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An overview of Facebook

An overview of Facebook

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  • 1. Facebook for Business
  • 2. Top Websites by Traffic
  • 3. Facebook: Age Demographics
  • 4. Facebook: Activity by Age
  • 5. Facebook Growth
  • 6. Facebook: The Average User
  • 7. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 8. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 9. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 10. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 11. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 12. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 13. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 14. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 15. Facebook: Overall Usage
  • 16. Why a Facebook Fan Page?Provides a base camp for your business on the internetFacebook fan page increases your exposure to a lot of people not justcustomers or prospects it gives you a chance to introduce your business tofuture employees, vendors, friends of fans and even the media can findinformation about your company.
  • 17. Why a Facebook Fan Page?Facebook fan pages drive trafficGetting even a small fraction of Facebook’s huge amount of daily traffic toyour website could significantly improve the amount of qualified traffic onyour site.
  • 18. Why a Facebook Fan Page?Improve SEOGoogle indexes content created on sites like Facebook, because of this thecontents of your Facebook fan page has the ability to generate favorablesearch engine results which is of course good for business.
  • 19. Why a Facebook Fan Page?Correlation of Social Media Factors on SEO
  • 20. Why a Facebook Fan Page?Engage your customers for FREEYour Facebook fan page is a place where customers and other brandpromoters can write on your Facebook Wall, ask and answer questions,and interact with you and one another.
  • 21. Why a Facebook Fan Page?A good place for brand enthusiasts to converseWhen people sing the praises of a good company, their friends are there tohear it.
  • 22. Why a Facebook Fan Page?You’ve created and grown your very own media channelThis can enhance or replace to some degree the current (not free)channels.
  • 23. Changing Formats Online
  • 24. Consumers watching more video
  • 25. Fixed media v.s. mobile
  • 26. Projected advertising spending by format
  • 27. Outbound message v.s. inbound
  • 28. Social brands
  • 29. The App market
  • 30. The App market
  • 31. Facebook Ads