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Hinduism jeopardy[1]
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Hinduism jeopardy[1]


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  • 1. Deities Origin Symbols Worship/ Other Beliefs100 100 100 100 100200 200 200 200 200300 300 300 300 300400 400 400 400 400500 500 500 500 500
  • 2. Deities – 100Are Hindus Polytheistic or Monotheistic? Polytheistic
  • 3. Deities - 200Which 3 deities are part of the trinity? Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva
  • 4. Deities- 300Which Deity is the destroyer? Shiva
  • 5. Deities - 400Which Deity plays The flute? A. Vishnu B. Krishna C. Brahma D. Shiva B. Krishna
  • 6. Deities- 500Which deity is the creator? Brahma
  • 7. Origin - 100 When did Hinduism Start?5,000 years ago, in 3000BC
  • 8. Origin- 200Who is the single founder of Hinduism? A. The Buddha B. There was no single founder C. Confucius B. There was no single founder
  • 9. Origin- 300Where did Hinduism start? India
  • 10. Origin- 400Name one of two important roles Priests or Holy men
  • 11. Origin- 500 What group started Hinduism? A. The Hmar tribeB. The Indus Valley Civilization C. The Bodo tribeB. The Indus Valley Civilization
  • 12. Symbols– 100What is a symbol used in Hinduism? A. A wheel B. The boat of Gabriel C. The OM D. The Star of David C. The OM
  • 13. Symbols- 200Is the OM said with Hindu prayers? Yes
  • 14. Symbols- 300What is the meaning of the OM? A. Peace B. Happiness C. Everything D. There is no meaning C. Everything
  • 15. Symbols- 400Hourly Double! Which symbol is the OM?
  • 16. Symbols- 500Which is not a Hindu Symbol? A. The Darshan B. The OM C. The Murti D. The Khanda D. The Khanda
  • 17. Worship/Beliefs- 100Where do Hindus worship? A. Temples B. Synagogues C. Churches D. Mosques A. Temples
  • 18. Worship/Beliefs- 200What is the name for a belief of many lifetimes? Reincarnation
  • 19. Worship/Beliefs- 300 What is the Hindu Holy Book? A. The Vedas B. The Bible C. The Torah D. The SutrasA. The Vedas, which has several sacred texts
  • 20. Worship/Beliefs- 400 Which is not a Hindu way of worship? A. Puja B. Havan C. Gurdwara D. Pravachan C. Gurdwara, which is a Sikh place of worship
  • 21. Worship/Beliefs- 500What is the Vedas written in? A. English B. Sanskrit C. Hindi B. Sanskrit
  • 22. Other- 100Which person was a Hindu Prophet? A. the Buddha B. ZarathustraC. There were no Hindu prophets C. There were no Hindu prophets
  • 23. Other- 200How many people practice Hinduism? A. 7 million B. 800 million C. 1 billion D. 700 million D. 700 million
  • 24. Other- 300Saying “Namaste” shows not only respect to a persons physical appearance but also to their atman inside. What does atman mean? Atman means your soul within.
  • 25. Other- 400What animal is considered sacred? A Cow
  • 26. Other- 500What is the name of an 18th century Hindu saint? A. Gandhi B. Vishnu C. Ramakrishna D. Krishna C. Ramakrishna