Human body


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Human body

  1. 1. HUMAN BODY
  2. 2. BRAINBrain is the most important organ in yourbody.The Brain controls your body and everythingit does. Without your brain you would not be able tobreathe, walk, talk, learn, think, rememberthings, as well as be able to feel happy or sad. Your brain sends signals through your bodythrough your nerves. Your nerves allow you tofeel and touch objects. Different parts of our brain control differentparts of our body, we need all of these parts ofour brain to work properly.
  3. 3. LUNGSLungs are the organs which help us tobreathe. We breathe in air (oxygen) through our noseand mouth. The oxygen is then taken into our bodytravelling through the blood stream to bodycells, the body cells then use the oxygen to getenergy. Waste substances like carbon dioxide (awaste gas) are then released into the bloodcarried to the lungs to leave the blood and isthen breathed out through our mouth and nose.
  4. 4. STOMACHStomach is where our food goes. Our stomach holds the food we have eaten,which it then begins to break down throughthe contracting of the muscles in the stomachwalls. After two hours of the stomach digesting thefood we have eaten it then leaves the stomachand travels to another part of our body knownas the small intestine.Without a stomach we would have no placein our body to store food.This would then prevent us from eatingtherefore not allowing for us to survive.
  5. 5. LIVER Liver has many jobs but its main job is tofilter out all the poisonous substances in yourblood. Without the liver acting as a filter in ourbody it would be full of poisonous substancespolluting our body, without this we would notbe alive. The liver also produces a liquid called bilewhich breaks down all the fats in our bodywhich aids digestion.
  6. 6. BLADERBladder is where urine is stored. The urine travels from the Kidneys to thebladder, it is in the bladder where our urine isstored, which will later pass out of our bodywhen we go to the toilet. Without our bladder we would becomepolluted by our own waste due to the reasonthat there is no where else for it to travel oranother way in which it can be passed out.
  7. 7. HEARTThe Heart the other most important organwithin your body.The Heart’s job is to keep us alive throughpumping blood around our body. Our heartsends our blood on a never ending journeythrough our bodies.The two chambers in our hearts are pumpswhich pump the blood to different places in ourbody which allows the rest of the organs in ourbody to work. One takes blood to the rest of our body theother takes it to the lungs. Without the heartpumping blood through these organs in ourveins the rest of our body would not work.When our heart stops pumping the bloodaround our body this is when we die.
  8. 8. Kidney’s are small bean shaped organ’swhich lie either side of your body. The blood which travels through the kidneysdeposits the waste the blood has gathered on itsjourney through your body.Small filters, filter out the impurities from theblood, the impurities travel to the middle ofyour kidney which develops a liquid calledurine. The kidneys help us to get rid of waste in ourbodies through producing the urine whichtravels on to our bladders.
  9. 9. BODY Our body lives and works through all thehard work are organs do to keep us alive. Whether we are walking, talking, sleeping,playing or sitting, our body is constantlyworking hard to keeps us in full healthkeeping us fit. As long as we continue to treat our bodywith care it will take care of us. Througheating healthily and keeping an activelifestyle our body will continue to work toits full potential allowing us to enjoy a longlife.
  10. 10. THANKS!
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