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At2012 chennai roleofa_coach-madhurk

  1. 1. Introductions
  2. 2. Madhur KathuriaCSC,CSP, CSM, CSAChair, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community
  3. 3. Agenda ???
  4. 4. The Transformation Dilemma
  5. 5. The Mirror Exercise
  6. 6. What do we expect and demand of ourselves? What do we expect to improve in our functioning What outcomes do we as Coaches? expect from ourselves? The Coachs perspective. What do we want to do What do we want toless, or refrain from doing preserve (to keep doing in as Coaches? the same way) as Coaches?
  7. 7. What “Hat” Am I Wearing? Reflective Observer Coach Facilitator “You will manage and I will “I will assist you in performing the “I will help you make a mirror (light up) issues for best you can and extracting your your functioning” maximum potential”Process Aspects decision without taking sides” Mentor Role Model “I will support you in acquiring ”Watch me and adopt my attitude” knowledge and new skills” Technical Advisor “I will assist with technical Hands-On Expert Partner “I will perform “We will do it questions during the project” complicated tasks” together and learn from each other” Project Deliveries
  8. 8. What Leaders Expected What Coaching Delivered• Retention of Talent HIGH • Increased productivity• Accelerating Promotions • Increased quality of• Improved teamwork services• Increased Diversity • Improved teamwork• Increased team member MEDIUM • Increased team membersatisfaction satisfaction• Increased client satisfaction • Increased client satisfaction• Increased quality of services •Reduced cost• Increased productivity• Increased business development LOW • Increased business• Reduced cost development • Retention of Talent • Accelerating Promotions • Increased Diversity Coaching Expectation vs. Deliverables
  9. 9. The perception of ValueThe Value added by coachingmight not be same withcoaching client and the leaders Better integrating Coaching with the growth process will help you manage the perceptions of value
  10. 10. The three anchors Coaching That Counts… Build Evaluation Methodology into Effectively the coaching Manage the initiative coaching Adopt a initiative consistent and proven approach
  11. 11. The Approach “ Various Coaching alternatives and techniques confuse the clients “The Bottom-line
  12. 12. ManageEstablish the business context for coaching Establish the need Find a sponsor…
  13. 13. Module 2 :Definingthe spaceforcoaching
  14. 14. Delivering Lasting Change…
  15. 15. The Key factors Alignment of concerns
  16. 16. Surface Coaching vs. Behavioral changes
  17. 17. Coach is the Moderator
  18. 18. Transactional coaching vs .Transformational Coaching
  19. 19. [Transactional Coaching focuses on Surface Issues ] Tactical The team should Action use SPs Use Story points Have you usedAdvice Follow-up from your next Story points for sprint your estimations
  20. 20. [Transformational Coaching focuses onLearning from Insight and experiences]
  21. 21. Reflective Insight
  22. 22. Emotional Insight
  23. 23. IntutIon
  24. 24. InsightAction
  25. 25. [Actions deepen the Insight ] [Each level of insight supports next] ACTIONS [ Correct Actions are built on the foundation of insight ] Insight ActionsEvolving Insight [ Insight comes in phases]
  26. 26. So where do I start, O’ Master?
  27. 27. Guru Mantra #1Know what your buyer needs [What is their work culture] [Who are the ones needing coaching] [Why do they need it] [ How much coaching they need ]
  28. 28. Guru Mantra #2Look beyond the obvious
  29. 29. Guru Mantra #3Ride the same boat as your customer
  30. 30. Guru Mantra #4Be Transparent to your customer 140 120 100 Deployed 80 Testing Construction Architecture / Design Total Features 60 Requirements Total Scope (Features) 40 20 0 2/21/2008 2/28/2008 3/6/2008 3/13/2008 3/20/2008 3/27/2008 4/3/2008 4/10/2008 4/17/2008 4/24/2008 5/1/2008 5/8/2008 5/15/2008 5/22/2008 5/29/2008 Date
  31. 31. This looks tough??How do I move it ?
  32. 32. Questions??
  33. 33. If I can be of any help • Twitter: madhurkathuria I am available on • Skype: madhur.kathuria ••• My Spaces