Sgin2013 scrum accomplished-tcl-scrumjourney-fakhruddinbandukwala


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Sgin2013 scrum accomplished-tcl-scrumjourney-fakhruddinbandukwala

  1. 1. Scrum Journey at Tata Communications
  2. 2. Introduction • Fakhruddin J Bandukwala (FJB) – Certified Scrum Master – IT Architecture Design & Development @ TCL
  3. 3. Tata Communications Ltd • VSNL was formed in 1986 • Launched internet in India on 15th Aug 1995 • First Indian PSU to be listed on NYSE in 2000 • Part of the $100bn Tata group since 2002 • VSNL International launched in 2004 • Acquires Tyco and Teleglobe in 2005-06 • Becomes world’s largest provider of submarine cable bandwidth • Re-branded as Tata Communications in 2008 • Offices in 80 cities in 40 countries
  4. 4. SCRUM – Birth of an idea • Introduction to Agile - PMI session in Sep 2011 • Formal definitions and processes adopted as opposed to equating flexibility with agility • Agile fundamentals training for IT teams at TCL • Global exercise initiated to cover large number of people • Scrum trainings as part of quarterly HR calendar
  5. 5. Scrum Maturity Model • Adaptability - Grassroot level need • Orientation - Leadership support • Capability - Trained and experienced resources • Valuation - Business expectations and involvement • Communication and collaboration • Agile Project metrics
  6. 6. Scrum project selection • Initial phase – Simple to low complexity projects selected to demonstrate value and build capability • Growth phase – Ambitious and high visibility projects selected with good risk factors to demonstrate robustness • Momentum phase – Aim for >80% of work to be initiated in Scrum with business, IT and leadership sold on value of scrum
  7. 7. What made Scrum click • Success stories – CES project • New technology, new resources, new vendors • High risk project to initiate • Value was demonstrated within 3 months for a 12 month project • Business involvement was kept at high levels throughout • Team had high energy individuals with proven past achievements • Young motivated team hungry for success • Challenge of learning on a new platform with a new product introduced recently with no steady state installations
  8. 8. Mapping Scrum Values • Commitment • Because we have great control over our own destiny, we become more committed to success. • Focus • Because we focus on only a few things at a time, we work well together and produce excellent work. • Openness • We practice transparency, progress is visible to all, and we learn to express what we are doing, express how we are doing, express our concerns so that they can be addressed • Respect • Respect is a default state of existence and is given as well as expected • Courage • Have the courage to commit, to act, to be open and to expect respect