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  1. 1. Trivia: Do you know of Johnny Depp? Find out on page THE BEST OF JohnnyANGELINA Depp JOLIE Talks about his life and movies. FUN WITH YOUR FAVORITE Colombia $4.900 CELEBRITIES!
  2. 2. NAME: Angelina Jolie VoightNICKNAME: Angelina JolieBIRTH: June 4, 1975AGE: 37 years oldHOMETOWN: The angels, California,USAOCCUPATION: Actress, producer,filmmaker, model, philanthropist andsocialite U.S.SPOUSE: Jonny Lee Miller (1996-1999)Billy Bob Thornton (2000-2003) BradPitt (2005-present)SONS: maddox chivan jolie-pitt(11 years) Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt (8 years)Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt (7 years) ShilohNouvel Jolie-Pitt (6 years) Knox LeonJolie-Pitt (4 years) Vivienne MarcelineJolie-Pitt (4 years)HEIGHT: 1,73.
  3. 3. ITS NAME IS JACQUES Its breed is bulldog, Jacques is great, big, heavy, is white with brown spots, it has seven yearsJolies children, with Jacques
  4. 4. Favorite color: Black Favorite TV shows: King of theFavorite food: cereals and chicken Hill, the Game show network yrolls. Animal PlanetHobbies: Pilot airplanes, collecting Favorite book: “The bodyrazors and knives and everything Farm”related to mortuary science. Favorite Vacation: In FranceFavorite Music: Frank Sinatra, The Favorite City: BerlínClash and Johnny Cash. Favorite sport: Kickboxing Favorite Car: Mercedes Benz
  5. 5. Angelina is known for itshumanitarian work in variouscountries, and has receivedseveral awards for his work.She is the ambassador forthe ONU, has adopted threechildren and has donatedseveral million dollars forhumanitarian projects inAfrica.
  6. 6. Angelina Jolie has three adopted children -from Ethiopia, Cambodia and Vietnam-
  7. 7. Interviewer: Whats your full name and where are youfrom?Angelina: My name is Angelina Jolie Voight and Imfrom the angeles CA.Interviewer: Well, do you have a nickname?Angelina: My friends call me Angelina or Angie.Interviewer: Angelina, What is your profession?Angelina: I am Actress, producer, filmmaker, model,philanthropist and socialite U.S.Interviewer: You have a husband?Angelina: Of course, he is Brad PittInterviewer: how many children do you have?Angelina: I have six children
  8. 8. Interviewer: do you do in your free time? Angelina: In my free time, I like beingANGELINA with my family, my husband and my JOLIE childrenINTERVEW Interviewer: do you have a pet? Angelina: Yes, its name is Jacques and its a bulldog Interviewer: How do you manage to get to everything, family, work and work of United Nations ambassador? Angelina: I organized, I have people who help me and a partner with whom I share all my activities. Also, I love everything I do.
  9. 9. Interviewer: Are you happier as anactress or as a mother?Angelina: We all have our moments.Im usually happy when Im with mykids. At one point, we were alltogether. I looked at Brad and said,"This is one of those times beingworth living." Sometimes I lookaround and I realize how lucky I am. Ilove my family.Interviewer: you prefer action moviesor drama?Angelina: I prefer action movies, but I Interviewer: What do yourlike drama too much, and I acted like tattoos mean?it when films containing both. Angelina: All my tattoos have a special meaning, for example, IInterviewer: What qualities best wear under my neck is related todescribe you? my humanitarian work, says: "IAngelina: I can get to fight to the know your rights."death by a stranger.
  10. 10. Interviewer: Whats your full name and where are youfrom?Johnny: My name is John Christopher Depp II and Imfrom Owensboro, Kentucky.Interviewer: Well, do you have a nickname?Johnny: My friends call me JohnnyInterviewer: do you do in your free time?Johnny: In my free time, I like being with my family,playing with my kids, going to the parkInterviewer: do you have a pet?Angelina: No, I dont. but I like the cats
  11. 11. Interviewer: Johnny, What is your profession?Johnny: Im an actor and producerInterviewer: What is your favorite movie inwhich you acted?Johnny: I like the paper to interpret EdwardScissorhands, Jack Sparrow and also ... Ivedone every role is important to meInterviewer: Is it true that you never seemovies starring?Johnny: No, I do not like me on the screen, Ihave not seen any of the movies Ive everplayed.Interviewer: Are you anything like CaptainJack Sparrow?Johnny: We are totally different. Well ... anycharacter is always added somethingpersonal. There is definitely a part of me inCaptain Jack and there is also much of it inme.
  12. 12. Interviewer: Johnny has alwaysplayed eccentric characters. Was itdifficult to interpret a normal manin the "the tourist"?Johnny: Yes, it was challengingsomeone to appear as normal. Iliked the idea of ​playing someonewho looks normal but when youlook under a microscope, you seetheir little quirks, trying to getthere.Interviewer: Is there something youbelieve?Johnny: Yes, I think we can bebetter. Much better. I believe that. Interviewer: How many children doInterviewer: If you had to stay with you have?one of your films, what would it be? Johnny: I have two children. Lily-Johnny: I think it would be Edward Rose Melody Depp and John "Jack"Scissorhands. My kids love that Christopher III Deppmovie
  13. 13. 1. Ill give you a quote that Johnny Depp has said in a film, and you tell me which film its from.- 1.1. “Okay, okay, im going to freak right out” a. Arizona dream b. Charlie and the chocolate factory c. Cenny and joon d. Once upon a time in México 1.2. “Churns it up. Makes it light. Frothy”a. Pirates of Caribbeanb. What’s eating gilbert grapec. Benny and Joond. Charlie and the chocolate factory 1.3. “Come on, you filthy, slimy, mangy cur.” a. Sleepy Hollow b. Pirates of the Caribbean c. Finding Neverland d. Cry-Baby
  14. 14. 2. This is all about the wonderful movies starring the fantastic actor who is Johnny Depp; from "Nightmare on Elm Street" to "Pirates of the Caribbean". 2.1. Complete this quote, which was said by Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". "When you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate; __________." a. Im Captain Jack Sparrow. b. I’m superman c. I can fly d. I’m clever 2.2. In "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" who2.3. Johnny played Christina played Charlie Bucket?Riccis dad in "Fear andLoathing in Las Vegas". a. Freddie Highmoo a. True b. Daniel Radcliffe b. False c. Frankie Highmore d. Freddie Highmore
  15. 15. 3. All you have to do is identify theleading lady in the movie, starringJohnny Depp. Best of luck and have fun!3.1. Which actress played the role ofGeorge Jungs (Johnny Depp) loveinterest in the movie Blow (2001)? a. Juliette Lewis b. Heather Graham c. Penelope Cruz d. Mili Avital 3.2. Which actress played the admirer of 3.3. Which actress played the Wade Cry Baby Walker (Johnny Depp) in role of Elise ward in the movie 1990s Cry Baby? The tourist (2010)? a. Amy Locane a. Charlize Theron b. Anne Heche b. Chrstina Ricci c. Juliette Binoche c. Angelina Jolie d. Roma Maffia d. Penelope Cruz
  16. 16. 1.1 = d. Once upon a time in México1.2 = d. Charlie and the chocolate factory1.3 = b. Pirates of the Caribbean2.1 = a. Im Captain Jack Sparrow.2.2 = d. Freddie Highmore2.3 = b. False3.1 = c. Penelope Cruz3.2 = a. Amy Locane3.3 = c. Angelina Jolie
  17. 17. Name: Rosie Breed: Border Collie MixName: Samy Name: Titan Gender: FemaleBreed: Chihuahua Breed: Tabby Age: 9 MonthsGender: Male Gender: Male Color: Black and brownAge: 4 Age: 10 Years Description: Rosie is a 9Color: With White Marki Color: Orange month old Border CollieDescription: Chihuahua Description: 13 Pound Mix. She weighs aroundtan with white marking Orange Tabby, 10 Years 25lbs. She is black andon end of his tail and Old, Very Friendly.. tan and has one whitewhite marking on face Wearing Leopard foot. She was last seenand stomach and black Collar. wearing a red and blueeyes. If found call: 432 11 00 collar. Rosie is veryIf found call: 254 76 12 scared.
  18. 18. -I like the pop of his -I like computer -I like go to cinema,lyrics and rhythm because is funny and because is my activity-I don’t like amusing favoritereggaeton because I -I don’t like the -I don’t likethink it has sexist technology when houseworkcontest contaminate -I like being with my -I like being with my cousins because I-I like casual clothes sister because I have love very much- I don’t like to wear so much fun -I don’t like fightingshorts, because I feel -I don’t like when my with my sisterunsafe sister annays me because we get because I kill cases angry
  19. 19. I LIKE… I DON’T LIKE-I like being in lovebecause it’s a wonderfulfreeling-I don’t like when youlove and you’re notmatched because it’s a -I like my hair cebause isdisappointment long and beautiful -I don´t like my nose because is rare
  20. 20. ENTERTAINMENT Sudoku is normally presented as a table of 9 × 9, consisting of 3 × 3 subtables called "regions" (also call "boxes", or "blocks"). Some cells already contain numbers, known as "givens" (or sometimes "tracks"). The objective is to fill the empty cells, with a number in each, so that each column, row and region contains the numbers 1-9 only once. In addition, each issue of the solution appears only once in each of the three "directions", hence the "numbers should be alone" evoking the name of the game.
  21. 21. JOKES… Man: Waiter, I cant eat this soup! Waiter: Im sorry, Sir.- Mum, mum, in school Ill call the cook. - Do you know why theeverybody tells me that ocean is blue? Cook: Whats the Im confused! problem, Sir? - Because fish make - Hey, kid, this is not blue, blue, blue, blue... Man: Im sorry but Iyour house... you live opposite the street! cant eat this soup? Cook: Why not, Sir? Man: Because I havent got a spoon!
  22. 22. I go to cinema two orthree times a month CAL ENDARI go biking everySundayI usually go out with myfriends the MondayI go to odontology oncea monthI go to hairdresser oncea month