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At2012 bengaluru turning_intoanagileengineeringmanager_debashisb

  1. 1. Turning into an Agile Engineering Manager Debashis Banerjee ( 2012 September
  2. 2. 1902 or 2012?Are we all variations of Rodin’s ThinkerVersionOne 2011 Stage of Agile Survey says:“64% of Agile Champions are in theManagement layer”In larger companies (>500 people)•27% said lack of management support•26% said “general resistance to change”were major barriers to agile adoption.This drops to 10% in smaller companies
  3. 3. Who is an Agile Engineering Manager
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda Arm yourself with The 4 Is and 3 Ps Scenario Walkthrough; Leveraging the 4Is and3 Ps in agile (Scrum)  Separation Anxiety  Extinction Anxiety  UN-Certainity  xe-NO-phobia  A “?” on every face  Changing Lanes Agile Behaviors managers can support
  5. 5. Arming yourself with the 4 Is 4Is
  6. 6. Learn the 3 Ps and apply the 4Is  People - Who are the people doing it?  Project - When and How are they doing it?  Product - How is it built? Now Leverage the 3 Ps above using the 4 Is EM 4Is: ng/1651
  7. 7. “Agile EM” Scenario Walkthroughs Agile Methodology assumed Scrum with 2 week sprints in a cross functional team Scrum Team - Cross Functional Product Owners Dev/QE/Service Engg) Engineering Manager External Scrum teams Other company stakeholders Scrum Master (Directors/CEO/VPs)
  8. 8. Scenario 1: Separation AnxietyOne of the key members of the team decides to leave or has to be let go? The team member is handlingcritical sprint deliverables
  9. 9. Scenario 2 : Extinction AnxietyThe scrum team is informed that the product has to be scrapped in the middle of the sprint?
  10. 10. Scenario 3 : UN…Certainity The scrum team is informed the company will be acquired but is in the middle of a major product?
  11. 11. Scenario 4 : xe-NO-phobia? (Fear of Strangers) You are a single location team but now with new members across multiple geo locations and also an outsourced vendor?
  12. 12. Scenario 5 : A “?” On every face The product has no concrete roadmap and product owner appears disengaged and scrum team is not happy
  13. 13. Scenario 6 : Changing Lanes The technology stack needs to be changed
  14. 14. Agile Behaviors to support!  People:  People own backlogs as “Team” not function  Team pick their own tasks  Cross functional team members are open and give ongoing peer feedback and use retrospectives effectively  Product  The product is built right in iterations  PO can release product versions at sprints if needed  Project:  Product owner sets backlog priority and changes  Timelines are committed by team  There is a single backlog
  15. 15. And finally……INFLUENCETHE 4 Is PEOPLE•IntentionINTUTION THE 3 Ps•Intuition PROJECT •People•InfluenceINTENTION •Project•Intervention PRODUCT •ProductINTERVENTION