2011 Irvine BMW X5 Los Angeles CA


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2011 BMW X5 color brochure provided by Irvine BMW located near Los Angeles, CA. Find the 2011 BMW X5 for sale in California; call about our current sales and incentives at (888) 853-7429.

Irvine BMW in Southern California is your source in Orange County for your New BMW car or BMW SUV. For your new Luxury Car from Irvine to San Juan Capistrano, and Lake Elsinore to Newport, find your new BMW at Irvine BMW. Order BMW parts, schedule maintenance or Build your Own New BMW from our Website. We'll show you how to iPod your BMW with the latest iPod car accessories, at Irvine BMW. For all that and more, come into Irvine BMW, in Irvine California.

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2011 Irvine BMW X5 Los Angeles CA

  1. 1.  BMW X Sports Activity Vehicle® Irvine BMW The Ultimate 9881 Research Drive Driving Machine® Irvine, CA 92618 Sales: (888) 853-7429 http://www.irvinebmw.net/ Irvine BMW in Southern California is your source in Orange County for your New BMW car or BMW SUV. For your new Luxury Car from Irvine to San Juan Capistrano, and Lake Elsinore to Newport, find your new BMW at Irvine BMW. Order BMW parts, schedule maintenance or Build your Own New BMW from our Website. We'll show you how to iPod your BMW with the latest iPod car accessories, at Irvine BMW. For all that and more, come into Irvine BMW, in Irvine California. THE NEW BMW X. JOY BRINGS THE WHOLE CROWD ALONG. BMW EfficientDynamics Less emissions. More driving pleasure.
  2. 2. Driving conditions are never the same. From the weather to the road surface, they can change at a moment’s notice. But in the  BMW X, whatever situation you face behind the wheel – potholes, rain, gravel or anything else – you can rest assured that you will be able to conquer them all with confidence, style and the peace of mind that comes with having capabilities undreamed of in many other vehicles. Add BMW EfficientDynamics technology, and every drive offers efficient power along with legendary BMW agility and performance. EVERY ROAD IS A CHANCE FOR DISCOVERY.
  3. 3. Editorial A MODERN DECATHLETE. Award-winning performance, practicality, luxury, space and efficiency. When BMW created the first X in , it created an all-new cate- gory of vehicle: the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle.® The X offers a unique blend of utility and refinement, power and performance, dynamic styling and premium luxury, making every journey a joyous experience. In errands around town to winding mountain roads to cross-country treks, every moment in the X offers the ultimate in comfort and control. And for , the BMW X reaches even more impressive territory. Under the hoods of the xDrivei and xDrivei are responsive, new powertrains. A host of redesigned features freshen its appearance, from the contoured hood and muscular front grille to flared wheel arches and body-color aprons. The X is available in an expanded variety of models, addressing each driver’s individual preferences for sport-oriented performance or pure comfort. And The new BMW X Technology Equipment Overviews thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics, the X’s power and performance come with greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions; this is especially true in the X xDrived with BMW’s Advanced Diesel THE POWER OF GENERATING GREATER TURN YOUR VISION THE NEW BMW X technology. The  BMW X. A presence impossible to ignore. FRESH, NEW DESIGN. JOY – EFFICIENTLY. INTO REALITY. AT A GLANCE. A driving experience impossible to resist.  Exterior  Performance  Selection examples  Equipment charts The pioneer for an entire class of vehicles. The engine concept of the new BMW X.  Exterior colors  Technical data  Design  BMW EfficientDynamics The new BMW X5 colors and what they A technology package for reduced  Upholstery colors and materials  BMW Services and the BMW brand mean. consumption and emissions. experience  Interior trims Visiting the BMW Performance Center  Interior  Engines in Spartanburg, SC. Everything you need for world-class travel. Latest generation gasoline and Advanced  Recommended color combinations Diesel engines.  Quality  Standard / Optional equipment bmwusa.com Craftsmanship that sets standards.  Chassis/Safety Innovations for added enjoyment.  BMW ConnectedDrive bmwusa.com/byo An intelligent network for greater comfort and driving confidence.  Research and development An endurance test at the North Cape. Equipment of model shown: X xDrivei Sport Activity Engine: -valve BMW TwinPower Turbo .-liter inline six-cylinder Nominal output:  hp @  rpm Wheels: Y Spoke (Style ) light alloy Exterior color:Sparkling Bronze Metallic Upholstery: Oyster Nevada Leather Interior trim:Dark Bamboo Wood For information on specifications please see pages -. 04 05 Contents
  4. 4. BMW EfficientDynamics Less emissions. More driving pleasure. Every road offers an opportunity for discovery. And no vehicle excels at discovering these pleasurable moments quite like the new BMW X. Brimming with the latest technologies, armed with precision handling, powered by a thrilling, highly refined engine, the X’s driving expe- rience is inspiring, vigorous, and altogether breathtaking. It’s also supremely controllable, thanks to exceptional directional stability from a chassis and double wishbone front suspension built for performance as well as practi- cality. BMW EfficientDynamics technologies give it an impressive power-to-efficiency ratio. The result is a vehicle of unsurpassed capabilities that offers best-in- class performance and efficiency – especially the BMW Advanced Diesel-powered X xDrived. The BMW X. Discovery awaits at every turn. THERE ARE MANY ROADS. IN THE X, EACH ONE LEADS TO JOY. 06 07 Exterior
  5. 5. ITS LOOKS ARE NOT DECEIVING. THEY ARE INSPIRING. In some vehicles, looks can be misleading – powerdomes, air intakes and more added merely to give the appearance of high performance. Not the X. Every curve, every feature is there for a reason – and styled to delight the eye. From its sleek lines to its sporty, athletic stance, this is a vehicle that demands attention. The X’s aggressive air intakes direct more air to the new high-performance engines for increased power, while centrally positioned foglights and Xenon Adaptive Headlights with new LED Daytime Running Lights further distinguish the vehicle’s distinctive front section. A matte aluminum finish, and front and rear dark underside protective cladding allow the X to navigate unpaved roads as easily as tarmac. The front apron is painted entirely in the vehicle’s body color to bring it visually closer to the road. New exterior colors, light alloy wheel designs and larger exhaust pipes complete the picture. Creating a vehicle that not only pleases the eye. But stirs the performance-loving soul. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. 08 09 Exterior
  6. 6. Take a moment to savor the X’s dynamic profile. The long wheelbase and short overhangs at the front and rear. The muscular hood and square-shaped, flared wheel arches. The contoured flanks and L-shaped rear taillights featuring glowing LED technology that emits horizontal light bars, an all-new BMW signature design. Concave and convex surfaces create an interplay of light and shadow, while wedge-shaped rocker panels suggest continual motion. But this sleekness isn’t just for aesthetics: the X’s streamlined design also creates a low coefficient of drag for further efficiency. Confident, bold, yet still highly refined, this is a design of elegant composure and supreme function. From all angles, the X is a perfectly proportioned work of art. CHARISMA: IN THE X, IT COMES NATURALLY. 10 11 Exterior
  7. 7. The X has an instinctive feel for the road. Tarmac, gravel, dirt – the X handles them all with ease, thanks in part to a double joint spring strut front axle that delivers unsurpassed agility and superior wheel control. BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) combined with xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive results in optimum traction. DSC includes many performance-enhancing features, such as Hill Descent Control, which holds the X to a slow set speed without having to touch the brakes down steep hills. During hard braking, Brake Fade Compensation keeps brake pedal action consistent, even when brakes heat up from repeated or heavy use, such as on long downhill grades; during wet conditions, Brake Drying brings brake pads into contact with rotors to dry them. An array of optional features take the X to new heights of control, handling and stability. Active Steering, for example, makes parking, cornering and highway-speed steering easier by changing the amount of steering input needed, based on vehicle speed. Whatever terrain, surface or traffic you encounter, the X’s confidence in hugging the road is matched by your confidence behind the wheel. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. INSTINCTIVE HANDLING. DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER. 12 13 Exterior
  8. 8. ON THE CONCAVE AND CONVEX CONTOURS COLORS OF THE NEW BMW X5, METALLIC COLORS WITH DEPTH SHIMMER LIKE LIQUID. Red vehicles seem the fastest, while white cars are thought of as sparkling clean. Which colors Platinum Gray Metallic best reflect the spirit of the times – and the new X? BMW color designers have all the answers. Long ago, BMW color designers predicted that white would come back into style. In many cultures, white is considered a pure, healing shade, and this association perfectly suits the mood of the moment. BMW color designers also believe the current predilection for white is no flash in the pan, either. Unlike furniture, fashion and architecture, trends in the automotive sector tend to be longer lasting. The public’s growing appreciation of the natural and BRONZE IS KEY FOR the sustainable has also influenced BMW designers’ NEXT SEASON. THE color selections for the X. They believe this Sports COLOR RADIATES THE Activity Vehicle® is best complemented by muted, SUSTAINING POWER OF natural colors. The new metallic colors – Platinum Gray, NATURE. THE EFFECT Sparkling Bronze and Deep Sea Blue – are part of this IS INCREASED WHEN approach. BMW designers also recommend a strong COMBINED WITH light-dark contrast between the exterior paint finish and OYSTER NEVADA LEATHER the interior. Those who like to stay at the forefront of UPHOLSTERY AND design trends will opt for a combination like Sparkling DARK BAMBOO WOOD TRIM. Bronze Metallic paint with Oyster Nevada Leather upholstery and Dark Bamboo Wood interior trim. Sparkling Bronze Metallic DARK BLUE CONNOTES UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE. COMBINED WITH THE LIGHT-DARK CONTRAST OF AN OYSTER NEVADA LEATHER INTERIOR, THE BMW X5 TAKES ON AN EXTRAORDINARILY ATHLETIC LOOK. Deep Sea Blue Metallic For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure.
  9. 9. HANDLES OCCUPANTS AS SUPERBLY AS IT HANDLES ROADS. The X hugs the road with a firm, confident grasp. It hugs the driver just as intimately. For starters, an elevated seating position offers a commanding view of the road. But with the addition of sumptuous interior materials, the X truly becomes a sanctuary of unrivaled comfort and taste. Personalize your X with upholstery available in a wide range of colors, including new Oyster or Cinnamon Brown Nevada Leather, as well as fine wood interior trims. Elegance is met with equally impressive functionality, like the intelligently positioned storage compartments and an instrument panel arranged for optimized ergonomics. Long trips are a breeze with an Active Ventilated Seat Package that offers -way Multi-contour seats with warming or cooling ventilation. For even more convenience, the innovative iDrive in-dash monitor offers a central viewing area where vehicle controls and navigational information can be monitored. This is command central and it’s yours – no matter where you’re headed. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. 16 17 Interior
  10. 10. The X is as masterful in providing relaxing moments as it is rewarding to drive. The interior’s generous dimensions and luxurious appointments create a supremely comfortable ambiance – or put down the split-folding rear seats to create up to  cu. ft. of usable cargo space. When equipped with optional third-row seats for two, the driver can share the journey with up to six passengers. Four-zone automatic air conditioning, including individual adjustable climate zones front and rear, adds to the enjoyment. All on board will appreciate the sliding Panoramic glass moonroof, which opens the interior to fresh air and sunshine, and every breathtaking view of mountains or clouds. And if the scenery outside isn’t enough to keep those in the rear seats entertained, they can view films on an optional DVD drive with a fold-away -inch color screen. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. THE FEELING OF ENDLESS SPACE – FOR JOURNEYS YOU’LL NEVER WANT TO END. 18 19 Interior
  11. 11. FITS LIKE A GLOVE. Exclusive, sporty and perfect down to the last detail: the interior of the new BMW X combines the style of an elegant luxury sedan with the athleticism of a Sports ® Activity Vehicle, while offering the highest levels of comfort. Our sense of touch is the most intimate of our five senses. And the most precise. With more than  receptors in each of our fingertips, we can detect superficial irregularities just .-inch wide that are invisible to the naked eye. Touch triggers emotional responses; it can determine the difference between aversion and attraction. This is why at BMW we have an entire team of experts on hand to ensure that the inte- rior design of every BMW is a sensory delight. The controls of the new BMW X, rendered in Pearl Gloss chrome, look as magnificent as they are exquisite to the touch. The fine grain and coated surfaces of the high-quality, high- tech materials used in the interior are designed to caress your tactile sensors. And the specially selected leather is treated with such lavish care that its soft, supple texture is extraordinarily long-lasting. BMW designers take particular care to ensure that all seams are even and harmonize with the interior design. The driver’s and passengers’ other senses will be equally pampered. The front seats can, as an option, be heated and even ventilated by means of perforations in the leather. Four-zone automatic air conditioning is available, creating a pleasant climate for all seats. And an elegant new leather color, Oyster – a subtle off-white shade – conveys the sense of a generous, open area, like a contemporary living room. This feeling of freedom and space is enhanced by the exceptionally large Panoramic glass moonroof. In short: the interior of the new BMW X is a uniquely pleasurable experience for all the senses. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure.
  12. 12. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT EFFICIENCY. Performance: a word synonymous with the BMW name. Many factors contribute to and enhance a BMW’s performance. Optional Sport Activity and M Sport Packages are teeming with features that enhance the X’s sporting looks and performance. There is the new X xDrivei Sport Activity model, which comes equipped with Sport Activity Package features and offers M Sport upgrades. But first and foremost are legendary BMW engines: models of power and torque, yet offering impeccable efficiency. The X offers three TwinPower Turbo engines to suit your exact driving preferences. Each benefits from BMW EfficientDynamics technology, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions for class-leading, earth-friendly efficiency – and road-conquering agility. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. 22 23 Performance
  13. 13. BMW EFFICIENT DYNAMICS: BMW EfficientDynamics TAKES SO LITTLE, YET GIVES SO MUCH. Less emissions. More driving pleasure. BMW is passionate about researching and developing innovations that ensure advanced and efficient driving. This is why every new BMW – like the X Sports Activity Vehicle® – comes with comprehen- sive, multi-award-winning BMW EfficientDynamics Imagine fuel-efficient vehicles technology. All of BMW’s that accelerate from - mph in a mere . seconds. EfficientDynamics Fuel-efficient vehicles that are features are perfectly extremely aerodynamic. matched to reduce fuel Fuel-efficient vehicles that cause excitement even when parked. consumption and CO emissions while maxi- Sports cars that use only one mizing engine output and gallon of diesel fuel per  miles. Sports cars that are fueled from dynamic performance. a wall socket. Less fuel, more driving Fuel-efficient vehicles and pleasure: a contradiction sports cars like the BMW Vision that BMW has resolved EfficientDynamics concept once and for all. It makes car make the impossible possible. And demonstrate that for joyful drivers while a combination of highly efficient benefiting the environment. transportation and pure emotion can soon become a reality. High Precision Valvetronic. -speed sport automatic Electric Power Steering. BMW Advanced Diesel with Brake Energy Regeneration. BMW ActiveHybrid technology. Auto Start/Stop function. direct fuel injection. BMW’s Valvetronic valve control Double Clutch Transmission. Unlike conventional, hydraulic BluePerformance Technology. In vehicles with Brake Energy By integrating a TwinPower Turbo Engines in BMW ActiveHybrid In this latest-generation direct fuel system improves engine response This transmission enables steering systems, electric power Cleaner, quicker and far more Regeneration, the alternator gen- V- engine with electric motors, vehicles automatically shut down injection system, the piezo injectors and refinement, while also helping lightning-fast gearshifts without steering draws power only during efficient than previous generation erates electricity only when the high-performance batteries and the when the vehicle comes to a stop. are positioned very close to the to reduce fuel consumption. The interruption of power. In automatic actual steering movements. When diesel, BMW Advanced Diesel driver takes his or her foot off the most efficient hybrid components, As soon as the accelerator pedal spark plugs. They inject fuel at high system helps the engine “breathe” mode, it provides considerable fuel the steering wheel position is con- with BluePerformance Technology accelerator. Kinetic energy that was BMW has created the “Best of is pushed, the engine restarts. This pressure, with extreme precision, better by providing fully variable lift savings by selecting the ideal gear stant, the electric motor is inactive. vehicles achieve up to  mpg, previously unharnessed is trans- Hybrid.” Both the ActiveHybrid X innovation significantly reduces fuel for very efficient combustion. adjustment of the inlet valves. for every situation with speed and for a range of  miles per tank. formed into electrical energy, then and the ActiveHybrid  – the consumption, especially in urban precision. They emit % less CO than fed into the battery. In this way, world’s fastest street-legal hybrid traffic. conventional vehicles, while electricity is generated without vehicle – deliver high levels of posting powerful - mph consuming fuel. efficiency coupled with thrilling numbers. It’s diesel reinvented. dynamics. Not all BMW EfficientDynamics features are available on all models. 24 25 BMW EfficientDynamics bmwusa.com/EfficientDynamics Please see your authorized BMW SAV® center for details.
  14. 14.    Torque (lb-ft)            Horsepower (hp)   Horsepower (hp)   Torque (lb-ft)           Engine speed (rpm) High performance, low emissions – the efficient engine of the X xDrived. BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance Technology. BMW’s breed of diesel BMW X xDrived. power is quiet and smooth- This dynamic -hp, .-liter inline six-cylinder Advanced Diesel running. Environmentally engine takes full advantage of friendly, too, thanks to its BMW’s TwinPower Turbocharging. Generating  lb-ft of torque at use of ultra-low sulfur just  rpm, it’s quick off the diesel (ULSD) fuel and mark, accelerating from - mph BMW’s BluePerformance in just . seconds. Thanks to BMW’s High Precision Fuel Technology. Using Diesel Injection technology, it delivers the Exhaust Fluid and a diesel performance of a V- with the particulates filter, it turns efficiency of a -cylinder engine. The X xDrived is rated  mpg the nitric oxides in the city/ highway, with a range of exhaust gas into environ-  miles between fill-ups. mentally compatible  BMW AG test results. BMW urges you to obey nitrogen and water vapor. all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts. As a result, this engine  EPA-estimated figures are for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, meets the emissions depending on speed, driving habits, trip length and driving conditions; actual mileage may be standards in all  states. lower. LOW CONSUMPTION. HIGH PERFORMANCE. 26 27 Engines
  15. 15. EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND JOY. SEVERAL THOUSAND TIMES PER MINUTE.   Torque (lb-ft)         Horsepower (hp)   Horsepower (hp) Torque (lb-ft)             Engine speed (rpm) The X xDrivei accelerates with force from the first tap of the accelerator pedal, and stays strong for ready power whenever you need it. Engines that power innovation. Year after year, numerous BMW engines BMW X xDrivei. BMW X xDrivei. Power to the pavement. A new inline six-cylinder engine almost immediately at  rpm. Yielding  hp at  rpm, Both gasoline-powered engines have garnered accolades for their output, refinement and high-revving ability. combines twin-scroll TwinPower It continues to push you back in BMW’s TwinPower Turbocharged come with a new, smooth-shifting All are designed to deliver on BMW’s EfficientDynamics philosophy: increased Turbocharging, High Precision your seat all the way to  rpm. V- smoothly accelerates from -speed STEPTRONIC automatic power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions. Choose between Fuel Injection, and – in a first In just . seconds you’re easily stop to  mph in a mere . sec- transmission as standard. Closer for turbocharged engines – passing  mph – and just as onds. You feel the boost from the ratios in the lower gears result two gasoline-powered TwinPower Turbocharged engines, or opt for BMW’s BMW’s Valvetronic variable intake easily surpassing all expectations. massive  lb-ft of peak torque, in quicker acceleration; the two Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance Technology. Whichever you select, technology that helps the engine sustained from  all the way to additional “tall” gears contribute you’ll enjoy the thrill of BMW performance while helping to protect the “breathe” better. As a result,  rpm. This power is delivered to relaxed, fuel-efficient cruising. turbo lag is virtually eliminated, via High Precision Fuel Injection, environment every day. while this X posts one of the which delivers precise amounts of  BMW AG test results. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear most fuel-efficient ratings in fuel into the combustion chamber safety belts. its class. Maximum output of at very high pressure, enhancing  hp comes at  rpm; efficiency and unleashing even peak torque of  lb-ft kicks in greater power. 28 29 Engines
  16. 16. The new BMW X offers a host of innovative performance-enhancing technologies, as well as active and passive safety features that help you get the most pleasure out IF THE X IS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT, of every drive. WHAT’S INSIDE IS POSITIVELY STUNNING. Active Steering. xDrive all-wheel drive. Hill Descent Control (HDC). Adaptive Drive. Dynamic Stability Control DSC enhanced brake features. Dynamic Traction Control Occupant cell. The Active Steering system BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel- When driving down steep hills, This feature combines Active Roll (DSC). The value of Dynamic Stability (DTC). For sportier driving or in An extremely rigid steel “safety adjusts both steering ratio and drive system takes all-road traction Hill Descent Control automatically Stabilization (ARS) and Electronic Working with xDrive, Dynamic Control is further enhanced with deep snow, Dynamic Traction cage” surrounds the occupant steering force in relation to driving to new heights. On smooth, dry keeps the X to a low speed with- Damping Control (EDC) – two Stability Control monitors vehicle the integration of four braking Control allows increased wheel- compartment, with deformable speed. At low to medium speeds, roads, the X has a rear-wheel- out having to “ride the brakes,” so active suspension control systems speed, steering wheel angle, body features. Brake Stand-by pre- slip. Specially tailored to the X, crush tubes front and rear. In a a small turn of the steering wheel drive feel. But hit a wet uphill you can concentrate on steering. that combine sporty handling with rotation and more to determine tenses the brake calipers when DTC is activated at the push of severe crash, impact energy is translates into a big turn of the curve, for instance, or wet leaves, At the same time, the brakelights enhanced ride comfort. When where you want the X to go – and you suddenly remove your foot a button. It improves initial accel- routed around the passenger front wheels. You enjoy more water or snow, and even before are automatically activated to warn cornering, ARS generates a strong where it is actually headed. If it from the accelerator pedal. Brake eration on loose snow or sand. cabin and absorbed by the safety agility in city driving, quicker turns wheelspin can occur, the system other drivers to slow down. HDC resistance to body roll, helping to senses over- or understeer, DSC Drying lightly dries the brakes When activated, DTC delays the cage. In a severe side impact, a on twisting roads, and easier immediately recognizes any need is especially useful when driving keep the vehicle level. This adds helps stabilize the X in just milli- when rain sensors detect mois- intervention of DSC. reinforcing bar hooks the door to parking maneuvers. At higher for a change in power distribution. downhill on slippery surfaces, such to passenger comfort – and, for seconds by modulating engine ture. Start-off Assistant helps the body, locking them together to speeds, a larger turn of the It can send more torque to the as gravel, snow or grass. the driver, maximum stability and power; it can also apply brakes prevent the X from rolling back- make a more rigid passenger cell. steering wheel is needed to turn front axle to achieve stability. And exciting agility. EDC instantly and individually to each wheel. ward when stopped on a hill. And When the pressure is released, the the front wheels, resulting in should one wheel on an axle spin continuously adjusts the shock Brake Fade Compensation lets system is designed to snap back greater straight-line stability. faster than the other, the brakes absorbers from the softest to firm- you use the same amount of brake so that the doors can open. automatically engage, as needed, est settings during changes in pressure, even when brakes heat to bring all wheels back in sync. vehicle speed, load, or road and up from repeated or heavy use, With xDrive, you enjoy optimum driving conditions. The result is such as on long downhill grades. traction at all times. a sporty ride that is always solid and controlled – never harsh. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts 30 31 Chassis/Safety bmwusa.com/technology at the back of this brochure.
  17. 17. STAY CONNECTED WITH Today’s technology allows greater interactivity betweenBMW’s onboard Navigation system helps you plan your vehicles, consumer electronics, the internet and driver. route; its hard drive even has room to store your favorite BMW’S INTELLIGENT NETWORK BMW ConnectedDrive offers innovations in the areas of music. And BMW driving aids, like those below, help OF DRIVER, CAR AND ENVIRONMENT. Convenience, Safety and Infotainment. BMW Assist™ you navigate the most challenging traffic conditions. response specialists and Concierges are dedicated to Every moment you’re on the road you’re comfortably assisting you at the touch of a button. The new Mobile in command and connected with the world – thanks to Office feature reads email and text messages aloud. BMW ConnectedDrive. Driving assistance. Head-Up Display. Park Distance Control and Lane Departure Warning. Active Cruise Control with The Head-up Display projects your Rear-view Camera with This feature identifies when the Stop & Go. speed, Check Control alerts and Top View. vehicle crosses over roadway lane Active Cruise Control keeps you at other vital travel information onto Park Distance Control (PDC) uses markings or is changing lanes your desired preset speed. When the windshield, directly in your field eight sensors – four front, four rear without signaling, and warns the encountering slower-moving vehi- of vision. The display can also – to help you judge distance to driver by sending a mild vibration cles, it slows you down to maintain keep you informed of Navigation other vehicles and unseen objects through the steering wheel. The a preset distance. In heavy traffic, system arrows, Lane Departure when parking. The image on the system can be turned on and off the Stop & Go feature can bring Warnings and Active Cruise monitor changes and warning via a button by the steering wheel. your BMW to a complete stop, if Control with Stop & Go, if so beeps come faster as the front needed. Then, when you press equipped, leaving you free to or rear bumper approaches a Requires clearly definable lane markings that are the accelerator, it speeds your not obscured by rain, snow, etc. Lane Departure concentrate on the road ahead. stationary object, turning into Warning feature is not a substitute for the driver’s vehicle back up until it maintains a constant tone when the distance own responsibility in maintaining safe control of your preset following distance – the vehicle. is less than  inches. In addition, or, if the road is clear, your preset the Rear-view Camera projects speed. the actual view on your monitor when speeds are under  mph Active Cruise Control is not a substitute for the driver’s own responsibility in adjusting speed and in reverse gear, while Top View otherwise controlling the vehicle. After evaluating offers a bird’s-eye overview of road, traffic and visibility conditions, the driver must determine whether and how the system your surroundings while parking. is used. 32 33 BMW ConnectedDrive
  18. 18. Whether you’re far from home or just in the next town, STAY TOTALLY IN TOUCH BMW Assist™ offers convenience and peace of mind. “Whenever I’m far from home, I have peace of mind knowing that BMW Assist WHEREVER YOU GO – WITH There are new ConnectedDrive features that extend is right there, ready to help me BMW’s leadership in wireless communications. Marvel BMW CONNECTED DRIVE. at an extensive array of new Mobile Office functions. should I need it.” Get a visual image of your callers. With BMW Assist, you enjoy all this – and more. With BMW Assist Safety Plan, a response specialist is there to help you 24/7 at the touch of a button. Enjoy these services for four years at no additional charge: Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Request (SOS), TeleService, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Door Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, MyInfo and Customer Relations. The Convenience Plan adds personalized Directions, Traffic and Weather reports, BMW MyInfo allows you to send business locations and street addresses to Search, and Concierge services for restaurant and hotel recommenda- your BMW from Google Maps.™ Destinations and phone numbers can tions, with the destination address and phone number sent to your BMW. be accessed and exported to your Navigation system for immediate Make up to four operator-assisted calls per year with Critical Calling if route guidance, while you can call the destination with your Bluetooth your mobile phone is not available or if its battery is discharged. linked phone. BMW Search allows online access to up-to-date fuel prices and gas station locations; the latest weather forecasts, advisories and warnings; Dow Jones, S&P  and NASDAQ indices; and the powerful reach of the Google Maps database – all delivered on the control display inside An automotive first: BMW’s amazing new Mobile Office feature goes your vehicle. Access news headlines and have them read aloud via text- way beyond phone calls when it comes to staying in touch. When your to-speech technology. “Send to Mail” pinpoints your current location compatible Bluetooth® phone is paired with your BMW, text messages and planned destination, and allows you to send it to any smartphone and emails are transferred to your BMW’s iDrive display screen – and or email account. Then it’s just a quick hyperlink to Google Maps for then our system even reads them aloud to you. your friends and family to see where you are and where you’re going. What’s on today’s agenda? Bring up the Calendar and To-do List on your display screen while en route, to help you stay on schedule. Need to call your  o’clock appointment? Use the iDrive Controller knob to click on the phone number in the Calendar – and it’s ringing. Meeting BMW TeleService monitors the status of many of your vehicle’s fluids with several people? Conduct conference calls; the display screen keeps and parts that are subject to wear and tear, and automatically transmits you informed of the status of incoming calls. Who’s ringing you? If you’ve the data to your BMW center before it requires service. Your BMW center uploaded photos to your on-board phonebook, you’ll see the caller’s will contact you to schedule a convenient appointment. Needed parts will picture. Even missed calls are listed on the display screen. It’s never be ordered, so your BMW will be serviced and returned to you as quickly been easier to stay in touch while in transit. as possible. Enhanced functions for the iPod® and USB adapter add to the ease and pleasure of using your iPod or iPhone.® Want to know which CD that song comes from? The album cover is shown on your display screen. Don’t purchase additional cables – your iPod or iPhone’s original USB cable connects to your BMW’s USB port. Another rare feature: with Bluetooth audio streaming, now you can wirelessly play music through the BMW audio system from any Bluetooth compatible music player or Want to know the location of a challenging golf course or a fine French mobile phone, from anywhere in your vehicle. In fact, the audio library restaurant? Talk to our Concierge and get the address and phone number appears on the display screen, where you can use the iDrive Controller of your desired destination sent to your BMW Navigation system and then knob to make your selection. start route guidance at the push of a button. For details on the availability of standard and optional features, please refer to the Equipment charts at the back of this brochure. 34 35 BMW ConnectedDrive
  19. 19. Right up against the edge of the Arctic Circle –  degrees  minutes north,  degrees  minutes east – winter temperatures hover well below °F. Only late in the morning does the sun heave into view, and it’s not long before it disappears again under the gray horizon. A pretty desolate region. But suddenly, the dry powder explodes into the frosty air as a BMW X sweeps around the bend. The speed is breathtaking on the icy-smooth surface, a road whose contours can only be guessed at beneath the enveloping white. These are the winter tests in Lapland, in northern Sweden – the frozen extremity of Europe – where each BMW is sent to prove that it can function perfectly, even under extreme conditions. You can watch as the vehicles are put through their paces on the frozen expanses of Lake Hornavan. The X hurtles over the mirror-like surface, brakelights glowing; it fishtails briefly and is still. Then it executes a series of circles, slowing gradually to come to a final stop at the farther edge of the ice. For Heinz Krusche, this kind of drama is all in a day’s work. An engineer by training, for the last  years he has been commuting , miles from BMW headquarters in Munich to the white deserts The low frictional coefficients on the frozen lakes are perfect A TEST DRIVE IN around Arjeplog, itself a small town of only , souls. This secluded outpost, though, does boast a modern airfield nearby, where large airliners come and go daily, and where December sees an influx of for repeatable test drives at the limits of adhesion. EUROPE’S test drivers from all over the world. Their colleagues, meanwhile, have trekked north in trucks loaded with sophisticated electronic equipment, as the supermarket parking lot gradually fills with a whole FROZEN NORTH auto show's-worth of high-end vehicles. Models that have not yet made their debut on the market are discreetly veiled in black tape. Before each BMW model goes onto the production line, As Krusche, the chief tester, observes, “Only places like this give us it is tested under extreme conditions in Sweden. the scope to try out all possible driving situations under the same climatic conditions.” His team’s task is to test out and optimize every vehicle feature, from the mechanics of the sliding glass roof and the engine temperature management, right down to the tires themselves. Each test vehicle is equipped with the very latest in sensory technol- average driver may never encounter. The engineers are aiming to find ogy; some are turned into veritable laboratories on wheels. Krusche ways to ensure optimum stability and safety. The crucial factor here is and his expert crew are working on an advanced version of the the frictional coefficient, which on ice and snow is so low that tires lose systems that regulate driving dynamics in conjunction with BMW their grip and the vehicle cannot be properly steered or stopped. xDrive, the intelligent four-wheel-drive system. They are focusing in particular on braking, starting up and accelerating in situations the On a frozen lake the frictional coefficient is practically zero. In this icy terrain, there is plenty of opportunity to put the electronic driver assistance systems to the test. It seems almost impossible how serenely and under control the BMW X cruises over the slick, A HOST OF MANUFACTURERS DO THEIR polished surface. The vehicle’s electronic control centers are hooked TESTING IN ARJEPLOG. THE PARKING LOT AT THE up to laptops to download the latest software for the Dynamic Stability SUPERMARKET IS OFTEN A SHOWCASE OF Control (DSC), which can stop a skid in its tracks. “We often rack up INNOVATIONS AND PROTOTYPES. hundreds of miles out here,” says Krusche. All this driving, measuring and analysis is centered on meeting the needs of the customer. “The great numbers we can get on the test runs are important to us, but not that crucial in the end. The main thing is to improve the numbers The workshops at the BMW Test Center in in those areas that are going to make a difference to the customer’s Arjeplog employ more than everyday driving experience.” Krusche further explains, “We investi-  people throughout gate everything, measure everything and aim to modify a lot that we the winter months. find. The key objective is to bring out maximum performance while retaining the key characteristics of a BMW.” These long hours behind the wheel are more than just a joyride. Perilous conditions can and do arise, and more than once Krusche or one of his team have found themselves stuck in a fairly severe blizzard. “That is another situation where you’re glad you’re in a BMW,” he says.
  20. 20. Selection examples Colors Equipment Equipment charts Technical data BMW Services Timeless attraction. A feast for the eyes. The timeless allure of the BMW X is enhanced by an exterior painted Deep -inch Y Spoke (Style ) light alloy wheels. Sand Beige Nevada Leather Open the door of the X to reveal expanses of delicious Cinnamon Brown Sapphire Metallic paint, set off by the gleam of practical running boards Sea Blue Metallic, which catches the sun and shade as they wash across its upholstery conveys the feeling of light and warmth, enhanced by the subtle Nevada Leather, set off by the elegant whorls of genuine Dark Burl Walnut and handsome -inch Y Spoke (Style ) light alloy wheels. Prepare to sculpted surfaces. The beautiful shade of this SAV® is set off by the sparkle of contrast of Dark Bamboo Wood interior trim. Wood trim. This tasteful color scheme is wrapped in darkly glittering Black whet your driving appetite. 38 39 Selection examples
  21. 21. Selection examples Colors Equipment Equipment charts Technical data BMW Services Exterior colors. Upholstery colors and materials.   Alpine White (Non-metallic)   Jet Black (Non-metallic)  KCB Beige Leatherette  KCSW Black Leatherette   Titanium Silver Metallic   Black Sapphire Metallic  A Deep Sea Blue Metallic  /  LUSW Black Nevada Leather  /  LUB Sand Beige Nevada Leather  /  LUCX Oyster Nevada Leather  B Sparkling Bronze Metallic  A Platinum Gray Metallic  A Space Gray Metallic  /  LUF Tobacco Nevada Leather  /  LUEZ Cinnamon Brown Nevada Leather  A Platinum Bronze Metallic  A Vermilion Red Metallic   Carbon Black Metallic  LVB Sand Beige Perforated Nevada Leather  LVSW Black Perforated Nevada Leather  NASW Black Nappa Leather  NAB Sand Beige Nappa Leather Leather upholstery includes all seating surfaces, headrests, door armrests and front center console armrest. Nappa Leather adds Leather-wrapped dashboard and center console. Please refer to the Recommended color combinations chart on page  for details on limitations and exclusivity when selecting X SAV® exterior paint colors and upholstery materials and colors.  Not available with X xDrivei M Sport Package.  Only available with M Sport Package. 3 Not available in X5 xDrive35i. 4 Included in Active Ventilated Seat Package. Not available in X5 xDrive35i. 5 Includes Nappa Leather dashboard and center console. Not available in X5 xDrive35i. 40 41 Exterior colors/Upholstery colors and materials  Standard  Optional