Syntax iv  subject-verb agreement
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Syntax iv subject-verb agreement






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Syntax iv subject-verb agreement Presentation Transcript

  • 1. General Rules
  • 2. 1. Subject + Verb= agree in number  Lucien watches the cat  Lynn and Emily watch the cat2. S1 + and + S2= plural verb  The Syntax Class and the Literature class are leaving early today.3. Non-plural nouns + singular verb  The news is interesting.  Politics is a thorny topic.
  • 3. 4. Gerund + singular verb Gerund and Gerund+ plural verb  Writing essays is complicated.  Writing and proofreading essays are complicated tasks.5. Each / Every/ Any as adjectives+ singular verb Everything / Anything + singular verbs Each person solves problems differently.  Anything goes in love and war.  Everything needs to be ready.
  • 4. 6. All/ Almost all/ most/ some + subject / as a subject+ plural verb  All my students are studying hard. Almost all of us agree with you. Most spend Christmas at home.7. Singular Sub1 + or + Singular Sub2 + singular verb  A cat or a dog is a fine choice for a pet. but The cats or the dogs are fine domestic companions.
  • 5. 8. Singular subject + plural subject + plural verb Plural subject + singular subject + singular verb  Lady Gaga’s song and Metallica’s songs are very popular.  The erasers or the corrector fluid is a must in every student’s pencilcase.
  • 6. 9. Trace the verb to its subject: The complexity of these subjects is most intriguing .  The amounts of carbon dioxide thrown into the air daily are alarming.  The student, along with his parents, is ____ to come at 10 sharp. Carrie’s friends, and their respective are companions,___ welcome too.
  • 7. 10. Here/ There + verb  depending on following noun. There exist different ways of studying. There are no more papers to check. Here is the picture of our trip.There are several types of meat in the market. ___ isHere ___, safe and sound, the book you wanted.
  • 8. 11. Expressions of time/money/distance/weight/measurement + singular verb Three thousand dollars is way too much! Two spoonfuls of sugar is not enough for me.12. A number of + pl. noun + plural verb The number of + pl. noun+ singular verb  A number of bankers have complained.  The number of complaining bankers is not too big, though.
  • 9. 12. Some of/A lot of/ Three-quarters of + noun + verb  Some of the work is finished. Three-quarters of the audience has left.  A lot of forgeries are sold around here.