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New Iceflow New Iceflow Presentation Transcript

  • Iceflow “ Nice N Cheap” By Isahito Ice Cream House
  • Introduction for Iceflow’ Ice Cream House
    • Iceflow adalah sebuah Ice Cream house, yang menyajikan hidangan Ice Cream dengan aneka cita rasa dan penyajian. Selain itu, Iceflow juga menghadirkan suasana natural, dengan menggunakan konsep design taman bunga yang anggun pada design ruangan Iceflow.
    • Nama Iceflow berasal dari kata Ice dan Flow. Yang berarti Iceflow akan menyediakan icecream bercita rasa tingga namun tetap fleksibel dan unik.
  • Why Iceflow?
    • Ice Cream House dengan konsep taman bunga adalah sebuah konsep yang unik. Diharapkan, dengan konsep taman bunga ini, dapat menghadirkan suasana santai di tengah-tengah hiruk- pikuk mall yang terkadang menjenuhkan.
    • Ice cream yang disajikan memiliki bentuk yang unik, seperti icecream berbentuk kotak kubus.
    • Ice cream iceflow juga memberikan rasa ice cream baru dan unik. Salah satunya dengan mengombinasikan cake, pie dengan ice-cream.
    • Bahkan, iceflow akan dikembangkan sebagai ice-cream multi vitamin, yang bagus buat kesehatan.
    • Kita akan menjual ice-cream dengan harga murah. Hal ini menyebabkan kita memiliki pasar yang sangat luas.
  • Our Purposes & Objections
    • Build an ice cream restaurant, with the unique menu. Make the nice ice-cream with the low price.
    • Make a lot of money.
    • Build the ice-cream brand become the national brand.
  • Organizational
    • Project Sponsor : Twins Group Corp, ltd,.
    • Project Manager : Isahito, BBA, MBA, PhD,.
    • Di bawah Project Manager, terdapat beberapa functional Manager yang bertangung-jawab kepada Project Manager.
    • Branch Manager : Joseph Smolensky, BBA,.
    • Branch Manager : Stanley Carter, BBA,.
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Network Diagram
  • Network Diagram
    • Critical path:
    • Rent Stan in SPI => Find (Hired) Functional Manager => Buy Tools and decorate the stan.
    • Total days needed : 67 days.
    • Start from Jan 22, 2008 to March 28, 2008
  • Product
    • We’ll make the ice cream in the box shape (bentuk kubus)
    • For some ice cream, we’ll combine the western cake with the ice cream. (still use the box shape)
    • We’ll make, the ice-cream pie.
    • We’ll make the vitamin and healthy ice-cream for children.
    • The Price for one ice cream box is Rp5,000.00.
  • Example of our Products
    • Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake : Substitute Oreo cookies for the crumbs and the outer rim of the cake. Use cookie dough or Oreo ice cream in place of the mint chocolate chip. Decorate the finished cake with mini Oreo cookies.
    • Butterscotch Shortbread Ice Cream Cake : Use shortbread cookies for the crumbs and outer rim of the cake. Instead of chocolate sauce, use butterscotch ice cream topping. Use butterscotch ripple and vanilla ice creams, and decorate the cake with butterscotch chips or chopped Skor bars.
  • Example of our Products
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake : Use peanut butter cookies for the crumbs and rim. For the sauce, heat 1/2 cup chocolate sauce and mix with 1/4 cup melted peanut butter (you'll need to do this twice - once for the crust and again for the layer between the two ice cream layers). Use chocolate ice cream for the bottom layer, and peanut butter ice cream or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for the top layer. Decorate with chopped peanuts, Reese's Pieces, or peanut butter cups cut into quarters.
    • Heavenly Hash Ice Cream Cake : Use chocolate chip cookies for the crumbs and rim. For the middle layer, top the chocolate sauce with cookie crumbs and chocolate-covered peanuts. Substitute heavenly hash ice cream for the mint chocolate chip. Before serving, spoon marshmallow cream over the top of the cake and decorate with more chocolate-covered peanuts.
    • Cordosky
    • Rp 5,000.00
    • Slavica
    • Rp 5,000.00
    • Helsynskova
    • Rp 5,000.00
    • Semua ice cream iceflow’s telah dibuat sebelum resto dibuka. Kemudian, Ice Cream tersebut di simpan dalam tempat penyimpanan ice cream yang dapat dilihat langsung oleh customer.
    • Selain menjual Ice Cream, Iceflow juga menjual makanan ringan seperti snack, sandwich, frenchfries, dll.
    • Apabila volume persediaan ice cream menipis, telah disediakan mesin pembuat ice cream yang siap untuk membuat persediaan ice cream baru.
  • About Iceflow’s Supplier
    • Kita akan membeli mesin Ice-Cream dario China. Dengan harga berkisar Rp50,000,000.00
  • About Iceflow’s Machine
  • About Iceflow’s Price
    • Harga ice cream Iceflow per box Rp5,000.00
    • Harga tersebut bisa dikatakan sebagai harga yang sangat murah.
  • Strategic Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis:
    • Strength: Nice N Cheap. The unique ice-cream with the low price.
    • Weakness: Many people don’t know about our Brand name or our products.
    • Opportunity: High market size and market growth.
    • Threat: The other restaurants have more popularity then us.
  • Strategic Analysis
    • PEST Analysis:
    • Political: Indonesia’s politic condition is relatively stable.
    • Economy: There’re still a lot of low economic family in Indonesia. That’s why we sell the low price ice cream.
    • Social: Every one like ice cream in Indonesia.
    • Technology: There’re lots of good quality ice-cream machine with the low price. Especially, the China’s machine.
  • Strategic Analysis
    • 5 Forces Analysis:
    • Internal Rivalry: Low
    • Potential Entry: Medium
    • Substitute: Low
    • Supplier: Low
    • Buyer: Low
    • Conclusion: we must be fast to build our brand, before the coming of another competitors.
  • Marketing Plan
    • We give free voucher ice cream in the car park for the first and the second week end.
    • Buy two, get one free.
    • Install the banner.
    • Advertisement in news paper.
    • Make a motto “nice and cheap”.
    • Do promotions to every school in Surabaya and other cities, by doing healthy seminar.
  • Standard Operation Procedures
    • Standard Pelayanan terhadap Customer
    • Ucapkan salam kepada customer.
    • Memberikan testing gratis buat produk baru.
    • Bila customer memesan, ice cream, tanyakan, apakah akan di makan di tempat atau dibawa.
    • Tawarkan membership kepada customer dengan memberikan selebaran. Bila customer bertanya, jelaskan dengan bahasa yang sopan.
    • Sajikan ice cream dan persilahkan customer untuk membayar ice-cream.
    • Ucapkan terimakasih kepada customer.
    • Schedule
    • 09.00: The manager and one staff must be coming.
    • 09.00 – 10.00: clean all the seats, and prepare all the maintenance and the ice- creams must have been delivered from the factory.
    • 10.00: The restaurant must be opened.
    • 15.00: The manager and one staff of the second shift must come.
    • 16.00: The manager and the staff of the first shift can go home.
    • 21.00: The restaurant must be closed. If there’re still customers who eat the ice cream inside the restaurant, wait until they finish.
    • 21.00 – 22.00: The manager counts the money that has been got that day.
    • 22.00: The manager closes the restaurant.
    • Control
    • Every weekend there’ll be meeting of all managers with the general manager.
    • In that meeting, each manager must give the weekly report of the restaurant.
    • Uniform
    • Blue shirt, with black trousers or skirt.
  • Logic Diagram for Iceflow’s SOP
  • Income Statement Estimation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet
    • BEP in the second year. In 2009 year.
    • Pay Back in the third year. in 2010 year.