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The Islamic Revolution

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How Islam revolutionized the world in the past and how it can do it again.

How Islam revolutionized the world in the past and how it can do it again.

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  • No problem, I presented it at a muslim youth conference. Islamic history is unfortunately unknown, and I feel it should be revived. Thanks for the comment.
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  • 2. What is a Revolution?
    • Comes from Latin “revolutio”, meaning, “a turn around”
    • Revolution- a sudden or momentous change in a situation
    • Fundamental change in socio-political institutions
    • “ The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall”
    • Ernesto “Che” Guevara
  • 3. Why an Islamic Revolution?
    • Islam brings peace and prosperity
    • To create a just and ordered society
    • To bring all of mankind closer to Allah
    • It is our duty
    “ It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance And the Religion of Truth, To make it prevail over All religion; and enough is Allah for a Witness.” Fath (48:28)
  • 5. The Original Islamic Revolution
    • Islam drastically changed the Arab region
    • Fairness in trade, property rights, human rights, treatment of women, poverty was reduced
    • Spread so quickly and vastly
    • Unified different regions
  • 6. الخلافة العباسية الإسلامية
    • 750-1258
    • Built by descendants of Abbas
    • Capital in Baghdad
    • Islamic Golden Age
    • Era of Tolerance and Prosperity
  • 7. Islamic Golden Age
    • The Muslim World was the unrivalled intellectual and economic centre of the world
    • All the world’s knowledge was gathered, translated into Arabic; people from all over came here, freedom of speech
    • Europe was in its Dark Ages during this time
  • 8. Muslim Scientific Revolution
    • Ibn Al-Haytham (965-1040), “first scientist”, developed scientific method, optics, physics
    • Maragha Revolution-astrology, earth’s rotation
    • Jabir (721-815)- pioneer of chemistry, alchemy (al-kimiya)
    • “ Chemistry as a science was almost created by the Muslims”
    • Will Durant, The Story of Civilization
  • 9. Inventions
    • Modern Economic System (checks, contracts)
    • Improvement to paper making
    • Soap, toothpaste, corrective lenses, lamps
    • Universities (Al Karaouine was the first)
    • Caravel ship (long distances), parachute
    Kitab Al Hiyal Karaouine
  • 10. Medicine
    • First hospitals, medical schools
    • Ibn Sina (980), father of modern medicine, The Canon of Medicine , discovered contagious diseases, etc.
    • Abu Al-Qasim (936)- father of modern surgery, contributed to European Renaissance
    Ibn Sina Kitab Al Tasrif Abu Al-Qasim
  • 11. Al-Andalus (711-1492)
    • Tarik bin Ziyad conquered Spain, took down a tyrant, Prince Abd Ar-Rahman, from Umayyads, established caliph in Spain
    • Strongest agricultural economy in Europe
    • Created a tolerant society with many different kinds of people
    • Intellectual center of the world
  • 12. Tolerance
    • Islamic Spain created a society where Jews, Christians, and Muslims co-existed and actually flourished.
    • Jews weren’t persecuted, like in Europe
    • Shabrut (Jewish minister); mobility
    "Tolerance was an inherent aspect of Andalusian society” Maria Rosa Menocal Battle of Higueruela (1431)
  • 13. The Ornament of the World
    • Cordoba (Qurtuba) was a magnificent city
    • In 950- 600,000 people, 92,700 shops and trade establishments, 50 hospitals, 1 university with 20,000 students, 300 colleges, 300 public baths, 72 public libraries, street lights (you could see the lights from 40 miles away), indoor plumbing
  • 14.  
  • 15. Islam Changed the World
    • Built prosperous diverse civilizations; unified all kinds of people (brotherhood)
    • Made huge strides in civil knowledge
    • Created just societies; God’s law
    • Showed that religion can create successful societies
    • It really changes people
    "Islam changed the face of the globe. The traditional order of history was overthrown." Henri Pirenne
  • 16. What Happened?
    • Lack of knowledge; don’t see the greatness of Islam
    • Culture has filled that void
    • Arrogance; lack of brotherhood and tolerance
    • Assimilating into Western Society
    Past Islamic State Present Islamic State “ Those who behave arrogantly on the earth in defiance of right-them will I Turn away from my Signs (Ayat)” A’raf (7:146)
  • 17.
    • Nations will call each other, as people make invitations to a meal, to make a concerted attack on you. Someone asked: ‘Will this happen because of our being small in number?’ God’s Messenger answered: ‘Rather, you will then be great in number, but as powerless as woodchips or straw carried in a flood. God will remove fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and implant in you fear of death and love of the world.’[Abu Dawud, Malahim, 5]
  • 18. Flaws in Western Society
    • Laws; lack of order and justice, high crime rates
    • Promiscuity, homosexuality
    • Prisons, reform system
    • Materialism, consumerism, interest
    • The broken family
    • Racism
    • Note:
    • Christianity has never created a prosperous state.
  • 19. Islam: The Solution
    • Islamic Shariah (God’s Law), true justice and order; reduced crime rate, morality in society
    • Bringing back the true family
    • Long-term prosperity
    • True Tolerance
  • 20. What We Need
    • We need to revive the practice of true Islam
    • Make sure our youth learn both Civil and Islamic Knowledge
    • Show how Islam can cure the diseased soul and cure the diseased state
    • Revive the Islamic Spirit
    "Mankind there has come to you a guidance from your Lord and a healing for (the Diseases) in your hearts, and for those who believe a guidance and a mercy".(Younus:10:57).
  • 21. How to do it?
    • Spread Islam through da’wah (knowledge, behavior); so you have to study, become a better Muslim yourself
    • Build support, you need others
    • Learn from the past, and try to replicate
    • Show Islam can ordain good and fight evil (eliminating poverty)
    • Make dua (supplication)