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Zstar from eazintel Zstar from eazintel Presentation Transcript

  • ZSTARTool for SAP BI professionalsAn overview of ideas UAB EAZINTEL 2012 info@eazintel.com
  • ZSTAR – a tool for profesionals• How many times a day you need to read data from InfoCube, DSO or MultiProvider?• Are you satisfied with data browsing transaction you are using in SAP BI?• How do you feel about the message: “InfoProvider contains too many characteristics; make a preselection“?
  • ZSTAR – a tool for profesionalsZSTAR is a tool to quickly browse and analyze data in such InfoProviders as:InfoCubes, DSOs and MultiProviders. It allows browsing and analyzing data, seeingadministration information and displaying logical design of InfoProvider(dimensions). The tool is read only so it can be used by users without deep technicalknowledge
  • ZSTAR – a tool for profesionalsMain ideas:• Principle of one window• Simple management of result set• Dynamic drill down• Compilation of ABAP code is not necessary
  • Principle of one windowSame window display:1 - Result set2 - Logical design structure: dimensions and InfoObjects3 - Information about result set4 - Data upload information
  • Simple management of result setSimple interface• Check or uncheck checkbox is enough to add or remove InfoObject into/from result set• Values can be added into filter or removed from it using checkbox• It is not necessary to leave the window of result set to create a filter
  • Dynamic drill downDynamic drill down• MultiProvider to InfoCubes, DSOs• InfoProvider to InfoProvider
  • Dynamic drill down - mappingsDynamic drill down- mappings• MultiProvider to InfoCubes, DSOs• InfoProvider to InfoProvider (transformations and update rules)
  • Compilation of ABAP code • Standard transaction ListCube compiles ABAP programs at almost every step • ZSTAR does not have to recompile ABAP code. This leads to significant time savings
  • Users of ZSTARAny professional who has to perform data analysis / browsingintensive tasks• Developers - for testing developed data load flows and InfoProviders• Designers - for data analysis during design and test stage• Data analysts - persons for whom standard end user tools like Bex analyzer is not enough but who do not have enough technical knowledge to use back end tools• Support organization – people working with problem tickets and requests from end users. They need a tool to browse and analyze data to quickly identify issues or provide end users with explanations about their requests
  • ROIOur testings show that ZSTAR can help save around 30min a day. Return on theinvestment buying the tool can be easily calculated. Divide the daily rate yourcompany is paying per day for SAP BI consultants by 16 and multiply it by 20, 40 or60 days.For instance 1000Euro / 16 = 62,5 Euro (return per day)20 days 62,5 * 20 = 1250 Euro per 1 month40 days 62,5 * 40 = 2500 Euro per 2 months40 days 62,5 * 60 = 3750 Euro per 3monthsFor instance 500Euro / 16 = 31,25 Euro (return per day)20 days 31,25 * 20 = 625 Euro per 1 month40 days 31,25 * 40 = 1250 Euro per 2 months40 days 31,25 * 60 = 1875 Euro per 3months