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Geography and Population of the USA
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Geography and Population of the USA


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  • 1. The USA: Country and People
  • 2. The USA is a federation of 50 states. Two of the states, Alaska and Hawaii, are not connected with the other states.
  • 3. National Symbols
    • The Coat of Arms of the US represents an eagle with wings outspread, holding a bundle of rods – the symbol of administering – in the left claw and the olive twig – the emblem of love – in the right claw. The
    • motto on the coat of arms is “E Pluribus
    • Unum” (One of many)
  • 4. The eagle received its name (“bald”) because the feathers on his head and neck are snow-white and give him, when seen at a distance, the appearance of being bald. National Symbols
  • 5. National Symbols The flag of the country has 13 red and white stripes representing the original 13 states and 50 stars – for each of the states in it. The flag of the USA is often called “The Stars and Stripes”
  • 6.
    • The USA is the fourth largest country in the world. It is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its total area is about nine million square kilometres. It is washed by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.
  • 7. The USA is a country of natural wonders. The country has almost every kind of weather. Icy Lake. Forest Mountains in The coast of the State Washington Rocky Mountains State Idaho Pacific ocean. Alaska Hawaii
  • 8. There are a lot of national parks, forests and wildlands where you can enjoy the beauty and power of wild America. The Grand Canyon
  • 9. The Grand Canyon
  • 10. Yosemite Valley
  • 11. The Yellowstone National Park has a lot of geysers and warm streams.
    • Druids’ Peak A frozen waterfall Grizzly Cougar
  • 12. The Mississippi River (“the father of waters”) is 6420 km long
  • 13. The Missouri (4740 km)
  • 14. The Appalachian Mountains (2600 km long)
  • 15.
    • of the United States is nearly 250 million people and most of the people live in towns and cities. People of different nationalities live in the USA. The people of the US are a mixture of many different nationalities, a melting pot for people.
    The population