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At2012 chennai coaching_challenges_vasanthanp

  1. 1. Agile Coaching Challenges Vasanthan Philip 2012, October
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Coaching• What to look for• Tuckman’s Team Development Model• What to look for• Coaching Interventions• Lean Thinking• Scrum Master as Coach• Coaching Agile Managers• Conclusion05/05/09
  3. 3. What is Coaching“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential tomaximize their own potential. It is helping people tolearn rather than teach them.” – John Whitmore05/05/09
  4. 4. What to look for• Warning Signs• Understand the context• Get leadership support• Gain team’s trust• Navigate through force fields• Teach relevant techniques• User empirical data for change• Help teams conduct RCA• Stay engaged – Help teams Inspect & Adapt• Play Games
  5. 5. Tuckman’s Team Development Model• The teams current stage affects its ability to work• The help and assistance of the coach must be adapted to the stage of the team• Stages o Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing05/05/09
  6. 6. Teaching Lean Thinking to help teams• Aim at reducing the workload teams have to work on at any one time o Working on too many things at once makes productivity go down and defect rates go up• Push versus pull• Thinking scientifically and respecting people• Use Kanban to make teams work in a sustainable pace while limiting WIP05/05/09
  7. 7. Coaching Interventions• At the start of the Sprint• In the middle of the Sprint• Towards the end of the Sprint05/05/09
  8. 8. Scrum Master as Coach• Help Scrum Masters deepen their skills o Exploratory, apprentice, coach• Exploratory – Make them watch you perform the role• Apprentice – After making them watch you, invite them to be your apprentice (making them good at observation and choice making)• Coach – Slowly transition them into your role (the coach moves into an advisory role)05/05/09
  9. 9. Coaching Agile Managers• Coaching in three fundamental areas o In managing teams • How to be an “intimate outsider” and champion of team o In managing investments • Asking “What is the best investment now?” instead of “Are we on schedule and within our budget?” o In managing the environment • Bringing a lean perspective to focus on flow and the elimination of waste• The key is training them on their role05/05/09
  10. 10. Asking Powerful Questions05/05/09
  11. 11. I am a Good Coach • When o I have Instilled agile practices o Started up Agile Teams o Peer coached and coached the whole team o Coached product owners and outsiders o Coached the team through change o Instigated path to high performance o Accepted their ideas above my own o Mastered myself o Navigated conflicts o Set myself on a path of learning and development Source: Coaching Agile Teams – Lynda05/05/09 Adkins
  12. 12. Thank You05/05/09