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I had a problem filling out a PDF document. I received a PDF form from my lawyer that needed to be filled out, signed, and sent out as soon as possible. I always kept postponing to fix my scanner and that I had a client meeting first thing in the morning, so I started looking at online solutions. Adobe Reader does not allow you to edit PDFs and Adobe Acrobat pro costs 499$. On the other hand even though the rest of the software I found available did seem less expensive I did not want to install the program just to use it once and let it occupy space in my drive. Online software was the only solution. There are quite a few good ones out there but the one I selected it was very satisfying.PDF filler allows you to upload PDFs, docs, powerpoints, modify, edit and sign in the browser and then send out through email, fax or just print. I only needed five minutes to upload, edit the PDF file, and in the end to send it to my lawyer. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you in any case you end up facing the same problem. This slideshare includes some basic comparisons of solutions to the problem of modifying and filling out forms and documents online.

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How to edit a PDF file

  1. 1. Sign Write over Write on
  2. 2. Non fillable Fillable Needs expensive software to process Can be easily filled with specialized software
  3. 3. You use PDFs files 1.2 times a day Each employee files 500 PDF s a year. US companies need to fill 30 billion PDFs every year.
  4. 4. Project Managers Recruiters Lawyers Financial Analysts Operating Procedures, Third party contracts, Test procedures On-Boarding Documents, Employee Time Sheets, Employee Training Acknowledgements Lease Agreements, Loan Agreements, Expense Reports & Reimbursement Approvals Contracts, Agreements, Work orders, Master Service Agreement Forms,
  5. 5. You have the file Then send to scan It loads to the computer E-mail The receiver prints it Signs And sends it back to you
  6. 6. Downloadable Cloud Affordable Sign, Send to sign Mobile
  7. 7. I can access my account from my PC, mobile, tablet I can edit collaborating with my colleagues I can edit, write on, sign, send to sign I don t need more than three steps…….
  8. 8. Instant Quick Smart
  9. 9. Write on, sign, type, add checkmarks
  10. 10. This may be your last task before…. … Share your work.
  11. 11. Easy to try for small businesses Risk free, money back guarantee Ensured security See what 100.000 customers say about us at