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Presentatie Inholland 07-02-12
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Presentatie Inholland 07-02-12


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Gastcollege Hogeschool Inholland 07-02-13

Gastcollege Hogeschool Inholland 07-02-13

Published in: Travel
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  • Derealiteit is dat 1,8 miljoenmensen het internet gebruiken. … and what we’re finding is, with these dialogues, we’re no longer in control of the message anymore, which is absolutely true. The power has shifted from the business to the consumer…. people are out there talking about us, and we can’t stop it. So we have to adapt and be a part of those conversations. Online are already happening about your destination/brand/org and you might not be aware of it.Your target market is now more likely to find this information than they are to find what you’re putting out there. When I search something on google what comes up? At very least, you need to be aware of it. Ideally, you see this as an opportunity and capitalize on it. Online conversations cannot be ignored. Most are permanent. They’re relevant to your DMO, stakeholders and also present a number of opportunities
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the momentumDon’t focus on the tools
  • Many businesses have not caught up with the consumer.Organizations are still spending most of their time on awareness and not enough time at the other levels of the process.Awareness is hard when there is so much competition.RESEARCH SHOWS THAT CONSUMERS TRUST EACH OTHER. WORD OF MOUTH COMMUNICATION IS HOW THE HUMAN RACE HAS EVOLVED AND FLOURISHED.
  • Passion is very strong interest. Passion is the heartbeat of the community – very few people write about topics in great volumeInfluencers are people who are interested in the topic and are influencers in a larger community(ie – cooking with lavendarblogger (passion), homeopathic medicine interest (influencers) – larger community of natural remedies/diets)
  • Tourism is highly experiential with unlimited combinations of experiences. Marketing a destination is very different to marketing large consumer brands. We believe that tourism marketing should be consumer-centric. For that reason, we put social at the core. Social is so important to destination marketing that we’ve built our entire destination marketing methodology around it.
  • Passion is very strong interest. Passion is the heartbeat of the community – very few people write about topics in great volumeInfluencers are people who are interested in the topic and are influencers in a larger community(ie – cooking with lavendarblogger (passion), homeopathic medicine interest (influencers) – larger community of natural remedies/diets)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Vancouver | Detroit | Amsterdam | Sydney ISABEL MOSK @ISABELMOSK
    • 2. Think! Amsterdam
    • 3. Think! Amsterdam
    • 4. Think! Amsterdam
    • 5. Think! Amsterdam
    • 6. Think! Amsterdam
    • 7. Think! Amsterdam
    • 8. Think! Amsterdam1.8 Billion use the internet
    • 9. Think! Amsterdam
    • 10. Think! Amsterdam
    • 11. Think! Amsterdam
    • 12. Think! Amsterdam
    • 13. Think! Amsterdam
    • 14. Think! Amsterdam
    • 15. Think! Amsterdam
    • 16. Think! AmsterdamAMSTERDAM
    • 17. Think! Amsterdam
    • 18. Think! Amsterdam
    • 19. Think! Amsterdam
    • 20. Think! Amsterdam78% of consumers trustpeer recommendations
    • 21. Think! AmsterdamPeople underthe age of 30don’t knowlife withoutthe internet.
    • 22. TOURISM BRAND Think! Amsterdam Our definition: • The sum of all stories somebody hears about a destination (but not all sources are equally credible) • The sum of all experiences during a trip (but not all experiences are equal)
    • 23. BUILD BRAND THROUGH PEOPLE‟S STORIES Think! Amsterdam X advertising stories
    • 24. Think! Amsterdam
    • 25. Think! Amsterdam
    • 26. Think! Amsterdam
    • 27. Think! Amsterdam
    • 28. Think! Amsterdam
    • 29. Think! Amsterdam
    • 30. GOAL: NARROW THE FUNNEL Think! Amsterdam ineffective use of resources Awareness Consideration Intent Purchase Visit -- Evaluate ++
    • 31. PASSIONATE COMMUNITIES Think! Amsterdam passion influencers community everybody else
    • 32. Think! Amsterdam
    • 34. EEN REMARKABLE DESTINATIE Think! Amsterdam
    • 35. REMARKABLE EVENTS Think! Amsterdam
    • 36. REMARKABLE MARKETING Think! Amsterdam
    • 37. SOCIAL AT THE CORE OF MARKETING Think! Amsterdam Social at the core Amplified by influencer outreach Supported by targeted and measurable digital Extended by traditional advertising
    • 38. PHOTO SELECTION GUIDE Think! Amsterdam
    • 39. Think! AmsterdamCONFERENCES
    • 40. Think! Amsterdam
    • 41. Think! Amsterdam
    • 42. Think! Amsterdam
    • 43. Think! Amsterdam
    • 44. Think! Amsterdam
    • 45. Think! Amsterdam
    • 46. Think! Amsterdam
    • 47. PASSIONATE COMMUNITIES Think! Amsterdam passion: food influencers: bloggers community: foodies everybody else
    • 48. Think! Amsterdam
    • 49. Think! Amsterdam
    • 50. Think! Amsterdam
    • 51. Think! Amsterdam
    • 52. Think! AmsterdamRICHMOND - FOOD
    • 53. Think! AmsterdamFESTIVAL EXPRESS
    • 54. COMMUNITIES FORM AROUND PASSIONS Think! Amsterdam music bloggers music fans casual music fans
    • 55. Think! Amsterdam
    • 56. Think! Amsterdam
    • 57. GOAL #FIAF12 Think! Amsterdam - Increase awareness of Flanders as a festival destination. - Bring online influencers to Flanders to experience the festival scene & stimulate conversation about Flanders.
    • 58. Think! Amsterdam
    • 59. RETURN Think! Amsterdam - Connection with bloggers as festival buddies - Authentic stories about festival & destination - Happy bloggers & inspiration for their followers - „Ambassadors‟ for Flanders
    • 60. SOME NUMBERS Think! Amsterdam - Number of written blogpost: 257 (so far) - Number of unique visitors: > 7.500.000 - Total reach of blogposts: > 11.500.000 - Number of Facebook fans of all bloggers: > 300.000 - Number of Twitter fans of all bloggers: > 550.000
    • 61. Think! Amsterdam“Get people talking about Dallas”
    • 62. Think! Amsterdam
    • 63. Think! AmsterdamRemarkable Experience: LOCAL TEAM Influencers: MEDIA, BLOGGERS Community: EVERYBODY IN TOWN
    • 64. A REMARKABLE CONTEST Think! Amsterdam offline work of mouth social media conversations influencers remarkable event
    • 65. Think! Amsterdam
    • 66. Think! Amsterdam
    • 67. Think! Amsterdam
    • 68. Think! Amsterdam
    • 69. Think! Amsterdam
    • 70. Think! Amsterdam
    • 71. Think! Amsterdam
    • 72. Think! Amsterdam“This promotion/activity brought out the best in all of us. Weapproached total strangers without fear or judgement. We lookedeach other in the eye, spoke and smiledI just want to say „thank-you‟ for such an absolutely fun andmemorable experience.”-- Len Stanley
    • 73. Think! AmsterdamBedankt!