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  • 1. ΤΜ Catalogue 2014 Eng
  • 3. MARINE AUTOMOTIVE * MOTORBIKE COMPLEMENTARY VIDEOS BLOG MATERIAL Putties, Fillers & Clearcoats / p.3 Products for real craftsman [krafts-muhn] noun, plural craftsmen. 1. a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan. 2. an artist. * Sealing & Bonding / p.13 Polishing System / p.17 Masking Products / p.27 Cleaning Products & Consumables / p.31 Personal Protection Products / p.35 Abrasive Accessories / p.39 * A QR Code is a mobile phone readable barcode, the QR code reader applications for your iphone or android can be downloaded from itunes or playstore. You will come across plenty of such codes in this catalogue, which will link you to different videos and articles. INDEX
  • 4. s it y tion w n solu m p a roducts n y o ve n g c our p o m p a n o v a t i y o u ping n c a o t e d n g fo r i l n deve r t o r i e l o o k i d s xpo antly bran stomer e our r cu nst e ut co bl abo to ou i flex ionate ning e s pas ys list a alw e We r a We are NOT producing physically our products (for the moment) copying ready product lines afraid of the competition the cheapest the most expensive perfect, but we try very hard to improve big, but we think it is our strength We are ETALON! on c our h s or ract t
  • 5. www.etalon.gr PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES ETASOFT UNIVERSAL PUTTY Provides extremely easy sanding by hand and machine, possesses good filling properties without creating pinholes. Suitable for application on steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and GRP. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300UP-200 2kg, beige 6 pcs / cart. ET5300UP-100 1kg, beige 12 pcs / cart. ET5300UP-050 0.5kg, beige 12 pcs / cart. 4 ETAFILL UNIVERSAL MULTI PUTTY Universal putty with extra filling properties for works on all metallic surfaces including galvanized steel, aluminium & fibreglass. Advanced adhesion properties. Pinhole-free surface. Easy sanding. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300PR-180 1.8kg, beige 6 pcs / cart. ETALIGHT UNIVERSAL PUTTY Universal lightweight filling & fine putty for works on all metallic surfaces,including galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass. Elastic. Easy Sanding. Suitable for applications in thick layers. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5200LP-100 1L, beige 8 pcs / cart.
  • 6. PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES ETAFINE POLYESTER FINE PUTTY Designed for finishing jobs, allows easy sanding by hand & machine. It is available with red & white hardener for finishing jobs in automotive & yacht refinishing respectively. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300FP-100/R 1kg, red hardener 12 pcs / cart. ET5300FP-100/W 1kg, white hardener ETAPLAST PUTTY FOR PLASTICS ETAGLASS FIBERGLASS PUTTY 12 pcs / cart. Has unique filling properties, which allow it to be applied in thick layers for repairs of deep damages and even rust-through spots. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300GP-100 1kg, green 12 pcs / cart. * Filling and spot-repair putty for the refinishing jobs on plastic parts of vehicles, such as bumpers, mirrors and other. Elastic, with good adhesion on most plastics. Fast drying. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5300PP-100 1kg, black 12 pcs / cart. - light putty - aluminium putty - fiberglass putty - plastic putty 5
  • 7. www.etalon.gr PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PUTTIES/FILLERS ETALU UNIVERSAL PUTTY Universal filling & finishing putty with aluminium particles with high temperature & mechanical resistance on all metallic surfaces, including galvanized steel & aluminium. Does not clog sanding paper. Fine, pinhole-free surface. Provides fine and even surface. CODE DIMENSIONS 1kg, silver Universal 2K epoxy putty for applications in marine and industrial areas, where water resistance is important. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5400EH-PA01 component Α, 1 kg 6 pcs / cart. ET5400EH-PB/N component B, 0.5 kg 6 pcs / cart. PACKAGING ET5300ALU-100 2K EPOXY PUTTY 12 pcs / cart. SANDER ORBIT P40-180 paint striping putty P240-1500 filler/primer clear coat 6 5mm stroke 2,5 - 3mm stroke EPOXY PRIMER 3:1 Chromate free versatile epoxy primer with anticorrosive protection for automotive, marine and industrial usage. Can be used as undercoat or as final coating. Suitable as adhesion promoter on metal, steel, aluminium, fiberglass. Can be applied on underwater surfaces. Easy application with roll, airless gun, electrostatic gun, with HVLP or conventional spraying equipment. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5400EP-A075 primer 750ml, grey 6 pcs / cart. ET5400EH-B025 hardener 250ml, grey 12 pcs / cart.
  • 8. PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS FILLERS ETAPRIME 5:1 HS HIGH BUILD ACRYL FILLER Excellent filling properties, easy application without runs, compatible with all painting systems, easy sanding. Furthermore can be used as sprayable putty. It is possible to reach up to 300 microns thickness in three layers. ETAPRIME 4:1HS ACRYL FILLER ETAFLEX 1K PLASTIC PRIMER High Solids, 2K acrylic filler/primer. Excellent filling properties. Easy sanding. Fast drying. Can be applied wet-on-wet, if diluted by 30% with Etalon Acrylic Thinner. Suitable for spot repairs. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5500AF-08/G set 800ml +160ml hardener, grey 12 sets / cart. ET4400AF-10/G set 1L + 250ml hardener, grey 6 sets / cart. ET5500AF-08/B set 800ml +160ml hardener, black 12 sets / cart. ET4400AF-30/G 3L, grey 4 cans / cart. ET5500AF-25/G set 2.5L + 0.5L hardener, grey set ET44001HF-100 hardener 1L 6 cans / cart. ΕΤ5501ΗΝ-050 hardener 500ml Provides excellent adhesion for all kinds of plastics, such as bumpers, mirrors and spoilers. Transparent. Can be recoated with all existing automotive coatings. VOC compliant <840 g/l. 12 cans / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET5500PP-100 1L, transparent 12 pcs / cart. 7
  • 9. www.etalon.gr * PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS Extensive range of clearcoats for automotive refinishing industry / High gloss / High mechanical and UV resistance / Optimal flow / Easy application / VOC compliant ETACLEAR SR ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT 2:1 ETAVALUE ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT 2:1 ETACLEAR UHS ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT 2:1 Fast drying scratch resistant clear coat suitable both for spot repairs and complete paintings. High gloss and easy flow. VOC compliant <840 g/l. Excellent 2K clear coat with high gloss. Provides great value for money solution. VOC compliant <840 g/l. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET99V-SR01 set 1 L+ 500ml hardener 6 sets / cart. ET99V-SR05 set 5L+ 2,5L hardener 4 sets / cart. CLEARCOATS Ultra High Solid VOC compliant (<420 g/l) acrylic clearcoat for the most demanding refinishing jobs. Crystal clear, deep gloss on both water and solventborne paints. Superior durability in all climates. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET990-SR01 set 1 L + 500 ml hardener 12 sets / cart. CODE ET990-SR05 set 5 L + 2.5 L hardener 4 sets / cart. DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET970-UHS01 1L 6 pcs / cart. ET970-FAST05 500ml hardener, fast 6 pcs / cart. ET970-NORM05 500ml hardener, normal HARDENERS 8 Full range of hardeners for each clearcoat, available in slow, normal and fast in 0.5 L and 2.5 L cans. 6 pcs / cart. ET970-SLOW05 500ml hardener, slow 6 pcs / cart. ET970-UHS05 5L 4 pcs / cart. ET970-FAST25 2.5 L hardener , fast 4 pcs / cart. ET970-NORM25 2.5 L hardener, normal 4 pcs / cart. ET970-SLOW25 2.5 L hardener, slow 4 pcs / cart.
  • 10. SPRAY GUN SET UP SELECTOR: Gun Inlet Pressure 2.0 bar or as stated LACKDATENBLATT: Eingangsdruck: ca. 2.0 bar wie unten angegeben PISTOLET ET TABLEAU DES REGLAGES: Pression à l’entrée du pistolet 2.0 bar ou comme indiqué SCHEDA ALLESTIMENTO AEROGRAFO: pressione aria 2,0 bar o come indicato CONFIGURACIONES DE PISTOLAS: Presión a la entrada de la pistola 2.0 bar o según lo indicado CATEGORY MATERIAL PRIMER BASE CLEAR BASE CLEAR SMART PRIMER/FILLER 1K Primer 1.4-1.6 - - - - TS1 1.0-1.2 Plastic Primer - - TE10 1.2-1.3 - T1 1.2-1.3 TS1 0.8-1.0 Epoxy Primer 1.6-1.8 - - - - - 4:1 Primer 1.6-1.8 - - - - TS1 1.0-1.2 5:1 HS Primer 1.8-2.0 - - - - - - - - - - - UHS - - TE10 1.3/ TE20 1.3 - T1 1.3 / T2 1.3 TS1 0.8-1.0 SR - - TE10 1.3/ TE20 1.3 - T1 1.3 / T2 1.3 TS1 0.8-1.0 ETAVALUE - - TE10 1.3/ TE20 1.3 - T1 1.3 / T2 1.3 TS1 0.8-1.0 BASE CLEAR October 2013 DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing UK: +44 (0) 1202 571111 F: +33 (0) 4 75 75 27 80 D: +49 (0) 6074 403 251 Web: http://www.devilbisseu.com 25 DO NOT FORGET TO USE CORRECT SETTINGS TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENT RESULTS!
  • 11. www.etalon.gr PUTTIES, FILLERS & CLEARCOATS PAINTING MATERIALS’ AUXILIARIES SILICON REMOVER ACRYLIC THINNERS CODE PACKAGING ET992-NORMAL 1L 6 pcs / cart. ET992-SLOW 1L 6 pcs / cart. ET992-FAST 10 DIMENSIONS 1L 6 pcs / cart. High quality material for cleaning and degreasing purposes of car surfaces prior to painting. Join us on facebook! CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/ANTISIL-1 1L 6 pcs / cart.
  • 12. SPRAYS SPRAY PRIMER GREY 1K CLEARCOAT SPRAY BLACK MATT SPRAY SILVER WHEEL SPRAY Quick drying. Easy to sand. Can be used as filler or adhesion primer for spot jobs. Quick drying, transparent acrylic clear coat for finishing on spot repair jobs. Quick drying. Easy to use general usage aerosol paint. Quick drying. Easy to use. Suited for painting rims and surfaces made of metal and aluminium. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ804001-G 400ml, grey 12 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET894OOO-C 400ml, clear 12 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ854002-BM 400ml, black matt 12 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ854003-S 400ml, silver 12 pcs / cart. * As a true craftsman, we know that you work very hard to make your work invisible, that is why we work even harder to help you do that. 11
  • 13. SPRAYS www.etalon.gr UNDERBODY COATING SPRAY Overpaintable stone chip coating with anti-corrosion and sound deadening properties based on rubber and resins. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/UC-S500B 500ml, black 12 pcs / cart. BLACK STRUCTURE BUMPER SPRAY Quick drying. Easy to use paint, especially designed for painting car’s plastic bumpers. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET874002-B 400ml, black 1K PREFILLED WATERBASED SPRAY 1K PREFILLED SOLVENT SPRAY Pre-charged aerosol can be filled with up to 100 ml water-borne paint. Pre-charged aerosol can be filled with up to 100 ml solvent based paint. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ300010 400ml 12 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ300007 400ml 12 pcs / cart. 12 pcs / cart. Products for real 12 28 Join us on facebook!
  • 15. SEALING & BONDING www.etalon.gr SEALANTS, ADHESIVES & SEALING MATERIALS 1Κ PU SEALANT Fast skinning and fast curing polyurethane adhesive & sealant. Easily smoothed & leveled, can be applied also by brush, allowing fast overpainting in body refinish & repair operations. Overpaintable. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/PU-7200W 310ml, white 12 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PU-7200B 310ml, black 12 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PU-7200G 310ml, grey 12 pcs / cart. UNIVERSAL ADHESIVE SEALANT Universal automotive and marine hybrid UV adhesive sealant. Suitable for use in elastic, structural bonding applications in automotive, transportation, marine & industrial sectors. Excellent UV resistance and colour stability. Suitable for adhesion of spoilers & other plastic car accessories. Overpaintable. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/SEAL-210 290ml, white 12 pcs / cart. PU WINDSCREEN ADHESIVE Fast curing, flexible high performance polyurethane adhesive, specific for automotive windows and windscreen bonding. Specially designed to give an ultra fast drive away time to vehicles with 2 airbags in 60 minutes. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/W-9000 310ml, black 12 pcs / cart. 30ml, primer black 25 pcs / cart. 30ml, activator 25 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PA-03 14 ΕΤ/P-901 ΕΤ/A-902 application brush 50 pcs / box BRUSHABLE SEAM SEALANT Fast drying brushable seam sealant for car joints. Does not run or peel off, excellent adhesion on metallic, primered and painted surfaces. Overpaintable. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/B-7100 0.85kg, grey 12 cans / cart. ET/B-7101 rigid brush 36 pcs / pack
  • 16. SEALING & BONDING SEALANTS, ADHESIVES & SEALING MATERIALS MOUNT TAPE Black PE-FOAM tape, double sided coated with solvent acrylic adhesive. For long term mounting applications inside and outside of the cars and vehicles. SOUNDDEADENING PANELS LOGO TAPE Self-adhesive sound-deadening panels. Double sided logotape ETALON. Very thin double sided logotape with powerful glue, designed for the replacement and reattachment of small car’s logos. Great time saver. For insulations of vibration and various noises. CODE CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/LT 50X300 50 x 300mm 10 pcs / pack DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/FLEX-50 rough, 50 x 50cm 10 pcs / cart. ΕΤ2100910 9mm x 10m 10 pcs / box ET/FLAT-50 flat, 50 x 50cm 10 pcs / cart. ΕΤ2101210 12mm x 10m 10 pcs / box ΕΤ2101910 19mm x 10m 10 pcs / box Join us on facebook! 17
  • 17. SEALING & BONDING www.etalon.gr SEALANTS, ADHESIVES & SEALING MATERIALS UNDERBODY COATING Overpaintable stone chip coatings with anti-corrosion and sound deadening properties based on rubber and resins. Overpaintable. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/UC-1000B 1kg, black 12 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/UC-1000G 1kg, grey 12 pcs / cart. PROFESSIONAL GUN FOR UNDERBODY COATINGS CODE 16 PACKAGING ΕΤ/RA-100 1pc / box
  • 19. POLISHING SYSTEM www.etalon.gr POLISHING COMPOUNDS Do NOT mix different compounds on the same pad! 1 3 2 cut NEW product anti-hologram formula 1 4 6 5 2 3 4 7 5 8 6 9 7 10 1 9 8 10 cut 3 2 1 4 2 6 5 3 4 7 5 8 6 9 7 10 8 1 9 10 cut 3 2 1 5 4 2 3 6 4 7 5 8 6 1 10 9 7 8 9 10 cut 4 3 2 1 2 5 3 6 4 7 5 8 6 10 9 7 8 9 10 ΕΤ1001 ΕΤ1002 ET1003 ET1004 Ideal to deal with paint runs, “orange peel” and deep scratches. Most suitable for efficient removal of minor scratches, overspray and dust. New anti-hologram formulation. Even higher, completely swirl-free gloss levels. Non abrasive polishing glaze with especially designed formula that penetrates paint & creates invisible thin protective film on the polished surface. Fast Cut Compound I APPLICATION By polisher with ETALON white, blue polishing pad or wool pad. Fine Compound II APPLICATION By polisher with ETALON orange or blue polishing pad. CODE CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1001 bottle 1kg 6 pcs / cart. 18 DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1002 bottle 1L 6 pcs / cart. Machine Polish III APPLICATION By polisher with ETALON orange or black polishing pad. CODE DIMENSIONS bottle 1L APPLICATION By polisher with ETALON black polishing pad, by hand with foam applicator or soft polishing wipe. PACKAGING ΕΤ1003 Finishing Glaze 6 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1004 bottle 1L 6 pcs / cart.
  • 20. POLISHING SYSTEM POLISHING COMPOUNDS ET2010 Absolute Compound Ultimate one-step polishing compound suitable for fast removal of scratches achieving excellent hologram free gloss on dark colors & scratch-resistant coatings. APPLICATION By polisher with the range of ETALON polishing foam pads depending on the task. 1 2 cut 4 3 1 2 5 3 4 8 7 6 5 6 9 7 10 8 9 10 CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET2010 bottle 1L 6 pcs / cart. ET2010/250 bottle 250ml 12 pcs / cart. Kit for Headlights & Clear Coat Restoration 3in1 ETALON kit 3 in 1 for headlights, transparent plastics, such as, motorcycle or boat plastic windshield and painted parts, such as car mirrors or bumpers restoration. CODE ET/KIT 3IN1 19
  • 21. POLISHING SYSTEM www.etalon.gr POLISHING COMPOUNDS Absolute Cut Compound! Let it work for YOU! 1 1 5 4 3 2 cut 2 3 7 6 4 5 8 6 9 7 10 8 9 10 ΕΤ1010 Absolute Cut Compound Perfect blend of aggressivness & polishing one-step action. Extra cut compound is designed for the most demanding polishing tasks, removes scratches from abrasive P1200 and leaves deep glossy surface. APPLICATION By polisher with ETALON wool pad or white diamond polishing pad. Metal Polish Polish for all metal parts: chrome, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel and other surfaces. Cleans, polishes, removes rust and leaves protective film. APPLICATION By foam applicator or polishing foam ball and buff with ETALON microfiber. CODE 20 CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1010 bottle 1kg 6 pcs / cart. ET/MET-930/750 DIMENSIONS PACKAGING can 750ml 6 pcs / cart. Top Inspection Spray for effective inspection of compounding processes. Perfect for cleaning of compound residues & for thorough inspection of the polishing process prior to next step. Safe on all paint surfaces. Also recommended to be used with ETALON polishing clay. APPLICATION By hand with ETALON microshine wipe or soft polishing wipe. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/TOP-007 bottle 500ml 6 pcs / cart.
  • 22. POLISHING SYSTEM www.etalon.gr POLISHING PADS & BALLS WHITE DIAMOND POLISHING PAD Polishing pad with advanced cutting properties for the most demanding jobs. In combination with ET1010 or ET1001 compounds removes deep scratches even from P1200. BLUE HARD POLISHING PAD Exceptional for ET1001 Fast Cut Compound usage, specifically for removal of painting defects and deep scratches. Ideal for effective compounding of old and new coatings. ORANGE UNIVERSAL POLISHING PAD Particularly useful versatile pad for elimination of minor scratches and imperfections. CODE DIMENSIONS 76 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. 150 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1502503 ΕΤ1502500 150 x 25 mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1505003 150 x 50mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1752503 175 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1505003B 150 x 50mm, M14 30 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1502502 150 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1505002 150 x 50mm Guaranties high performance in application with ET1003 & ET1004 for removal of hologrammes & for gloss enhancing. PACKAGING ΕΤ0762503 BLACK SUPER SOFT POLISHING PAD CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ1502504 150 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1505004 150 x 50mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1752504 175 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. ΕΤ1505004B 150 x 50mm, M14 30 pcs / cart. 30 pcs / cart. TIP! While the 5cm polishing pads have longer durability, the 2,5 cm provide easier handling; especially on vertical surfaces. 23
  • 23. POLISHING SYSTEM www.etalon.gr POLISHING PADS & BALLS - Available in wide range of hardness - Swirl-free results - Variety of colours for better distinguishing of compounds - Easy cleaning SOFT BLACK PROFILED POLISHING PAD - Quick surface heating WOOL PAD CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING Calibrated wool pad with Velcro backing for the most demanding applications, like deep scratches old and weather-worn coatings. ΕΤ1502505 150 x 25mm 30 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/DLZ150V Ø 150mm 30 pcs / cart. Provides excellent hologrammes free finish with ET1003 & ET1004. vs wool - Quick and aggressive cutting effect foam - Cool polishing surface even on high rpm - Lint during the polishing process Difficult pad maintenance - Possibility of swirls especially on dark colours DOUBLE SIDED WOOL PAD 24 Double sided polishing wool pad, aggressive & soft. Ideal for big surfaces, GRP & boat compounding. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/2WOOL-A Ø 200mm piece ΕΤ/2WOOL-S Ø 200mm piece ΕΤ/WAD-M14 adaptor M14 piece
  • 24. POLISHING SYSTEM Caution! ETALON products are strictly for those who are true craftsmen, pay attention to detail and take pride at their work. POLISHING WIPES & ACCESSORIES FOAM POLISHING BALL Especially designed to reach and polish car parts that are hard to access, like rims, headlights, motorcycle and boat accessories. Very effective on sensitive metals and painted surfaces. To be used with ordinary drill. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/FBALL-100 Ø 100mm piece WOOL POLISHING BALL FOAM APPLICATOR Foam applicator for polish and wax. Very soft pad with tiny cells, ideal for hand polishing and waxing application on all surfaces. Natural wool polishing ball, especially designed to reach and polish car parts that are hard to access, like rims, headlights, motorcycle & boat accessories. Very effective on weathered and oxidized surfaces, & to be used with ordinary drill. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/F-APL Ø 1Ο0mm piece CODE DIMENSIONS Ø 76mm Microfiber cloth for cleaning & polishing. Extraordinary for removal of polishing compound residues, cleaning & drying of the surface. Does not scratch surfaces. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/MICRO-01 0.36 x 0.36m 50 pcs/cart. PACKAGING ET/WBALL-76 MICROSHINE piece Join us on facebook! 25
  • 25. POLISHING SYSTEM www.etalon.gr POLISHING WIPES & ACCESSORIES POLISHING WIPE Extremely soft, lint free wipe with incredible absorbing ability and amazing polishing results. Does not scratch surfaces. POLISHING CLAY Non abrasive clay for rapid and effective elimination of overspray and bonded contaminants. DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/PW-3245 0.32 x 0.40m 500 pcs / cart. DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/CLAY-003 CODE CODE 200gr piece BACKING PAD BACKING PAD SOFT Backing pad Μ14, soft or medium, for usage with every kind of Velcro polishing pads. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ123PLAT/S soft, Ø 123mm piece ΕΤ123PLAT/M medium, Ø 123mm piece ΕΤ148PLAT/M medium, Ø 148mm 75mm Soft Backing pad Μ14, for usage with every kind Velcro of polishing pads with any polishing machine or drill. piece CODE PACKAGING for drill, Ø 75mm piece ET75PLAT/M14-S 14 26 DIMENSIONS ET75PLAT/S M14, Ø 75mm piece
  • 27. MASKING PROTECTION www.etalon.gr ADHESIVE TAPES UNIVERSAL GOLD MASKING TAPE Very thin & high quality masking tape with an acrylic adhesive. Temperature resistant up to 100°C. Can be used as a fine line tape. UV-resistance – up to 4 months, suitable for sensitive surfaces. MASKING TAPE Professional masking tape for precise & clean masking jobs throughout the painting process of the surface. Strong adhesion on all types of paints & clear coats. Easily removed, without leaving any glue residues. Withstands temperatures up to 80° С. CODE DIMENSIONS PREMIUM MASKING TAPE CODE Professional masking tape for precise & clean masking jobs throughout the painting process of the surface. Strong adhesion on all types of paints & clear coats. Easily removed, without leaving any glue residues. Withstands temperatures up to 100° С. PACKAGING DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/GOLDTAPE-19 19mm x 50m 48 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/GOLDTAPE-25 25mm x 50m 36 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/GOLDTAPE-38 38mm x 50m 24 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/GOLDTAPE-50 50mm x 50m 16 pcs / cart. FINE LINE TAPE Extremely flexible, thin PVC tape for demanding painting applications with excellent adhesion to all surfaces. Waterproof, solvent proof and temperature resistant up to 130° С. No hard edges guaranteed. 18mm x 50yards 48 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ2012450 24mm x 50yards 36 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PREMIUM-19 19mm x 50yards 48 pcs / cart. ΕΤ2013650 36mm x 50yards 24 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PREMIUM-25 25mm x 50yards 36 pcs / cart. ΕΤ2014850 48mm x 50yards 18 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/PREMIUM-38 38mm x 50yards 24 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/PREMIUM-50 50mm x 50yards 18 pcs / cart. ΕΤ/FLB-03 3mm x 66m 10 pcs / box ΕΤ/FLB-06 6mm x 66m 10 pcs / box ΕΤ/FLB-09 9mm x 66m 10 pcs / box ΕΤ2011850 28
  • 28. MASKING PRODUCTS ADHESIVE TAPES DUCT CLOTH TAPE PERFORATED LIFTING TAPE Lifting tape for coverage of door & window areas, as well as of headlamps, rear lights and direction indicators. Perforated for easy tear -off, eliminates the need for cutting tools. Does not leave residues. Lifts the rubber molds allowing smooth edge paint application. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/LIFT-4510 45mm x 10m Strong cloth adhesive tape. Used for general fixation and edge protection while sanding during paint preparation process. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/CST-62100 50mm x 50m 18 pcs / cart. FOAM MASK TAPE Professional foam masking tape for insulation of gaps. Made of a special foam material that prevents formation of hard paint edge during the painting jobs. Classic shape ensures a very easy & complete application. Does not leave residues. Temperature resistant up to 80° С. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/FM-1350 13 mm x 50 m box 36 pcs / cart. 29
  • 29. MASKING PROTECTION www.etalon.gr MASKING ACCESSORIES MASKING NYLON FILM Masking nylon film for professional use for car and its parts coverage during the painting process. Extremely effective in withholding overspray. Corona treated. Statically charged and resistant to infrared light. PROTECTION MASK MASKING PAPER Masking paper for professional use for car and its parts coverage during the painting procedures. 40 gr/sqm high quality 100% Kraft paper, resistant to all types of paints and varnishes. Does not leave lint. PE foil, with an adhesive edge of paper masking tape. Specially designed and folded for time saving and easy use. Temperature resistant up to 100° С. Paintable. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/MF-550 550mm x 30m 50 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET40A0200 20cm x 300m roll ET/MF-1100 1100mm x 30m 25 pcs / cart. ET/CRM-150 4 x 150m roll ET40A0600 60cm x 300m roll ET/MF-1800 1800mm x 30m 25 pcs / cart. ET/CRM-300 4 x 300m roll ET40A0900 90cm x 300m roll ET40A1200 120cm x 300m roll CUTTER Masking film cutter. Enclosed blade for safe usage. CODE 30 PACKAGING ET3000265 piece
  • 30. www.etalon.gr CLEANING PRODUCTS PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES CLEANING & CONSUMABLES TACK RAGS & WIPES BLUETEX Non woven wipe made of 100% polypropylene. Highly absorbent – will quickly mop-up oil, water and solvents. Cleans and absorbs perfectly grease, dust, tar, dirt and contaminants from the car’s surface. Solvent resistant and lint free. Ideal for usage with degreaser prior to painting. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING BLUETEXR500 0.32 x 0.38 m 500 pcs / roll 31
  • 31. www.etalon.gr CLEANING PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES TACK RAGS & WIPES WHITE TACK RAG White tack cloth made from 100% bleached cotton gauze for complete removal of dust particles from car surface prior to painting. Compatible with all paints and lacquers. Does not dry out or leave lint. Wax and silicone free. Impregnation: Medium BLUE TACK RAG Blue non woven tack cloth, with specially designed cells for better dust migration and retention. Ideal for waterbased paints. Does not dry out or leave lint. Wax and silicone free. Impregnation: Low HIGH TACK RAG Textured tack cloth with large surface cotton gauze for efficient dust removal and for more convenient usage. Does not dry out or leave lint. Wax and silicone free. Impregnation: High CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ4004251 0.75 x 0.42m 240 pcs / cart. ΕΤ4000003 0.32 x 0.40m 240 pcs / cart. ET/T-641 0.85 x 0.90m 100 pcs / cart. * 32 Using a quality tack rag decreases the number of dust inclusions (dust nibs) on the paint job.
  • 32. CLEANING PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES “TOUCH-UP” PLASTIC BOTTLE 2 IN 1 “Touch-up” plastic bottle 2 in 1 with a brush, a needle and an airtight lid, that does not let the paint to dry up. CODE PACKAGING ET/TOUCH-21 600 pcs / cart. PAINT STRAINERS Disposable paint strainers for quick and safe filtering of paints and clear coats. APPLICATION Compatible for both solvent and water based paints and clear coats. MIXING CUPS High quality plastic cups for mixing and storage of all paint materials. Made of polypropylene resistant to solvents with mixing scale from 1:1 to 5:1. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET3101900 190μm 1000 pcs / cart. ET/MIX-385 container 385ml 200 pcs / cart. ET3101250 125μm 1000 pcs / cart. ET/MIX-075 container 750ml 200 pcs / cart. ET/MIX-014 container 1400ml 200 pcs / cart. ET/MIX-023 container 2300ml 100 pcs / cart. ET/LID-385 cap 385ml 200 pcs / cart. ET/LID-075 cap 750ml 200 pcs / cart. ET/LID-014 cap 1400ml 200 pcs / cart. ET/LID-023 cap 2300ml 100 pcs / cart. RUBBER SPREADER CODE PACKAGING ET/U-SHAPE piece Special rubber spreader to remove completely the water from the surface during wet sanding. Can be also used as a flexible putty knife. 33
  • 33. www.etalon.gr CLEANING PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES * craftsman [krafts-muhn] noun, plural: craftsmen. - a professional whose work is consistently of high quality PRESSURE SPRAYER Pressure sprayer 1L for cleaners and degreasers. Extremely powerful solvent resistance structure. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/PRS-585 1L RIGID BRUSH FOR BRUSHABLE SEAM SEALANT CODE DIMENSIONS rigid brush Booth tacky coating. APPLICATION Applicable to the inner walls of the paint booth, creates clear tacky film which protects from dust and overspray. Washed away easily with warm water. PACKAGING ET/B-7101 BOOTH MASK 36 pcs / pack piece CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/C180-5 5L piece PROTOUCH TIPS Touch-up tips for small and accurate touch-up jobs. 34 CODE PACKAGING PROTOUCH 100 pcs/pack
  • 35. PERSONAL PROTECTION www.etalon.gr BREATHING PROTECTION DISPOSABLE RESPIRATORY DUST MASK Simple respiratory protection mask from non toxic substances and dust particles. Comfortable, does not cause skin irritations. CODE A1P3 ELIPSE SPRAY HALF-MASK P3 ELIPSE DUST HALF-MASK A unique spray paint mask designed to fit the contours of your face to increase comfort, reduce wearer fatigue & to give maximum field of vision. Approved under EN14387 A1P3 for protection against toxic dust particles, metal fumes, mist, organic odours and vapours. Replacement filters are available. Designed to fit the contours of your face. Non-allergic, medical grade materials, latex and silicone free. Easy 4-point adjustable light weight head strap. Flexible materials to fit the curvature of the face & patented low profile filter design give maximum field of vision. Non-return exhaust valve to reduce risk of wearer’s fatigue. PACKAGING Replacement filters are available. PACKAGING ΕΤ/ΗΥ98850 50 pcs / box premium NITRILE GLOVES CODE DIMENSIONS SPR338 A1P3 spray half-mask SPR341 A1P3 replacement cartridge pack of 2 CODE SPM420 prefilter kit, pack of 10 pairs pack SPR229 P3 dust half-mask piece SPR316 P3 replacement filters 2 pcs / pack Unbeatable quality nitrile black gloves. Extra strong, comfortable, resistant to solvents, oil, grease and dirt. Suitable for all jobs in bodyshop and mechanic service shop. SPM421 36 replacement kit, 5 pairs + 2 retainers piece pack DIMENSIONS PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/JPRO-L -L- 100 pcs / box ET/JPRO-XL - XL - 100 pcs / box
  • 36. PERSONAL PROTECTION DISPOSABLE RESPIRATORY Ρ1 MASK Provides protection against toxic fine dust 4 times higher than OEL*. Approved by CE 0086 EN149:2001 A. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/ΗΥ8610 FFP1 20 pcs / box DISPOSABLE RESPIRATORY P1 MASK WITH VALVE Provides protection against toxic fine dust 4 times higher than OEL*. Comes with exhalation valve for ease of use and prevents temperature increase in the mask. Approved by CE 0086 EN149:2001 DISPOSABLE RESPIRATORY P2 MASK WITH VALVE Provides protection against fine dust 10 times higher than OEL*. Comes with exhalation valve for ease of use and prevents temperature increase in the mask. Approved by CE 0086 EN149:2001 CODE CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/ΗΥ8612 FFP1 10 pcs / box DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/ΗΥ8622 FFP2 10 pcs / box DISPOSABLE RESPIRATORY Ρ1 MASK WITH ACTIVE CARBON & VALVE Active carbon filter neutralizes harmful odours. Provides protection against toxic fine dust 4 times higher than OEL*. Comes with exhalation valve for ease of use and prevents temperature increase in the mask. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ΕΤ/ΗΥ8616 FFP1 10 pcs / box OEL* - Occupational Exposure Limit 37
  • 37. PERSONAL PROTECTION BODY PROTECTION POLYESTER JACKET & OVERALL Silicon-free, antistatic, 100% polyester jackets and overalls, with hood and extra strong zipper. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/HY9778-J2 -M- 50 pcs / cart. ET/HY9778-J3 -L- 50 pcs / cart. ET/HY9778-J4 - XL - PAINTERS OVERALL Painters overall belong to Category 3 type 5-6 products - particles / liquids and splashes protection, made of strong and soft non woven material that consists of polypropylene & polyethylene micropores. Specially designed to have breathable back part and assures a perfect ergonomic fit. Antistatic, silicone & lint free. 50 pcs / cart. ET/HY9778-J5 50 pcs / cart. -M- 50 pcs / cart. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/HY9778-O3 38 - XXL - ET/HY9778-O2 -L- 50 pcs / cart. ET/CC6KP-3 -L- 25 pcs / cart. ET/HY9778-O4 - XL - 50 pcs / cart. ET/CC6KP-4 - XL - 25 pcs / cart. ET/HY9778-O5 - XXL - 50 pcs / cart. ET/CC6KP-5 - XXL - 25 pcs / cart.
  • 39. ABRASIVE ACCESSORIES www.etalon.gr PAD WITH VELCRO FOR DAISY DISCS ADHESIVE REMOVAL WHEEL Special rubber disc to strip away residues of double-sided tape, decal and molding adhesive. Does not burn or decolorate the painted surface. Special pad with Velcro for daisy discs for spot repair, with soft and medium sides, diameter 35 mm. FLEXIBLE VEL HAND BLOCK Velcro system flexible hand block for abrasive strips, ideal for sanding of large surfaces, slightly curved. CODE CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/RW-84 wheel, Ø 90mm wheel holder PACKAGING CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING DAISY PAD V Ø 35mm piece VEL HAND BLOCK 70 x 400/PL 70 x 400mm piece piece ET/RW-ADP DIMENSIONS piece “Neither talent without instruction, nor instruction without talent can produce the perfect craftsman.” - Vitruvius 40
  • 40. ABRASIVE ACCESSORIES INTERMEDIATE PAD Soft multihole Intermediate pad 150 mm for fine sanding. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/INP-350 Ø 150mm piece INTERMEDIATE PROTECTIVE PAD Special intermediate pad for the protection of the sanding machine from the water drops. Suitable for all types of sanders. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/INF-PAD Ø 150mm HAND SANDER WITH CLIPS Hand sander with special clips for sanding sheets and rolls. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/HP-370CL 212 X 105mm piece piece GRAVITY CUP FILTERS CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/SGF-5 pack of 5 filters pack 41
  • 41. ABRASIVE ACCESSORIES www.etalon.gr HAND PAD Flexible hand pad for manual sanding using 150 mm velcro discs. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/HP-320 Ø 150mm piece ABRASIVE HAND PADS KIT Complete set of abrasive sanding blocks. CODE 42 PACKAGING ET/SAND-SET6 set of 6 pads RUBBER SANDING BLOCK PALM SANDER Hand block for velcro 150 mm discs, used for areas difficult to access. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/PS-340 150mm piece Rubber block for hand sanding. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/RSB-125 70 x 125mm piece
  • 42. ABRASIVE ACCESSORIES BACKING PADS Backing pads with 14+1 holes for all types of 150mm abrasive discs for aggressive and fine sanding. Multiplehole system guarantees long disc life and high performance. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/BP-311M Ø 150, medium 1 pc / box ET/BP-310S Ø 150, soft 1 pc / box DRY CONTROL POWDER Dry guide coat to reveal surface defects. Excellent results during either wet or dry sanding. Does not clog abrasives. No masking required. Instant defect detention. No dry time required. Free applicator with each kit. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/DG-00B 100 gr, black 12 pcs / cart. Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander Central vacuum sanders 150 mm with 5 and 2.5 mm orbits, and Self Vacuum sanders 150 mm with hose and dust bags, with 5 and 2.5 mm orbits. CODE DIMENSIONS PACKAGING ET/CVS-ORB50 150mm central vacuum sander, 5mm orbit 1 pc / box ET/CVS-ORB25 150mm central vacuum sander, 2.5mm orbit 1 pc / box ET/SVS-ORB50B 150mm self vacuum sander, with hose and dust bag, 5mm orbit 1 pc / box ET/SVS-ORB25B 150mm self vacuum sander, with hose and dust bag, 2.5mm orbit 1 pc / box 43
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