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UG Academic Affairs Council presents a video on Tagging/Re-tagging

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  1. 1. Academic Awareness Video by UG Academic Affairs Council Tagging For final year IITB UG students
  2. 2. What is tagging? Tagging or Re-tagging is a facility provided to final year UG students to change the tags of ‘non-core’ courses (i.e. Dept. Elective / Institute Elective / Additional Learning / Minor / Honor)
  3. 3. Why tag/re-tag?Some students re-tag to increase their Core CPI1 (CPI excluding minor, honor and additional learning courses)How? – e.g. Tag a Dept. Elective (grade lesser than the smallest integer greater than your CPI) as Additional Learning (CPI: 7.97, tag a D with grade 7/6/5/4/FR2 as Add. Learning to increase CPI)Note 1 : Core CPI is the one which appears on your placement resume as well 2 :‘Non-core’ courses with a fail grade – FR/DX/XX can be tagged as Additional Learning. Addition Learning courses with fail grades do not appear on your transcript as well. Some students utilize the facility to complete their honors or minor Some students utilize the facility to tag Minor as Institute Elective or Honor as Dept. Elective to complete their electives requirements Some students tag (have to) extra electives as Additional
  4. 4. When to tag? 2 opportunities:  Before placements (usually August end)  After 8th semester for B.Techs and 10th semester for DDs NOTE: Courses once re-tagged in first window cannot be re-tagged in the next window.
  5. 5. How to tag? Log on to asc.iitb.ac.in The re-tagging link can be found in the menu tree under Academic -> Change of Tag on the left hand side of the screen. Make required changes Take a printout of the submitted form and get it signed by your Faculty Advisor and HoD. Submit the signed application form in Dean AP office. The applications if approved together by the Dean (after the deadline) will be sent to Academic Office. Academic Office will implement the changes and update your CPI
  6. 6. Tag Code Tag Description Changeable to T Additional Learning D, I, O, E C Core Course - D Dept. Elective O, T, E O Honors Core D, E, T E Honors Elective D, O, T H Humanities Elective T I Institute Elective T M Minor Course I, T
  7. 7. FAQs What if I want to make a change that the interface does not allow? You need to take special permission! Write an application addressed to Dean AP mentioning the course code, the required change (e.g. EE 731: D (Dept. Elective) to T (Additional Learning)), get it approved by your Faculty Advisor and HoD, and submit it in Dean AP office If I have been awarded FR in one of my electives, do I need to tag it as additional learning or will it happen automatically? Yes, you need to tag it as additional learning!
  8. 8.  Has re-tagging been abolished for the junior batches? No! What if my Fac Ad or HoD is not available for approval? Fac-Ad unavailable – Ask HoD to sign on his/her behalf HoD unavailable – Ask Acting HoD to sign on his/her behalf Both unavailable – Tough luck!
  9. 9. End of Presentation For any queries or grievances: http://gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~ugacademics/qng.php