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Behringer  lx1 b pro bass, acoustic electric guitar and keyboard amp modeling
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Behringer lx1 b pro bass, acoustic electric guitar and keyboard amp modeling



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  • 1. Behringer LX1B PRO Bass, Acoustic-ElectricGuitar and Keyboard Amp Modeling Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 Product Feature q 32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 23 speaker cabinet simulations, noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay and reverb q 125 memory locations, divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each q Facilitates direct recording without an extra amp q Pre DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring q Post DSP stereo inserts for connection of external effects q 32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 23 speaker cabinet simulations, noise gate, compressor, q Wah-wah, modulation effects, delay and reverb q Read moreProduct DescriptionBEHRINGER VIRTUAL AMPLIFICATION BASS V-AMP PROThe Ultimate Tone Toolbox for Bass / Acoustic / Electric Guitar and Keyboard Amp Modeling32 authentic virtual amp models freely combinable with 23 awesome speaker cabinet simulationsStereo multi-effects including ULTRABASS, synth, delay/ loop sampler, chorus, flanger, rotary speaker, voicebox, auto wah, phaser, ambience and reverb125 memory locations including original artist presetsIntuitive user interface with direct display of all essential settingsAdditional effect parameters directly accessible on the unit; Tap-tempo function allows real-time adjustment ofeffects speed parameter4 renowned distortion and overdrive stomp boxes with adjustable Drive, Tone, Boost and SplitCan be set up, controlled and monitored via front panel USB connector. Powerful remote software
  • 2. downloadable at behringer.com Dedicated wah pedal and studio compressor effects Effective Presence, Deep and sweepable Shift/Shape controls for all amp models Sweepable 24 dB Butterworth frequency crossover for bi-amping operation Adjustable auto-chromatic tuner 15 rear panel connectors allow comprehensive routing and suit virtually every conceivable application Pre DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring Stereo 1/4" Line outputs controlled by master volume for live use as guitar preamp Balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift and switchable ULTRA-G cabinet simulation Post DSP stereo inserts for connection of external effects BNC wordclock input for external sample rate synchronization up to 96 kHz MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes and SysEx, allowing complete MIDI automation through our free Windows editor software downloadable at www.behringer.com High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER GermanyIf a lack of money and floor space is all thats been standing between you and a collection of vintage bass ampsand effects pedals, get ready to love the rack-mountable BASS V-AMP PRO. It comes loaded with 32 ampmodels, 23 speaker cabinet models and 16 classic effects.Any Classic You LikeThe BASS V-AMP PROs 32 amp models are organized into three groups: CLEAN, ACOUSTIC and GUITAR. Justtwist the dedicated dial to plug into unbelievably authentic simulations of the greatest acoustic and electricbass sounds from the 1950s to today. When you select an amp model, a speaker cabinet model isautomatically selected. But if youd prefer a different model, just go to EDIT > CABINETS, then use the BANKUP/DOWN buttons to navigate through all 15 options.Just like on an actual bass amp, youve got a three-band EQ, GAIN, VOLUME and MASTER VOLUME dials. Thereseven a COMPRESSOR dial for tight, smooth tone with a variable attack. By holding the TAP button, the TREBLEdial becomes a PRESENCE control. This enables the adjustment of a high-frequency filter that can add orremove a "shimmer" from the BASS V-AMP PROs tone.Top Tone - In Full EffectThe BASS V-AMP PRO gives you flanger, chorus, reverb, delay and 12 other beautiful digital effects to apply toyour sound. Adjust the effects level in the mix via the EFFECTS dial. To adjust effect parameters, you canrhythmically press the TAP button to alter delay times or LFO speeds, or hold down the TAP button and twistthe EFFECTS knob to access e.g. feedback or depth. By using a MIDI pedal, such as the BEHRINGER FCB1010,you can access an additional Wah Wah effect. You can adjust the filter characteristic by entering EDIT mode,selecting the DRIVE menu and turning the EFFECTS knob while holding the TAP button.Presenting the PresetsAll of these elements have been combined into 125 different presets divided into 25 banks, accessible throughthe BANK UP/ BANK DOWN buttons. Within each bank, you can press buttons A through E to explore itsdifferent presets. You can also create and save your own presets. Start by selecting a preset, then making anychanges you wish: amp, EQ, effect, etc. The preset LED will begin to flash, indicating that the BASS V-AMP PROis ready to save your settings. To do this, hold the preset button down for about two seconds. Once the LEDstops flashing, you have saved the modified preset. On top of all this, the BASS V-AMP PRO also features abuilt-in tuner and noise gate. In essence, its a Swiss Army Knife for the home recording enthusiast or giggingbassist who cant seem to settle on a single sound.Stunning in the StudioThe BASS V-AMP PRO features several configurations that make it an invaluable asset in the studio. Access theconfiguration menu by pressing the B and D buttons at the same time. Then use BANK UP and BANK DOWN toselect a configuration.
  • 3. When using headphones, the BASS V-AMP PRO will switch into Studio Mode 1 (S1). This stereo mode works wellfor both monitoring and recording with effects, amp and speaker modeling. It doesnt apply the additionalthree-band EQ to the signal, but most recording programs - like energyXT2.5 - have their own EQ. In StudioMode 2 (S2), the BASS V-AMP PRO sends a signal with amp and speaker simulation, but only the right outputhas effects. You can either record both left and right outputs to separate tracks, or record the "dry" left outputwhile monitoring the right output.The BASS V-AMP PRO features myriad routing options. It has a balanced XLR DI out with ground lift andswitchable ULTRA-G cabinet simulation, post-DSP stereo inserts for connection o external effects, BNCwordclock input for externals sample rate synchronization up to 96 kHz. There are also AES/EBU and S/PDIFconnectors so you can use the BASS V-AMP PRO as an all-purpose audio-to-digital converter with 24-bit/96 kHzdigital output.Stellar on StageThe BASS V-AMP PRO has three live configurations. When performing live with this device, you can either run itto an amp on stage, run directly to the mixing board, or both. Live Mode 1 is the best choice for running theoutputs directly to the mixer, because it applies amp and speaker simulation, effects and an additional 3-bandEQ.Use Live Mode 2 to run the BASS V-AMP PRO into the effects return inputs of 2 different guitar amps. Thisconfiguration does not feature speaker simulation, allowing the amplifiers natural speaker sound to gounaltered. In this scenario, the amps would be micd on stage to get the sound to the house speakers, andhaving a dedicated monitor would be less important. In Live Mode 3, you can send the left output to an ampseff ects return for onstage volume, while the right output sends signal to the main mixer for inclusion in themain house mix. Also note that you can press the TAP key while turning the GAIN knob to adjust the inputsensitivity to match the output of your guitars pickups. If the CLIP LED lights, the inputs sensitivity should bereduced.Veni, MIDI, ViciThe BASS V-AMP PRO comes fully equipped to fit right into a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) setup. Itcan be controlled in real time from a computer, or via a MIDI foot controller during a live performance. Its MIDIconnectors are international-standard 5-pin DIN connectors. You will need dedicated MIDI cables (not included).The MIDI IN jack receives MIDI controller data. It can be adjusted in EDIT mode by pressing the A button andthen using the arrow keys. MIDI OUT/THRU sends data to a computer. You can transmit both preset data andparameter changes. Some people even use the BASS V-AMP PRO as a remote control for parameters of theirDAW or VST instruments, which is more handy than using the mouse alone. If set to MIDI THRU, the V-AMP 2does not send its own MIDI information, but passes on the signal received at the MIDI IN connector.So Much Sound, So Little HassleIts hard enough finding another virtual guitar amplifier with this much versatility, let alone one as economicalas the BASS V-AMP PRO. This rack-mountable wonder will leave you reeling in your own creativity, with cash tospare for other gear youll need along the way to becoming a sonic titan both live and in your home studio.Read moreYou May Also LikeRaxxess PTSW25 Rack Screws with Washers (Pack of 25)Hosa GPM-103 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TRS AdaptorHosa Cable GPR101 RCA To 1/4 Inch TS Adaptor - 2 PackHosa Cable YPR102 Stereo 1/4 Inch Male to Dual RCA F Y Cable - 6 Inch