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What is LinkedIn and can it help your business?

What is LinkedIn and can it help your business?

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Facebook for Business Getting noticed and driving traffic
  • 2. Agenda
    • Groups V Fan Pages
    • Building a Compelling Fan Page
    • Optimising your Fanpage
  • 3. Consider these Facts
    • LinkedIn has over 70 million members in 200 countries
    • A new member joins every single second
    • 45% of LinkedIn users are business decision makers compared to 25% on Facebook
    • LinkedIn users have an average household income of $109k
    • LinkedIn is in the top 5 referral sites
    • Worlds Largest Professional Network
  • 4.
    • Manage your brand and reputation (your LinkedIn profile ranks very highly on Google)
    • Generate more leads and sales, using keyword rich text
    • Find your dream job / employee
    • Build your database
    • Get Free PR – you can easily connect with journalists and authors
    • Become a thought Leader – answer questions and build groups
    Why use LinkedIn?
  • 5.
    • You need to think of your profile as a living breathing document – need to make sure it is clean and compelling
    • It is indexed by Google and can be seen by millions of people Think about
    • Who you are what are your goals / passion
    • Who do you help
    • How do you help them
    • Call to action
    • This is the best place to build your personal Brand Awareness
    Your Linked In Profile – build the correct foundation
  • 6. Profile Continued?
    • Your websites – Customise your website name do not just use the default ‘my website’, keywords or/ something intriguing or a call to action will work
    • Have a personal picture – people connect with people and not a brand, a smile goes a long way
    • Customise your public profile with applications – more later
  • 7. Profile Continued
  • 8. Recommendations – a key influence
    • If you can add value – you will find people will recommend you without you having to ask.
    • Typically if you have written recommendations then you might get one back – just start with 10 people.
    • Can you recommend an influencer – if you write a recommendation your name will appear on their profile its good to be associated – perception is reality!
    • Would you buy from someone with 100 recommendations over 1 recommendation – no-one can compete with you.
  • 9. Contacts
    • You can export your connections - Make sure you do – have the most current list
    • Your database is your pot of gold
    • You can tag individuals (categories)
    • You can send 1 message to 50 people at a time – this is how you can promote your events (especially if they are Town specific)
    • If you forward your profile as a message you can extend this to 200 people (delete the text and write your own!)
  • 10. Creating Groups
    • You must create your own group
    • Within your group you can sub divide your group
    • Group name is important for SEO (choose your keywords) and choose the networking group
    • Have a summary that includes your keywords – makes it easier for people to find you!
  • 11. Grow Your Group
    • Make sure you send people a welcome message by email, it will generate qualified leads – get them to opt in to your newsletter (collect email)
    • Once you’ve done that send invitations, remember to give the benefit and Call to action
    • Do send an announcement once a week but add value always – give away content
  • 12. News
    • create a News feed – this is automatically generated from your blog
    • Or you can add articles one at a time if you want to – add a comment which will encourage people to read the article. – this will then post on your discussion board
  • 13. Advanced Applications
    • Application Directory must haves
    • Wordpress application or blog link
    • Amazon reading list – especially if an author!
    • Google Docs – which can insert a video of you
    • Events application
    • Twitter Application
  • 14. Direct Adverts
    • Find the exact audience by geography job function, gender and age, by industry or company size
    • Pay by click or impressions - as little as £10 per day
    • No long term contracts
  • 15. Thank you Questions & Feedback