and Justice Party]. recipes: a guide "People have voted them in to try them out and to see what changes they will bring," Bites Sheikh Ali said. He added: "Egyptian rule was always an Islamic state and has always been SOUND & VISION applying Sharia since the constitution was drawn up since 1923." Despite the turmoil of the past year, Sheikh Ali dismissed fears of growing extremism in the region, and said "there are always extremist groups in every human period". "Islam is in a constant flux, where it is important for Muslims to keep an optimistic view of where it is heading by not worrying too much about mistakes done in the past, but rather focus on moving forward by doing good deeds and having boundless hope." Answers to where the Middle East may be heading "if it stays on this chaotic path", Sheikh Ali said, could be found in Herges The Adventures of Tintin. The comic is set against the realities of a 20th century of power struggles and colonialism, a reality of In pictures: Sandstorms the world that appears to repeat itself every 40 years, explained Sheikh Ali. sweep across the UAE Full screen Pages: 1 2 3 One-Page article Back to the top 12 1 ShareThis 59 EVENTS Gourmet Abu Dhabi Unable to contact the Community System. User Generated Content cannot be 8th - 23rd Feb 2012 displayed. Previous article Next article Back to UAE news Man used Dubizzle to FNC bid to expand TOPICS (What is this) lure rape victim, court welfare hears • SY RIA UNREST • WWE • ABU DHABI DEVELOPMENT • ROAD SAFETY E-PAPERopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API New hot app: Facebook Albums To PDF
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