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  1. 1. W W W. J P O S T. C O MTHE JERUSALEM POST Volume LXXIX, Number 24348 FOUNDED IN 1932 NIS 12.00 (EILAT NIS 10.30) W E D N E S D AY, S E P T E M B E R 5 , 2 0 1 2 ■ 1 8 E L U L , 5 7 7 2 3 Team building 5 13 BGU, Bezalel students join forces to construct race car US debate Don’t make Israel a wedge issue in 2012, Gil Troy urges News 1-10 | Sports 11-12 | Editorial, Op-Eds 13-16 | Puzzle Post 17 | Business 18-19 | Stocks 20 | Features 21 | TV/Movie listings 22-23 | Arts & Ent. 24 Cultural high 24 Irving Spitz reports on the scintillating Salzburg Festival Democratic platform removes reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital Policy marks change from 2008 • Former congressman to give speech at convention on Israel • By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER told The Jerusalem Post the address is one raised in some quarters of the Jewish Jerusalem Post correspondent that will emphasize Obama’s “stellar community. While Democratic party record on Israel” amidst charges from leaders have downplayed any loss of CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – The “political opponents who are distorting Jewish support over Israel policy, some Democratic National Convention his record.” critics see Wexler’s high-profile speaking (DNC) platform, scheduled to be slot as a sign of concern in the campaign approved Tuesday night, speaks of over how the president’s stance on Israel Obama’s “unshakable commitment to Liberman praises Obama, is playing.A POLICEMAN inspects graffiti sprayed on a monastery wall in Latrun on Tuesday that mentions Israel’s security” but lacks language talks tough on Iran, Page 2 The DNC platform speaks of securityoutposts Maoz Esther and Upper Migron, which was evacuated Sunday. (Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/Flash90) declaring Jerusalem its capital, a change assistance provided by Obama to Israel, from 2008. as well as emphasizing that “the presi- Latrun Monastery hit Amid accusations from Republicans But his comments come against a fresh dent has made clear that there will be no that US President Barack Obama is round of tensions between Israel and lasting peace unless Israel’s security con- “whitewashing” the issue, former con- the US over Iran policy, with Gen. Mar- cerns are met” and that “President gressman Robert Wexler was scheduled tin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Obama will continue to press Arab states by ‘price tag’ attack Tuesday night to give likely the first-ever Chiefs of Staff, saying on Sunday that to reach out to Israel.” convention speech devoted entirely to America doesn’t want to be “complicit” But the 2012 platform did not include Israel at the DNC. in an Israeli military strike on Tehran. language from 2008 that stated that, Wexler, a key drafter of the foreign In addition, questions about Obama’s Vandals write ‘Jesus is a monkey’ on wall policy portion of the DNC platform, commitment to Israel continue to be See COMMITMENT, Page 10 • PM: Religious freedom is fundamental in Israel Security cabinet holds in-depth • By MELANIE LIDMAN right-wing politician Baruch Marzel. “I hope and JEREMY SHARON that in the future the government and courts will avoid steps that only strengthen the Suspected right-wing extremists vandalized polarization in the country and lead to pricethe Latrun Monastery outside Jerusalem earlyon Tuesday morning, in the first “price tag”attack following the evacuation of Migron onSunday. tag [attacks].” Activists with the right-wing organization Im Tirtzu expressed their outrage at the inci- dent and traveled to the monastery on Tues- meeting on Iran for first time in months The vandals spray painted “Jesus is a mon- day afternoon to clean off the graffiti, bring- • By HERB KEINON allowed into the meeting body could also choose to Minister Silvan Shalom.key” and the words “mutual responsibility” ing flowers for the monks. that took place in the center bring such a decision to the This body includes eightalong with the names of illegal outposts Defense Minister Ehud Barak condemned The 14-member Security of the country. full 29-member cabinet. Likud ministers, three fromUpper Migron and Maoz Esther, in large the attack and issued a call to the Shin Bet Cabinet, the body authorized In addition to Netanyahu, Yisrael Beytenu, two fromorange letters on the outside of the (Israel Security Agency), police and state pros- to approve military attacks, the security cabinet includes Shas and Barak from themonastery. They also burned the wooden ecution to “tackle Jewish terrorism.” met Tuesday to hear the What are the PM’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Independence Party. Anotherdoor at the monastery entrance. “This must be fought with an iron fist, and annual intelligence assess- ‘red lines’? Page 3 Liberman, Defense Minister four ministers are observers. The attack occurred at around 3:30 a.m. and we must put an end to these severe phenom- ments provided by the coun- Ehud Barak, Justice Minister It is likely that among thewas quickly discovered by the monks, who enons that stain the name of the State of try’s intelligence agencies. Yaakov Neeman, Public issues discussed were theput the fire out and notified police. Israel. We are obligated to uproot this phe- The 10-hour meeting is The ministers were briefed Security Minister Yitzhak “red lines” that Israel would Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben- nomenon,” Barak added. believed to be the first time by the heads of the Mossad, Aharonovitch, Finance Min- like the United States toRuby said that police immediately formed a The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the in months that this body Shin Bet (Israel’s Security ister Yuval Steinitz, Con- establish as a way of deter-special investigative unit to find the perpetra- Holy Land, an umbrella body of Catholic offi- conducted an in-depth dis- Agency) and Military Intelli- struction and Housing Min- ring Iran from movingtors. Eight policemen are assigned to the spe- cials in the region, denounced the incident as cussion on Iran that is gence. No further details ister Ariel Attias, Minister- ahead. While Netanyahu hascial unit, he said. “only another in a long series of attacks believed to have included were made available. While without-Portfolio Bennie not publicly declared what “This is a criminal act and those responsi- against Christians and their places of wor- timelines, Iran’s “zones of Prime Minister Binyamin Begin, Strategic Affairs Min- he thinks those red linesble must be severely punished,” Prime Minis- ship.” immunity,” and what sanc- Netanyahu’s inner cabinet, ister Moshe Ya’alon, Interior should be, Uzi Arad, the for-ter Binyamin Netanyahu said in response to “What is going on in Israeli society today tions could still be adopted. which is made up of eight Minister Eli Yishai, Energy mer head of the Nationalthe attack. “Religious freedom... is fundamen- that permits Christians to be scapegoated and The situation in Egypt and ministers, can give an advi- and Water Minister Uzi Lan- Security Council, said thattal in Israel.” targeted by these acts of violence?” the group Syria was also discussed. sory opinion on whether to dau, Intelligence Agencies they could include a declara- Right-wing activists expressed mixed emo- asked in a statement to the media. The forum is highly classi- attack Iran, the actual deci- Minister Dan Meridor, Edu- tion that any uraniumtions to the attack. “Those who sprayed their hateful slogans fied, and even advisers to sion needs to be made by cation Minister Gideon Sa’ar “We said the evacuation of Migron would expressed their anger at the dismantlement of the ministers were not the security cabinet. This and Regional Development See IRAN, Page 10raise the anger and burning incitement froma public who feels embittered,” said extreme See LATRUN, Page 10 ‘300,000 disabled people left PLO warns of ‘unprecedented’ without protection if war breaks out’ threat to two-state solution Prime minister’s spokesman: Impasse in peace process Commission for Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities says a result of Palestinian decision to boycott negotiations Defense Ministry is responsible for preparing aid guidelines for emergencies • By KHALED ABU TOAMEH The talk about resuming Mark Regev, spokesman for • By RUTH EGLASH provide clear regulations for other emergencies have yet the 2005 Equal Rights for and HERB KEINON peace negotiations was aimed Prime Minister Binyamin assisting the special-needs to be approved or even draft- People with Disabilities Law at “covering up for Israeli Netanyahu, responded by Hundreds of thousands of population during times of ed by the government. demands that each govern- PLO leadership warned practices,” the PLO said, and saying that the “reason forpeople with disabilities could emergency, no plan has yet Data provided by the Com- ment ministry submit guide- Tuesday that Israeli policies called on the UN to grant a the impasse in the peacebe left with no protection or been outlined. mission for Equal Rights for lines for emergency protocol in Jerusalem and the West Palestinian state the status of process is the Palestinianguidelines for action if Israel “There is a big fear that Persons with Disabilities, for people with disabilities, Bank posed an unprecedent- non-member during the decision to boycott peacefinds itself in a war in the more than 298,000 people which is under the jurisdic- even with war talk now in ed and serious short-term upcoming session of the negotiations.”near future, the country’s with disabilities who have no tion of the Justice Ministry, the air, Kamara claims that threat to the two-state solu- General Assembly. Regev said the Palestinianscommissioner for equal friends or family to rely on shows that there are roughly no comprehensive document tion. Abbas would consult with have consistently refused torights of persons with disabil- for help will be in real danger 600,000 people with physi- has materialized. He said that The warning was issued fol- Arab countries about the negotiate with theities declared Tuesday. if there is a war,” said Kama- cal, mental or cognitive dis- it was the responsibility of lowing a lengthy meeting of statehood bid at the UN dur- Netanyahu government and In an interview with The ra. “For those people there is abilities in Israel, some 22 the Defense Ministry to pre- the PLO Executive Commit- ing a meeting of Arab League have therefore created a situ-Jerusalem Post, Ahiya Kamara, no one to help them get their percent of the overall popula- pare these guidelines for tee, headed by Palestinian foreign ministers later this ation where there has beenwhose role is to oversee the sealed rooms prepared or tion. Roughly one-third of approval by the Knesset. Authority President Mah- week, the group’s leadershipcreation and implementation assist them in reaching bomb those people say they live “We have been pushing moud Abbas, in Ramallah. added. See PLO, Page 10of equality laws for people shelters or even check up on alone, with no close friend or them to write these guide- The PLO said that Israel’swith disabilities, said that them to make sure they are relative to assist them in lines, we have even offered to policy of “Judaizing”despite continuing requests okay during an emergency times of emergency. help them but we are power- Jerusalem and “ethnic cleans-for the Defense Ministry to situation.” “In most cases, there is no less to do anything legally ing” in the West Bank “paved According to Kamara, while way of even knowing who until the Knesset has the reg- the way for the possibility of steps have been taken to these people are,” said Kama- ulations to approve,” he said. the establishment of one improve the situation for ra. “While in normal times Meretz MK Ilan Gilon, racist state where Israel people with disabilities who they are self-sufficient, in chairman of the Knesset would retain its occupation live in government institu- times of emergencies they Accessibility Committee, of Palestinian lands and pre- tions and other group homes, will need someone who they said “This is the reality of vent the creation of an inde- guidelines to other disabled can count on to help them.” pendent Palestinian state on people during wartime or However, while a change to See DISABLED, Page 10 the 1967 borders.”
  2. 2. 24 ARTS&ENTERTAINMENT W E D N E S D A Y, S E P T E M B E R 5 , 2 0 1 2 T H E J E R U S A L E M P O S T be the most popular opera at the current The ensemble in festival. This was no doubt related to the ‘La Boheme’ (Silvia Lelli) presence of Russian superstar soprano Anna Netrebko, who portrayed the hapless Mimi. The crowds at the festival were so dense, that it was difficult to cross the road sepa- rating the non-fashionable side of the Grosses Festspielhaus (Great Festival Hall) crammed with gaping onlookers from the fashionable side with the ticket holders resplendent in fancy evening attire. Netrebko did not disappoint and gave a lustrous, totally committed portrayal of the doomed Mimi. Her vocal control in the pianissimo passages was quite remark- able. Tenor Piotr Beczala as her Rodolfo also gave an impassioned performance as did Massimo Cavalletti in the role of Mar- cello and soprano Nino Machaidze as Musetta. Bass Carlo Colombara as Colline made a great show of his one great aria when he is about to pawn his coat. Daniele Gatti propelled the Vienna Phil- harmonic with much vigor. This was orchestral playing at the highest level. This production, directed by Damiano Michieletto, was set in contemporary Paris. In many instances. maps of the city were prominently displayed together with small buildings. The Bohemian garret scene utilized the entire stage of the Grosses Festspielhaus and lost its intimacy. The Latin Quarter scene was crowded with wealthy Christ- mas shoppers, which dramatically con- trasted with the poverty of the opening The scintillating Salzburg Festival scene and that of Act 3 set on the outskirts of Paris at a road house selling snacks with the coming and going of workers, trash collectors and women of the night. A nice touch was an invisible hand that scrawled the name of Mimi on the fogged Extending this year from July 20 to September 2, the acclaimed cultural festival and steamed up window splattered with raindrops in the final scene. This was then welcomed the highest number of attendants since its inception in 1920 blotted out, implying Mimi’s imminent demise. However, this production was cer- • By IRVING SPITZ positions of the last 50 years, it has been the huge stage into compartments. The ing across the giant stage accompanied tainly not on a par with the magnificent very infrequently performed because of background behind these windows depict- by an organ interlude. Did this symbolize singing and orchestral playing that madeS alzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang its notoriously difficult vocal and orches- ed the horrors of war. Dissolute soldiers or imply her impending danger and this Boheme such a resounding success. Amadeus Mozart, has treated its tral demands, as well as the complex stag- and other interested and disinterested irrevocable downward spiral? In a final most illustrious son far better in ing. Pereira selected Latvian stage and set onlookers viewed the proceedings. They remarkable twist at the end of the opera, OPERA REPRESENTS only one of the art death than it did during life. Indeed, director, Alvis Hermanis, who pulled out often wandered around aimlessly, lay on one saw Marie high up on the stage forms of the Salzburg Festival, which alsothrough shrewd public relations and all the stops to make this landmark pro- beds, drank alcohol and cajoled with clasping stone images of three horses includes drama, solo recitals, visitingastute marketing, the Austrian city has duction the absolute highlight of the cur- women. Seven horses paraded up and from the riding school. orchestras and chamber music events. Thebecome a magnet for music lovers, and the rent festival. down, which added a nice touch, consid- The role of Maria was played by Ameri- new director also introduced a series ofSalzburg Summer Festival, with its impec- Hermanis set the action during World ering the previous function of this theater. can soprano Laura Aikin, who summoned sacred music, which will highlight differentcable musical standards, represents the War I. The opera portrays the degradation Projected onto the stage were early all her resources to give an outstanding faiths in forthcoming festivals. This year, itOlympus of all festivals. It also has the of the main character, Marie, the naive pornographic daguerreotypes. Thus both singing and acting portrayal of the com- was Judaism, and the Israel Philharmonicdubious distinction of having the highest daughter of a working class family who the audience up front and the soldiers plex role. Other memorable performances Orchestra under Zubin Mehta played aticket prices. takes up with the young French noble- behind the windows become voyeurs. Is in the huge cast were given by baritone prominent part. Unfortunately, I was not in This year was the inaugural season of the man, Desportes, believing that he will this pornography or art? It was left to Alfred Muff as her father. Bass-baritone Salzburg for their concerts, but the IPO gar-newly appointed festival director, Alexan- marry her. She abandons her fiancée, the the audience to decide. On several occa- Tomasz Konieczny was also most effective nered rave international reviews.der Pereira, who relocated from the Zurich draper Stolzius with whom she is still in sions, the action calls for several scenes as Stolzius as was tenor Daniel Brenna in That incomparable pianist MaurizioOpera. At the outset of his tenure, he stat- love. Maria’s father, Wesener, initially to be set simultaneously, and the ingen- the role of the despicable Desportes. Pollini gave a magisterial, cool but unemo-ed, “I am convinced that a festival should warns her against her liaison with ious staging brilliantly exploited and Another notable performance was that of tional Apollonian account of Beethoven’sbe unique each year.” Desportes but then relents and even allowed for this. veteran soprano Gabriela Beaková as the last three piano sonatas. His playing was The mainstay of the Salzburg festival encourages, her believing that Marie could With the horses came plenty of hay, Countess, who invited Maria to live with characterized by intellectual and technicalremains the operatic productions, and marry above her class. Desportes cynically and much of the action was played in a her to prevent her son from forming too brilliance and mathematical precision butPereira revolutionized this format. No exploits Marie and then rapidly discards vertical glass cabinet box filled with hay. close a liaison with the soldier’s lover. was somewhat cold and distant.longer will previous productions be repeat- her. Marie gradually flits from one soldier In one three-part tableau, there was In the pit was the Vienna Philharmonic In three concerts, pianist Daniel Baren-ed. The plan is to have new productions at to another. Stolzius gets his revenge by Stolius’s mother pleading with her son to Orchestra, augmented on both side walls boim undertook a foray into Schubert’s lasteach festival. Even more impressive is poisoning Desportes. However, this was forget Marie. Adjacent was Weseners by massive percussion forces that included piano works. In his exploration of thesePereira’s intention of staging annually a only a Pyrrhic victory, since Stolzius also aged mother singing a folk song, and in organ, piano, harpsichord and harps. Full great compositions, in contrast to Pollini,newly commissioned opera. Funding for poisons himself. Marie eventually ends up the third scene were Marie and Desportes marks go to conductor Ingo Metzmacher, he displayed a more passionate emotionalthis ambitious undertaking has already in the gutter, where she begs for a morsel having their initial sexual encounter in who held these gigantic forces together Dionysian approach, capturing the essencebeen secured until 2016. György Kurtág, of bread from her father, who fails to rec- the cabinet box. It was also here that and led a scintillating reading of the com- of the composer. Barenboim’s rendering ofHungary’s leading composer, will premiere ognize her. Marie was subsequently raped by plex 12-tone score. the four Impromptus (D935) was some-a new composition at next year’s festival. The opera was performed in the former Desportes’s gamekeeper. In another dra- thing to be remembered and cherished. Since there was inadequate time for a Felsenreitschule (Rock Riding School), a matic moment, Maria was entrapped PUCCINI HAS been given short thrift The festival was highly successful. Tonew commission during the current festi- magnificent theater carved out of the alone in the glass box, struggling to throughout the history of the Salzburg Fes- date, almost 300,000 visitors have attend-val, Pereira staged Bernd Alois Zimmer- rocks, which was used in the 1600s as a escape her fate – but to no avail. tival. To date, his only operas to have been ed – the highest number since its incep-mann’s epic opera Die Soldaten. Acknowl- riding school. The staging comprised nine Another pivotal scene saw an image of performed have been Tosca and Turandot. tion in 1920. More than 90 percent of tick-edged as one of the major operatic com- large window arches, effectively dividing Marie negotiating a tightrope and walk- Pereira staged La Boheme, which proved to ets for the 256 performances were sold. Michael Clarke Duncan, who starred Pulling no punches in ‘The Green Mile,’ dies at 54 The Acre Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater • By ALEX DOBUZINSKIS That led to a much larger abounds with plays, productions and a plethora role in the 1999 prison drama of special performancesA ctor Michael Clarke The Green Mile with Tom Duncan, nominated Hanks. Duncan played an playwright Ala Halihel. for an Academy inmate with magical powers • By HELEN KAYE All the plays, whether serious or comic, Award for his portray- who is put to death for two “don’t pull any punches. This year, as previ- Tal of a death row inmate in the murders he did not commit. his year’s Acre Festival of Alternative ously, we rummage and delve into our exis-1999 drama The Green Mile, “Michael was the gentlest of Israeli Theater from October 1-4 tence, even if we draw blood,” said outgoingdied in a hospital on Monday, souls – an exemplar of decen- surges and pulses with vivid imagina- artistic director Smadar Ya’aron at a recentless than eight weeks after suf- cy, integrity and kindness,” tion, creative energy and artistic determi- press conference. She is a founding directorfering a heart attack, a spokes- Frank Darabont, director of nation. On offer are 11 plays competing of the Jewish-Arab Acre Theater Center and, for cash prizes, as well as guest produc- with her colleague Moni Yosef, has beenwoman said. He was 54. The Green Mile, said in a state- tions, exhibitions, special events and a guiding the festival since 2009. Both will Duncan died in Los Angeles, ment. “The sadness I feel is giant cornucopia of 38 free shows in a receive a special prize on opening night inhis fiancée, reality television inexpressible.” bouquet of genres from clowning to instal-star Omarosa Manigault, said Duncan’s role in the film appreciation of their work. lations and performance art. The incoming artistic director for Acrein a statement through Dun- won him a Best Supporting One these freebies is Company with Balls,can’s publicist. Actor Oscar nomination. 2013 is director, playwright and actor Gil a troupe from Holland that will parade Alon, who works a lot in Europe, has He had a heart attack on July “Duncan’s ... presence is literal- through the alleyways of Acre’s Old City13 and “never fully recovered,” ly and figuratively the biggest remained determinedly outside the main- with a four-meter high puppet as just one stream for his entire career, and won awardspublicist Joy Fehily said. He thing in the movie,” wrote of the attractions. for his direction of George Taboris unsettlingdied at Cedars-Sinai Medical Washington Post critic Desson One of the most intriguing of the 11 com- Mein Kampf at Acre last year.Center, she said. Howe. petition plays is Giant by Ariel. E. Eshbal and The festival manages on the small budget Duncan’s deep voice and He had roles in the 2002 film Isobel Lewis, an Israeli-Geman collaboration of some NIS 3 million plus, most of whichhulking 6-foot-5 (1.96-meter) The Scorpion King; the 2003 on process of all kinds that plays continuous- comes from the Culture Ministry and theframe gave him a command- comic book movie Daredevil; ly for 12 hours. The purchase of a ticket Acre Municipality. Acre mayor Shimon Lankrying screen presence. He once and 2005 release Sin City. He allows you to come and go at will. mentioned that Bank Hapoalim had donateddug ditches for the gas compa- also did voice work for the MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN (Reuters) New faces at Acre include Daniel Zehavi NIS 100,000, a truly munificent contribution.ny in his native Chicago, and 2008 animated film Kung Fu with Sunrises; Family Dinner – four short plays Tickets range from NIS 35 – NIS 75 and, ofthen moved to Los Angeles to Panda. community college. His affini- tice, in which she often acted by Ariel Bronz; and dancer/choreographer course, there are all kinds of deals.pursue his career as an actor. He starred this year in sever- ty for sports included narrating the villain. More recently, she Aharona Israel with Marathon, her first play. If you’ve never been, and you under- He worked as a bodyguard al episodes of the Fox crime a film about the 2005 World studied Christian theology and Other shows include The Peacock from stand Hebrew, then go. It’s one of our Silwan that is presented in a private great festivals.and bouncer and played a few drama The Finder. Series champions Chicago became a minister. home in the Old City; We’re Building aroles of that kind in film and In the 1980s, Duncan tried White Sox. “Omarosa is grateful for all Port Here, a rap-type based entertain- To find out more about the festival, go totelevision before landing a out for the Chicago Bears Manigault, 38, is best known your prayers and asks for priva- ment; and Hyssop Poison by Arab-Israelismall part in the 1998 movie National Football League team for her appearances on the cy at this time,” Fehily said. – it’s in English.Armageddon. and also played basketball in NBC reality show The Appren- – Reuters