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The Royal Spa Menu at The Royal Santrian

The Royal Spa Menu at The Royal Santrian



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The Royal Spa - Menu The Royal Spa - Menu Document Transcript

  • Enjoy the renowned touch of our expertly and fully licensed Balinese Masseuses at SPA The Royal. In the comfort and privacy of our Spa Villa or at your own villa, you have the option of experiencing in- door or out-door treatments that include full body massage, body treatment, Ayurvedic therapies and refreshing facial HOW TO SPAArrival TimeTry to arrive at least ten minutes before your schedule treatment to enjoy our naturewelcome drink and scented cool towel, pre – treatment relaxation prepares your bodybetter for the journey ahead.Spa AttireWhen coming to The Royal Spa please feel free to wear whatever you feelcomfortable. Sarong, robes, panties are available at your disposal.Spa EtiquettePlease notify us if you have any concerns regarding your health or body, Alcoholconsumed is not recommended before, during or immediately after your spa treatmentPregnancy Spa policyPlease inform our Spa Reception of your condition upon scheduling your treatment, sothat we can assist to recommend suitable selection of Spa treatmentsRespect for other GuestsOur spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation, so please respect the right topeace and privacy for other spa guests. The use of cellular phones and electronicdevices is prohibited within the spaValuablesIt is recommended not to carry any valuables with you during your treatment. Spa TheRoyal accepts no responsibility for loss of valuables of any kinds
  • Treatment PriceAll treatments are subject to a 21% total of government tax and service charge.Cancellation PolicyA minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations or change of appointment is required toavoid being charged in full for any scheduled appointment, program, or service whichis not attended.Spa Retail TherapyWe offer a boutique collection of nature and traditional made organic skin care, body,bath, soap & aromatherapy oilSPA TREATMENT MENUTHE BODY SENSES  Natural Balinese Body Massage 1 Hour USD $ 60/person Passed down through generation, the Balinese massage is a unique blend of deep stroke massage techniques, using pressure points and stretching techniques to reduce stress and muscle aches, recommended for those who prefer affirm massage with les oil.  Aromatherapy Body Senses Massage 1 Hour USD $ 70/person Based on aromatherapy relaxation massage techniques, this therapy will rejuvenate your body, spirit, and mind. With pure blended essential oils applied to the body and massage through your skin. While enriching the skin, you will also obtain physical relief a clear mind and relaxed body.  Rituals Senses “ SEKAR JAGAT “ body massage 2 Hours USD $ 89/person Massage technique is based on aromatherapy body massage combined with many kinds of Balinese flowers. This therapy also known as Balinese rituals body senses will assist you to relax, calm mind and soul.
  •  Energizing Stone Senses Body Massage 2 Hours USD $ 85/person Warm stones are gently placed on and under your body, as you are massaged with the stones you feel stress melt away while relaxing the body has a profound effect on the mind and body.  Healing Foot Reflexology 1.5 Hour USD $ 75/person A powerful way to balance and stimulate the body’s natural healing process, with Chinese and Indian therapy focusing on reflex points in the feet to improve blood circulation and designed to relieve toxins, tension, relax the mind, body and soul.  Tension Relief Body Massage 2 Hours USD $ 85/person Whether you seek relief for overexerted muscle, or simply want to let your mind and body escape reality, your massage using specialty products and techniques essential to your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. It is two combination between dry and oiling technique including shiatsu, Swedish, and deep tissue.  Sensation “ Tiying Gading “ Body Massage 2 Hours USD $ 85/person Natural approach combines Balinese and deep tissue massage technique using naturally crafted set of warmed blended essential aroma oil – soaked bamboo tools to roll, slide on and under your body. Feel the stress melt away while relaxing the body has a profound effect on your mind and body.THE BODY ELEMENTS  Amazing body care – BODY SCRUB – BODY WRAP 1.5 Hours USD $ 89/person A full body exfoliation prepares the skin for the application of a granular herbal paste. The body is then carefully covered to dilate the pores and absorb the nutrients of the product and this treatment is very relaxing, while detoxifying and removing dead cells will leaving your skin smooth and polishing.
  • Choices of the followings body elements scrubs: - Green tea body scrub - Strawberry body scrub - Mango body scrub - Orange body scrub - Chocolate body scrub - Young coconut body glow scrub - Avocado body scrub - Aromatic Sea salt body scrub - Honey black coffee body scrubChoices of the followings body elements wraps: - Volcanic mud body wrap / polish - Papaya enzyme body polish - Cucumber wrap for sunburn skin - Marine Seaweed body wrap - Natural Balinese body boreh - Bangkuang (licorice) whitening body wrap - Black current body wrap - Aloe and Lavender body wrap - Javanese nature body wrapTHE BEAUTY SENSES TOUCH  Natural Face Therapy 1 Hour USD $ 60/person A refreshing, organic and all natural fresh product daily basis maintenance include with face cleansing, face scrub, face massage, face masker to make smoothes, fresh and lighters the skin  Natural Nail Therapy The ultimate treatment for your hands and feet, this treatment features a customized scrub, massage, and masker, nail cutting, shaping, buffing, and cuticle treatment and polish application that will leave your hands and feet softer, brighter and younger looking
  •  Royal Customized Manicure 1 Hour USD $ 55/person  Royal Customized Pedicure 1 Hour USD $ 65/person  French Deluxe Manicure 1.5 Hours USD $ 70/person  French Deluxe Pedicure 1.5 Hours USD $ 75/person  The Nail Traditional Art 10 Fingers USD $ 50/person  Natural Scalp Hair Therapy  The Hair Cream bath 1.5 Hours USD $ 50/personTHE BODY AMAZING RITUALS SPA  The Royal Spa Treatment 2,5 Hours USD $ 125 Enjoy the luxurious benefits of authentic Javanese royal remedies, our royal service is combined with royal heritage beauty recipes to energize, refresh, and promote cells and glowing skin.  The Nature Fruity Senses Spa Treatment 1,5 Hours USD $ 135 A Nourish your body skin, mind and soul lets you experience a total escape with an exotic tropical spa setting, either a wide selection of refreshing or nourishing treatment recipes based on the healing power of natural botanical heritage. Choices of Fruity Senses: - The Strawberry Spa Treatment - The Mango Spa Treatment - Tropical Coconut Spa Treatment - The Orange Spa Treatment - Black Current Spa Treatment - Chocolate Spa Treatment - Exotic Green Tea Spa Treatment - Lavender & Rose milk Spa Treatment - Aromatic senses sea salt body Spa Treatment - The Natural Herbal Spa Treatment
  •  Healing Chakra Ayurvedic Therapy Spa Treatment 2.5 Hours USD $ 145 Ayurvedic spa therapy as known “ The science of life “ is an ancient healing traditional of India and it will collaboration with Balinese ritual serves with four hand massage and it uses 3 types of senses: Vata : Calming and relaxing effect Pitta : Rejuvenating a placating and calming Kapha : Vitalizing and stimulating  The Herbal Ball Thai pack Spa Treatment 3 Hours USD $ 145 Enjoy with the ritual benefits of authentic botanical herbal heritage traditional medical technique, it uses for muscle and blood circulation balance, refresh and re-charge your energy pointTHE SIGNATURE RITUAL SPA PACKAGE  Love Eternity - Wine Spa Treatment 3,5 Hours USD $ 350/Couple Suitable for couple and honeymooners, especially designed and combines with our signature treatment using blended aroma therapy oils which is said to have senses of love.  The Prince & Princess 4,5 Hours USD $ 450/Couple Enjoy and array of expertly prepared for pre-wedding ritual treatment at SPA The Royal, featuring a series of treatments customized to ensure the bride and groom looks and feels the best on their wedding day. It is very importance for couple to prepare the body, mind and soul with followings perfectly designed ritual spa treatment  The Royal Diamond Spa treatment package 6 Hours USD $ 650/couple The whole and wide ranges combination Spa and physical activities such as yoga, sport activities and healthy culinary that will complete your experiences with SPA The Royal