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At2012_pune when_i_had_big_shoes_to_fill_amoliu

  1. 1. When I had big shoes to fill – my story of replacing a star PO Amoli Upadhye Tata Consultancy Services
  2. 2. My story begins…Project 1 Project 2• Was short and smooth • Was chaotic• Thought added value • Built a coffee pot Coffee pot of Masochists Free image courtesy of
  3. 3. Why talk about my experience?• Explore scope for PO’s to – o Function in a structured manner o Improve infinitely
  4. 4. Baby steps…• Project 3, under seasoned PO• Structured releases, stories• Felt confident each day• Signature mark
  5. 5. Parting gift• Tools help• But are no substitute for sound business judgment• No classes teach that Free image courtesy of
  6. 6. What did I learn and found helpful? Lesson 2 Lesson 1 Rock requirementsBe a great communicator engineering Lesson 4 Lesson 3 Watch your babies Build water tight stories while they play
  7. 7. Lesson #1 – Be a great communicator • User persona Right communication strategies • Storyboarding • Structure your message • Apply 80 – 20 rule Free image courtesy of
  8. 8. Lesson #2 – Rock requirement engineering• Adopt timely paper • Add dimension to prototyping product requirement Free image courtesy of
  9. 9. Lesson #3 – Build water tight stories• Strategy• Scope• Structure Stories• Skeleton• Surface • Acceptance criteria • Sizing • Testable Effective release planning Free image courtesy of
  10. 10. Lesson #4 – Watch your babies while they play• Support tickets • Analytics Free image courtesy of
  11. 11. My journey continues …• Drive empirical decisions• Lend structure• Facilitate improvement in PO areas Free image courtesy of
  12. 12. Thank
  13. 13. Sample user persona• Name – Mrs. Smith, age 30• Goals – o Is a homemaker, lives with a family of 5 o Stocks groceries, vegetables, fruits on a weekly basis (Sunday’s) o Shops at departmental stores (is loyal to D’Mart) o Her checklist and offers running (eg. free gifts) at the stores fill her shopping cart o Doesn’t mind looking at new products on stands Free image courtesy of
  14. 14. Paper Image courtesy of
  15. 15. Paper prototyping cont… Image courtesy of
  16. 16. Effective story boarding Ant peacock brush air • Air , also, Antscene card doctor also • Brush, Bakerygoat keys greece kinglion monkey parrot more • Cake, Cardmain tiger Tennis gold • Doctor, Donutsilver lawn bakery cakedonut • Goat, Gold, greece • Keys, King • Lawn, Lion • Main, Monkey, More • Parrot, Peacock • Scene, silver • Tennis, tiger