Rebranding a Nonprofit


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Rebranding a Nonprofit

  1. 1. Rebranding a Non-Profit Love Thy Neighbor Mexico Internship Completion Slides by Isaul Carballar
  2. 2. Content:1. Background & organization description2. Strategies and achievements3. Current challenges4. Strategic alternatives (A, B, C)5. Conclusion
  3. 3. 1. BackgroundMexicos War on Drugs
  4. 4. The Awful Truth● Mexican cartels are responsible for 90% of the illicit drugs consumed in the US● The american drug consumer is the major force driving such activities● 60,000 deaths over a six-year war on drugs in Mexico● Drug consumption in the US is still among the highest in the world
  5. 5. Social ActivismEnter Love Thy Neighbor Mexico A non-political organization educating teenagers about the consequences of illicit demand of drugs coming from Mexico.
  6. 6. 2. Strategies &Achievements The story so far...
  7. 7. Strategies● Social Media as the major driving force, especially Facebook● Education curriculum● Private and Institutional funding, not public● Reliance on interns● No political stance, not against drugs, not pro-immigration
  8. 8. Achievements● An active and engaged Facebook audience, reaching +20k fans● Established credibility in several schools, reaching over 1,000 students● Video production strategy, focusing on appealing content for the target audience
  9. 9. 3. Current ChallengesStrategic Shift or Different Funding?
  10. 10. Current Challenges● A lack of funding forced the organization to shift their strategy● Results achieved so far have not been as expected● Audience engagement has not produced expected virality, in particular with the video
  11. 11. Broader Questions● Will an active and engaged community, aware of the social consequences of illicit drug demand, make any difference?● Will drug users, currently buying from the black market, care about using "conflict-free" drugs?● Will conflict-drug awareness help solve the big challenge? Will the demand decrease?
  12. 12. 4. Strategic Alternatives A Brainstorming Session
  13. 13. "Dear Mexico..." Alternative A
  14. 14. Dear Mexico...Goal: Create a positive association withMexican PeopleObjectives: Engagement, Collaboration,ExposureMethod: Using an online collaboration platform,users will be asked to write/draw/film onereason to love & hate MexicoProposed name: "Dear Mexico, I love/hateyour..."
  15. 15. Core Mechanic● Show Staff Picks or suggestions at the beginning● Allow collaboration and shareability across social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin, email newsletter)● Once the piece is submitted, you can see the results● Keep track of submissions
  16. 16. Risks and Threats● In-house development is very expensive● Hate comments● Too many submissions● Out of context or nonsense posts● Misunderstanding of goal● Nuanced message
  17. 17. Proposed solutions● Staff/Social curation of content● Use your social network ID● Keep content funny, yet thoughtful● Interesting design● Motivational or inspirational?● Avoid Online Survey feel● Require useful input
  18. 18. Visual Proposal
  19. 19. Start a Blog Alternative B
  20. 20. Content Marketing strategyGoal: Show the knowledgeable and caring sideof LTNM, thus creating empathyObjectives: Empathy, Engagement,CollaborationMethod: Write about the aspects surroundingthe organization as well as the social issuesMechanic: Topic ideas can be extendedindefinitely if the editorial line is slightly blurred.In other words, an interested, approachable,friendly voice is good for engagement
  21. 21. Here are some topics● Are drugs evil? Drugs and me, my family, etc.● How can education in the US improve?● Successful Mexicans in the US and viceversa● What is LTNM working on right now?● Ways for better activism● Ask for art submissions● Interview the relatives of a deceased● Exchange ideas about building a collaborative project
  22. 22. Risks and Threats● Blogging can be tired● Needs fresh ideas and (almost) daily posting● Content strategy is more long-term, generating engagement over time● Website may need a revamp in SEO, especially in the calls to action
  23. 23. Crowdsource a Campaign Alternative C
  24. 24. Mix Alternatives and Kickstart!Goal: Take the organization to the next level ofawarenessObjectives: Awareness, Engagement,Collaboration, Additional FundingMethod: An integrated crowdsourcing strategy,making use of the previous ideasCore Mechanic: Crowdfunding strategy to startsales of a product: Bracelets, Tees,Sunglasses, Jewelry, Postcards,Candles, etc.
  25. 25. Risks and Threats● Development of a product can take months● New costs may arise● Intellectual property and copyright issues● Needs to improve visibility and PR● Execution may be harder, as it has to rely on the available workforce
  26. 26. Proposed solutions● Joint-venture with one partner (Westwardleaning?)● Venture with several partners, currently selling products (● There are integral online stores (shopify. com)● Crowdsourcing activities takes away some of the burden, gets the word out (kickstarter. com)● Proposed solution can take advantage of online advocacy tools:,
  27. 27. ConclusionWhat should the call-to-action be?
  28. 28. Crowdsource Advocacy! Alternative D
  29. 29. Turning Volunteers into AdvocatesGoal: Produce local content that grows localaudiencesObjectives: Engagement, Collaboration,Exposure, FundingMethod: Grassroots-style campaigning, Socialleaders will help push localized content, thuscreating awareness and advocacyProposed Name: Good Neighbors
  30. 30. Core Mechanic● Start a volunteer sheet form, looking for online activists● Users become leaders in their respective communities, they are responsible for the content, but must follow guidelines● Use a platform such as or● Two stages in execution: 1) Build an activists fan base, empowering a few; 2) Apply for a 2nd round of funding, with a stronger fan support
  31. 31. Risks and Threats● Activism can take many shapes, and thus the message becomes disorganized● Chaos and disorder● Misunderstanding of goals● Managing complexity
  32. 32. Proposed solutions● Become the party host● Low-cost from online collaboration tools allow for managing● Use advocates social network ID● Gamification, turning specific actions into badges● Activism can be easily tracked using online tools● There is an audience, it just needs organization
  33. 33. The Answer to the Big Question is...The call-to-action should aim for:● The website should be their home● LTNM is only the host● Give them resources● Ask them to join!● Ask them to act!!● Ask them to ask others!!! 50 (very) useful low-cost resources here: resources-for-nonprofits/10939
  34. 34. Rebranding a Non-Profit Completion Slides by Isaul Carballar